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i don't pay attention to the
world ending.
it has ended for me
many times
and began again in the morning.
I believe in a phrase
"right person, wrong timing"
because it was you all along.

Back in highschool, 19 you was
tall and dark holding camera
no talk nor smile

Text you at midnight
you told me the feelings are mutual
we began secretly yet purely.

It was my call
threw in the towel after 3 months
hurt you, killed you.

4 years after
we was both in blue
met in a small island, older.

Conversations during lunch
decided to start again
both got huge love to pour

You're an army now
I'm still waiting for college
still a secret but more mature secret.
my beautiful soldier.
Amyrah Apr 20
For all the times I ran.
All the times I pushed you away,
All the times you were hurt
Here we are, just to begin all over again.
Smoke Scribe Sep 2018
let the lying begin

first, it's ***** - not *******.
don't pretend its scientific,
like geology, physiology.

It's just ***. raw and without boundaries.
you watch. you fantasize. you deny.

then when your conscience questions,
you lie, first and foremost,
to yourself.

what's your favorite category?
got a favorite site?
or you like to explore,
never satisfied, more?

Let the hunger games begin.
who can lie with straightest face?

filter me off of your list,
unless you ready to follow me,
to where truth rules,
no punches pulled,
raw is real. *** is raw.
real is ***.

otherwise, why would you still be reading this

I  know who you are...
Ash Apr 12
Break me so I may begin again
high way climbing grasping ethereal ends eyes set forth to the heavens
trapped inside a doubt filled worry laden dream swirled head
Our fullest fragments allow us to shed our skin
When we are the most broken is when we begin
You swirl my mind
behind the shades.
Dreams come and go
to Mary Jane.
You stir my dreams
all of the day.

Then, when I warred,
nothing could stop
the storm there in store
for me.

My central column
is prone to shift.
You have acid spit,
and kiss me there,
between the atoms.

What is
a holy moment?
When you
share a gaze with one.

What is
a definite end?
When you
find the beginning.
c Apr 10
I’m sorry
So sorry
For all the things I’ve done
And all the things
I’ll ***** up next
But haven’t yet begun
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