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Bhill Apr 5
mysterious curiosity of the runaway train
it has no direction, just a need to maintain
around all the corners, up all the hills
down through the valley creating more thrills
what does one do with a runaway train
how do you stop it from achieving more gain
do you leave it running till it runs out of track
do you try to derail it with a full-on attack
it's quite the conundrum, that runaway train
decisions, decisions, are straining the brain
really not sure, what to do with this dream
I think I'll just, let it run out of steam...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 96
What to do?
Umar sanusi Mar 3
He have been walking on a track,
A mountainous hideous tract.
A ignorantly self created track..
A tract of which the very ground beneath his feet is made of broken bottles and everything sharp..
Piercing through his feet..
Getting used to the pain already
Not very sure, he can hold on..
The bleeding under his feet, he might pass out half way..
Piercing through,
Maybe this isn't a poem so much as it is a letter. Not that it's anything new since once upon a time I wrote you a book. I only looked you up because I've been watching a show that has a big display of your type of crazy. It made me think of us for the first time in a very long time. I hate most of the things about you. The way you talk. The things you like. I hate your music, and for the sake of rhyming I hate your stupid ******* bike. I don't know what it was that kept me around for so long. I guess more than anything it was chemistry, not details that drew me in. The great ***. I don't know anymore I haven't thought about it in so long.
Moral of the story is I looked you up today. You've got a new girlfriend and for a second I was jealous. She's not as pretty as I am. Maybe she loves you more; or maybe just for real. All I know is I'm glad we're not together, since I missed you for the first time in years just tonight. There was nothing for me in you. Bye now.
Bhill Dec 2019
Happy New Year

The year is over and we like to look back
What did we accomplish and was it on track
Was the plan to finish, a particular thing
Or take on the world with prayer and a swing
Whatever we wished for, I hope we achieved
It's all new tomorrow and are we relieved

Brian Hill - 2019 # 328
How was your year?
Casey Rodger Jun 2019
Why is it when i chase the moon it gets smaller and further away?
Always waiting for tomorrow but living in today,
I thought this journey would be brighter as the moon lights my way,
But each ditch and trip that takes me down begs of me to stay.

The air on my skin is cold and the night pitch black,
I'm worried that I've lost you and there's no going back,
A howl in the distance, i hope those wolves attack,
The moon is getting dimmer as it guides me on my track.

Maybe I'll always feel as partial as this moon,
Filled with unknown, deflated like a balloon,
Counting every breath as though I'll see you soon,
What is it that i chase when i chase that elusive moon?
Max Feb 2019
I'm seeing someone often lately, someone I have not seen in a very long time.

It's me.
Finally, my life is back on the track of which it derailed many years ago.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Had made some choices,
Were lessons,
Taught me of vices..
Holding faith and fears,
Wiping tears..

Moving ahead,
writing a tale unsaid..

Wont look back,
wont rely on track,
i have my back..

Will do the doing,
No time for undoing,
Thinking or bluing..

Will take a decision,
Then will move to next,
Wont review the ex,
Since time dont check,
U keeping up,
It just pass...
This is our life,our own story, We are its writer. Our each success and failure only belongs to us. This life only belongs to us. Dont be so cautious to live that you miss all the fun.Since nothing is serious in life.
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