Seema 22h

Permit, what my heart desires to say
In shadows of my eyelashes, it invites you to stay
Grant me a favour, O' prince of my realm
It's your love, I only wish to claim
In love I've fallen with you
The feelings embrace me, like I never knew
You taught me to laugh and smile again
And listened to all my past and pain
Don't grieve for my tears that flow
Let me drown in this love real slow
Complete my life or destroy this dream
Love is all I know, coz love is supreme
If death hugs me, even then the blessings we'll employ
The ashes will fly with a loud cry of joy
This love's agony - please let me bear!
I wish not to leave, I would never ever dare
Coz, in love I've fallen with you my dear
A broken dream, is all that I fear...


Dead soul
Lost and forgotten
Damned for eternity
With pain and agony

Soaking wet
Tears of black
Cheeks swollen red
Heart snapped in two

Death comes so slow
For this tormented soul
Longing for peace
Never getting resolve

To be honest this is how I feel just about every day
Jack Jenkins Jul 11

To trust
to believe
that which
When the storm closes
its eye around
There is no way out
but trust
   to a hope
that it's not
the end
just a road you take
to get to
         the peace
you desperately hope
              and believe in

It's a wonderful life and the devils always laughing;
And it sounds like every fucking inconvenience I've ever experienced.
The Buddha calls it hell realm :
Where children never stop crying,
People never stop screaming,
People are always arguing,
And everyone's unhappy;
Including myself.

Mane Omsy Jul 9

There was many ways to say sorry
But you didn't
You looked at me like I was so lost
But I'm not
At least for now
It's something natural
You wouldn't know
You aren't familiar with melted hearts
You were busy paving your way up
I can't believe I'm still mentioning you
Just to get over you
I wish I'd have another chance
For at least
I could try to purify your blood

I'd try if you'd come back my love.
Sam Jul 9

Spare me your remorse
For I was a tragedy long before
you walked into my life
And wish not for my happiness
For gray is just as beautiful as
Have no pity for my agony
And understand it makes the good times better
Sadness signed a signature
And she wrote it on my soul

Alex Jul 6

Creeping around me
Old memories leer
One stands out
Forever etched in my memory
An image of the agony he endured
Trying to escape his demons
Depression finds me
I'm in over my head
Will I ever see the light of hope again?

DEW Jul 1

The nuclear fallout of a lie
So powerful the dye
Snakes its way-into every life-it
Breaks the mold, impending strife-it
Takes the souls-of every washed-up child
The tsunami of the call of nature will divide
Human nature is but a pawn, do or die
I hate to see the hunger it provides make you cry
Toss out the rhyme
I want to see you sweat when you hear
Most people will once upon a time fear it
It’s the attention of a demon in your house
Preying on your unit, infecting you when you spoon it
Is where it finds you, invading your dreams
I’ve tried to find meaning in the ugliest things
But something stares back and it has no face
You don’t know its watching because you believe in race
You believe in consumerism, except what’s consuming you
More than sticks and stones
More than ticks and thrones
I realize, you’re out of the box, so pack it up
You don’t realize, you rely on the fox, so back it up
The wolf can come in many forms and many norms
It’s inside the books you sell, the lies you tell
The things you yell, the ring of the bell, at close of life
So understand the meaning of youth is edge of knife.
Farewell to the beautiful things when we create
For the vanity of our souls consumes what’s on the plate.

Another rap-poem for you to see,
another story woven by the whispers of infamy.
Trembling with scorn and fear,
these are the words I hold dear.


Mariah Cuch Jun 28

What distance of measure brings me relief?
That agony can break?
For it is not time, if lifetimes' of blood and birth have found us in the now...
Nor miles, that mountains did not move...
Not even the lonely stars know such peace...
My agony the measure of distance...
My own skin a prison, my pleasure and pain...
Only in breath and bond can I have a single moment...
And I would cross it all just to touch you

Sam Jun 27

I always told you I would bleed for you. Still, I never thought that you would be the one to stick the dagger through my lung. I guess in a way, you took my breath away.

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