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7d · 57
Max 7d
What's a world without hatred,

What's a world without love?
It's both needed to create the happiness and peaks of life
7d · 76
What the future
Max 7d
I finally know why I always have a plan-B,

It's because I'm really terrified Plan-A will fail.
Really scared of the future
Aug 4 · 44
Max Aug 4
You lose some,
You win some.
Simple and true
Max Aug 1
I was still thinking about my past,

While she was already talking about the future.
Is there a correct way?
Jul 30 · 61
Thinking of the end
Max Jul 30
I hope my last thought is a nice one.
Jul 27 · 106
Max Jul 27
Am I homesick?

Or just not able to let the stress and emotions fade.
Oh why do I have to feel this?
Why can't I just relax?
Why is my escape a memory of it all...
Homesickness is killing me, and I never had any trouble with it before...
Any tips?
Max Jul 11
Writing my life

With the blood of those who tried to change my story.
And I'm gonna get there.
Jun 30 · 239
Did some gardening.
Max Jun 30
Took a little trip down the garden of Eden

And it had the best fruit I've ever tasted.
Jun 25 · 71
Max Jun 25
Hope is what keeps me alive throughout my stint in life. Sheer hope. Hope and the presence of loved ones
A tribute to shawshank
Jun 25 · 157
True Grit
Max Jun 25
Time just gets away from us.
Had to quote this amazing sentence from the best ending of one of the best movies I've seen.
Jun 18 · 118
Max Jun 18
Reality unfocused,
Fantasy lingers in my mind.
Jun 17 · 146
Royal Flush
Max Jun 17
To prove
Is to reach.

To defeat
Is to accomplish.

To accept,
Is to be set free.
Mind slips away in the fear of losing a bet against the past.
Jun 16 · 361
Night tide
Max Jun 16
High tides,
Low moon,
Light and water collide.
Jun 4 · 126
Foolish eyes
Max Jun 4
They lied to me.
Some people therefore died for me.
All because of
Your fooling eyes.

My hands are tied,
And there's nothing I have not tried
Oh why do they control me
Your fooling eyes.

My trust became bona fide
My hate so unjustified
Oh why did you enter my mind,
All because of
Your fooling eyes.

I feel so horrified,
And somehow satisfied,
By this continuous thought

The eyes of suicide.
*sings happily* I got suicide on my mind.
May 27 · 107
Max May 27
My mind on autopilot,
Life just goes on.

But if it were up to me.
I'd put it on pause,
Life is useless
May 27 · 664
Max May 27
Paint it, black.

Now I get the song.
Max May 26
I want to be with you,

Even though you're in heaven.
The tempation of joining you is only getting bigger.
I miss you so much.
May 25 · 109
Shattered words?
Max May 25
I'm scared
But by what
I don't know.

My mind shattered by the fear of the common,
And attracted by you.
If somebody could define this poem, that would be great.
May 25 · 45
De onbewezenheid
Max May 25
Het leven is onbewezen
Niemand voelt het aan
We weten het, maar wanneer zal jij gaan
Het leven is onbewezen

De bevraging van ons bestaan
Leven we door, als onze taak is gedaan?
Of sluit ons lichaam en zullen we vergaan?
Het leven is onbewezen.
Moest wat schrijven, dus deed ik dat.
May 15 · 117
Max May 15
Stay a little longer, just for me.
Don't leave me here, you make me stronger.

You were my buddy, my pal when nobody stood by me in the past hell.

You're going to leave, and I'm scared.
Not because you're gone, but just because you're not there.

I wished you could and stayed a little longer.
I want to make you proud.

You'll be something I carry, around my neck and near to my heart.

So if the moment may come, the moment I fear.
Can I trust you, that you're staying by my side, up there?

Don't go, let's stop the time.

I don't want to face this fear.
For my grandma, I love her.
May 8 · 241
Fury fusion
Max May 8
Your words are like the tail of a scorpion,
Your deeds like the fangs of a snake,
Your touch like the sting of a bullet ant,
Your presence like being surrounded by hellfire.

You're satan's little helper.
Somebody is trying to sabotage something that's very precious to me.
May 6 · 143
Max May 6
I have a plan,
But no clue.
May 6 · 149
Max May 6
Discover everything, especially if they say you shouldn't, because new things are mostly disapproved at first.

