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Such a pretty life this family has
Kids playing in the pool
I watch over them from the garden
I can see my darling too
Looking in the mirror
Will I be seen, if go a bit nearer?

Such a pretty life this family has
Drinking their lemonade
Wearing their summer shades
I watch over them from the garden
I can also see my darling
Drinking from the fancy glass
Will I be seen, if I land my feet on the grass?

Such a pretty life this family has
Sleeping in their pyjamas set
Intertwining in the bed
I can also see my darling
Underneath the tapestry
Will I be seen, If I throw a stone at the jalousie

Will I be seen, Will I be noticed
If I appear in their out of focus family photo
Will it be suspicious, If I knock at their door at night
Turn off their chandelier lights
Make them superstitious
Make them believe I’m a hex
Question their own heads
Banging on their windows
Burning their ebony doors
Blood on the gypsum floors

You once me called me fire
And maybe I am
I’ll burn your jewels, your fancy attires
I’ll forever stay here
I’ll forever haunt you
I’ll forever be your burden
Standing in the dark hallways
Hiding behind the curtains
And I’ll forever see you
With my feet levitating above the grass of your garden
Beckie Davies Apr 23
i don't want your apology
i don't want your words
i would rather see your castration
or castrate you myself
i don't want your apology
when you don't know the meaning of the word
i would rather see your termination
i would rather see you **** yourself
i don't want your apology
Anna Mink Apr 9
small town boy got the gallows in eye //
distracts his loneself with a lullaby //
it was a strange day
and he tried to pray //
dont worry about where to draw the line
as itll be i //

~ A.M, F.H.
Written & Published 9th of April 2021.
The beginning to an original ****** song in the format in which I write.
Jade Apr 9
I have never been one
to eat my words,

I regurgitate
and spit them
back into your eye.
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Jade Apr 2
I will not forgive

I will not let bygones be bygones

I will not bury the hatchet

(how can I bury a weapon
when it is still embedded in my spine?)


I will write poetry instead.
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Hera Mar 31
I heard you shouting my name,
I heard you taking all the blame.
Can you feel the flame?
Is it still the same?
I guess not,
Because it was all a game.
Zoe Mei Apr 21
May the gods drink deep your blood
and may the crimson please their gaze
and may the iron scent whet their lust
that the taste may sate it
for you are my greatest offering.
For Iphigenia
Past Mar 24
This is tyranny,
this is malicious,
this is undeniably done out of contempt.
The ire of this man cannot be expressed.
This is gluttony,
this is sinful,
take your coins and feed on the poor.
Sleep at night.
In the peaceful hours of dawn,
don’t blink and eye,
for I have ****** of my mind.
Patty P Mar 23
Her eyes were filled with emptiness when she looked at him
no hint of any love left
she was done with all his lies
she cut them with a butcher knife
setting them aside

she was done with her too.
but she'll get hers real soon.

she twisted the knife
while smiling at them
she won't return
she won't be there anymore
she would leave them there to bleed out,
until there isn't left to mourn.

but the menacing voices hanuted her.
everywhere she looked
it was just fragmnets of memories being dragged away by past ghosts.

she would close her eyes, dying everytime.
imaging visions that would consume her.
her hunger for vengence, for revenge, ate her alive.

she was seen standing amongst the shadows,
watching those cowards suffer...
at every hour, she grew darker and darker...

the creature rosed up besides her and whispered,
"when do we begin" it hissed, as it tucked a lock of black hair behind her ear.
she smiled "whenever you are ready my king"
hope you enjoy!  ;-)
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