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You are the moon and I am the ocean
You have this powerful magnetism that moves me
I am consumed by you
But you are too far away to notice how beautiful we can be
When he died we flew kites
in the wind. We didn’t, but
that was the feeling. Instead,
we stood on the sand and waited.

We waited for tides to change.
Currents gathered, as did blame.
Tears and raindrops fell. Windswept
Bantham in September wept.

As the strong swells retreated,
corpses of bottles – maltreated.
Uprooted and forcefully
sculpted. Glass misshaped cruelly.

From evenings of love here;
fire, green glass bottles of beer.
Or anger and resentment,
drinking through abandonment.

Now smooth chips of feelings:
light green or white shining.
Like shells of life’s remedies
and dead men’s memories.

When he died we flew kites.
Johnny walker Nov 12
My times are changing so
fast, how strange my life
does seem, different but
just a short time ago a life
of being a happily a married
man, years ahead still to
come I thought how wrong
I was
Then all gone like washed
away with the evening tide
only our loved ones miss
us left with just our photos
and the memories If not for
those, no one would even
know we'd ever been
Photos memories washed tide gone married
happily wrong
julianna Nov 8
Oh, when the pain comes rolling back in.
Like the red tide.

It kills.
Wow, the past few days/week have been bad.
L Oct 30
Im losing track of time again.

Lost in words, lost in my own head.

Theres so much to see, so much to do.

So little time.

And it slips from my grasp like how sand slips through the fingers of a clenched fist.

Theres no fighting the flow.
    So why try.
Dont bother. Youre gunna end up getting swept away anyways. Deal.

"*******, its dark outside."
Data Oct 11
The tide runs swift in swirls around my feet

While terns and gulls weave circles overhead,

The smell of salt in breath where lovers meet

—Aside the deep, ‘I love you now,’ he said.

In wind the ear will strain to hear these words,

And passed that line between the sky and sea

Into the dark of night, the future blurs:

You cannot know what love is meant to be.

And so, we reel upon the shifting sands,

Unsure the path that wends a truest way,

Entrusting love the harshest gale withstands

When waves crash in along the storm-lashed bay.

         Who casts a net to snare another’s heart,

         Must understand the knotted cords could part.


By Data © Oct. 2018
Capricious love...
Daisy Marrow Jul 2014
Feel the tide.
I am the ship.
I am the captain.
The ocean is a savage
the way it pulls my body,
slinging me around like i'm weightless.
I will not surrender to this beast.
The waves mean nothing to me.
I've been fighting this savage ocean for a century.
100 years of getting carried away across these waters.
Isolation is my home.
It's all I know.
I brought this on myself.
I ran away from land and into the water,
unknowing of the horror it holds.
But I will not surrender
I am the ship.
I will not kiss the ocean goodnight.
I will not fight.
I will float on until the day comes I greet the sea.
My lungs will sting and my head will rush.
Leave my body in isolation.
Let it be a peace offering.
So the ocean wouldn't have to carry away another ship that day.
Poetic T Sep 9
Life is just a grain falling
          to an inevitable conclusion.

That is, every tide comes in and
                                       drowns it.
duncan Sep 8
dr. nobody knows everybody.
but nobody knows dr. nobody.
a chest for his secrets
a key for his spine.
he loves magic and crime.
a trick with a victim.

he knows you when you
walk in. he sees motive like
blood through a white shirt.
he is a doctor after all.
dont forget.

don’t dare lie to dr. nobody
he is lossless like time.
words are his muse and his
monument. the angle of
shoes like soup to the sick.
an off hand joke
like a blade on your tongue.

best waste no time,
just be honest to dr. nobody.
he can offer you remedy,
the perfect chain link
to keep the tiger in.

dr. nobody must be flawless,
wrong, he is nobody.
he will boil at below freezing.
he will wash with the tide.

and if you really need
dr. nobody then i pray
you can swim.
he is dead on the rocks.
he is bread on the floor.
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