But just don't do anything that indeed is dumb and results in death.
That's just plain stupid.
It's me back in the classroom being bored.
May 2 · 391
Max May 2
Just got an A+ for my English essay
Apr 21 · 1.1k
Spring is in the air
Max Apr 21
I love you like
You make me happy
Like the colours
Of the trees that
Your smile
Makes my flowers

And therefore I only plant roses,
Just to give them to you.
I love you
Apr 20 · 428
Fuel of love
Max Apr 20
Is love the fuel of our hearts?
Because maybe we should switch fuel.
Because our hearts are polluted.
Having some difficulties with leaving bad people.
Apr 13 · 142
Late night thoughts
Max Apr 13
I'm dreaming about being the king of many of my enemy's.
But I doubt someone can even be their king, because why would someone want to be responsible for their stupidity.
Cheers mate! Grab a beer and make it fun.
Apr 11 · 99
The book and the end
Max Apr 11
I just read a book
And at the end I was shook.
So I read it again
But then I forgot how it began.
That darned confusing book.
First try.
In memory of Edward Lear.
Max Apr 7
Whenever I hate people, and they're being disrespectful
I say to myself: "One day, they'll work for me."
And it makes me feel better.
Apr 3 · 198
Gotta face it daily
Max Apr 3
I find the lack of respect and intelligence in this world disturbing.
So sad
Apr 3 · 85
Oohhhhh spook
Max Apr 3
If you set your bar any lower, you'll be in hell before you even died.
Mean but fashionable
Mar 28 · 101
Max Mar 28
Went to my grandma for advice today.

She gave the best advice I could get. Even a therapist, doctor, officer of the law and a scientist can't beat granny's advice. She is just too kind for me and beloved by me.
Even though she's sick, when I need her help, she has the clearest mind. And for that I'm really grateful.

Personal and sorry for that. I just thought it waa word sharing such a gesture of love
Mar 24 · 382
The gracious rock
Max Mar 24
I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place
So oh please, I'm in need of grace.
I have to act grown up or I have to act the way I feel. But neither one seems reasonable
Mar 20 · 554
Max Mar 20
I wish I could tear myself apart just to get rid of the scars they left me.
Everything disolves and my grandma is not doing well..
Mar 18 · 338
Proud of ?
Max Mar 18
I want to say it out loud:
I'm finally really proud.

Proud of you and proud of myself, proud of humanity, Proud of education, proud of my grades. And most of all:
Proud to know what it takes.
Just because I'm happy
Mar 18 · 206
Max Mar 18
Passion and motivation are great things, and together, they are unstoppable.
Mar 18 · 154
Advise is welcome:)
Max Mar 18
Working on a little book for my poems, good idea? And how can I spread it? Does anyone have tips?
Don't want to sound arrogant or like someone who uses this site for attention or something.  I just hoped you guys could help me out:) You can also message me privately!
Max Mar 15
The last thing I want my enemies to see before they die is me smiling at them.
Cruel as hell, sorry :)
Mar 13 · 1.2k
Garbage man
Max Mar 13
If I were a garbage man, then I had had a reason to pick you up again.
Meanie ******
Max Mar 12
I... I find pleasure in knowledge.

But I admire your ignorance too.
By W.W. Walt Whitman
Mar 12 · 363
Max Mar 12
Enjoy your dreams, reality is cruel enough.
Mar 11 · 267
Max Mar 11
Thou are one witch I shall not see in the darkest places of our existence.
I will let thee drown in water, drown in thy sorrow and burn thy children. As there should be no continuance in thy existence. Thou are evil and filled with hatred.
Burn baby burn.
Controversial? Maybe...
Mar 10 · 797
Max Mar 10
There's place for so much beauty when you cut off the rotten roots.
Mar 9 · 386
Max Mar 9
Congratulations for whatever you have achieved.
Probably nothing special,
but that defines you:
nothing special.
Hate on them haters
Mar 6 · 126
I'm melting
Max Mar 6
Feel like the world is frozen, and I'm too hot for the ice to stand on and therefore I'm melting my way to the core of it all.
Mar 6 · 279
Max Mar 6
Don't worry if things don't work out, you just gotta have a plan B.
Especially for relationships
Mar 5 · 146
Idk what to say
Max Mar 5
I don't have faith in myself, so I put mine in IT (whatever that may be). I just don't want to give myself the honor of being proud, because I shouldn't be.
I'm worthless

So I'll just give the honor to fate.
I'm where I wanted to be, but I don't want to say that I did it. Because I'm never proud of myself
Mar 1 · 159
Short and swifty
Max Mar 1
Are we long overdue?

Because no more do I see any potential in you...
Get swifty
Feb 27 · 122
Answer me.
Max Feb 27
Feb 25 · 299
Sender unknow.
Max Feb 25
Such a clear sky tonight,
There were so many stars, yet one shined the brightest.

And I wondered who was it up there trying to talk and brighten my night?
Stood outside blazed by the starry night.
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