Heather 11h
An empty and physical being
It chokes her while letting her breathe
But when she goes for that breath
Her hearts aches with pain
That pain she feels
Is a result of her own judgemental insecurities
And The shameful lies that surround her
She asks herself why
Her smooth dark skin asks why
As The pure silver blade cuts through her skin like butter
the crimson blood seeps from the thin open slits in her wrist
The feeling that fills her heart is no long pain
But crimson red guilt and resentment
a new form of herself emerges
Like the open sea she is filled with dirt but all she sees is the purest blue
She tells herself she is okay
She tells her mind she is okay
Her friends fawn over her contagious laughter
that fills a room like a strand of golden sunlight
But little do they know she is infected with a parasite  
That causes her to exchange her own blood for happiness
An empty and physical being
It chokes her while letting her breathe
But when she goes for that breath
Her hearts aches with pain
i have been working on this. please give some feed back
What do I do when you scream in agony
and I spill myself to help you but you push me so hard and far away that you break my bones?
I've been staring at this stream for ages and all I can think about is one word that was constantly on loop: CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!
We used to create storms together
Now it's you who gives birth to natural disasters inside of me and I've learned how to survive them.
But each time there are less and less survivors
So tell me what do I do when you scream in agony?
Ordeezy 1d
Beneath the tattered roof with rays of disquietude peeping is where you will find me
My feet swollen because I have no sandals
My clothes are torn and you can see my flesh
Tightly attached to my bones like leggings.

I am a cave man. I search only for food and a place to sleep
At night the cold cuddles and I can barely sleep
The mosquitoes sing restless hymns in my ears and my blood is the price for their service.
I go from street to street with an unwashed body
Begging, then stealing becomes the only option.

I come from a world where pain and suffering is no visitor
A world where hymns of death are sung daily
Begging to leave this world, hoping to find joy at the other side.
What if we continue this
journey at the other side?
Singing hymns of agony for eternity
LizzyM Apr 16
Teardrops on a book,
Take flight in the harsh morning air;
Turning into particles of ice,
Just as the cold feeling stinging my body internally and externally.

Days like these,
I wonder what my friends are doing,
And I wish I could be with them,
But instead I am sitting here;
Lost, disillusioned, hopeless, and cold.
You are in pain, you are in misery
You try too hard to look happy, you do
I can see right through your fake smiles
Because I  have been through that too

You feel like your heart is right at your throat
When you see the love around you
All you can feel is apathy and hate
I know, I have felt the same too

You feel like crying out loud
But suppress the tears back inside you
Because you were taught grown ups don’t cry
And you believe that it is true

The fire of agony raging through your heart
Burning you slowly eating through
You can only cry so much
Tears doesn’t put out the fire in you

I been the same way, I felt the same
I longed for those days to end
And finally those days are behind me
All you need is to talk a friend

Share your problems let it out
Makes your heart light as a feather
Find a friend to share your pain
Trust me, you will feel a lot better…
Elicia Hurst Apr 14
We all have temples
And ruins in ourselves,
Yet I got to be my own devil.

Full of fatal advice
Was the altar in cold Styx
I set myself upon.

(I, a princess perished afterwards.)

But with these meager, mortal eyes,
Had I ever seen anything so terrific
As the face of a god?

Thunder roared.
Fiery heart.
Fever in my palms.

(I, a goddess of madness now.)
Mar 2017
solfang Apr 10
Maybe that's why
I prefer dogs;
animals probably have
more culture than you.

the way you take
quick glances at my trembling self
by the roadside,
with ear-piercing whistling—
does that excite you
as much as it scares me?

you made me look at
my long-sleeved dress
and ankle-hidden boots;
yet I question,
are my outfits deemed sexual
till it entices your manhood?

I grip my bags firmly
and wallow in self-grief
for temporary relief,
as I fear more than just
compliments threw by
preys on the streets.

should you disagree,
of my brother,
whistling and signalling
your blood-sister,

should you disagree,
of my father,
oversexualising your mother,
then don't be a disgrace
to the ladies watching.
It was a sunny afternoon, and I was wearing a formal knee-length skirt and a loose, long-sleeved blouse. And then there's the cat-calling.
I can't believe I'm drenching myself in sweat to avoid this— and it still happened.

Just stop.
Manda Apr 4
Once I was in a place to shed a tears
of the silent scream I don't let anybody know
to watch them all laughing,
as the agony I feel
for the invisible tears
rolled down my cheek

they laughed at me,
for always
at the sight of myself
and that's the truth
for what the lie is
I smiled at them in return
There is the one girl that speaks
And when she is at her peak
You sit and think about everything you missed
or the people who coexist
But its towards the end of her speech you’ll cry
Trust me you will never find out why
You might look back and realize
That every word she said was a lie.  
-the one who spoke in sunsets
Then comes the one that thinks
She’ll think even when on the brink
Of mental insanity
Oh the humanity!
What will happen to her?
She only sees the blur
Of what her life could be
If only she were able to see
-the one who needs glasses
I felt bad for the invisible
The one who was never able
To make herself feel seen
Maybe I was just mean,
But no matter
She was only a scatter
Of what made a personality
Unfortunately, hers lacked finality.
-the one who I thought I knew
The one who felt
Was who I got dealt,
I saw her at my lunch table,
And wondered if she were stable.
Her eyes sparkled a delicate no.
She was always able to bestow
Emotions of what she wanted onto others,
She never was able to recover
Once they left out the front door
With her lying on the dance floor.
-the one I left on the dance floor
Finally, there is me,
For so long I was lost at sea
But I came back to shore
And Oh!, I just adore
What I have become!
I don’t want this to be done.
I refuse to go back to how I once was
Lies I can never untell,
I’ll never forgot my mother’s face
Because that was never who I wanted to be
And all three years were agony.
      -the poet who wished for better
This poem is really personal to me. This describes who was in my life when it was a really bad time for me.
emily Mar 27
betrayal is the beginnings of pure agony and heartbreak. betrayal is the feeling of loneliness inside your stomach, clawing and ripping, letting the acid into your blood stream. it burns. and aches. betrayal is the sensation felt when a dagger is placed ever so delicately against your  back and then proceeds to be rammed into your spine, paralyzing you with misery. these daggers shoot at your closed wounds, reopening them, re-exposing them to the cruelty of the world. betrayal is the feeling of a hand wrapped tightly around your trachea, restricting your breathing and forcing you to just sit back and take it, and let it happen, because there's nothing you can do about it except take the excruciating pain and close your eyes. time cannot heal betrayal. time cannot replace the damaged inflicted by betrayal. regardless of forgiving, betrayal is permanent.
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