if you give a kid a match
they will learn to start a fire.
Me and him were still together?
I never said hello?
You never swiped right?
I never responded?
You didn't give me the second chance?
We decided to see The Incredibles instead of The Nun?
We didn't get the large bucket of popcorn?
You really did go to Germany after Korea?
Oh, my what if?

I’m glad I broke up with him
I’m glad I said hello
I’m glad you swiped right
I’m so glad I decided to respond
I’m grateful you gave me a second chance
I’m glad we saw The Nun
I’m glad we always get the large bucket of popcorn
I'm glad you came right back home to me.
part of sunshine collection made for erasto
gabrielle Jan 6
if fate had given the chance

if you would love me

would you stay ?
i think not
Sophia Jan 5
if you feel insecure
let me hold you tight
i will love you
when you can't love yourself.

if you start to fall
let me be your wings
i won't let you hit the ground
or at least let me hit it first

when you're in pain
i can try and be your medicine
but i know i can't cure you
unless you let yourself be

don't destroy yourself
i can't keep putting you back together
eventually i'll run out of thread
and my needle is wearing thin

please don't leave because i stayed
don't break me when i'm already so
stop blaming me for hurting you
when i'm the one with the bandaid
and you're the one with the blade.
charlie Jan 2
if we live we live together
if we jump we jump whenever
if we stay we stay forever
if we stand we stand wherever
If you can bear the brunt of a thousand callous elbows
And hold your ground among a throng of hungry fellows
If you can stand the stench of liars who rise above you
And keep your thoughts on the one or two who love you
If you can bend over backwards with stress and tension
Or stand up tall with undivided attention
Or lean from right to left with ease
And not just wiggle in the breeze

If you can sense your tragic flaw and give yourself a laugh
Or lift a shining kernel from a crusty stack of chaff
If you can chase the spirit of wanting that burns a man’s heart
And loosen the desire before it tears your soul apart
If you can drink from both cups of joy and sorrow
Or wait for now and drink tomorrow
Or see that coins are all two-sided
And know your fate is not decided

If you can take a page of Kipling and follow every letter
Or find your heroes’ faults and do their deeds one better
If you can stand alone and know that you’re right
And surrender your words for good works in plain sight
If you can bite your tongue and accept it with grace
Or let your thoughts go drifting in space
Or focus your mind on everything pleasant
And know that forever survives in the present

If you can forgive the crimes of those who write the rules
And let go of the past and the pranks and prep schools
Without forgetting what you stand for and why
And never believing it’s useless to try
If you can do what you can to steer clear of strife
And act with respect toward all forms of life
You’ll be the pillar, and carved out of wood
And – what’s more – you’ll be misunderstood
Christina Carty Dec 2018
if it could be distilled, i'd carry it in a small velvet locket
if it could be stolen, I'd slip it into my navy coat pocket
if it could be held, like a hug or a long stare
if it could be dropped in my hand so i knew it was there, i'd open my palm, i swear
if it could be folded in two crisp halves. taken by a stranger to Siberia or France, i'd find the right train station
if it could be melted into blue liquid and blown out into a clear new shape, i'd walk slowly towards the grill and wait
if it could be easy, i'd not find you so scary. i'd let myself in
if it could be mined like a sonnet or a diamond, i'd dig
if it could be free, i'd spend every day under that tree
if it could ever be seen, i'd only look where it shone
if it could be mine, i'd sing every day in sunshine
if it could be there, like skies and silhouettes and morning air, i'd- i'd-
if it could, i would, wouldn't i?
Leigh Dec 2018
If she knows, she's keeping the secret of generations. When she leaves a room, it resonates for her until she returns.

A generosity of spirit unsurpassed and a one of a kind soul.

I'll miss her something serious.
It was better knowing she was there. A little light to treat the bleak.
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