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James R Nov 2021
She was like you -
    Never held before.
        My nervous grip brand new

             Not nearly as scary -
           But beautiful.
         Still, I remain wary

     Exquisite beast -
         You need me.
             For now, at least

       As my eyes close -
    I feel.
A poem for my son

Snakes to the left
Snakes to the right
They slither around
And they squeeze you tight
Venomous fangs
Mortal pangs
They slither around
And squeeze with all their might
Hidden in the grass
They grasp for the life they want
They slither around
Counting the ways to end what you have
An emotional emp
A not so beautiful disaster piece
They slither around
Snakes to the left
Snakes to the right
They want to squeeze you tight
vita Dec 2020
i lie amongst the snakes
for they are teaching me
how to shed dead skin
and leave it behind,
looking back.
for they know that it’s okay
to start again,
you need to.
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Even Snakes have compassion
their poison isn’t just for fashion

When we go, Gods make it a fast one

Your poison paralyzed me
Gaia granted serenity

thankful for you milking me
who knew it would set us free
gone the girl I thought I wanted to be

Now I start new, again.
Ego death am I right?
nim Nov 2020
i was told to water my
silly little flowers
even though they've withered.
they bowed down, all the way
to the silly little ground.
but i think
i should just cut them,
deprive those stupid snakes of life.
because the dead flowers bit me,
and their poison still runs in my mind.
sometimes, i think that
the unseen flowers of evil
will be the last thing i'll see.

so, god help me,
if i don't deprive
these meaningless flowers

of life.
imehsahdehahs Nov 2020
Your Mouth Is Like A Suicide

Talking Like You Will Never Die

Too Much Heaven on Your Mind

So You Don't feel Hell You Living Off

Semi-Automatic Rednecks

And Their ******* Faith

With White Supremacist Taste

Are Making Your

Chemical Miracle Mind

Hurt Like A Gray State




Down with America

Count Every Vote

Bullet Holes For Stars

On Your Burning Flag
Blue, Red & Black Stars
TIZZOP Sep 2020
you can't go back to dem buildings
let it be, hashtag smorky, snakes
from the face of the heavens it's
a quiet view, this place feels like home

you can't go back there, tribulations
you know the mentality of cockroaches
you know their game and you know mine
you're standing on your own, decide

who could they possibly ask to fight?
energy, loaded brain, muscle flex
bullet holes, wild roses and benzes  
a quiet view, this place feels like home

who could possibly burn the struggle down?
in the voice of the enemy, you hear yourself
too many will fall, too many will collapse
you're standing on your own, my friend
Mark Parker Sep 2020
My pen slithers in poetic taboo
For as it writhes, you’d think it frail
Sliding along the garden’s morning dew
Polished diamond-shine upon each scale

Writing the lines as though I rhyme in schemes
Reptilian only within my dreams
I have always had a slight fear of snakes, but I usually try to overcome the fear if I’m given the chance to pet one.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Swathed in blood-wet robes
Bat wings stirs her viper curls
Soul of vengeance burns

New day, new haiku!
Now that I have the Charites and the younger Charites out of the way, I wanted to focus on the Furies, who are among some of my favourite goddesses! The Furies are also known as the Erinnyes, and are known to be the goddesses of vengeance and each of the sisters punished different crimes. It is said that the Furies were born from the blood that was spilt when Kronos castrated his father, Uranus.

Tisiphone [aka Tilphousia] was known to punish criminals who commited homicide, patricide and fratricide. In the first line of the haiku, it is a reference to Virigl's Aeneid, where he described Tisiphone as being "clothed in a blood-wet dress." I changed it from dress to robe because in Ovid's Metamorphoses poem, she wore a red robe with a snake about her waist; which leads into line two. The Erinnyes have been depicited differently over the years but what stuck with me growing up was the image of them being like the gorgon sisters only; with bat like wings and snake-like hair.
And of course, the last line speaks of her role as a goddess of vengence.

Like her sister, she is a woman to be feared. A blood soaked beauty. It is quite fitting for her and her sisters to be servents of Hades and Persephone, punishing those criminals in Tartarus...

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Balaguer Jul 2020
It was art
intuitively we aspire
I reminisce upon the reflection of your face
a garden of angles
Japanese cherry blossoms in their trees
your aura
was layers of white clouds
the sun was over it.
It was brighter as I looked.
I closed my eyes
to see
a bright star in the sky,
when I think about your face,
I melt
like birds looking for food
and find themselves inside
a snake's
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