Krysha 5d

Its feeling the undying urge in your system
And be unable to do anything
Know nothing about taming
Ignoring the awakening
Disregarding the thrills and the tingling
How do you cling to springtime dreams
If it now feels like delusional thinking

It's the sense of being lost
In the cabins of the found
the scent of uncertainty
in the lodges of the doubters
the aroma of confusion
In the quarters of the sure
How do we grow to like something
And grow later in life to hate it

Seb Jan 2

I've been waiting so long
for the events to come.
I was told long ago
of all the places i would eventually go.

Never once doubtfull
always looking into the future without second thought.
But then came the day
that everything was for naught.

All my plans,
not even related,
were destroyed
as if coordinated.

All on the one day that I've come to hate
The one that was supposed to be great.
The 31st of december was that day,
where all my happiness got taken away.

Nakia Nov 2017

We're supposed to look ahead
Cast our eyes towards the future
Look towards what we want to reach
But plans don't work
We run around
Driving ourselves crazy
Planning for things
When we might not even wake up to see tomorrow
We bash our heads against walls
Thinking about how we failed when
Life goes sour and time runs out
And everything you care about falls away
Pieces of us go into everything we do
And we point out the little man afraid to cast his legacy in the hearts of millions
Or possibly just a few
But is he so wrong?
Life does not make schedules
We can't put tragedy on hold
Some plans work
A lot of them don't
Everyday is just a guessing game
A shot in the dark with a unknown target
And for what?
To be left or forgotten
I praise the outcast
Refusing to be forgotten
Going against the mold
Keeping dreams of the past
Close to their heart
Because thoughts that haven't been thought
Love that hasn't blossomed
Smiles not smiled
Plans unmade
Those are the things that work

VS Nov 2017

Night reaps day for its shade
Days are made for to phase
Nothing stays for all is swayed
Alas, the past has passed away

Future era, present age
Epochs tarry, eons fade
All is swayed for nothing stays
En masse, the past has passed away

Lay now your plans, bare and brave
Timeless sand's a slippery knave
All give back that which is gave
To wit, the past has passed away

When  family make plans
They should stick to it .
Unless it's a matter of life & death

Tony Ortiz Sep 2017

I know life is chaotic, but this is getting crazy.
Due to fatigue from work, I'm always feeling hazy,
And I'm being made to pull the weight of the lazy.
Not to mention, the babies mom is scazy.
I can't partake in my herbal remedies any longer,
And due to that, the bad nerves are getting stronger.
I don't think that thinking is getting easier,
Now that my life is becoming a tragic crowd pleaser,
I'll ride across the ocean on the head of the Titanic,
And before hitting the iceberg, hit the alarm and cause the panic.
Maybe this time around, I can change how it goes,
Maybe this time around, I can make it rain instead of snow.
Maybe this time around, I can cut the brain to the show,
And show all who oppose me just how low I'm willing to go.
I'm in a staring contest with the sun,
Waiting for what I've seen and been through to be undone,
But mother nature must have some form of a different plan,
Because I feel about as bad as a ran-over tin can.
Nothing works the way it should've been,
And I'm stuck in an endless cycle of sin.
I'm caught between being a warrior in the streets,
And being a producer of life changing beats.
Nothing matters in this world unless it's given meaning,
I haven't fallen since I got up, but I started leaning.
I'm tired, and the concrete bed before me looks cozy,
And I don't know how long it'll be before life tries to dose me,
So with the last bits of consciousness I have left,
I press charges on life for it's
Energy Theft.

all for you Aug 2017

we make plans
for forever
when i know
we won't
make it

the worst feeling in the world, to me
is feeling stuck.
it's worse than having to dig out the wheel
in the limbs of sloppy rain,
or the shock value of biting the inside
of your mouth.

it's the opposite of the realization you have
when you remember the mouth heals quickest; and then
there is hope.

imagine the life path of dreams -
with a lush natural fence on the threshold.
one step over summons vines from under
that lash and snag and gnarl and gnash
and you're frozen stone: forest
desert arctic all in one.

the stuck swallows me inside
an imperial chamber
that i am not in the slightest bit worthy
to be surrounded by.

a perception of the world
in your mind...
it cracks,
shatters, hiss,

i welcome struggle into my arms as i go
to the bittersweet valley below;
maybe i will find the seeds that
will allow me to grow.

Allyssa Buenafe Jul 2017

'Cause when I say, "Go to sleep,"
It means, "I love you."
Or when I tell you to eat,
That means, "Hey I care."
When you tell me that you love me,
I call you an idiot,
That's me saying it back but with the equivalence of stupidity.
You are the reason I stay awake at night and dream with my eyes open,
You are the stars in my dark sea that I have been constantly trying to drown myself in,
You are,
For Gods sake's,
My Planet Earth because what else is going to supply me the oxygen I need when my brain says,
"Don't breathe."
You make me not want to die when all I could think of is dying cause you know,
You are my alarm clock to when I sleep in,
My everyday phone call,
My back up plan when my back up plan needs a back up plan.
There are a billion of people out here that could have chosen me to deal with but you,
You at least tolerate me.
Thank you for the tolerance, at least.

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