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Danika May 18
   is my life
as I walk through my days
obeying the whims of others
I am blinded by indecision
feet stuck in a mire
   of surviving another day
impermanent home
unsteady ground
You don’t see
   that my world
      tries relentlessly
          to knock me off my feet

Set me on steady ground
    I’m sorry to say
         that some who wander
                          in fact
Laura P Apr 26
I remember when
We kissed goodbye to dutch courage.
After we tasted salt of your ocean blue
In the cracks of our tears.
Before I snatched visions of our future
From the hand you refused to let go.
I didn't plan to be content ,
But somehow I got,
I didn't plan to smile often,
But somehow I do,
I didn't plan to laugh,
But somehow my lips crave it,
I didn't plan to like things,
But somehow it started,
I didn't plan to expect,
But somehow I want to,
I didn't plan to care,
But somehow it has became a habit,
I didn't plant to embrace warmth,
But somehow I like it,
I didn't plan to love someone,
But somehow I met you.
Life's not the about the plans you made beforehand, it's about the plans you didn't make and how they change your whole life's vista......
Arold Apr 8
Changes us
Our skin craves the sunlight
Birds are our favorite playlist
Human touch becomes a platonic desire
Trust me when I say
I feel you in my imagination

I plan my life
As if it would change drastically
Humans tend to plan
And be inactive
Her dreams are sky-dance
streams of on-high romance

Her life remains planted
adored by all who know
her beauty's not taken for granted
Yet she scorns earthly lovers

Child of divided genes
part sky part ground
seeks heavenly rather than earthly scenes.

Her life is sky-dance
Her reality buries romance
I hate how people can change their minds
When you changed yours it changed both of our lives
Even though I had not changed mine

I never changed, and that's what hurts
Looking back now realizing you had hoped I would
Maybe you thought that I was unsure
Even though I told you exactly what I was looking for
Maybe you expected me to one day want a plan like yours

But I didn't
What a shame you put us in this position
Walk a ways
Don’t turn back
Don’t forget the words that I said
We’re in this together
And you can believe that
What I have handed you
Won’t weigh you down
When the devil comes to destroy
Don’t let him touch the things we have grown
I have plans for you
But stay present where you are
We’ve got work to do
Amanda Dec 2019
Too many reasons why I love to list
I'll name a few with a flick of my wrist
You do not mind making me a plate
You insist on increasing my weight
You encourage dreams
And plans
Anything I want to do I can
Sacrifice valuable time
Make presents around Christmastime
It is the little things I love the most
Treat me the way grandparents are supposed!
To my grandma
Sh Dec 2019
I need to be there at five ten (17:10)

It won't be 'the worst' if I were to be late by a minute or so,

just disappointed looks and silent judgment.

Perhaps they won't even notice.

And anyway, five ten (17:10) is in five hours.

I need to be at the bus stop at five (17:00), it's a five, maybe eight, minutes drive and I should be there by five five (17:05) ,mybe five eight (17:08),

at any rate I'll be there before five ten (17:10).

It takes me ten minutes to get dressed so I better set my alarm to four thirty (16:30), just to be safe.

So now I have five hours to myself before I need to get ready.

I can watch tv on my computer, or bake cookies.

I have so much time!

...maybe not baking.

There are three more hours until my alarm rings.

Wait, did I set it right?


Maybe I should give myself more time to organize, you never know what can happen!

Four twenty (16:20) it is.

It's two hours until I have to get ready and I keep glancing at the clock in the corner or my computer.

I'll just put on the clothes I need,

get out of the comfort of my pajamas, into my tight clothes.

The alarm rings

but I'm already dressed, my water bottle filled, my wallet in my purse, everything is where it should be.

I set my alarm again:

It's a minute or so of walking to the bus stop and I need to be there by five sharp (17:00).

I set my alarm to five minutes to five (16:55).

There's half an hour before I need to go.

The show is still running but I've stopped watching forever ago.

What if there won't be a bathroom there? I should go to the bathroom now.

Well that only took four minutes, I have twenty six more to burn.

I'm pacing in my room, the computer put away.

What if I'll need to *** there? Great now I need to *** again and I've already peed five minutes ago.

I better get going.

I've been waiting for the bus for ten minutes when the alarm rang.

Fifteen minutes of waiting for the bus in the scorching sun, wiping away sweat like drops of anxious thoughts, is fine.

It's normal, right?

I don't have time to worry about it.

It's better than the feeling of the stress on my skin, pushing on my organs until I suffocate.

It's five (17:00) and the bus still hasn't arrived.

It's fine.

It's FINE.

It's F I N E.

Two minutes later I'm sitting on the bus, waiting for my stop.

Chest heaving, I step back into the street, thanking the driver goodbye.

I don't see anyone.

This is where we're supposed to meet, right?

Yes, definitely.

It's today, right? This hour?

Yes and yes.

I'm just the first one here.
The (hour:minute) is not meant to be read out loud.
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