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I can wait
what it is to come
I don't know
but I will stay

all this pain
one day will go away
it's ok to cry today
tommorrow it's a new chance

in tears I stand
even if my bones break
they may take me for weak
but this is the bravest I've been
lately I'm trying to write anything, even if it's ****, just to mantain a certain frequency with writing
Peter Balkus May 2019
They're getting younger
every year,
their wrinkles fade.

Their smile is getting wider
day by day.
Their bodies
supple back.

Their hair
are getting stronger, their teeth
- whiter. One day
they will be young again.

The cradle awaits them,
her womb,
in which they'll flourish
and bloom.
neha yamba May 2019
i solve the tangled beads
chaotic sequence of anxiety

each bead has a peculiar ding
some are noise
and some are euphony

i bought this chain years back
it was less tangled then ,
however i entwine it bad

shop fortune smuggled me this chain
gave me deal , to untangle this chain
And live eternity ....
Haruharu Apr 2019
Her blue eyes meet mine.

Her gaze is firm, she radiates authority, strenght.

Her feet, etched to the ground.
No hurricane, no tornado will move her.

Yet her eyes somehow reveal a soft side.
There's something childish and playful in that smirk of hers.

I wonder who she is.
So familiar, yet unknown.

I envy her.
That strong woman.

Where have I seen her?

I hear a whisper, a voice I recognize.

"Look again".
Max Feb 2019
Your weakness feeds my strength.
And it tastes delicious
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