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Ты один кто меня
Ты мне не
скажешь ложь.
I know you probably can't understand it, but writing it really helped me. Basically, it says that you are the only one who can understand me, you will not tell me a lie.
amber 22h
i wanna see your heart:
open it up,
let me take a glimpse.

sheltering your fears,
holding your desires,
nurturing your passions,

i wanna feel,
how deeply you love.
Once In a life a time true love you may find you'll know when you found
for the love Is strong
that nothing can break
The bond that will Carrie you through the rest of your life the day you make her, make her your
And to be together the rest of your lives living forever man and
The joys of true love once In a life time maybe you'll find but you'll know when you've found It
arian 2d
"write something about me," you said.

"i can't. i can only write when I'm sad," i explained.

"that's sad," you said,
"you won't be able to write for the rest of your life now that I'm here."

oh, only if you knew i wrote a lot about you, i could make a book.
didn't know you were fluent in lies.
Arianna 2d
"Birch bones litter the highway
In irreverent heaps:

          Castaway carcasses,
          Reindeer sacrifices.

Surveying the carnage on this smoking wasteland,
One durst not look back!

All the years that trod behind
In lockstep, prisoners...

I never wrote of Love, though the opportunities were many
Among the rose-perfumed lantern light
June after golden June.

Alas, the hours plod behind
Over the crinkling pages of poets
And childhood fairy tales,
Concealed behind my eyes
(Dark, the better to hide them),

Memorized in the lingering scent of violets and roses
Rolling in pastel clouds from lung to lung,

Inscribed in the grooves of the lute string
I now wear 'round my neck;
And from time to time,
I imagine it still echoes with some long-ago serenade..."
Musique d'écrire:

Ensemble Céladon - "Puestos estan frente a frente":
Just a tear.
Oh, don't worry; it's just fear.
Only on the inside,
it's something much
more severe.
Wolf 2d
But I can't do anything about it now.
Most people go from
point A to point B .
but not for me.
I can start
at point A
and then go to B ,
but then something happens
and I'm passing E F G .
I can go from A to Z, but I get some mixed up in between.
When you came into
this world,
you were
instantly given
two things;
a life,
and choices.
Use both wisely.
Use your brain and don't make ****** decisions.
Sweet as fruit
And looking too
Until the sun crashes down
Upon pale skinned youth
And reveals the burnt, the blunt
The obtuse truth
Give me anything but such a sign
I've no language left for you
Anything But Such A Sign
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