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Landon Keys Jun 2021
Incase of Emergency
Open the..
Ah, who am I kidding.
It's been open since the day you left.
Estelline Apr 2021
You said you miss me
With a pouting face
For a second I felt for you
But you don’t know anything about me
You’re clueless
You don’t care how I am
So how can you miss me…
If you don’t care about me?
Maybe it’s the idea of me that you miss
Or the attention I gave
Always ignoring me
Till it suited you to respond
I feel no bond
So here I am letting go
It’s over now.
Celestial Dec 2020
I was in my dreamland.
The safe place I had made,
In childhood, to keep myself.
Disturbed I barely woke.

Impaired I thought,
If I go back I'll wake,
It will be over and I won't remember.
I don't remember much.

It continued,
I felt more come off.
More words were spoken.
People, "She can take it, I asked."

No such question was answered,
From me at least.
My limp body positioned upward.
My place gone, coherence erupted.

I was screaming at me,
NO! Move do something.
A soft "no" was whispered, and I fell.
Fully exposed now, I walked.

"Are you ok?" "I'm going to take a shower."
The water softened my skin.
The door opened. "Could you not?"
"It doesn't matter. Does it."
Worst parts of my life.
lilac Nov 2020
these songs i wrote,
the chorus intertwined with thoughts of you,
you sing along without a clue.

Purcy Flaherty Nov 2020
My hands ****** deep into my pockets, searching for reconciliation; every rummage a sacred act.
I’m reaching for emotional growth; but just pulling out splinters, plectrums and bits of fluff.
The keys have to be in here somewhere.
more love stuff
there's no advance
to this thing
i'm writing

i've heard tons on
tons of the palisades
and i've never lived
west of the
missouri and
where are the palisades
define it
a minimal

comprehension or-
some other thing-
of the perception
of how people

would go a far long
ways in the palisades
somewhere in
flor'da                              or
god i wish i'd known
the weight-per-
pound a baton
centered on a
human forehead

but you had

i hadn't
Poetoftheway May 2020
Clueless, Restless, but then the Moon Speaks!

can you see clouds at night, askes the moon,
my train, my assemblage of word worshippers,
who ask me by the thousand for clearer answers,
“one if by day, two if by night” is my evere’d reply,
bereft of confidences, steps unsteadied, full of distemper,
shaky uncertain, so answer all, once more, but only with
difficulty am I understood, for the simplicity so so great!

the moon comes to you nightly, never! never are you ignored,
your lost alone words always well heard, we are two together,
we are all
two, if by night, my lune bright, ours, your answer!

Together Nightly, Are We Not Poets of the Way?
Connor Jones May 2020
A life.
A fish.
Swimming through the sea.
Away from the great whites in their life.
Rustic lobsters hiding among the reefs,
from what else calls the ocean home.
5% we see explored.
5% they see invaded.
100% of sea life watching and laughing.
we think we know, but really we have no clue what lies beneath.
Boats like airplanes as they graze the roof of their house.
Starring up at our cluelessness.
Harshit Nangia Apr 2020
I sit staring into the wind
With an empty mind
Clueless of what to think
Aimless of what to do .

This feeling troubles me
It vexes me .
I can't find the balance .

Can I do them together
Or do I have to choose
This can't be forever
Hell! What have I got to lose

The question isn't either this or that
The question, is can you bring them both under the same hat .

As I write this, I think I can
Well I have got to ,
For I am a man
Do I have to choose between my studies and poetry . I hope I find the right balance .
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