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Savio Fonseca Jul 2020
Her Beauteous Body,
was filled with Curves.
I took some Time,
to settle My Nerves.
My Lips set Rolling,
a Hundred Kisses.
I never Dreamt,
for this kind of Blisses.
I unwrapped Her Fashion,
to settle over Her Map.
Her Kisses kept pouring,
like water from a Tap.
As She parted Her Lips,
I entered Her Holy Shrine.
With every gentle Stroke,
    Her Face began to Shine.
Tom Waiting Jun 2020

reversed a verse from “Like a Rolling Stone;
~complements to Mr. B. Dylan, a Nobel man~

you, me, hear what you’re hearing, feeling it,
you, me, hear what you’re thinking, feeling that,
regenerating, excising, pinching a single word of Bobby’s
lyricizing, knowing, you’ve just handbag-snatched a poem full.

the rolling stone sings of next meal scrounging,
he’s talking to you, knowing you, you customizing
his lyrics modifying-jiggering, for your purposeful brain,
emotional crazed notions, your monsanto seed of needs and strains.

nah, I’m fibbing, polite-ly lying,
like clover waves springing up
overnight after a night’s soaking,
raining, picking up hints, misdirections, clues,
***, poem titles dripping from my glassy eyes!

des idées for the next poem, the one, in the garden hereafter,
now called thereafter, all arriving in tranches, backyard bunches,
just to write down the titles fast enough, sometimes, trouble,
oft easy, sometimes rough, but always a fast rush jiggling job.

yeah, I’m liking that word, scrounging,
got character, internal noises aclashing,

so I’m scrounging
while lounging , it’s so ******* easy,

it’s getting borrowed till you! steal
it out from under me,
like an ill reputed
good poet should...

P.S. don’t keep me waiting!
let the scrounging commencin’

Masuda Khan Juti Nov 2019
rolling drop of sweat
slowly slowly drops.
From the bottom of your breast
aiming straight it falls
On your thigh it tries to rest - but ah
--- it's a sticky plummet.
Colm Nov 2019
Long walks
Cloudy eyes
Quiet thoughts of you in mind

The Atlantic turning like a phantom fog
With dark words beneath, and even brighter skies

To illuminate the hopeful flame
Of the flickering all, of all once kind

Know that these waters turn for you
And in hindsight turn, for me and mine
Walking along the high tide line, watching the Atlantic from the side lines.

One of my favs:
Nazish Idrees Sep 2019
He seems as round as a stone
But he has some sharp corners

He is thrown by her feet at someone's door
She picked him up and cleaned a lot

She motivated him and offered support
He turned out to be an impressive soul

She hoped to continue and asked for more
He walked away to the feet who have knocked him before

She is confident that he will be ****** again very soon
He does not know that now he will never gain her support

He is a rolling stone
She admits it as a whole
Max May 2019
Paint it, black.

Now I get the song.
Colm Oct 2018
No more shadows reign
No more the dark running waves
For they have crashed, yes
And will pass inquisitive
As no darker means will last
All unpleasantness will pass and crash. Like the waves at sea. Dark and rolling.
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
the ball jingles
the cat runs
she plays
then she stops

glares up at me with that look
that says

you expect me to
all the way over there?!
just to get that stupid jingling ball?!

you humans are dumb

i'm gonna go lick myself
and take a nap

...idiot humans...
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
A Rolling Stone

A rolling stone gathers no moss;
For it forever travels on, even though it has no legs.
It simply rolls on, through the poorest little village;
Its destination unknown, its path filled with the dead.

This rock is enormous.  Your garden has turned to dust;
Your plants are now flat and the grass has been soiled
And marked by this rock.  It left a lasting impression.
You'll remember the rolling stone, but by now it's moved on.

The rolling stone is still rolling, it has rolled all it's life;
Its job is to roll and it's done that just right.
Destroying all things, that get in its way;
It knows its future, it's always the same.

To roll is to live, for this rolling rock;
It only quest in life, is to keep rolling on.
Leaving a path of destruction, for nothing can stop its wrath;
It's dizzy from the rolling; its life seems quite a laugh.

People flee when they see it coming
And it's now grown to be huge.
Look out!  Here comes the rolling stone;
It’s coming directly for you.

**** Jagger saw the rock, as it rolled down the hill;
But he thought it was an illusion, he saw because of the pills.
Now he's old he's not so convinced, that the rock wasn't real
And maybe now at last, he can start to really believe.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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