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Karo 22h
under the blood moon
we drive
trying to escape
living on the edge
loving the risk
of being found
Angela Rose Oct 4
You're a gift to my life
You're a rare sliver of light
You're a beacon of fresh air
And you could be the one to make me feel something
at this point i'm tired
with the negativity that won't stop
until my life falls
every second, every minute
i walk through the halls and what's supposed
to be the walls
are demons closing me in
suffocating me to
do better
it's rare
they would never want me to succeed
unless they feel that they would conquer me
how good it would feed
them but not i
that's why i try to change
to change i try
what are you tired of?
Silky smooth thin legs
Such a rare gemstone today
In America
Elmo Cross Aug 5
Let me tell you about a girl I met
She was like an angel that the heaven sent
I was so amazed in what I felt
Oh how lovely is this girl I met

She was so dazzling and beautiful
Her eyes were twinkling so wonderful
Her smile oh how capturing is thee
My heart was enticed in this wonderful 'she'

When she talks, she speaks with wisdom
And when she walks, she moves in freedom
A girl in which her soul is as beautiful as her eyes
A girl which in heaven lies

Shunt the light and I'll still see
For she is my light and my everlasting glee
No depth nor heights will break my love
For she is the girl I want to have

Oh let me tell you about a Girl I met
She Is not a girl that anyone can get
That is why I must also never forget
That I must also be the man that she will want to get
It's more than a year since I first saw you and I still can't believe that a woman like you really exist! Hallooo G!
Maria Etre Jul 26
I always told
too precious
to be
"If I could give you my eyes"  Series
Qwn Jul 27
I can take a deep breath
and not taste metal on my tongue,
I can hear the soft sound of motors in the
distance not accompanied by
the panicky flutter of my heartbeat.
I'm aware of everything from my
toes and up.
This is a rare moment,
I take it in, feel the breeze,
look along the endless horizon,
and breathe.
For a moment I'm okay.
You molded me,
Into the shape you wanted me to be,
To be perfect for you.
When I finally met those expectations,
You changed them and left me,
For a younger girl that was me before you.
And you gave her your love,
Your time,
Your affection.

I hated you for a while,
But then I found someone,
Who loves me for the way I am now -
The me after you.
He even loves me more than you ever could.
So I guess I should thank you,
For making a diamond out of mere carbon atoms,
For someone who understands the value to cherish forever.
Don't forget that whatever you're going through is just a stepping stone to build you into a rare gem. Thank you for reading.
Happiness just dots upon the slate
wandering life for marks of chalk
for true happiness we wait
whether we run or we walk

We stress and my *** do we worry
over matters both large and small
our joy coming in flurries
anticipating the times when it calls

All of our lives seen as lines
with all it's skip marks and fears
measured in bliss for those times
holding each other so dear

Grasp them whether their old or new
and etch the marks in your mind
rare and precious and few
hoarding every one that you find
It reminds me that there are fewer times of joy in life, than there are toils and pain. So I'll remember the signs, and relish the joy, that remains.
A princess, dressed in white, seeks an opportunity to share her soul with a deserving prince. This princess is tall in confidence and full of admiration for herself. She's like a white tiger: rare and beautiful. She fights all sorts of battles to find her prince.

A prince, dressed in a suit, prepares himself to find a princess in order to live his life with a partner. He walks about like a lion, looking determined to get what he has set out for. He's a lion that is commonly found, but has a soul that is unique. He fights "gentleman" and boys on his way to victory.

One single path, travelled in opposite directions.
First sight: a connection.

The prince acknowledges the beauty and rarity of the princess. He gets on one knee and iterates that the princess is more important than he is.

He wears a piece of cloth that represents freedom and diversity.

This shows that people from completely different backgrounds or natures can become cohesive. Love has no protocol.
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