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lua Oct 6
there are some people in the world
who we forget to say goodbye to
even if its simply going to school
or to work
to the moment their body lays limp on their deathbed
a simple "bye"
or a "see you later"
would suffice

if you can say hello
you can say goodbye.
before it's too late
Eva Sep 23
Before our friendship ended
Animosity began.
eight Sep 16
eye: hi, sky
sky: bye, eye

hit with the sun.
Eva Sep 10
I feel so free
After giving you up
And getting back to me.
Once you become my poem
you will stay as my poem.
no returning back, goodbye.
Liz Carlson Aug 17
im leaving soon
so i took a chance.

ill admit, the first time we hung out,
it wasn't the best,
but this second time,
made my heart glow.
hours later i was still smiling.

if only i was staying.
we could seek this out.
maybe it wouldn't turn into anything.
but maybe it would be something amazing.
i'm not going too far,
but maybe the distance is stopping you
from pursuing this.

when im with you it feels like
you might feel it too.
but maybe it's all in my head
Desire rod Aug 15
I want
To spill of guts
To Spilt this nasty bitter taste in my mouth
Thought love was a ripe strawberry so sweet in season
Yet I choke and rebuke this sour taste that fills my mouth the word YOU is all that comes out
When you think love is the best in the world and it all goes down to the south and you are left with disappointment
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