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Without belief
There's no beginning
Without need
There's no action
Your mother's womb
A safe haven
When you come out
You believe in mother's
Love, affection and protection
As you grow up
You learn by believing in others' instructions and guidance
You believe your teachers
Books and books' authors
You believe history and historians
Newton and laws of Newtonian physics
Einstein and his relativity
To know everything
You don't go ab initio
Do research, experiments
You believe and believe
To proceed and progress
In the process doubts ingress
Further investigation and research
For further progress and success
Before finding anything
You must believe in its existence
Begin with believing in certain things
To give your hundred percent
Before seeking any truth
You ought to trust procedures, methods
You can't seek God
Without belief in Him
You believe and seek
To realise Him
And know what you believed in
To seek, you must believe
You must believe to seek
This poem is antithetical to the fallacious propaganda by some: "Don't believe, seek".
Ileana Amara Jan 16
you may or may not find this,
in the middle of the night
or on a rainy sunday afternoon.

my mind runs rampant,
while my heart is still,
because i realized what love is
at the very least, a fragment of it;

love looks past flaws and chaos,
past the foreseeable risk & damage,
and i know i did amidst it all
leaving no room for me to regret.

i know i tugged your soul
towards a better light, a better day
because i stayed with you at your worst
and now remain bewildered when you say
you've changed for the better.

forgive a heart that wavered,
i used to think love is a home;
we always move someplace better
when all the heart feels is nothing but homeless.

i had to unlearn that.

to venture love as strength,
to lose and find oneself over
and over again & be better;
because lost is a lovely place
to find oneself,
and to begin again.

and as i bid you my final farewell,
i'd like to let you know
that i'll tuck the memories within,
hold them dearly and know deep in myself;
i have loved and i have no regrets.

and i will love again,
break again,
get lost again,
find myself & begin again.

01.16.21. | there's always something new to venture in beginnings.
Zack Ripley Nov 2020
Today, the world was cold.
It's people mostly cruel.
So it's time to say goodbye. Good night.
May tonight be the night
The world begins again.
Ken Pepiton Nov 2020
Can we think old thoughts as thought by earlier readers,
without walling a mind off from all we know,
which Hobbes had no way of learning,
though? No.
We need this knack of we being, a you and a me, seeing
an I, in a time long ago.

Egalitarian sortings of men, arrogation worth,
a-dam, novus knower,
acknowledge me your equal? Dare ye, I may be a fool.
Levelers were around, in Hobbes's town, taking time
to bring the highest minded down,
not to lift the baser sort up.

-- none the less, lime the branch,
-- by chance a bird may bring a word, watch

we heard, the deceived received a reprieve,
we've found the edge stitched in
second thoughts and other wise guesses as good,
good enough
to keep life as we have agreed, conserving
the power in the
word - life as in -- we live, not me without you or we
without all the otherwise functionaries,
maintaining the planet and aching
to settle down to day and night,
just right.

Balance in being part of it all,

for a second there, didjafeel it?
Ah, 2020, we are in the final stretch of an unforgettable year. Each civilization needs such a year, to be in competition for longest continually told story... in the end.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2020
All I pay attention
Is how the story ends

Once upon a time
Like this
Most stories begin
Genre: Abstract
Theme: But some stories never end

The world has much to offer
Here I wait, my hands, proffered
The beginnings, I have seen
There is much in between
I seek and receive, my share
I give - what I need
And become aware  
Here I wait..
What the world has to offer..
To begin

lua Jul 2020
skies of blue and cloudless nights
quiet places and blank minds
feeling tiny, feeling blind
remembering, forgetting, nevermind

missed calls from the unknown
answers for questions of my own
secrets in chambers left alone
the web of lies i have sewn

i'll set it aflame, watch it burn
set it aflame, all things i earned
leave nothing behind, no stone left unturned
these crumbling libraries, these lessons i've learned.

i'll begin again, as i always do
wash it all away, begin anew
open pandora's box, let the chaos spark
i'll leave my name, i'll leave my mark.
Nylee May 2020
It is a thought
I thought a lot
We began
And we end
We live in between
Like a movie scene
But all I want
Is a final happy ending.
ChronicSage May 2020
Everything there is
is incarceration of our minds
mighty gallows of subject
definition, category, division
lines, groups, states, religion
statutes, reasons, enclosures
an abbreviation — GOD.

All pressed, condensed
tucked inside
pushed behind, down under
in a creation encapsulated
in a sheath of time
in a container of space
in a syllable of silence

Myriads divided
by multiples, multiplied
by multitudes, simultaneously
all while I'm being
comfortably ensconced
somewhere in the warmth
of a single point.
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