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Jeremy Betts Feb 2
I'm forced to dam the tears
A practice made perfect through the rough years
Not because I don't care
Not because I can't care
Not because I don't want you to know they're always right there
But because if I let them begin to pour
I can't convince myself I could stop them anymore
There's a nonzero chance I could be crying for years
Long past the pain and far beyond the fears
So I **** the tears

Jeremy Betts Jan 26
I'm not a good lover, no good at hand in hand
Never not been exposed, still I pretend
The real me casually breaks free,
What do I do then?
No suggestion comes in
It's what goes around then comes around again and again,
When will it end?

Nobody knows...
...I let no one in so no one knows the situation

I'm not a good adult, I'm not a good friend
Never not been exposed, why do I still pretend
The real me awkwardly breaks free,
What do I do then?
I suggest hide the specimen within
It goes around then comes around again and again,
Is it going to end?

Nobody knows... and rescue called off for no reason

I'm not a good man, I'm not a righteous person
Never not been exposed, I've given up pretendin'
The real me aggressively breaks free,
What do I do then?
Didn't we call each other friend?
What goes 'round, right 'round comes right 'round 'round again and again,
It's just not gonna end

Nobody knows...

Nolan Willett Sep 2023
You are porous,
Blend your voice into a chorus,
Can’t help but wear your heart
On your sleeve, fall apart
So easily, and so frequently
Admittedly, sometimes even gleefully,
Feel every gust of wind;
Even drafts, make you bend,
Warping to all these demands
Making it hard to understand,
Just where others end
And where you begin
Ghxstcxt Jul 2023
It all started with a quote I wrote on a post it note
I stuck it not for show
But for hope on this road I'm bout to solo
I'm not alone though
In fact the quote I wrote
That thought provoked
I got told
I've to say it once inside my mind
Then again to make it twice
Out loud the second time
Bring perspective to my eye
No joke
It's so I can focus through this hocus pocus
I've conjured on my own
That's slow eroding soulful
In all the places that I don't go
Here's to a better day tomorrow
And every one that follows...
Zywa Dec 2022
I am that woman
who takes a few steps and then
stands still in the wind
on her face, my skin

feels the world
new, the cherry trees
this walk to the store
on the corner around the corner

cars parked next to the sidewalk
are so much more than the view
of the windows all around, the gardens
chimneys and clouds, the wind

on my face, my heart
touched, pounding
in my throat, three times
I take a deep breath, only then

do I walk along the traffic
away from the cherry trees
to the store on the corner
around the corner
For Maria Godschalk (January 12th, 2021)
EmVidar Apr 2022
always feels like
the end

-em vidar
Ryan Seth Cole Mar 2022
And it still hurts, it never easy to forget.
For what you put in versus what you actually get. Dear Starlight, don’t admit. I think it’s something we both will not regret.

Go on cut me down. Are you seeking that reaction?! Don’t bore me with a useless explanation.

You have my word, there are only lies in my sincerity. Pause in hesitation.
But you lie and look down and try to disparage me. Looks with expectations.

Are my scars worth understanding?
My dreams are scattered and blurry
But there is nothing more real than what’s in front of me.

If you cannot see that, than what does anything mean? Besides if it provides any clarity. Looking back on it has been the best I have ever seen. And something we both do not deserve but have both been getting.

Don’t let it get into your head and fill you with anger and dread. Where you begin to find everything wrong with me and use it like a target because your mad. We will get passed this storm don’t let it make you sad.

I would give anything, I want to start over again. How could I have been so blind?
Where do I begin?

-Letter in a bottle weathered by the ocean salt.
Ileana Amara Jan 2021
you may or may not find this,
in the middle of the night
or on a rainy sunday afternoon.

my mind runs rampant,
while my heart is still,
because i realized what love is
at the very least, a fragment of it;

love looks past flaws and chaos,
past the foreseeable risk & damage,
and i know i did amidst it all
leaving no room for me to regret.

i know i tugged your soul
towards a better light, a better day
because i stayed with you at your worst
and now remain bewildered when you say
you've changed for the better.

forgive a heart that wavered,
i used to think love is a home;
we always move someplace better
when all the heart feels is nothing but homeless.

i had to unlearn that.

to venture love as strength,
to lose and find oneself over
and over again & be better;
because lost is a lovely place
to find oneself,
and to begin again.

and as i bid you my final farewell,
i'd like to let you know
that i'll tuck the memories within,
hold them dearly and know deep in myself;
i have loved and i have no regrets.

and i will love again,
break again,
get lost again,
find myself & begin again.

01.16.21. | there's always something new to venture in beginnings.
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