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Timmy Shanti May 16
The dog is black, the cat is white.
The mouse is grey - both day and night!
The grass is green, the sky is blue
And when I'm hurt, i turn to you.

The rose is sweet, the lemon sour.
The minute short - so is the hour...
But long and painful is my due -
That which I pay when there's no you.
Written as a part-fun-part-challenge thingie with a student.
15 V 2020
Nation needs you
Not because you are RARE
Because you belong HERE
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Better Human Project || A humane world
Note: Every chaos, every disaster, every pandemic brings back a real story to awaken the human emotions, and gives space of opportunity, either to share hands, touching lives in one way or another, or to watch helplessly and weep for the world. If you can watch the suffering without pain, then this is not for you. Else, be the agent of change, you can change the end of the story, you can change a new story from the beginning, you can change being a part of it. And during the whole process it will be your greatness if you stay behind the scene.

Change the story
A little more compassion
A little more generiosity
A little more response
A litle more listening
A little more sharing
A little more love
A little more of

Hannah Mar 24
When they call it
what do they mean?
A small delicate creature
that lands on your arm
raising each hair one-by-one
as it travels towards your hand.
The nervous flutter in your stomach
that you can never escape
no matter how hard you try.
A light floating feeling
that raises your cheeks
and stops you
from coming back down.
I don’t know why they call it
All I know
is you give them
to me.
Go deeper

To the roots
To the seeds
To a unit of life
To the infinite
To the unknown
To the hope
To find a way

Even further.....

As above
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: What Next
Jordan Hudson Jan 17
Work my way up I'm okay
I got all my **** all day
Clean that up *****
Clean up my ****
I won't take you anymore
Your words don't mean ****
Hear my courage roar
The lion comes to quit
Goals and dreams my life it seems
Its great so get out of it
Doubt and hate admit
You are stupid *****
I got brains and fear and greed
I seek for myself kid
Just for me
Don't mean ****
Move cautiously O Wind
You need some rest
From your onward flow
Over hills and dales,
And seas and sand.

Let not the dust raised settle down,
Get wet, and gel to stone and block
My way to the place you easily reach,
That has a high upright stall
With an angry fire lit at its top,
Marking the spot.

I have to ease and tend that fire,
The Holy Fire,
That goads me on
To think and act
And improvise.
Arcassin B Nov 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

My frustration is my only sin,
not seeing the ******' sight of it will leave my chest from caving In,
only a matter of time before we even see a purge again,
except this time it won't be written with a cinematic pen,
your lives are on the line , you're steady brainwashed again,
I'm done saving people with words man,
you and you and you and you and you are all the human equivalents
of the gullible,
simply not astronomical,
Are all our feelings and emotions real,
do i really know exactly how you really feel,
well is it too much,
Is there such thing as chill,
reading the gnostic bible , what will the light reveal.

Justyn Huang Nov 2019
Never tell a girl she's basic
It'll basically **** her.
Just a joke
JustMK Nov 2019
Para mí el futuro es una página en blanco
y yo agarro el bolígrafo.
No es seguro donde vaya o qué vea
y no se quíen encuentre en mi viaje.
Pero caminaré y esperaré
-al bosque donde soñaré.

Tal vez cambiaré mucho
y no reconoceré la persona en el espejo.
Puede ser que ore por días y años
y al final reciba la lluvia.
Me imagino que muchas cosas podrán pasar:
buena suerte, congoja, victoria y derrota temporal
Pero el futuro es mío
y es mío para crear.
Excuse the utter simplicity of this poem...
I am studying languages at the moment, and although I'm a long way from fluent, I do nearly like this homework assignment. You see, everyone is asking me about what I plan to do with my life - and in truth, I really have no idea or any semblance of a plan.
So maybe this poem is my response.
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