MU 2d

From a dream,
Of your lips,
Telling a story of love…

And a fake date,
Were I’m waiting,
Desperately for your embrace…

And a blunt saw,
Cutting slowly,
Like the regret of lost hope…

And the pain of
Like a fresh wound dropping blood…

From a nightmare,
And the flinches when
Demons start tearing my soul…

For assuming,
That I could,
Break the thick chains round my neck…

For believing,
That with blinders,
I can fake unseeing you…

And for thinking,
That there is,
A balsam that kills the pain…

But your distance
Just like cancer…
Terminal, without a hope

Or at least is
Very costly…
Consuming until I am broke

Heartbreaks break more than the heart...
Ishani Behera Apr 15

And these sun-drenched ocean waves
nudge against sand-kissed finger tips
as they sigh into your feathers
of the agony
they were impaled with
and moan of flight

Pain from the past
Shows itself once again
Memories lived over and over
Heavy on the heart since it
Didn't start off like this
Missed opportunities hide
From these eyes but giving
Up never was an option
Our feet will bleed if need be..

I sip my coffee as I gaze into her eyes
we listen to raindrops drip on the windowsill
she reminds of a thunderstorm with no signs of a rainbow....

Philomena Mar 26

I do not want to feel
but I need it in order to heal
the days seems shorter and my nights longer I search for truth and peace within the world yet I never find it I'm met with lies and pain that causes me to grow colder a bed of tears is all I know and what keeps me comfort I sometimes drown in my own sorrow and scream for help while dying but no one ever seems to hear me...

Mane Omsy Mar 24

Crosses arose with no reasons
Alone or miserable
Always fall from stairs

but still,

Happy to share something
Crying released pain
Can't touch no liquor
For no trouble is allowed

To feel the stress,
the pure way
To light up the worse
Excuses flow,
it's mere flesh
but my heart do exist

Poem collection
One by one..
Thanks for reading
Debanjana Saha Mar 23

I met myself last night after a long time
I buried my face in my blanket
as tears fell off crushing my heart.
I didn't know what to tell
or just be there for myself.

I kept quiet in tender stillness at night
I went across my heart & mind
and asked them how they are?
I know you all are exhausted
but still be with me.
I know its hard, but still
don't leave me apart.

I had a long conversation with each territory within me
longing through all the episodes of my life with me.
I know you all never make a fuss over my each day's agony.
I know its been 12 years long
to keep me alive
and trust me I am trying hard to keep you all up too.

I know you all need to repose
and make your way towards a little more pleasures in life.
Trust me I will yield all of that for you all
As I have only you all within me
so I will caress you all
caving in with love with all of me
mended in smiling pieces of you all with me.

I was with me last night for hours long and things have settled
Angel Mar 18

In the midst of broken dreams,
lies an obnoxious and hellish tragedy
closes my eyes, looking void at it seems
an uncompromising reality
hauled me down like gravity.

An alluring agony
filled the depths of my soul
and I gyrate in my own catastrophe.
Peregrinate on the path of desperation
for I only discern the world full of sorrow and temptation.

Woe and tribulation torment my soul
melancholy reigns without control.
Vexation amalgamates with my grief
but this darkness leads to no relief.
Desire bawling for a release
wanting not a thing but only for peace.

Tried to conquer
hence, turned me into a monster
inside me is being slaughter
I am no good, but a living disaster.
Noxious gas of grieve
every inhale makes me pale
evilness is now the master
hath no power to make it leave.

In the midst of broken dreams
lies a tragic yet beautiful tragedy
open my eyes, the darkness beams
the grip of reality
pulls me like an abysmal gravity.

Glass Mar 16

antihero blush
Dionysus mausoleum
"I am opaque to your
rendezvous glamorized bass"
like vowels dais to ankles
eluding bestial auguries
because the perusal
is an assassin , patient
to irritation  & tongues
are clinical carrion
deaf political
leather journals
on my collarbones
knowing "I fell in love"

- G
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