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N Jan 18
What an exhausting year

My hungry heart torturing  
me with its violent desires

My trembling hands
aching for her warmth

My mind battling itself
trying to return from war

My depression,
a bloodthirsty dog,
and the nights keep coming

My soul, a wildfire
consuming everything,
leaving me with a lifetime of grief  

Yet I am still here
Shattered, but alive
New year, eh?
Chelsea Rae Oct 2021
I scream inside a body

That feels it is not mine.

I scream in soul.

I scream in mind.

I beg and weep for suffering to end.

For clarity to strike me.

I feel I am on a strange planet I do not yet recognize,

in a foreign land,

in a struggling body.

End it.

Please, if you must,

End it ALL.
Just be done with it.
hxzin Oct 2021
i thought we'd ******
in shared breath, hot and sweet
peach lips parted
not in passing one another
avoiding eye contact
JKirin Sep 2021
I'm in agony –
your pale eyes haunt my dreams every night.
Darkest ebony –
to take hold of your locks I just might,
bring your lips to mine.
I don't trust my restraint – I have come apart.
But my feelings are pure, this is why I write.
I lay bare my heart –
treat it as you like.
about confessing the desire to embrace another man
Eve Sep 2021
I suppose i should be happy,
My God gave me a blessing by taking away my blessing,
The blessing I was so confused about.
My dear, my precious Firdous.

I suppose I must be happy,
Every inch of my brain is telling me to be happy,
But why is there a ringing in my ears;
And so my weight on my chest,
It's so **** aggravating.

I suppose I could be happy, except that I;
I demand silence,
I demand peace,
I demand anything but to feel like this-
Worthless, insignificant, trash.

I suppose I am happy,
To be the puppet of a universe filled with
So much standard anomalies...
That the universe did not curse me to ****** my own kin...
that I didn't curse my precious with a life...

Oh the little things we tell ourselves to make it easier to live for another day,
Oh but I suppose, I suppose its necessary.
It's **** necessary.

Goodbye my precious. ♡

I had a miscarriage today. I can't believe that a week ago I was baffled with what decision to make and now at this moment, with that precious no longer inside me, I know exactly what I want/ed. The universe sure knows to make a mockery of us and our insignificant lives. And don't dare say that life is significant when basically nothing is in our control and free will is but an anceint lie.
JKirin Sep 2021
Through the years of war,
only dreaming of peace,
we're ghosts of our past.
Will our agony cease
or forever last?
about those who suffer through war
Ali Hilout Sep 2021
There is no light without darkness.
No cloudy skies without rain.
Over and above this dreadful end;
Our tears will be wiped away,
Our aching hearts will be settled down once more.

We will sit and observe them come and go;
Only to settle speechless and motionless--
Wishing for them to stay a little bit longer.
Our hearts become full of the greatest sorrow,
The sorrow of losing a loved one forever;
However, it is not the end!

For their sake, remain strong and smile!
Find comfort and joy in your life
With all your fondest thoughts and memories of them
Shall dwell within your heart, nevertheless.
Parting is miserable,
But life goes on without alerts.
Safrina Kabir Aug 2021
Isn’t it a curse to live long
Beloved friends all gone
Kiths and kins buried down
Remains their name on the stone.

Sitting alone at the bay
Hair, beard all grey
As I peep at the past
A few memories that last

Always wanted to live long
Rein the world, get the throne
Luxury, name and fame
Emperor of my own game.

Countless nights wasted on hope
Handful of moments spent for love
Hope lies in fist now
Love is nowhere to be found.

A little too late
To fear death,
A little too late
To turn around.

A faded thought still remains
A desire to be remembered
If not the name I have earned
For the deeds I have done.
An old man is sitting alone at the bay thinking about the life he lived. Reaching to this point of life , he realizes he has spent most of his youth on earning and dreaming big. Now that he achieved all that he wanted, he understands how worthless everything is. The  man is really lonely without anyone to accompany him. He is left alone ,the way he had left his family alone in the past.
noura Aug 2021
It is the mundanity of the act,
of envisioning your hand gently wrapped around the copper kettle.
Obstinately gripping the pen, while you wring a sheet of paper dry for the right words.
You, cupping my face as if you were holding something precious.
As if I might slip through your fingers.
It is this devastating simplicity that obliterates every shard of my being.
A brick wall, left at the mercy of a gleaming sledgehammer
that is determined to turn everything to dust.

I see your hands everywhere.
In the haze of steam and shower curtains,
the lines dragged in velvet throw pillows,
the cloudy smudges left on a glass of water.
They run faint paths through my hair, their touch ghosts against my eyelid.
If I stare long enough,
your palm is right there, pressing into mine.
Silver cuts through the air and delivers a redundant blow.
The dust scatters once more.

You did not leave a hole
the way everyone said you were bound to.
Empty space cannot exist without everything that surrounds it, yields to it, forgives it,
validates its gaping hollowness.
Empty space is a needle and thread on the dresser, a sellotape dispenser on the desk, a container of soup left on the doorstep with a get-well-soon scribbled on the lid.
Empty space is where you can see remnants of what once was whole.
The faith and conviction that bit by bit, you will put your fragmented pieces back together again.

The nothing you left was so thick and suffocating
that it permeated every room,
filled my lungs to bursting capacity and left me gasping for more.
Its sickly, bitter fragrance danced relentlessly in my nostrils,
as though my suffering was the sweetest symphony ever heard.
It waltzed until I could feel it rising in my throat and leaking from my eyes,
twirled until my head spun.
The nothing you left insisted on making its presence known my every waking moment
and then gleefully romped its way into my nightmares.

It was so quiet, though.
A resigned quiet, like that of the ****** swinging in the gallows,
when everybody holds their breath to watch the pendulum sway.
The crossbeam glistens with last night’s rain and
they trudge back home, muttering to themselves as the dust settles beneath their feet.
I sink into sheets creased by your fingers and watch it sway.
Heart why
do you wallow,

Dancing with
broken tears
raging of

In the
shadows of
the lonely

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Pain of the
heart agony
I hope this lets
you know your
not alone
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