Ammar Younas Nov 2018
These Rights, Those Rights
Big Rights, Small Rights
Natural or Divine Rights
Relative or Absolute Rights
Positive Rights, Negative Rights
Civil or Cultural Rights
Economic and Social Rights
His, Her or It Rights

I don't need collective Rights
I don't want individual Rights

Take back you all Rights
Give me just my one Right
Right to be left alone...

This coup
A new nation
Loyal dedication
Its classification

‘Species procreation’
Prevents us from facing
A human cessation
selective mutation

It may help explaining
The reasons
But not the foundation
Or actions
We’re basing

A simplification
is “continuation”
A checkbox
left vacant
We’re chasing

We sweat
Eyes are gazing
A slight
In need of hydration
Complete excitation
Intense stimulation
Deep urges
Heart racing

By sensations

Unbounded fixation
Time no longer wasting

This capitulation
a Sanctification
****** gyrations
Hint of *******

The bedroom
Safe haven
For what
we are craving
Once out
and displaying

It all had been taken
Feeling vacant
Freed imagination
A resuscitation
Indulged depravation

A rhythm
we’re setting
The giving and getting
the bedding

All else I’m forgetting
with each other
Like entangled netting
on the same trip
In a unified heading

Now comes
the summation
A true
Smash all expectations

That lasts the duration
Loud gasp
We unlock

Filled with gratification
Written: July 8, 2018

All rights reserved.
Daye May 2018
Are your eyelashes naturally that long?

No, they're fake.

I was about to say! How much were they?

I don't want to say.

And your nails? How they sparkle in the light.

Aren't they pretty. But they're fake too.

What else is  fake?

Come closer to my face.
Nathaniel Apr 2018
Why must all poetry have deep thought?
Why can’t I sit and write
And speak of what I like.
Personally it’s kind of restricting,
Considering I’m not talented,
I write for fun and no one
in particular
Must I have a rhythm or rhyme?
I suppose I unconsciously must,
As it makes me uncomfortable
When I lack such principle, I ****.
See? I totally forced that rhyme,
At this point rhythm is nonexistent
Is this considered a waste of our time?
Not just mine of course,
But yours the reader.
I sit here and ramble
And you’re still here, eager.
Probably not
Probably thinking,
“What is this guy thinking?”
I didn’t mean to rhyme the same word twice,
Kind of tacky, I know.
Too late now, I’ve moved on.
This has been swell,
I’m not only glad
But surprised at your dedication,
Thanks for listening,
Hopefully you related,
I decided I just wanted to write something basic.
Nylee Feb 2018
The most basic things
the more struggling
for me.

Never quite followed
what was told and
what they mean.

my thoughts lost
on the words used most
to describe it.

Severe to trivial
in all too minimal

my imagination thrown
as the theories storm

their jiggle, all that pertains
half baked explanation
all sink.

no conviction on my part
I am still at the start
Faith Feb 2018
the thing is,
you aren't magnificent.
my mind isn't laced,
with the thought of you.
there is no rarity,
beaming from behind your eyes;
no slight shimmer of a marvel,
beaneath the surface of your skin.
falling in line with those ahead,
and those behind:
you bore me.

if i was given a chance to pull back,
your carefully sealed unexceptional flesh,
would i see and feel something,
i was unaware you possessed?
a tiny glimmer of unprecedented original beauty,
an unknown personal outlet
exemplifying fearless individualism?
...or would i be disappointed,
by the nearly hollow expected interior,
singularly displaying a rudimentary *** drive,
and the unimaginative blueprints,
on how to fulfill it.
Nathan Jan 2018

Observe the situation.

Breathe slowly.

Get ready

Psych yourself up...and prepare to face the outside world.
Lydia Nov 2017
I woke up on the couch with a blanket I didn't get for myself
He sat on the chair opposite of me, still in his army uniform
Like a brother I never had
"I got your letters. After all that, I wasn't going to wake you up."
Twelve weeks later and he still worried about me
I laughed before I even picked my head up
He sat on the coffee table in front of me and kissed my forehead
I almost fell asleep again, I felt safe
I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me up so we could hug
He stayed till midnight
He could have stayed forever, I wouldn't mind
We could have gone out for Italian ice.
But he had pt in the morning and I had lab and
I can't wait to see how he turns out
I am so much more than proud of you.
Please comment :)
Ashma Pathak Nov 2017
Basic *****
As basic as i can be
As common as i am
As average as i look
I am a basic *****
Oh yes
Yes my morning starts with
Pumpkin spice latte and
Top 50 songs of the week
Yes the most pinned post on Pinterest decides my outfit
I might look hip and cool different days and my accessories uncounted
Yet I have a style
Yes I am a basic *****
As basic as it sounds
Twilight is yet my favorite book
I can't stand violence and
I am basic on the standards
I can't play instruments and
**** yeah,
I get good grades on Math and Science and i rock these social nights
I am basic *****
As basic as it sounds
But I don't judge people
From the song they listen
Clothes they put on
I don't judge people on the color of skin
Whether they like boy or they like girl
I treat people they are just another me
I don't form and divide people in stereotypes
I live in present and the basic I am
I am unbiased and nice
I respect other and there choices
I admit to what Like
I am not scared of judgement and
I never will be
So, call me a basic *****
I accept and I agree
What I can't accept is to be a ****** hypocrite
Who decides my intelligence from the quotes i speak
I say Beyoncé is the coolest woman in human history
I m basic and no no
I m not mean
Cause it's not weird like ordinary things
To keep it simple
And put it clean
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