Talia 7h
please get out of my head
I beg of you
every second I think of you is agony
Remembering how perfect I thought you were
How you'd talk to me and sooth me
with those kind eyes of yours
I want to forget you
pretend we never met
purge all our memories together
please stop taunting me with your handsome face
please get out of my head
Amanda 2d
They bite us.
They beat us.
They throw us off buses.
All in the name of teaching us a lesson.  

They murder us.
They brutalise us.
They protest in their defence
And blame us,
All in the name of teaching us a lesson.  

A young girl returned home from a movie,
And god did they hurt her for it.
There were protests for her,
Thousands of women chanting for her.
Every woman felt pain for her,
All in the name of teaching us a lesson.

But still,
They hold us down.
But still,
They contort our bodies to their will.
But still,
They force us to endure such agony,
All in the name of teaching us a lesson.
For Jyoti Singh.

We remember you.
Teach me the cryptography of the cosmos so that I decipher its codes, I already know that tragedies in stars have a pattern that resonates with your name. Astronomers say, the most massive stars are the shortest lived, they never mention the loudness of their begging for a softer beginning, they don’t report agony as a cause of death.
I will be honest like every time or at least most of the time
I do not even know where to start or begin

I rather to say I do not know where this journey would end
The graveyard or the warm heaven’s arms

I still do not know if I want to fight and hold my weapon high
I am still wounded from some of previous fights

I am currently kneeling with my sword exhausted and tired
On my knees scarred because of battles only god knows

I’ve a feeling that I want to stand up with my sword raised up high
Turning obstacles and differences into triumphs

What a strange feeling I get when we are even a little apart
A feeling that motivates me to pick this novel fight

Not sure if I’m trying to build a one-sided bridge between hearts
A bridge with destination of nothing but a pool of fire

Everyday I am wishing for hints, clues or whatever helps
I just need to know that this is not just a vacation’s play, cause I'll pay

There will be no hurt feelings every journey has it own lessons
Things that need to be known in the beginning of every such journey
Here I continue to write these never ending poems,
About some guy I never knew,
Someone I'll probably never really care about,
Because apparently:
It's still not out of my system.

I don't know how many more
Verses or lines this will take,
To pour this all away from my insides,
So I'm sorry if your sick
Of me constantly plastering this everywhere.
You're probably wondering how I'm still not over it,
Because every collection that I have,
Nowadays this always seems to get in somewhere.

I even dedicated a whole project to it,
Some kind of twisted devotion because I thought it might help,
They say I've had too much dissociation.
Those contradicting professionals,
Say this isn't good enough either:
I'm just not doing something right,
And my agony is wrong;
I'm not doing traumatic recovery right,
Even though if you ask me, there hasn't been any "trauma".

If you're sick of it,
I understand.
I'm sick of it too,
But keeping this inside,
It just won't do,
But I'm still told I'm not
Releasing my anguish anyway.
This is truly how I feel right now.
K N Brown Jul 2
no one believed her

until she screamed

in agony

that she would gladly

trade Hells

with the Devil
smc Jun 23
I can't bring myself to write
about you.
I'm so tired of chasing you
Out of the cobwebs in my exhausted brain.
My limbs are made of lead.
My fingers and toes are freezing and cracked
From dehydration.
My back hurts like I'm 98 years old
And to tell you the truth that's how old I feel
Right now.
I am SO fucking tired of the right now;
I keep burning calories
Just thinking you away
And I don't have any to burn
Because I didn't eat today.
The thought of food nauseates
And disgusts me.
I found you hiding in one of the dusty corners of my mind
And I didn't want to see you
Because I remembered EvErYtHiNg
About the first time we met.
I gagged on the bile that rose with the flurry of butterfly wings
In my hollowed stomach
And raced down Giddy Avenue without pumping the brakes.
I didn't want to, damn it.
I was compelled to
Purge you out of my system.
Just break up with me like a regular human being with a backbone. Then, go ahead and delete me from the computer screen in your control tower, you amorphous slime mold.
smc Jun 21
She’s still sleeping.
I heard the door
As you slinked
And then it’s as if the earth opened up and swallowed you whole, smile-first.
It's easier to say that
you're sick rather
than to tell someone
that your heart is breaking
and explain how the
pain just radiates in your
entire body, deep
within your bones

Leaving you,
feeling empty and crippled
You dread getting up
from bed, even
going to sleep is a complete
war zone between you
falling apart and
you trying so hard
to keep it together

Your eyes look
like they've been stung,
though your heart is
what really stings
You've never stopped
praying, keeping your faith
stronger than your pain
but you start to feel bad
cause whatever you
do, it still hurts like hell

I get it, were about to
learn a lesson and
grow from it but
its just too much,
too heavy and
too painful

All you could do is
close your eyes so
tight and wish that
soon as you open them,
it already went away
So, it is easier to say
that I'm sick rather
than to say that my
heart is breaking
It's just that, you really have changed and it is killing me. But I'll try to be okay again tomorrow, I promise. :(:
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