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aren't we all a little hesitant
to allow unexpected love
to enter
Aseel Aug 25
The question marks in the end of your thoughts
Turn into full stops
All the questions are answers
It’s finally peaceful inside your head
May be hours or minutes
So When rarely comes, Enjoy it.
Rarely I’m sure I love you.
Hello Prolly Aug 23
thank you

for reminding me to be alone
the reason to be with you
Can be, either
Or in-between

Ain't nobody
Like you
Genre: Observational
Theme: Honoring the holiness
Bhill Aug 7
Hummingbird, Hummingbird, buzzing around
So dainty and delicate with wings so unwound

How you can do it, with speed and such grace
Hovering and darting with a snappy fast pace

Seeing you land is a rare sight I think
Then I saw why you're frantic and gave you a wink

Your nest was well hidden, by the pine cone on the tree
Your secret is safe and I'll just let you be....

Brian Hill - 2019 #198
You never know what is right in front of you...
RH 78 Aug 5
You are
Gold dust

You are
Gold dust

You are
Gold dust

You are
Gold dust
You are amazing
Hemlata Roy Aug 4
When we have close friends
Then we have so much happiness.

With them, I feel like there is light somewhere
They put colours everywhere.

Their love, their happiness, their care
Fair is everything, friends like them are rare.

Holding their hands
We can take any stand.
Happy friendship day to all of you! Hope you also have close friends to enjoy.
malluraeh Jul 24
so many unique and talented persons
you‘ll think;
am i one of them?
i don‘t know.
but i think there are only two possibilities
either there are these rare humans that are born every few years or
we are all rare and talented
Hanna C S Jul 14
After all the things that have been done;
To the skin this body is forced wear;
My brain has evolved a loaded gun
Dispatched to axe each love affair
So when we both to ****** come
With my fingers wound within you hair
Somehow I lack the urge to run
And I guess a trust like ours is rare.
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