I love the way you underestimate me and all that I can do.

That in itself is the greatest power over you that you could ever give me.
i hate when people underestimate me. it ****** me off so much. like, you don't know me so don't assume the things i can do. just because i don't fulfill my potential doesn't mean i'm powerless.
I waiver in and out of
using *** in my favour
I wanna pass these English papers ya see
Become a journalist go overseas

I’ve got it all planned out
Cause that’s the way
it makes sense
It’s a truth I can focus my lense
And I’m asking *** to help me

To bless me in my ways,
But it’s been days since I’ve been
stuck in this grey haze
Not really sure if it’s
a passing phase

Cause I have favour when I walk
the way of my saviour
I literally can do anything my heart does desire
He gives me the fire

When it’s me tryna distinguish the plan
Cause I’m impatient and I can’t understand

It’s like
“Yo gimme the map” ,
eventhough I’m a
blind man and I’m walking right offa track

He makes your ways straight
He has the perfect plan but
you must wait
And don’t be afraid of passing times,
Or rising crimes
Or pressure that seems to suffocate

And surround you
*** will confound you,
Yes he will astound you,
Just let your worries melt

Trust in the lord ,
His word is a sword
Not in

The words of man that will lead you astray
You may have a past but the lord has today
And he’ll be sure to make a way.
Faith Jan 4
In front of my eyes
My greatest fears arise
Everything I thought I knew
Has got up and flew

To far away lands
It's all slipping through my hands
Plans I had made
Are now beginning to fade

My already broken life
Continues to tear me up inside
This news has left me trembling
And now my life is crumbling
Lately I've received some pieces of big news after big news and I'm caught in the middle of a war between everything. The plans from a few years ago have been thrown out the window. Can I get some encouragement maybe?
Alana Jones Dec 2018
An eye for an eye,
and a heart for a heart.
Two people so close, that they’d never thought they’d part.
Twelve years today, they had to say their goodbyes,
for *** had a plan only seen through his eyes.
An eight year old girl was filled with sorrow,
but hopeful that her mother would turn up tomorrow.
As the years went by, she learned mom was gone for good.
It took some time, but she finally understood.
Things in life happen and we don’t know why.
That’s why it’s always so hard to say goodbye.
One thing for sure is, she’s going to be okay.
She will see her mother again one day.
Oh little girl, you’ve grown beautifully.
Your mom smiles at what you’ve come to be.
Take my hand and come with me,
so we can become everything you’re meant to be.
Mom, I hope you’re proud of me.
Today makes 12 years since my mother passed from colon cancer. I wrote this in remembrance of her.
Emily Dec 2018
She meanders through life,
Seemingly undisturbed by other’s anger.
To rouse her,
One must be lazy or disrupt her plans.

She’s incessantly crafting improvements,
To reduce waste and chances for error,
But she overlooks the human element,
Forgets people need to interact, like machines need oil, for optimal functioning.

She enjoys helping others out,
Explains things in novel ways, which
Those who listen seem to enjoy,
But if you pester her too frequently she just might snap!

Snap with the pressure,
For no matter the interruption,
She rarely gives herself permission,
To fail to meet that day’s deadlines.

Perhaps some day she’ll learn,
The perfect amount of leeway to incorporate,
So she can patiently help everyone,
Without putting her own goals in jeopardy.

Or, perhaps,
She’ll learn that people are always more important than things,
For things can’t hold a grudge or learn much,
While happy people, once trained, are more productive!
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
The idea of a perfect plan for life is one that’s floored in every material in every way.
It begins much like a seed.
In good soil with good intentions and seemingly the right influence.
Sun for photosynthesis, nutrients to supply the food for growth and water.
Enough water to rehydrate invigorate but also it can drown.
The water you see isn’t merely water it’s the plausibility and possibility
we strive for and see in our faces every day.
“Be who you want to be”,
“the sky is the limit”
“the only thing holding you back is your imagination”.
But what if that isn’t it.
What if being who we want to be gets put down,
changed and made to be realistic.
Like a child following the instructions on their Lego instructions:
they put M8 on T3 and piece that together
with pieces 5, 6, 7 & 8 etc.
until their puzzle is complete.
Complete to resemble the same thing that the other kids build,
or the same one that their parents before them built.
Built to last, built to fit, built to be…
No one is told to believe
That they should believe in their writing and encouraged to chase a dream.
Instead they’re told to choose a “real” dream.
One that benefits society.
One that asks no questions, changes no formats or builds and pushes no borders.
Tayler Dec 2018
I am told of one way to live
I must follow through with a plan
Yet it is not my own

You must complete this
While living like that
On, but you’re not grown

Your age is just a number
When you try to make your own choices
Unless they line up with theirs

Your plan is not yours
But it is for your life
I guess it’s something we share

I thought my future
Would be my choice
But I guess that’s too optimistic
Max Dec 2018
Our adventures
Always made me feel
Your eyes
Always took my breath away.
Our fights,
Always made me
Your absence makes me feel

Little do you know,
I will always
love you more
Hoping we end up in a house
Like the plans
We made.
Our house,
Our adventure,
My love.
I'm so glad to know you.
You're a cool girl.
Cana Dec 2018
I got lost in a slew of plans.
Let's go here, let's do that.
You can come too, wait you can't.
Ok fine, i'm sure it'll be ok

It wasn't
Too many plans.
Alan S Bailey Nov 2018
Just in for this season, darkness and light
They cascade over the hillside, that drown in
Moonlight. The jewels that fill the sky are
Scattered remnants of a pretty dream, one
That apparently won't come true. This is the
Meaning, never use the words "I do," unless
You really know you're ready to.
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