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Steve Page Mar 27
Then I fell.
I had been so sure of the path
I had mapped
I had planned
I had plotted a route
for my solo adventure
and then I fell
on my feet

- all because of you
Not sure of the route, but this was triggered by Weeping Willow's 'Gleam of Light.'
Savor moments alone
To meditate
And recharge

Rest in your own space
For a time each day
To create plans
And designs

Increase your own power
As you renew strength
And vigor

Then reach out - connect
With the world again
To fulfill designs
And serve
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This is one of those poems that I wrote for a certain background. We all need time to rest and recharge and get some alone time.

The purpose of time alone isn't to isolate indefinitely, but to renew your power so you can reconnect to your goals and to other people.

All great leaders, sages, gurus, and prophets valued alone time in order to increase power and focus!
Life always felt too short,
Like our plans exceeded time itself.
Longer was never long enough, I knew.
Half-truths turned into calamities forgotten on the shelf.

The importance of being free.
Absent from my own life,
Free myself from the gravity.

Just another masterpiece
Ending in a tragedy.
Will I be living my time alone,
For the rest of this life’s stay,
Long days, and night’s,
Entertaining my mind, in many ways,
All the people, that ever loved me,
Are now resting in their graves.

A thought, always in my mind,
Why this situation, was handed to me,
With no one to, talk, or plan with,
My future does not look to bright to see,
Is there, a reason, that it happened,
Should I try, or just let everything be.

                                                         Tom Maxwell©
                                                            8/5/2020 AD
                                                              12:15 AM
My parents, both siblings, the lady I married, have all died, no children,
I've had to turn A page, start a new chapter.....
Its my year
Chinese animal
Year of the oxen
Strange to even include
Chinese but , I am
deeply devoted to what
shaped my life my spiritual soul
So grabbing the bull by the horns..
Good bye 2020
Not touching this year
Time to be ******* happy
Be adventurous
Live like today is all you got
cause it could be
Say I love you after every conversation
Be kind help a stranger or a neighbor
Laugh and do what you makes you happy
Thats it 🍻👊🤘🙏💖2021
🦏 Jennifer Rhinomom🦏
Lunar Dec 2020
So many thoughts but only mumbles when I speak
So many colours but only black when I volunteer
Mouths are closed but the whispers spread
Calm looking but turbulence underneath
The only crack to be seen when in the bathroom mirrors
My gross time is in the millions but net only a few seconds
My thoughts are my taxes

They are my prison guards
My cage
My torturer
But also...
My friends
My comfort
My company
MINE .. so how can I turn me off?

It took me so long to realise
It’s not them.. it’s me.. it’s always been
Instead of digging a way out of my cell I need to find the key hidden within
It’s always been there
I just need to shine the light inside this time
And this time I need to pick it up
And carry it to the door:
The exit of comfort and darkness
The entrance to something new and scary

Will I return when I fail?
Will I return IF I fail?

Anais Vionet Dec 2020
300 nights I’ve been here a-pacin’,
I’ve got clothes, all shiny and new!
This whole year, my time’s been a-wastin',
someday this endless virus will be through.

On the news, they say there’s a serum,
soon I’ll have to take one or two.
Crowded clubs, where music’s a-playin’,
I bet I can get into one or two.

There are boys, out there just for kissin',
and someday, I’ll kiss one or two.
I’ll find out, just what I’ve been missin',
I’ll bet I won’t get home 'til one or two.

There are guys, of nineteen or twenty,
and they know, just what to do.
Shiny toys, just waitin’ for choosin’,
maybe I’ll pick one... or two!
*ok, funny note. I post my poems on several websites and on Quora, several of my readers lobbied me to change the last line of this poem - to follow the "one or two" theme. So, in a way, the last line is "crowd sourced" - and I must say also much improved  =]
Thanks to those guys!
*tapping lacquered finger nails impatiently on the table*
Anais Vionet Nov 2020
I used to be excited on Fridays.
I used to have interesting plans.
My weekends were non-stop hectic,
my time was in high demand.

Now I live in repeated patterns,
I’m a servant to boring routines.
A fleshy teenage automaton,
waiting for science to intervene.

Oh, I'm readier than a girl-scout,
I’m more prepared than a marine,
I’ll be out the door like a cartoon coyote,
the second I’m shot with vaccine.
This pandemic is a barrel of monkeys
Kennedy Nov 2020
its been two weeks,
where are You?
You told me this would work.
You gave me the instruction manual
and taught me the most efficient way.
You taught me exactly where pieces went,
the perfect lethal concoction.
was no one else informed?
the plan was simple,
one incision, several empty bottles.
one ride home.
what happened?
i signed the paperwork,
packed my paperbag
filled with two days of meaningless papers,
i did the workshops,
talked to the suits
and told them everything.
You gave simple instructions,
two phone calls a day,
say nothing, do everything.
You didn't come to meet me at first.
i waited,
i put it off for hours,
You promised to be there.
You were supposed to be.
it doesn't matter anyways,
if You're not here yet, You will be.
traffic is bad, it has to be.
You wouldn't miss this.
You're picking me up today
it's in the plan
it's in the manual
it's in the letters
it's the only thing You prepared me for.
Kaliya Skye Nov 2020
(pretend to sleep an extra hour)

tell yourself it's to be safe
but you're waiting on a call

or a text
or an email
or a letter

or a friend

you're waiting on connection
from a plane that never lands

(lay there just another day)

check the time
it's the witching hour

and you're cold
and it's dark
and the world feels hollow

waiting on connection
from a plane that never lands

waiting on the wishes
and the canceling of plans
i'm sleepy :)
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