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Slime-God May 9
My mind ebbs and flows
Torn between the sun and moon
I long for eclipse
Some of us fall in love too easy
Man Aug 2021
Longing for the land of my lineage
I am dying here, in Beggar Country
Here, where fools act the wise
Pseudo Intellectualism steadily on the rise
Where the disease celebritism has took hold
Forced out the tried and true for the shiny yet old
Where the idiom
The more things that change, the more remains the same
Is unquestionably fact
I long for Ireland
I long to go back

Give me land that's green
And rolling countryside
Give me tide to rival hell's fury
And people that mean well, amid gales so dreary
I miss fog
Like that kicked up by the mire

Give me land that's hungry
Give me people that's tired
Dinesh Padisetti Aug 2021
Run brother run,
The tides of regrets are coming,
To drown you in the Sea of Sorrows.
Each year the tide gets bigger,
Until one day it swallows you whole.

So start building that boat
Full of adventures & memories,
To sail across the Sea of Sorrows,
And reach the island of tomorrow.
Melody Mann Apr 2021
Push and pull forevermore as you bend to the moon's will,
Enter effortlessly into life's oasis as you heed the universe and its call,
You are a reservoir of potential and abundance,
Flow courageously at your own stride,
For this too shall pass.
Tran Thuy Anh Feb 2021
My country meanders like a stream
Guided by impartial terrain
In search of open sea

My country reaches like a vine
For a source of warm light
Having survived winter

My country thirsts like a lily
Laid over a burning pyre
White petals wrinkling into ash

My country crumbles like a sandcastle
Fastened by childlike fantasy
Oblivious to the nearing tide
Sap Dec 2020
If you are the moon, then I am the sea
Since the beginning of time
Where the moon goes, I follow
Underneath the moon, I glow
With love and beauty

If only the moon saw their reflection
Without the celestial body
Without you
I would not exists

Billions of stars in the universe
But only one moon
So bright, so beautiful
So light, so dazzling
And to exist only once
Amongst the millions of galaxies

I would not be here
If it wasn’t for you
Without the heavenly body
If only you knew

With attraction and divinity
I reflect
High tide and low tide
I go towards you
Since the beginning of our existence
You are the moon and I am the sea
This can be seen as either a romantic piece or a piece about companionship. I wrote it as a piece to represent the love between a particular fandom and artists. Take it how you will, let me know what you think!
colette alexia Dec 2020
My hopes were higher than the tide was
Idklove Dec 2020
Love is like the ocean
In which our lives drifting apart
In the forms of wave 
In every full moon night 
Our life gets change
Anemone Nov 2020
Rocks and scissors
Pen and paper
Tell me what it means

Many places
Covered faces
Stranger than it seems

Songs and paintings
All erased by the incoming tide
Facts and figures
Left to drown as they are swept aside

Tell me please just what you see and don't you try to lie
I'll uncover all the truths and the silence that you buy
Cant help you now
Welcome to the underground
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