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MSunspoken May 13
Choo Choo!
The train of thought
No no!
It missed its stop!
The train is gone….
Who are you?
MSunspoken May 13
Fly little birdie, fly!
Tell that ***** to get lost
He'll regret the day he saw your face
Or face the hand from which you came
MSunspoken May 12
One amp
Two amps
Three amps
Nine amps
Ten amps
Eleven amps
Come on!
Thirty amps
Forty amps
Fifty amps
One hundred Amps
Two hundred amps
Three hundred amps
He’s gone
Last night
I didn't say goodnight
Liberated souls
On a common trail
I was busy
Seeing them off
Good bye
Good bye
Numbers I couldn't count
Bye replaced the night
I'm not living in the past,
I'm holding on to memories,
Life passes by so fast,
I'm clinging to what used to make us,
I'm wishing this could have last',
I'm not living in the past,
I'm just holding onto what we-
What I have left,
Hoarding what I can salvage,
I'm not missing you,
not a bit,
I'm missing who you used to be,
I'm not swimming,
I'm drowning,
I'm not flying,
I'm falling,
I'm not living,
I'm just procrastinating the inevitable,
I'm not living in the past,
I'm holding on to memories.
Another poem I wrote about my toxic ex bestie.
ʜAᴋAɱ Apr 15
Happiness that wont last long makes you feel,
Sadness will forever stuck in your life,
Like a memories need to say bye bye.
If only there a day i makes u smile.
Am I human to you?
Cause you are playing the part of the villain
Am I cool to you?
Cause you are acting like the bad guy now
You use to be the good guy somehow
So am I human to you?
Or are you going to treat me like your ex
No we aren't going to bed together
Yeah you can try to flex
But you and I aren't gonna be forever
So boy good bye
Because I should be human to you
Ladies out there If you have a man who treats you like crap it's time you say goodbye. (just some advice)
I look back to the day we met
'Should've known
That you were lying-
Now I'm here sitting in a room
'Didn't think I'd have to say goodbye
'Didn't think you'd leave-
'Didn't think I'd have to forget you-
So soon...

'Didn't think you'd leave me all alone.
Yes, I guess I should've known that in the end-
We're just flesh and bone...
Just know-
It's gonna be hard to let you-
This poem isn't just about death, but also about how one can just forget you as well as leave you. This poem was inspired by my elementary friend, Isaiah Guy. He was very sweet and funny. A true character. I treasure the few memories I have of him. Although we haven't seen each other in years, it still feels like a piece of my world is missing. Thank you Issah, I'll miss you...
You can click the link below and tell his family I sent you and that I send my love. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
Jonas Mar 8
"Yeah I know, I know.

It's okay to show emotion,
to let it out sometimes.
I'll be careful yes.
I'll ask for help if I need any.
Onions and garlic to the oil for more fragnance, right?
I forgot the lasagne recipe tho.
I got skinnier? You think?
Swalloing food isn't easy at the moment, I'm trying.
Hm? Ah stain, where?
I just washed it tho.
How do you get ink stains out?
And red wine?
Yes I will go easy on the alcohol.
Work has been rough. I'm not good with...
I said work has been rough lately.
No you're not deaf. I just mumble you know that.
My teeth are in fact not stuck together. See? grrrr
At least the stuttering got better.
I actually managed to ask out a women the other day.
Yes she is cute.
That's why I never tell you anything.
I'm getting a bit cold here.
Hope you don't mind that I borrowed your coat.
It just fits me so much better than you.
No but the colour brings out my pretty eyes so much better.
Yeah I know I got your eyes, you kept telling me.
Better get going or I'll miss the train.
I'll see you then.
Bye Mom."

rests flowers on her grave
Just because I'm strong, selfsufficent and an adult and stuff doesn't mean I don't need you.
SquidInk Feb 24
have nice life, im tired of trying to be in it ✌️
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