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Anna 6d
I see him every single day. The longing inside of me aches for his acknowledgement. His knowing of my existence.But truly I should hate him. He is a monster after all.  I hide in the shadows of halls and argue with myself. There are people at my school who cannot let others joy pass through their sights. It’s as if their desire is to make everyone else weak so therefore they can maintain their power. But what is power that is taken from negativity? I will never know so therefore I will never speak up. I can’t speak up. No one will ever hear me or see me. No one even notices me unless I fall and cry or break when the teacher calls on me. I’m their daily amusement. My hands are always clenched in agony and my heart is always being ripped into shreds from vain conquests. Despite the tear in my throat my heart beats for the ailing souls of the forgotten. It knows what the others don’t see and hear. Despite my agonizing breathes of air I’m still alive today. How I can still walk with my breaking bones and how I can still see through the foggy lenses society has bestowed upon me is truly beyond me.

I cannot allow myself to speak. Speaking takes energy. I don’t have enough energy to simply express my being and then have my voice heard. My voice is quiet and raspy with edges of cut mirrors and thorny rose bushes. I used to be a lemon tree sweet and sour but golden and sunny as most people expected from me and came to realize and to be simply put that was their recognition. But then the hazy storms of dread pricked my fragile fingers and brought forth blood of ruins. I was ruined. But at first they didn’t care. They wanted to see me for the way they knew me and not the way I had became. How was it fair that she got the recognition from her ex and not I? Not everyone knows of my full story simply because of the sacred secrecy I have been cursed with. He has banished all thoughts of fantasy and left me as a beggar for mercy.
I see the crowd all coming through,
But all I ever want to see is you.
Here I am again waiting for another maybe,
Like I used to, only prolonging my agony.
I try to leave pieces of proses and poetry whenever I can wherever I go written in uppercase, pink letters. This is the third one I left on my seat on the last place I've been to on 01-12-19.
Aman Dahiya Jan 12
I am lost and lost have I been
Through years of confused education
Is an engineer all I can be?
But what about the mystic lands of mystic people
I sure should have a visit sometime
And decide that that is the place to be
Another confused decision
And I run back from the mystic place
Into the arms of another mystic *****
I am lost and lost have I been
Through years of confused love
Helpless confessions of rotton desperation
And facing the vile of rejection
‘She doesn’t love me back!’
How many times has my system rendered
The same sentence over and over again
She doesn’t love me back
She doesn’t
No one does
Then why do I keep knocking windows of cars
Hoping that they’ll buy these windshields
Oh, they need windshields, alright
But not from you
You see love is there in the world
But not for you
Homes are there in the world
But not for you
Don’t ask me why
I don’t know why
It is the way it is
Love is not for you
Aman Dahiya Jan 12
I know her social media, but I can’t message.
I know her phone number, but I can’t call.
I know where she lives, but I can’t visit.
I know that she’s alive, but really she’s dead.
Andrea Jan 11
Tell me how to feel or tell me how to lie
Instruct me and I'll follow the fear you live by
Cut me up and leave me open
Kiss my lips until they're swollen

Cement this hollow chest, harden my emotions
Punish the child within me, you've become my religion
Unwanted thoughts parallel to yours
We're meant to combust, let nature take its course

The toxic taste of your mouth has left me senseless
Bare and vulnerable you've left me defenseless
Fighting off my demons and yours
Your darkness sinking me, rotting my core
Hyp Jan 11
Life is a cruel ****
Buries you in crushing cold
And taunts you with warmth
That you'll NEVER hold
Death tempts me with a chance to finally fall asleep...

And I chose to decline.
O' the regret.
Leah Jan 3
Lurking for me in the shadows of despair
I see no strenght in my spirit, cracking again
Loud noises bring me eternal softness laying between you and the void
Droping tear, licking blood, making me want nothing
Then come back for more
Seeing you can’t help
Absorbing your glances and that makes me capable of escaping this hole of bones
I can break them now
Scattering them through the silence of my echo
Illusion running through my veins, filled with cinnamon and grapes.
You owe me grass of open locks
Right before I became a prisoner in a coma
Neither did he regret falling in love,
nor did he regret losing his heart.
What he did regret was-
Losing himself in the midst of love's play.

After she left,
he simply disappeared,
For there was no love,
no heart,
And no " I ''.
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