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My choice of words may come off a little strong,
But who are you to judge how it really feels?
I finally figured out why it hurts so much
It’s because I trusted you
I confided in you, and you in me
We were a team
I felt what it was like to have a best friend

Whatever people said, thought or did
It didn’t matter as much
Because I had you
Didn’t matter if I didn’t have a lot of friends
Because you were enough

So now, I don’t know what to do
I’m hurt and lonely
I haven’t dealt with these feelings in a while,
Not on my own

It seems like I’m losing everyone around me
I thought I was doing the right thing?
I don’t know anymore

All I know is that once again,
I’m getting a taste of betrayal
And I really wish I could spit it out,
But I can’t do that
Because I still care about you
Sorry for my late night rambling.. just needed to get that off my chest.
JKM 1d
She was like a star
An unnoticed one, that is

With spark not darker than normal
But not brighter than this

So, in order to be seen
She did her best to shine

She wanted to fit in
So she pretended she was fine

And yes,she did it
Her spark was perfectly sheeny

And people came to notice her
While other stars were envy

But then one faithful night
Without warning, she darkened

Everybody was confused
I guess they have forgotten

They didn't see what's within
And focused on what's out

They forgot a star shines brightest
When it's starting to burn out
" He is losing his grip "
- Oh!! Is there a grip now? No body said anything about a grip.

           Words Of Harfouchism.
What grip?
a love letter in the sand

she implores me at my weakest,
early morn, when sleep and sorrow
yet linger on my eyelids and dreamt stories
still have not been replaced by the careworn,
life’s erasures that ***** sparks of creativity

write me a love letter, a forever composition,
resistant to aging, time and weathering, a poetics
stamped with a maker’s mark, a signet, a hallmark
to our love that will be read unceasingly, a party to eternal
preserve our sharing, under glass, in paint, in this ink,
in this atmosphere

deny not my request, for it is holy tinged, reddish singed,
the best of us to become immortalized,
for all other lovers to follow, in garden planted,
a peony’s blooming upon request, whenever needed,  
be ready seeded, to salve and save, to be given and gotten,
in a single act jointed

no matter if our names brown edge to faded,
our love revived when it is voiced, witnessed, taken,
our love refreshed upon renewal by others eyes, lips, sensations,
make it an oath, a promising, combining our combination,
bless it for everyone, to be a blessing, a dressing of loving

poet rose from prone, our templar bed, bathed his face,
bid his woman, follow, her bidding to be won, for this now
is the moment precise that such a need be immediacy met,
a task such, cannot be denied, temporized, delayed by delicacy,
a challenge so eloquently stated, must be instantly sated

to the sandy beach I took her, for she would be the first witness
to her creation, her inspirational must become perpetual,
with forefinger in the sand drew the words she had chosen,
for in every respect, he gave grandeur, preservation worthy, now encapsulated as “I will be yours forevermore”

“how can this be eternal, in minutes, the tides arrival,
it’s erasure a certainty” she laments...

not true, I soothed, the tide will take each grain of our anthem,
with our bodies ash, to every seventh corner, where lovers gather,
to be rewritten, melded together, soft spoken unison,
spreading our tale, forevermore...

it will take 100 years for a single grain to cross the ocean,
and then, when all are as one, as we begun, this day,
our love letter in the sand perpetual
There’s a universe inside of you,
But I’m just a little star.
Once my light is out,
There'll be none of me.
You gaze, admired it, then you close your eyes to sleep. Only to wake for the Sun.

It's ok to make a

It's a
not to try.

Nicole Oct 10
It is not that I don't want you
I think as you undress me and
Kiss my wrists.
It's that my soul is being chipped away
And I'd rather not die
A little in these satin sheets
All this "love"
Is crushing me
Was supposed to post two days ago but this website is a disaster.
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