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Nina Aug 8
Don't close your heart
because of your Eyes.
Believe me,
you won't even find love
if you're just gonna rely on the ideal person you want.
Beauty doesnt last forever.
Stop being ignorant
Keiri Aug 6
Oh shut up! Said the horror of the community that preferred to shut the voices they feared. Stop speaking nonsense for the nonsense was not mine.

Don't you tell lies said the people that preferred to walk around with blindfolds. Speak no more said the only person that you finally got to listen to you.

I've lost it all.
I am now alone in my forest green.
I can't believe I'm abandoned like this.
If only they'd listen to what I've seen.

The world is round, and Paris lies in France.
But all my words appear to be lies.
I won't give up; I know what I know.
There's a rainbow in my head, and something beyond the skies.

Oh shut up said the sceptic, the idealistic dream that lives of money. We don't need your heathen ideas anymore, for you are cursed to be bound to a burning pole with you and your dreams and ideas. Your visions are not to be told!

Call me when you do need me, I will await you, with my rainbow in my head and something beyond the skies. I will help you get the grass green again.
A little bit of literature combined with poetry to show the world how solutions are handled regarding global warming. It also reflects the feeling I get when people don't believe in me. When I was very young, and no one believed a word I said due to my vast imagination, I wanted to be believed and once said "Paris lies in France" just to see how my family would react. They responded "That's not true" out of habit, then realised what they said. Denied they ever denied Paris like that, ever since. And even of that event, I appear to be a liar.
Anastasia Jun 28
oh, don't act so naive
how ignorant you pretend to be
the kids you tell for just one kiss
you remember what they told you was bliss
to tell the truth i wish i was like you
i want to be happy, too
Apporva Arya May 23
The ignorant runs after pleasure,
Sinks into the entanglements of death...
the wise seek the undying,
And hence found himself.

The knower of self,
the self, which is here, is hereafter;
Hereafter is here.
He who thinks otherwise,
Wanders from death to death.
The self is eternal. So why the fear of death.
Here, in poetry, I am encouraging you to chase the inner you (the undying) instead of the worldly stuff (the pleasure).
I long for the days when
Ignorance was bliss
Innocence was kind

Waking up on birthdays
Used to feel full of magic
And special
Like that day
Was mine for the taking

Everyday is the same
Dull and boring
Boring and dull
My birthday was two days ago and even I forgot...
mjad Apr 14
As time goes by
I don't mind
I was talking to someone
Staying rent free in my mind
Max Mar 12
I... I find pleasure in knowledge.

But I admire your ignorance too.
By W.W. Walt Whitman
Baylee Kaye Feb 19
I erased all the words about him
yes, removed completely from my works
because shame is all I feel when I look back
a guilt so heavy and repressed
so quieted and tucked away
I pledge to myself I must never mention it
and vow to try and rid the wicked from my mind
mistakes I’ve made and made again
sorrows so burdensome that I not even look
that myself, so ignorant and blind
dare toss away a future for a moment
I shudder at my folly
I wonder why I was so blind then
so swept up in a great faux pas
how naive I was! how childlike and gullible
this I must confess
I couldn't help but notice
that 'Awesome'
ends with ME.
And ****
starts with U.
I got one comment that I deleted that was mean. You know EXACTLY who you are. So this is for you. I will not say your name to protect the ignorant.
Kenji Dec 2018
I stared in front of me, at a peculiar object that had no formality.
It was a bland wall, had no opening, nor space, just blank.
It was oddly amusing, trying to foresee beyond it, trying to see what could be the meaning behind it.
The wall had no writing, or drawings, no patterns, or carvings.
Staring blindly, I couldn't see.
"Change your perception, use a different sense"
The voice said.
Pressing my hands against it, resting my forehead on it, and closing my eyes.

I felt it

I heard the banging, the screaming, the blood spattering, the squealing, the gasping, the echos, the sounds crying out for help.
I heard the knife slashing and gun shooting, I heard it all.
I suddenly felt something jolt through my body, like an electric shock.
I landed hard, back first on the ground.
Losing consciousness...

I saw it

I saw everything. EVERYTHING.

Waking up in a blanked out terror, I finally understood it.
It was me, in the form of my subconscious.
A metaphor of the desperate plead, cries, and help I call out to those that I love.
But, silent echos cannot whisper in the dark, and my voice cannot be heard.
SO, I suffer more, all by myself.

Yes, You can see the wall, but, if you choose not to listen to it, you won't see what's behind it, on the other side.
You choose to be misunderstanding.
You choose to be ignorant, and brain washed by lies.
But, if you actually took your own time and tried to feel the wall without any fear, maybe, just maybe, you would truly understand.

So, I stare at this bland wall, has no opening, no space.
But when I heard and saw what was on the other side, my perception changed.
A metaphor of my misunderstood soul.
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