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Another night of crying
I know it's all in my head
The tide is coming in
And i should have just gone to bed

I don't know what's upsetting me
Or why I can't think straight
Just when I close my mind
I just tend to initiate

The conversations in the day I've had
The ones I want to speak
Overthinking the way I dress
And everything I keep

I keep on thinking I must stand straight
And stop saying the word "like"
After every **** sentence
I just need to make my life

More pretty, More well sewn
Expensive, and maybe just more pure
But honestly, I feel *****
No matter how much I shower

The interactions hurt me
Really put me off of all this love
That everyone seems to get so high off
To me it feels like a drug

It takes your dreams and it scrambles them
To make you compromise
The things I've done for love
I am just tired of all the lies

The tide is coming in
And surely I will finally feel cold
I wonder if I will still think like this
Even when I am old
When life is challenging, I no longer want to die.
Instead, I sometimes want to escape and fly.

Watching the waves drift by
Hoping you’ll always be by my side
Our love is as strong as the way the moon controls the tide.
emm Aug 1
it’s like the tide.
slow, rising, gently caressing the bottom.
then quickly picking up,
moving everything in its path and leaving nothing behind.
the tide is unexpected,
it’s scary.
i look at the tide and wonder,
“how could anyone love such a thing?”
and i realize;
it’s not the tide they love.

it’s the beach.
made this a bit ago, i havent been on in a while. i'd like to change that.
There are days,
when she feels lost in the universe
that exists in her mind;
overthinking herself to oblivion.

There are days,
when she feels she is downing
in the depths of her thoughts.
Drowning in the sea of her emotions,
tears turning into high tides
destroying peace of mind.

Night bleeds into morning
Sun dissolves the moon

She wants to come out for a breath
and just breathe the light air.
Feel the lightness of it,
as it enters her lungs -  
the simplicity of it.

She is losing more of herself.
m h John Jul 20
the moon pulled the tide
to new highs of extreme
scared to come down
the ocean forgot
all he used to be
until the sun came around
and the waves could now hear
the significance of its own sound
he thanked the sun
for bringing him
back to the ground,
“don’t worry”
said the moon
“i’ll be back for another round”
the moon is my enemy + friend
Anastasia Jul 17
Echoes of life in the sand.
A thousand grains shifted from the weight of a child.
Forever there, until the tide pulls in.
A footprint, fully intact is a memory.
A memory of a second in time.
an old poem i feel others may like ~ i hope so
The thoughts
They flow like an open road
Never do i know
Where they are going to go.

My heart,
Reaching out and soaked

I’ve wrote and i’ve wrote

But i’m not sure
What i can say to save us

My arms are locked up
I'm waiting for the tide to come in,
For the same wave to wash me out
and slam me back against that edged rock
Again and again.

How many times before i realize;
I can't swim in this.
This water is poison.

My lungs are being filled with water
And I'm gasping for air
Hoping the love I thought we had
Would be there
To save us
From this awful nightmare.

I said, Crying in despair.

What a sappy ending
But life isn't fair.

It hurts more to hold on,
Than to let go.
So I'll Just keep on walkin',
Down that road.
When it's time to let go
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