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DMallow 2d
all your plans are but a wish
worth making, no doubt
but hold on loosely
the wind may scatter your leaves
rain falls on a pleasant day
lake Sep 24
the forecast says that it will rain
but right now the sky looks the same
we might not even see grey clouds
but let's not worry about that now

cause the rain will come one day
but that day is not today
and i'm not trying to delay
don't you get me wrong

i know i can't pretend
i know that it all ends
when it slips away from my hands
i hope i'll be gone

keeping safe in the meantime
that's a tape you can't rewind
don't know what tomorrow brings
can't let go of anything
Butterfly Sep 20
20 Sept 2019: I don't know
This will be changed whenever I feel like it.
Äŧül Sep 7
I shall not lose heart,
I shall never lose hope.

You may be miffed with me,
Not today but someday in future.

You shall not lose love,
You shall never lose romance.

I have my plans, darling,
I plan to make you fall back for me.

You might wonder what it is,
Not that I shall keep it so secret.

You will simply find it hard,
You will not stay angry with me for long.
My HP Poem #1768
©Atul Kaushal
I did not break the law.
I just want to be myself.
Let me be myself.
I don't wanna down.
We have different down and up.
Mine up for you is down.
Mine down for you is up.
Why are you thinking for me?
Why do you think you can dictate rights.
Why do you think that you can destroy my dreams and plans.
Yes, I'm not perfect and I don't want to be perfect to suit someone. Who gave you that right?
I’m not telling you how to live.
Live as you want.
Who am I to forbid you to something.
I am a free person and I will live as I want.
Nova Sep 3
I let the plane fall from the sky.
Pieces broke off, and
Landed in forests nearby.

Now things are damaged;
They can’t be fixed.
Do all relationships end like this?

The pilot until the end
I let the plane fall
In it me and my only “friend”.
But for sadness and sorrow
I had plans for tomorow my darling Is gone now along with all my plans for tomorow
and sorrow had robbed and destroyed all my plans thought I had a future with my loving
Thought we"d both make It
to retirement how wrong I could be Oh how I miss her
for retirement I now have to do all on my
the lost kid Aug 22
do you ever hear a lion tell his plans to a gazelle
do you hear a shark tell his plans to a fish
do you hear a eagle tell his plans to a rabbit
wanna know why you don't

never tell anyone your plans,show them the results instead
plan in silence and prove to them you deserve it
Bhill Jul 8
There is an orange glow to the morning clouds
This is the dawn of your next day
Got plans?

Brown Hill - 2019 # 168
Do you?
Chicken Jul 3
Would you throw it all away
for me
Would you get down on one
bended knee
You look so good with her
Dancing and
Spinning and
I'm Dying
She is all you ever wanted
All you need
Would you throw it all away
for me
Would you throw it all away
for me
This is a sad love song.

There are two lovers, they have both been told by seers that one day they will 'meet' and that they are destined, though life happens as usual in the mean time.

Because of their knowledge of each other, life presents challenges, and the truest form of love is realised because the lovers meet these challenges head on, resulting in an immense understanding of love as it truly is, not of the false possession or ulterior motive types.

The other persons happiness is all that is necessary, and in vice verse for each, no matter what. Plans get shelved.

Note: the song is not based on any reality. It is written from a purely creative story basis.
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