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Shristy Sep 13
droll kid trapped in a clueless teenage skin.  loud, too emotional, too needy,too expressive
Self destructive but never self reliant.
I'm a leech to the people I love.
I can't live without their aid,
I can't function without their validation.
I worry too much when the tone of someone's voice doesn't make sense in my head.
I feel sick when people are not how I want them perceived.
i know it's toxic but I will do anything to be loved and accepted
i will stretch and stitch my own traits to be
something everyone always wanted
To feel so strongly is a blessing and a curse.
one small inconvenience and ah ****, here we go again, dramatic music "my life couldn't get worse!!!~

My world isn't that confusing. it's black or white and yes or no
I can hear more than 5 people i left hanging, scoff and say "what a hypocrite ***"
some say im fun to be around but equally irritating
sometimes i give away alot of **** to people that's too much to handle
Like a newborn child I need looking after continuously.
Attention and affection 24/7 around the clock.
please don't ignore me more than thrice
overthinking and ****, it takes two periods of crying at school and 5 braincells for my two feiends to unlock

Intelligent.. eh but my emotional permanence is absolute zero.I can't keep **** to myself because of this stupid need to have a nice conversation with eveyone
so they don't think i am a ******.
How expressive I am is what people probably like about me but its comes crumbling down when that girl whom I've only spoken twice to knows how many guys ive ditched were ******
Nina Jul 25
You don't know how i feel
Because you've never seen yourself
The way i see you
You never knew how much i truly love you
So of course you won't know how much i love you
When you've never loved someone
As i as i loved you.
AestheticAbi May 13
The Reason Yet To Be Shared

I am so confused
how did it get this far
Why am I so bruised
why on my heart lays a single scar

How did it get this far
I have no clue
why on my heart lays a single scar
The scar that makes me so blue

I have no clue
It is yet to be declared
The scar that makes me so blue
The reason yet to be shared

It is yet to be declared
Why I am so bruised
The reason yet to be shared
I am so confused
This is my first pantoum please don't hate I know it's bad
Max May 6
I have a plan,
But no clue.
Jac Mar 31
plummeted into the depths
sounds were heard
yet too faint to be received

drowning in her thoughts

swimming in her never-ending cycle
she was out of breath
before she even knew where to head
interested in the different interpretations people have reading this
Max Mar 12
I... I find pleasure in knowledge.

But I admire your ignorance too.
By W.W. Walt Whitman
The uncertainty of life
Is both a curse and blessing
You choose which it is
Rowan S Jan 11
I'll take all the looks
The cold, penetrating stares
I guess you're angry
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
Bang the bell
start the tellin of a story 'bout a man name…

Yo, t'was a wombed man, ennui is no excuse
onus is on you. vive la differ-ents.

True, t'tell, she was an upgrade. Mito-mom.

First ol' Ish said, it sounded like,

"Wow, ishi mine? How'dyoudothat?"
so for a while ishi was her name.

Was I sleeping and now a wake, or

are we past all that?
The garden walks meeting all we met, with names,
knowns, all named

The I in Ish knew names of every man-named thing,
but Adom 2.0,

she was something else. Ish could hardly think

something so beautiful is made of me?
Why, Ish wondered, but didn't say aloud.

Is she curiouser than me?
Is that what's different? No, there's more,

but that's a lot, curiouser and curiouser,

Here come the servants forming to inform,
curios come,
kachinas from the west.

This night we all learned the dance the angels do,
on the point of no return.

Too beautiful for words and then,
past the point of no return,

Ish take her and she is mother of all living,
Eve for short. Mom.
Family dinner in the local retaurant where everybody knows me, but none, in fact  know my name, so my mind wandered...
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