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It's been awhile I know
Been so busy
Work and life
But not to worry
I am back
now let my poetry
begin again
Yes I missed you
Did you happen to miss me to
Busy now slowed
So here I am back with you !!
€ Jennifer Dlg 2019/9
Myka Sep 3
Once for the beginning.
Twice for the first of worries.
Third for the edge of eternity's trap.
Fourth for everything else under the sky.
Joanna Aug 16
Melted snow flows in a river of love from your heart to mine; giving me strength to look beyond; the cold grey waters within I know this is not a place to end but a place to begin.

Yet around the corner there is a stormy sea, restless and violent and at the same time free to move; a bed of rocky ground like a magical mystery it weaves its way around. Telling a story of survival of another time as it plots a new course.

Melted snow flows like a river with no remorse. Yet being what it is one accepts it's flaws as something expanding and sometimes withdrawn. All things work together from beginning to end when one recognizes the true nature and still sees the beauty within.
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roumen Jul 28
What my love started with?
Maybe it started with smile...
What my love started with?
Maybe it started with Kiss...
What my love started with?
Maybe it started with You...

What your love begins with ?
Maybe began with a hug...
What your love begins with?
Maybe began with a touch...
What your love begins whit?
Maybe began with Me...

Love start with a wind.
Love begins with a moon.
Love start with a sun.
Love finish alone ...
Shin Ha Mi Jul 25
Will you?
Grab those wings,
And meet me


In the sky
And I won’t let go as long as if you don’t
Ikigai Poet Jul 11
You always become stronger not because how it began,
but how it ended.  
-Ikigai Poet
Myka Jul 7
Sometimes I wish I ruled the skies up above.

Because then I could find you amongst all the people in the crowds,
I could shine the light you yearn for in your darkest times,
I could give you warmth to help you withstand the lonely cold winter nights,
I could move the thunderstorm clouds above your head so that they will rain on someone else's parade instead,
I could ask the Sun to do me the favour of taking care of the flowers by your windowsill when you're away,
I could bid the stars to appear in the obsidian sky perfectly in your sight,
I could tell the Moon, your old friend, to be by your side when I cannot.

Because there are instances when the world weighs heavy on my shoulders as much as it does on yours.

But most of the time,
I just wish to end your sleepless nights and make your hopeful days begin.
i don't pay attention to the
world ending.
it has ended for me
many times
and began again in the morning.
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