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If only it was
like a hair of you,
like a glimpse of you
in your mirror!
Like the all round one
perfect sway
nets the ultimate decimal of pi!
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
If you want to change something
Don't be afraid to take your time
Because tomorrow's another day.
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2021
If only , I could have
those most desired
If only , I could have
the love most desired
If only , I could have those
wishes & wants  
It is the if only's
But you see it's not how
it comes to be
The if only is just a dream
we can want it but only in
our dreams can it happen
then you wake up and
go about your day
still thinking if only
If only life was fair
If only we could be happy
with what we don't have
So just remember
If only is just that
If only ..
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Nat Jul 2021
Across the street and just below the lilac sky
Catch ashy grey roof tiles that evade the eye
A portal of lamplight, amber and glass
Familiar strangers, imagined pasts

Memories that weren't
Things you don't know
Doors that are locked
A place you can't go
jia Mar 2021
maybe if you didn't give any hint
like that time you liked my new tint
and when you gave me my favorite mint
i just wish you didn't

maybe if you treated others the same
like how it's only me that can tame
your only light and burning flame
so that's how it became

maybe if you were careful
and kind of less of a fool
a little more truthful
just thinking, it's wishful

maybe if i wasn't naive
for like a child, i believed
that you would not leave
however, i was deceived
Guy H Fisher III Mar 2021
I've spent some sleepless nights just laying in my bed,
but I still dream about you every now and then.
Although your image fades, the feeling never did.
I can't help but think about the lives we could've lived.
Àŧùl Mar 2021
If you see me closely,
I am the one with the halo.
If you hear me keenly,
I say a lot more than just “Hello.”
If you hold me intimately,
You can feel my wings too, and,
I shall make unimaginable love.
My HP Poem #1911
©Atul Kaushal
William de klerk Dec 2020
Another age-old tale
of love too frail
to save two lives torn
by love's self-destructive scorn.

If love were
a worn leather chest plate
doubt would be a
piercing sword
to seal a lover's fate.

Trust, a slippery step
on a steep climb
that if her feet would falter
she would never again be mine.

Has this calloused heart
become too cruel?
but what of
once deceived
and twice a fool.

So I have learned
that Love is not blind.
For the faint flame
of love in one's eye
slowly starts to die

Never again can i stare lovingly
For all I have is uncertainty
She starts to tear when I am near

For my stare forever holds
The weight of
"what if?"
Not knowing is a heavy burden indeed
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