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VibeActivist Sep 23
and if you love me
tell me with you arms open
little by little i shall also start loving you
with my heart open and my love driven

and if you love me
stop at that moment, and let it fade
for i shall also do the same
for love is for the loved and bereaved
not for me nor you

and if you never love me
i shall also never love you too
with my heart full and my regrets much
and my days in thoughts wishing you did

and if you love me at this moment and unsure of forever
i shall also love you then and not till whenever
for love is time and time is precious
and we'll save everybit of it we have

and if you love me without words
I shall also love you without actions
and leave the universe to sync our hearts
till we understand each other by just thoughts

and if you love me like i love you
i will be elated beyond reasoning
for i shall love you like how you love the beauty in darkness
for your love is mine and my love was, is and always be yours
just really moved by my words sometimes
killian Sep 4
imagine if i dated you for almost a year
but before we could make it annual, i chose to disappear
imagine if i was your one and only best friend
and then i got a job, got some more, and less time together we spend

imagine if i strayed away oh so very far
driving where i wanted to––you don't know the history of my car
imagine if i starting vaping, though my lungs are very weak
and then i got scammed out of my money, but the high i still seek

imagine if i started hiding everything from you
because i misbehaved, but that's not what i want the world to view
imagine if i told you some things, but gaslit you not to worry
and then i quickly give us a break and make our love story so blurry

imagine if i went to a party for the first time and met another guy
i got his snapchat, we started talking, but he doesn't know that i
have a boyfriend, he's alone, and doesn't know a thing i've done
because i want to be a good girl, but only the bad things are fun

imagine if i ****** this guy while we were still together
but you don't really know that because you don't know any better
but since i've done all the bad **** that i manipulated you into thinking untrue
you go batshit alone, i'm nowhere close to you

you have no chance to mad anymore, i'm so **** far away
i get what i want, baby, yes, it's always been that way
you are just so far behind me, now i'm doing what i want
but i am now a ghost, and you are who i haunt
Elana Galen Aug 17
If only rainbows could
appear without the rain,
If only happiness could
be achieved without the pain

If only moments could
always last forever,
If only time would
allow us to be together

If only I had locked my
heart and thrown the key
If only you had stayed
away and ignored me

If only I was dumb
enough to stay
If only you were patient
enough to wait

If only I didn't fall
in love with you
If only you didn't say
"I loved you too."

If only. . .
For you.
Ana Ehlana Aug 15
some days i worry
that the person i said i won’t be
will eventually end up to be the future me
in ways that i never could dream

what if i never get out of this mess
worse, what if this is my best
what if i fail all of life’s tests
& what if the problems never get less
romy Jul 29
if I die, would you come to my funeral?
spacewtchhh Jul 23
if it's her time later
please let her scattered pieces be
these are what completes her

if she never wakes up again
slept with her shattered core
i hope you would know 'til then

if ever she'd made you feel lucky
knowing she sets fire like the sun
i hope you treasure it and feel free

if tomorrow comes today
she should've been here
but it kills her to last the day
If only, I can fly again
If only, I can fall again
If only, I can love again
If only, I can break again

If only, I can accept
I'll never see you again.
If only
kiran goswami Jul 19
Only if the words
"as you wish"
meant what they read.
you know
these matchstick men
inked on wrecked angle blank page
you know these
women con trap
that act on command
because  match stick men
light their fires
more lovingly
if they pick up  that log
bound in the fog and burned
shore lights were on
sea  not at home
see **** thought less
about the other
or the fact shes a mother
of four peeping eyes
with heart shaped by minds
helped less when shes blind
not of your kind
from the other side of the tracks
where we don't got the backs
got a chance
when we sabotage
her glance
at any semblance of romance
cos we can
I guess thats why they call
you the man
in the know
of how does the garden grow
that they sow
#gonna tell the one who would know
Maybe if you knew
How this mind works
Like I do

Maybe you'd run for the hills
and maybe you'd engage for the thrills
Maybe.... Only if you knew
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