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on wet wood

Black ants and poisonous snakes-
Creeped out and slithered around-
The rotten wood full of ugly desire-
As I ignite the fire.

on Shakespeare

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”
Summer of terror and discontent;
The funeral of Shakespeare’s sonnet-
As I weep in tragic.

on pouring rain

Sunday is in silent agony;
Lights out, curtains down;
Angry sky cries in vain-
As I mute the rain.

on bittersweet coffee

One, two and more of grandé
Iced-cold caffeine in my blue vein;
Hands are still, the world’s unstirred-
As I sip the last drop of despair.
This is the third part of my poem. Read "The Prologue" first, followed by "The Encounter".
chi Oct 17
i don't see the stars in your eyes anymore, they look dull, sad—empty even.

i don't see the fire in your eyes anymore, they burned out and there was nothing left but darkness.

i don't see the life in your eyes anymore, they seem lifeless and full of agony.

i have always loved your eyes, for they unvail who you are and what you feel. i have always loved seeing the ocean in your eyes that drowns me and hypnotizes me; you have changed.
a poem i wrote while looking at the mirror.
William Jul 17
I'll never forget the time she cried,
The time she called my name.
The time I broke undoubtedly
The time that caused me pain
Her voice it trembled, the fear it spoke
The fear it sounded
My heart was broke
It changed me deeply
Caused my soul to weep
Composure gone, with none to keep
Rattled into tears.
Playing out my nightmares
Giving into fears.
Carved into me, engraved so deeply.
I cannot seem to shake,
Forcing me to wake.
Locked within a cell,
Left with time to dwell
In this living hell.
Nylee Oct 15
all that is beloved
all that I see
it is explicitly made without me
it is no agony
just a tearful reminder
in the scapes of life
how much it matters
what really
on to the sights
gripping future
when I close my eyes
I hear the whispers
I ignore it
the best way possible
so when it is
it is like this
and a peek
through the balcony
I have taken the glimpse
in the dreams that I flee
don't bury me
clementine Oct 6
'twas August when i cried alone
always been on my own
but i wish someone was there
while i was in despair.

i wish someone held my hand
and whispered that i will be able to stand
after this dreadful dream
and just let my emotions scream.
Toby Raines Oct 1
Run far away
From this wrecked home
And see a better throne
Run away
So you don’t have to see me
Become who you hate
Run away
Before I take your love
And burn it to nothing
Run away
Before my hell freezes over
You need to take cover
Run away
Before you realize just how bad I am for you.
Stalwart Dull Sep 29
Things are just hard to explain
Help me! I'm now in pain
Tears are falling like rain
Spending my life I cannot regain.

Oh my precious life!
Words are sharp like knife
How can I restore my sui generis vitality
When it is supposed to be bury

Lethargy is suffering like torment
But all of this pain will never be permanent
Cherish vivaciousness every moment
Commencement might end with contentment.
Vii HunniD Sep 26
We all see colors through different spectrums

We’ve all experienced life in different trances

They asked me “why I walked bumping” and I replied that I’ve grew to the agony so I bump to it
I lost my dad and I still can’t believe this is how life goes
Ylzm Sep 24
no magical incantation
but wordless agony

bitter and disconsolate
thunderously piercing
in all heavens
and hell;

angels cry
stopping their ears
quaking in terror
on their knees
unbearably compelled
beseeching all powers
to heed—

heavens and earth
thispanman Sep 21
Withering away
Overruled by life
Rests the pain
****** by

Holding out with
Ununiformed agony
Reaching out
Touching only hate
I was bored and this randomly popped into my head. Hope you like it. :)
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