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The hardest
part is
from all this
A ten word poem to sum up how I feel right now at 4:28 A.M. Oh, and I haven't got any sleep yet. *sigh*
JJ Inda 22h
Streetlight slides throught the blinds,
Interrupts my sleep, I awake.
Mary quotes Lorca,
"Agony always agony."
She gasps for air, struggles to breathe.
-Outside the full moon and the starlight fades.
The cat and dog engage in the same old fight.
Neighbor's baby is awake,
- I can hear the cries.
I convince her to stay
and breathe
with the employ
of a lie.
Tribhu 4d
I think I fall in love
With half the face of yours
While the other half hides behind the dark,
Like a veil has fallen over your flaws
Concealing your pitch black heart.
Let me paint your soul on my empty hearted canvas,
And I'll let you fill my heart
With every shade of darkness you bleed.
I don't know
what hurts the

Is it knowing
that the person you're
deeply in love
with has fallen out of love
for you or never
really did
to begin
It's that time of the day again, time for silent cries.
I've walked a desert
I'll do it again
I've fought an army
Never felt the pain

I'll keep going
Never stop flowing
To find you
That's what I'll keep doing.

My every struggle
My every scream
My every word
Is me calling on to you

It may be blurred
I know, I am heard
My voice reaches you
But you can't see me
I am lost in a herd

Either find me
Or don't stop me
I won't back down
Till I Completely Drown
Irina BBota Nov 5
A little bit of reality and a little bit of chimera,
I'm sitting at the table of silence, lonely in this era.
My eyes are fixed on the ceiling like some projectors
towards sweet memories, listening some lectures.

It's a little bit early and it's a little bit late.
About yesterday or about tomorrow should I say?
Anyway, I'm not anything I seemed to be,
I'm not a brave Cupid of hearts that sets you free.

I feel a little bit cold and I feel a little bit warm,
like after the wine that makes everything have a form
which catches fire quickly both in love and anger,
motivated by infinite agony, searching for an answer.

Is that a little bit important, or is it a little bit trivial?
As a sparkle, a living heart of a strange ritual,
in which it seems for her of love to be unworthy,
then she looked in the mirror and learned about mercy.

My words have a little bit of sun and a little bit of storm.
Even if they're telling the **** truth that wants to inform
that I want to hear enchanted songs of the waves again
but then I think, is my soul lying to me? It's going to drain?

The soul separates all and puts everything together,
even if it's a healed heart, or light as a feather.
Makes a little bit of damage, then something useful,
if it was sad sometimes, it was always truthful.

Doesn't matter if it's on Mondays or Sundays,
we all are an amalgam of tears and smiles in this maze.
Smiles that are hiding, then show up again and again
sometimes as a rough illusion that drives you insane.

Yes, it's a little bit absurd, but it's a little bit ordinary.
Not everything in this world is a cake with a cherry.
We all have inside a little bit of love, a little bit of hate,
as tough as it is, we accept that this is our fate.
Symptoms of diseases,
Diseases never heard of,
Symptoms were pain, agony and tears
Tears never shed
Diseases which took eras to be discovered,
Diseases that lay hidden,
Hidden behind smiles
Smiles hiding pain, agony and tears
Tears never shed
Because there was no one to see the tears,
Tears lay buried
Buried behind 'I'm fine'
'I'm fine' was a cover
To shield the delicate heart
The heart which was scratched and torn millions of times
And millions of times the memories were reminded
Memories which were to be forgotten
To be forgotten and thrown away
Thrown away like the heart was
The heart now only had tears
Tears never shed
Because there was no one to see the tears,
Tears left to dry
To dry without being wet
The heart also dried
Dried out and fell
Fell like the petals of roses
Roses which are only left with thorns now
Thorns which ***** and the heart bleeds
The heart bleeds the blood of hatred
Hatred risen from love
Love which led to the diseases
Diseases known as heartbreak, dejection and desolation.
He was never known
to have a bissful moment.
He saw all of the agony
wrung in our lives.
Julian Caleb Oct 30
As I lay silently onto this room –
A dulcet wistful moment comes to mind,
Over a love I can’t depart behind.

‘Twas a spot where it used to be my home,
Those old priceless times where I always roam.

A glimpse of your face so beauteous and kind,
Love unequaled and never will I find.

I evoke those restless nights in my room,
And to think of your fairness endlessly.

No matter how the years elapsed and untwine,
Still, I reminisced and loved your beauty.

Just your name! My heart reacts in a bind!

This poem’s made to refresh your memory,
To ease the solitude, and unwind.
Nik Bland Oct 29
Stand still

I feel myself sinking
And inside I’m thinking
That each movement I’m making
Is pulling me deeper

Stand still

Focus on what you say
Always be sure to convey
Emotional and fervency, there’s no time to waste
Our lives are at stake

Stand still

I can feel every breath
Pulse thumping closer to death
Wondering where we went wrong in the right
And if your lovely eyes will again see the sunlight

Stand still

Capture this moment please
Sinking beyond the knees
Torso receding as I hold close to you
Wondering when the sinking will be through

Stand still

Take the deepest of breaths
I can see you’re scared to death
Hold closer to me as we are swallowed whole
And may *** rest our soul

Forever standing
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