Chloe Oct 4

Where do I begin?
How can I say this in the softest, most harmless way possible?

This will be the hardest part, the honesty. No one likes the truth, but they demand that everyone be truthful for everything.

So, this is my disclaimer,
you may not like what I am about to say, but you should accept what is said,
because when you begged for the reality, I had no problem serving it to you on golden plates.

Just, please, if you’re going to throw up, do it where I cannot see you,
because, honestly, I do not care how this makes you feel.

You knew what could happen when you invited me to dinner.

-Chloe Aldecoa

Chloe Oct 4

One day, you will feel me
in ways you have never felt me before
The way you once touched my skin, never again
to the way you called me yours
you will feel me in the pit of my soul

Some day, you will understand all of me
in a brand new way that you never knew before
those sweet nothings you whispered,
they will turn to rocks
that I will make you run on in the burning heat
once you finally understand what it means to raise hell

and I cannot wait until the hour
that I can glare at you, and you at me
with such frigidness in my eyes

That  it will force you to question
why such a fiery wrath,
can burn in a heart so cold.

-Chloe Aldecoa

David Hutton Oct 4

Known him for a very long time,
Our relationship started sublime.
My weakness for a man,
Is an erotic ban.
Our intimacy regarded a crime.

i just want to smear the sugar powder from my doughnut on your lips and let the ants bite them in your sleep.

just a taste of my sweet revenge.

mystiquemarie Sep 29

Freshly picked poppies
Under the tree
Carefully picked out just for you.
Knocked on your door

Yanking you from the floor
Over the hill
Under the tree

Around us were poppies chosen by me
Stunned by the beauty
Smokey bitter-sweet smell
‘Have a bite I promise it will taste lovely’
One bite is all it took for me to say farewell
Letting you walk away would not suffice
Eating the poppies and watching you suffer added a little spice

first letter of each line..
zero Sep 23

My friend has a secret blog, that I cannot track.
These bricks in my back, the hearts in my attack,
cannot seem to trace these misunderstood words,
the words I want to find to make sure she is still alive.

She turns her phone away when she types,
not daring me to hold the hunk of metal in mine own hands
in case I happen to swipe left on an image and find out her secret,
of night time confessions to innocent people,
the phrases I need to know if she's okay.
The words I cannot seem to find,
because my friend request has been denied.

She talks to me about this blog, going on and on
about the people she 'helps',
by asking them if they've had a good day or not,
when in fact
She is neither qualified or in the right state of mind to tell people right from wrong, because she is so far from right she has gotten lost.
She took a turn at the interstate and found herself at the bottom of a river, in which she is trapped.
But she can still manage to pull out her phone and ask everyone if they're okay,
denying the fact that she is
drowning herself.

She gets to the point where she thinks the world feels better if she feels worse,
talking herself into believing the lies she feeds herself rather than looking at the bigger picture, much bigger than she is.
and seeing she is hopeless.
The world can't change because of a few words, or a question or a blog, but for the world to reboot and start over.

She has to see that she isn't in the wrong.
But at the same time, she isn't in the right, either.

Dilon is an idiot if they think they can change this war with a few words.
Poetic T Sep 23

bacon seeks revenge
food chain in twisted reverse

pigs howling, moonlight

TeenWords Sep 18

Let me invade the depth of your body
And be seduce with a precious lady
I'll slap you with my words
And kneeled to me like a lord
You'll bow in me till your toe
Even though I'm your foe
And my sarcasm will be your poison
I won't let any caution
For you to mind where is your position
I'll show you my phantasm
To kill you with my sarcasm
I'm your virtual poison
And I will let you drink my potion
I won't give any option
Cause that was really my intention

Jaceeyy Sep 17

Whispers lingering in the air
Gossips flying here and there
Judgemental eyes and deadly stares
Throw every word at me, I don't care

Is minding your own business, such a hard thing to do?
Is your life too boring for you to take interest in mine too?
What did I do to you to deserve this?
You back stabbed me and left me wondering in an abyss

Some parts of the story might be true
But everything else you say is completely taboo
The secrets I kept were carelessly divulged
And so my reputation was completely misjudged

You don't think of the consequences of your lies
How it could end in someone's demise
Though I guess a part of it is my fault too
For I was dumb enough to give my trust to you

Now I know your tricks when you play
You enjoy hearing the secrets that other people say
Then these people are also the ones you betray
Expect my revenge, I will make you pay

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