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Lata Oct 3
you are the tide that washes my doubts and fears away,

but you are also the wave that could drowns me.
26th May 2018, 08:22am
Daisy Marrow Jul 2014
Feel the tide.
I am the ship.
I am the captain.
The ocean is a savage
the way it pulls my body,
slinging me around like i'm weightless.
I will not surrender to this beast.
The waves mean nothing to me.
I've been fighting this savage ocean for a century.
100 years of getting carried away across these waters.
Isolation is my home.
It's all I know.
I brought this on myself.
I ran away from land and into the water,
unknowing of the horror it holds.
But I will not surrender
I am the ship.
I will not kiss the ocean goodnight.
I will not fight.
I will float on until the day comes I greet the sea.
My lungs will sting and my head will rush.
Leave my body in isolation.
Let it be a peace offering.
So the ocean wouldn't have to carry away another ship that day.
Poetic T Sep 9
Life is just a grain falling
          to an inevitable conclusion.

That is, every tide comes in and
                                       drowns it.
duncan Sep 8
dr. nobody knows everybody.
but nobody knows dr. nobody.
a chest for his secrets
a key for his spine.
he loves magic and crime.
a trick with a victim.

he knows you when you
walk in. he sees motive like
blood through a white shirt.
he is a doctor after all.
dont forget.

don’t dare lie to dr. nobody
he is lossless like time.
words are his muse and his
monument. the angle of
shoes like soup to the sick.
an off hand joke
like a blade on your tongue.

best waste no time,
just be honest to dr. nobody.
he can offer you remedy,
the perfect chain link
to keep the tiger in.

dr. nobody must be flawless,
wrong, he is nobody.
he will boil at below freezing.
he will wash with the tide.

and if you really need
dr. nobody then i pray
you can swim.
he is dead on the rocks.
he is bread on the floor.
Blade Maiden Sep 8

At the fjord
a body floats on a board
how it got there
no one knows

At seaside
you pushed against the tide
I didn't send you off
but you came back

I begged for you
at least stay true
keep away
your harmful attitude

There you are
washed ashore from afar
How did you get here
and why did you come?

It took me so many beaches
and seas just to reach this
a part of my own
somewhere to calm

You will never know
with what I fought and how
I can't make you more
than a in-the-back-of-my-head thought

I kneel down next to you
I don't know if you sacrificed and what you've been through
I'm feeling reluctant to cut you off
but it's too late for other choices

I smile, I'm sorry
I won't forget, don't worry
I take a rock
and end it then and there
M Sep 7
I dream of long walks
With you, on the silver tide
They never come true
M Solav Sep 7
Please - hear my voice, your good old
Friend - is talking in to
You - let it ring inside of
You - let words echoe in
and Through.

Please - hear this prayer of a
Child - you once were, don’t let the
Tide - of this moment sweep
Aside - het the water flow out
and Through.

It’s not time to start over;
The bridge's almost done.
You can’t see from where you are;
The sun's rising on the shore.

Please - the other side isn’t
Far - nothing else's ever
Achieved - carry yourself a little
Further - let your legs walk across
and Through.
Written in July, 2016 - for a friend going through hardship.
M Sep 6
The silver tide sloshed to the shore
But soon shivered back to the black
It was leisurely lured once more
Gale L Mccoy Aug 22
Purple at the edges of the sky
Bleeding into strands of tide
Moves to where your eyes abide
When lips divide
In essence of the line
...Cool beans
A drunk improvised collab between
Luna Fae & Gale Mccoy
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