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Nylee May 25
It is a thought
I thought a lot
We began
And we end
We live in between
Like a movie scene
But all I want
Is a final happy ending.
ChronicSage May 25
Everything there is
is incarceration of our minds
mighty gallows of subject
definition, category, division
lines, groups, states, religion
statutes, reasons, enclosures
an abbreviation — GOD.

All pressed, condensed
tucked inside
pushed behind, down under
in a creation encapsulated
in a sheath of time
in a container of space
in a syllable of silence

Myriads divided
by multiples, multiplied
by multitudes, simultaneously
all while I'm being
comfortably ensconced
somewhere in the warmth
of a single point.
I'll live with arms wide open...

So you won't have too.

I'll talk without stuttering...

Just to please you.

I'll smile with best intentions...

To save everyone else.

Except for myself.

So, this is how the story begins;

Who saves her?
I'm still standing-
onlylovepoetry Mar 2017
all my poems begin with the weather,
overlaid with time and place

comforting certitude,
cocktail of calibration,
calculating precision,
a surety bonding.
a shared time and space
with humanity

all my poems end with
"if only,"
incessant self-queryimg, imbalanced cowardice,
a yellowing shadow of red doubt,
overwhelming black stain of a starless night sky,
an inconsequential infection
coveting my weakfish earthbound innards

tyranny of selfish doubt,
the cowardly safety of 'not me'
the pockmarked constellation of
everything tragic body tattooed,
the Cain mark you hide beneath the torn skin
of being
only human

all my poems end with whether
These dry bones
once fit together strong
while time flowed one way:

That current held surprise
that knocked joints off guard
and a lied about collapse

Their ham fist could grip limbs
and clunk them together
in a fruitless pulse,
for what?

The trunk and branch
of what’s to come
must be reseeded
mulched and nurtured,
maintained root to crown
in different growth
or the same clown gardeners
will bring us down
Saudia R Apr 28
And so I rest

as if every dream that has been

never was to begin with
Nylee Mar 26
Why do you do what you do

What is my folly

You and me

Why me

You do this to me

I exist too

With pain and hope

This is not the first time

Zack Ripley Aug 2019
Today is ending so tomorrow can begin.
Tonight, your eyes will rest as you grow your new skin.
This is something our body does every night so we can have the best chance to keep fighting the good fight.
In the morning, you might not feel the best.
So make sure you have enough energy to take on the day by eating breakfast.
Your body will do whatever it takes to make sure you survive.
But it's up to you to take care of your new skin so you can thrive
you said hello
but a bit slow
not really into much talking
but you are more of walking
and running
not a fan of smiling
but i like you laughing
sometimes you are aware
most of the time i like what you wear
this is a new way
of trying to get away
i'll go all the way
as long as i may
hear whatever
speak whenever
feel whatsoever
forever and ever
no never
this ain't a fever
we just both believer

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