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Soon it all dies down,
I’m behind the Queen’s gown

When you lose the throne,
The links drown in his bloodstone

You’ve become the malefactor,
The framed picture of my backstabber

Premier cinemas we’ve stopped,
Reputations and ranks swapped

The shivering sierra,
Why leave me stranded in Canberra?
Is this a farewell? @Kelly Grace Richardson: Remember those “Avery” moments in our photoshoot? ***** to be in the popular group. ;)
Pamela Oct 4
A song of beauty, a storm of sadness
Coexist in my heart
Neath the stone cold outer, it hurts and heals
Letting in gale after gale, not once the lock holding fast
Limerence and love collide, collide
Reality and fantasy alternate, tide after tide

In one life, we live a million different lives
In one life, we traverse a thousand miles
Knowing or unknowing, we touch many a life
Some left despondent, some with smiles

So much to do, so much to say
So much regret we carry, each and every day
So many lessons learnt, yet not one nigh
Not one nigh the art of saying goodbye

Clouded by hunger and bound by thirst
We see what we want to, unless coerced
Nostalgic, for the past we mourn and yearn
The present awaits us, undiscerned
Life passes us by, mutely we spectate
Gate-crashed by ebbs and flows, rendered desolate

We do things wrong, we do them right
Lost in the immense horizon, we lose sight
Whatever our secrets, we confide in the night
For, the moon and stars, hold wisdom erudite

Long after it is gone, we stay and wait
What holds us back, it never abates
All the will we summon goes awry
For never have we known the art of saying goodbye
This speaks about how difficult it is for us to let go and say goodbye to something that doesn't exist anymore.
Luiz Sep 18
ravens weep the dusk
tales of midnight promises
dawn disintegrates
Luna Sep 4
Grief stricken
quickly quickened
when I realize you
watching me
from where ever you are,
I still hurt
no word,
no thought,
no reason why,
but I've realized
in my eye
I have given
all I could
to try.
my love will never fade,
I can still move forward.
I’m always leaving, but I never have anywhere to go.

                                    ~Courtney Summers
aviisevil Aug 19
demons and ghosts
and things

i cannot compare

frolic in these ruins
made of despair

many a moons have
come and gone

since the sun's

and i still look
for you, here --

I hope it's not my last poem here, but I'm contemplating -- perhaps I'll never write again, perhaps I will, I hope I do. take care for now.. i spent an awesome time here reading wonderful poems, thank you. goodbye.
romy Jul 29
if I die, would you come to my funeral?
Anshika Jain Jul 27
Yet , it look so beautiful
but making me ugly inside.
The bridges created by us
were unsurely doubting us
lacking the sense of being loved
we ended up being stifling
beneath our own bridges.
It's basically about the choked friendship or relationship in which we get to personal and possesive , thereby leading to hurt each other by buliding those bridges .
tatianah Jul 20
It’s happening
This is it.
This is where it all changes.
This is the part I was dreading.
I’m sorry for all of it you know.
I don’t think I’ve said that enough.
You are a really important part of my life
I’m happy we met.
You helped me forget about the bad times and embrace the good ones.
I know I’ve said this as a joke here and there but I love you
and thank you.
May our memories never fade and we love like there’s no tomorrow...
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