We take the stairs all the way up to the rooftop.
The night, the music, the breeze make me wanna take my shirt off.
We’re barely legal, but bring out the drinks, no one can stop us.
A game of truth or dare to show them who’s the real boss.

From the roof, we jump into the pool with whatever we got on.
This isn’t a scene from Clueless, but we can still play Suck & Blow.
The neighbor yells he's gonna call the cops if we don’t keep it low,
but we planned to have fun tonight and the night is still young.

We run this, we’re not followers, we go with our own flow.
We don’t have to prove anything, if it’s dull we make it glow.
Before you decide to join us
there’s something you better know
This is a ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ zone.
This is my crew and Yo, I’m the Boss!
Written on December 18, 1999
Composition number: 77
maya May 16
Each day I gain a little more tiredness but today could be the day it stops.
A poem about love
How do I write something
I am not good enough

This expression of love
I have no idea where to start
How to rhyme and stuff

Girl do you need the strange art
For me to show that I love you
With all my heart

O heavens above
How do I write something
I know not of.
I don't know how to write a love poem. But I do know how to love her.
Something valuable, precious even
Sometimes painful
But always hard to contain, hide, or forget
All encompassing
Terrible confused with myself. I'm lost inside. I've lost myself. I'm just... hopeless
Lin Jan 9
Oh, how easy it would be?
With these evil thoughts
That just seem to overtake.
I know they are lies
Just trying to eat me from the inside
And just trying make me cry.
But, oh, how they make me always think
How easy it would be.
This is a different version of another poem I made. This one is shorter and more of my classic poems, while the other is more of a story.
I feel like I don't know anything
Hundreds of people pass me every day
Hundreds of songs I hear along the way
Hundreds of words spoken I can't say
Hundreds of colors but all I know is grey

It seems as if everyone already knows these things
That I haven't understood yet
That I haven't learned to get
That I haven't even met
That I haven't got a bet

So how am I supposed to exist if I can't fit in
Is it because I was born wrong
Is it because I don't listen to their song
Is it because I can't stay strong
Why is it I don't belong?

At least I'm asking questions....
Troy Dec 2017
That is what I've become
Use to have words flying through my mind
Now there is total silence

Mind freezes still
Heart aches
For the first time
Happiness isn't faked

Head spinning
Thoughts start to race
Pounds of the soul
Beat harder than ever before

Confusion sets in
At this puzzling action
The eyes wander aimlessly
As the mind tries to grasp

Grasping on thin straw
The mind collapses
Lost in utter chaos
To what it has become

The smiles consist
The laughs genuine
The feeling of safety
The passion of hope

Feelings that are foreign
Ones I've never experienced
Now become known
As I meet you now

Lost and betrayed
This chest starts to waver
Heart pounding faster
Threatening to break free

Confusion here at last
Fully settled in
The mind is now silent
Once again

Eyes can't stop staring
Lips can't stop smiling
Ears beg for the voice
From the one they adore

Pain starts to peek
Holding tightly to the heart
Not sure of what to do
Or what is going on

Fear rushes in
Throat tightens up
Eyes start pleading
As heart flutters deep

Yearning for attention
Craving your touch
Desperate for approval
Just a simple glance

Mind goes blank
Unclear of whats to come
Time to leave
But don't want it to end

This feeling is confusing
It hurts yet
This sensation is pleasurable
The need to be wanted
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2017
Even if I want to speak truth,
I don't think I can
I don't know if I know the truth
do you? really?

Maybe truth reside somewhere far
I know what I thought about,
what I perceived truth
can be true, may be not?

I'm never entirely sure,
what I have as truth is true
or what is the colour of raw truth.
maybe that I'm clueless is the truth?

kyle Shirley Nov 2017
She is the weather.
Ever changing my mood
Happy as a sunny day
To a vicious cycle of rain
I'm clueless what to expect
She is fun when we play
other days
she rips through carelessly.
I steer clear and watch her destroy.
She is the weather.
You can always count on the weather to be..
What does it mean
to be better
First I smiled
then I sighed
Back then I asked myself
Does better feel like what I feel now?


The answer is no
I fell back into old ways
Wanting to get better
I had nothing to aim for
Still as clueless as before about what is meant

I look in the mirror
and laugh
Still clueless

Have I gotten better?
I've gotten worse

I'm more clueless
Do I want to get better?

Good question
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