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we are now farther than we used to be

Sweet baby

We have done the best we can
They said No.

I wish I could do something.
saddest seperation
Max Mar 13
If I we're a garbage man, then I had had a reason to pick you up again.
Meanie ******
Logan Paul Mar 13

Now that it was a world upside down;
The dull gray hours passed slowly
As if time was on a lunch break;
Everyone soon started to realize
That the world was writing a will;
As if it was on its deathbed;
Civilizations packing their bags
Hoping for a better world;
Little did we know
That soon one day
Hope would come;
Sprouting out of the Earth
As if it was a rocket, flying into space.
I'm gonna go buy a gun
Cause I wanna go have some fun
Been a while since I felt the sun
Plenty of money but still a total ***

Tasting some steel deep in my throat
Scratch my ******* on a splintered boat
Fill me with whiskey till my stumache explodes
Sack me with stones till I no longer float

Always care too much and get hurt
Every time I get a little more burnt
What you looking at, ****?
Max Mar 9
Congratulations for whatever you have achieved.
Probably nothing special,
but that defines you:
nothing special.
Hate on them haters
Azfar Hakimi Mar 8
one step ahead and they're finally done
one step ahead and they're finally gone
one step ahead and she is finally proud
one step ahead,one step ahead, one step ahead

one step ahead and the glass finally falls
one step ahead and the tears finally drop
one step ahead and the fingers finally touch
one step ahead and the shirt is finally black
one step ahead,one step ahead,one step ahead

with or without,skies or the clouds,
love or a fling,food or a drink;
they finally said and they finally did
they finally free in a count of three
they finally gone and this time it's gonna be so long
they finally clap and it feels like it's only one step
they finally grow as the wind blows
and they finally smile but they're gonna cry

one step ahead before the journey ends
one step ahead before the airplane lands
and one step ahead before the new level
and one step ahead before a boy turns into a man
and one step ahead before a girl turns into a woman
and one step ahead and they finally fly to the higher level of the sky.
goodbye seniors,even tho some of us may not miss y'all,there will be some that's gonna cry,and there will be some of us that's gonna miss your smiles.
thank you,for everything. May God will always bless u.
Her Feb 20
It was a long drive.
So I called you.

I hung up with you.
I picked up the phone.

I slipped onto the
brick median.
I dropped my phone.
I ****** the wheel hard.
I lost control of my car.

I slammed on my breaks.
I spun around.
I jumped the curb.
I flipped in the air.

I crashed down hard.
I was paralyzed
crushed into my
seat. I cried as the
blood trickled
down onto the ceiling.
I took my last breath.

It was a long drive.
So I called you.
A word that came fast like a bullet
shot straight to my heart...
perforated my feelings
like a shredded paper...
thrown to the pit
never to feel the same again...
the hardest word to hear but the best time to know that it is time to let go...
please just give this to me,
give me the peace of mind I need.
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