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You can’t touch it-
The pain,
Only wait for it
To get to you
And fill that void
With vengeance.
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Chelsea May 18
I've heard revenge described as sweet.
But sweet is rarely a lingering satisfaction

Sweet is too much candy on Halloween
And a cloying stomach that ends your night early
Sweet is syrup for breakfast
And then the sugar crash
Where your saccharine brain can't learn math

Sweet is birthday cake turned tooth ache
Sweet is cupcakes turned muffin top

Sweet is indulgence turned disease.

Maybe revenge really is sweet.
Renee Danes May 17
Shadows that watch you sleep
Drifting silent
And they creep
Along the lonely alley

Not a penny to your name
Not change to spare
You walk along
The sidewalk there

You know no man
Care not to ask
Why would they
Hurt you like this

Setting out for
A revenge so hatred
A thought in your brain
A conscious slain

For all vengeance costs
For a life you've lost,

You cannot go back home,

And a real man dies alone
Inspired by Zack Hemsey's "Vengeance"
Jade May 12
I fear
there will come a day
when he will use my
against me.

But then I remember:

I know all of his

{Try me, Darlin'}
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anonymous May 5
I am a seamstress
stitching life together in harmony
creating beauty every place my needle breaches
You are the weaver
you dart in and out of lives
loosely dragging us along
to the knotted finish line
weaver and seamstress met
and you are persuasive
performing the drama
and I believed
seamstress and weaver could create
a masterpiece so fine
to last for all our days
and yet
you have taken your dagger through our greatest tapestry
destroyed what I had birthed
you laugh because you do not know
the seamstress's needle knows no bounds
and your eyes
always too far apart
please give me validation I'm sad... jkjk... unless?
Prince Adofo May 5
You're staring at me
Pressing your chest so hard
Trying to hold onto your broken heart
You forgot what you did to me

Why did this happen
Shedding sad silent tears
Now you're all ears
You forgot what you did to me

Your eyes are filled with regret
Why did you ever trust me
Why did I betray you
You forgot what you did to me

Now you're sorry
Do not worry
Revenge has given me satisfaction
You remember what you did to me
S Smoothie May 3
Piercing molten holes through garded hearts

The causality of your fancies rip through innocence with effortless charm.

Another pair of ******* drop to the floor

Another set of mounds

aching pinnacles begging

for the breath of a touch.

Sharp eyes survey endless pain,

but you don't want to heal

You want your name screamed in vain.

I'm good now and I'll be ******

If I let you in again

The flicker was enough

I know  you saw it

Walking on by as if it didn't mean a thing

And each time I ******* over

I know you'll hope I'll  steal away to cry

******* and those graceless eyes,

You played games

You told lies

You crush beauty

Like flies

Didn't we almost have it all?

Shouldn't of asked to see my love in measures of pain.

You played my crazy for sane

You shouldn't have said you loved me

When all I wanted was a ****,

I die again and again in those eyes

Each time in vain.
What the eyes can't see the heart can...
Laura P Apr 23
Do not go gently into the night,
Do not tell me what I can’t,
For I’m like fire.

I will rise again...
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