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God what a mess,
My head is spinning,
Each day more stress,
Am I still winning?

Wall street crashing,
The economy near stall,
The media’s constant bashing,
Pelosi’s new curve ball.

My plans are now in tatters,
Forestalled at every turn,
To do what really matters
Is all I truly yearn.

I’m gearing for a fight
The like they’ve never seen,
I use my mouth to bite
And care little if I’m mean.

I’ll tear each one to shreds,
Flail them side to side,
Get well into their heads,
Give them quite a ride.

Clearly they don’t know
The grief they have in store,
They’ll reap what they now sow,
It’s nothing short of war.

Like Bombers flying high
Releasing their payload,
Shells falling from the sky,
I’ll give them what they’re owed.

Cross me once
And risk my wrath,
Yours the choice
To take that path.

Cross me twice
And stay awake,
You’ve cast your dice,
What a mistake.
Linespace Sep 27
I believe happiness lives in Blood.
Whether our own, or that of others is the question.
I remember when I first realized it;
You were the reason I was unhappy.
The shattered vase recognizing the hammer that destroyed it.
The broken heart spotting the surgeon who haphazardly carved it from its home.

I remember realizing that my happiness was stolen and by none other than you,
And that if I wanted to be happy once again, I had to free my happiness from your blood.
But what's the fun in ******, when it's so easily accomplished?

I decided to destroy you.
To make you regret being born just as I had;
To make you taste the saltiness of your own sweat and tears
As you sat in a pile of ash you once called your beloved and cherished sanctuary
Was my idea of "salvation".

I dismantled you, and your family's life.
I disrupted the dismal peace you all so boringly accepted as your lives
And by stirring the waters, I brought out the worst in all.
The pestilence grew within your home
And quickly leaped from your family
Onto mine.

Suddenly, the plan backfired.
You steered into the chasm of life that I spent years mapping,
And all I had to do was whisper in your ear and sew doubt into your skull.

And yet,
This backfire;
This single moment of social dissonance,
Reshaped the earth we both stood on.
The dark corners I once knew became twisted and corrupt copies.
My mind became a new place to explore and learn about.

I just wish the last image to bless my genesis
Had been of you
Swinging gracefully, and peacefully
From your neck.
GreenTrees Sep 25
One step towards Humility brings you farther than a thousand miles of revenge.

Karl V 2019
Randy Johnson Sep 25
A man's birthday only comes around once a year.
You wanted revenge because I drank your last beer.
You decided to get even by ruining my birthday.
You got even by giving me the new Doctor Who on Blu-ray.

You know that I hate the new Doctor Who, I think it's a piece of crap.
Now you've started crying like a two year old because I gave you a slap.
I loathe the new Doctor Who TV Show and I let everybody know about it.
You bought me a piece of crap for my birthday and it's making me throw a fit.

Even though I apologized for drinking your last beer, you decided to make me pay.
You had an evil grin on your face as you handed me the new Doctor Who on Blu-ray.
Everybody had to cover their ears because I said a lot of cuss words.
I burned your present because I would've rather been given a ****.
Poetic T Sep 22
Least we fall, let it be on
to a ****** we dislike
     to cusion our descent. .

And may we smile,
    while they wince

in regrettable pain.

Whoops did my foot accidently

        tread upon your  

private property..

Well least you remember
that ones fall
       is another's pain.

And another's *******...
Aurora Camet Sep 10
Staring at a dark blue sky.

I stand there wondering why.

Why did you leave me all alone?

Leaving me to turn to stone.

Why did you suddenly leave?

God.. why do I have to be so naive?

Of course. You were never there.

Only there to stop and stare.

I was dumb to fall for your flair.

It wasn't fair. It ISN'T fair.

To used be for your entertainment.

Like I was just a temporary replacement.

Not anymore. Nothing will be the same.

I won't let you use me for your game.

It's my turn to be the bad guy.

And if I make you cry,

you'll know the reason why.
Has anyone made you feel this way?

If so, don't worry. You're not alone.
I'm tearing through all
And walls all over

This nightmare of a
**** bucket
I'm too smart to be

Held captive by you
Will beg me
For forgiveness one

Day I'll be back here
And smiling
You will **** your pants

With my fire fists aimed
At your small
Member you will be

Dust at my fingers
Your ashes
I'll tatoo into a

Kunekune I
Will raise to
Adulthood and then

Eat as a hot dog
And remember
How you ****** your pants

Begging for mercy
That I did
Not give mmm tasty
Tompson Sep 7
Life it's a bad joke
Told by people who wants to see
You cut your own throat
And when the curtains close
They all going to laugh
While you choke
Let them be the crowd
The judges
Put me in the death row
I'll get out
With the people who lives below
And one day
I'll be the one who controls the joke
Starry Sep 5
Hell hath no furry
Like a woman scorned
For this
Found out her
Lover cheating
On her with teenagers
Revenge or police
Anastasia Aug 31
i dropped the candle
the flame didn't go out
i guess i'll watch
your pretty art burn down
i guess i could call it revenge
let's have a moment of silence because we know we're gonna end
darling it's inevitable
there goes the cherry wood table
burn it down
you said to me
trust me i'll keep it burning
for eternity
your world is in flames
not my fault
that you've never felt ashamed
of anything but me
go climb a tree
and trust me when i tell you
i'll burn that down too
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