Sand 2h
You used to sing me to sleep
No more.
You used to listen to me sleep
And I listened to you
No more
I watched you blush
No more
I saw you laugh
No more
I love you still and
Forever more
Sand 2h
I fear I have loved too much
That my loved one wants an escape
I fear I have felt too much
That my loved one wants me to stop
I fear I have loved
And loved
And loved
And loved
Until my loved one wants no more
Sand 4h
What was my misstep?
Where did I go wrong?
I played this game perfectly
Obeyed all the rules
Yet I am suffering so much
Why me?
Sand 4h
You shall bleed!

No Milord, please

You shall harm yourself!

No Milord, please

You shall love the one who does not reciprocate!

No!!! I beg you Milord, no! Don't do this to me!

You shall suffer!
You shall suffer!
You shall suffer!
Till death comes for you!

Y-yes Milord
Sand 3d
I wish life would embrace me,
The way I'm learning to embrace all of her flaws.
She kicks me down, but I have to keep holding on to her.
She exhausts me and drives me insane, but I'm forced to tighten my grip on her.
She pushes me closer and closer to the edge, but I have no choice but pull her back to safety.
For once, I wish she'd make this easy for me.
I wish she'd return my embrace instead of pushing me away.
I wish she was easier to love.

Life, why are you so hard to love?
My life is hard to love. Period.
Sand 4d
When you're in pain they say
This too shall pass
Well I'm in pain
And I too shall pass
I want to die ;
Sand 4d
I'm hurting
Dear God
I'm in pain

Help me

My heart is screaming
My brain is thumping
My hands itch to scratch
My mouth yearns to overdose

Someone hold me until this pain goes away
I beg you
Hug me
I'm hurting .  What more can I say besides I wish I'd rather be dead than experience this
Intense pain that precedes death
Too much suffering on this earth
Why do we have to go through this,
Is this what the end of everything is?

I rather die than go through all this
but yet again I rather live than die
If I die today I'll be gone and be missed
That's when my deeds will be praised.

Life is in coexistence with death...agony is what binds them.
Sand 4d
Hundreds of years ago
You died
Hundreds of years later
I love you
I want you
I yearn for you
The most beautiful, purest kind of love
I want to give to you
I want to taste you
Inhale you
Embrace you

But time;
Time is in the way
Time does not permit me to love Vincent Van Gogh the way I want to, the way that I do.
Sand 4d
I roam this world,
With shackles of love on my hands and feet
Like Jacob Marley
Out to warn others to keep believing in love
Because my true love died before my great grandfather was conceived.
I wail into the night;
A reverse-ghost
I love you Vincent!
I feel like I was born in the wrong Era as my soul mate,  Vincent Van Gogh
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