Jacob 4d

You know I'm used to building up walls
Used to finding someone then I go taking the fall
I told you many times, "I'm fine, don't worry at all"
Nights I wanted to pick up my phone just to give you a call
Caring less and less around me, all my time has been around you
Let you inside my world when you told me not to
Told you many times that I got you
Ocean in your eyes, I've been lost at sea
Drowning in my thoughts, it used to be you and me
But I can't seem to find a single silver lining
I tell you I'm fine, but I'm lying
My heart can't wait for the right timing
Don't you get it?
There's a reason I met you, you don't think I get you?
You ask me why I'm trying so hard, because I think you're special
Embedded in my mind, it's only you and nobody else
Yet you said so many times, "There's somebody else"
But you still pick up my calls and you still reply to my texts
Told you "I love you" and that was a fucking mess
The cracks in your heart just look like mine
You and I were broken around the same time
Beautiful smile with all the pain in your eyes
You have a love so deep, you trust the wrong guys
And I understand it more than anyone
That for now you're not looking for a connection with anyone
But what if I told you I'm the better one?
Spilling all my heart and I'm going to let it run
My mind is saying leave you but my heart says no
You made your choice, but I can't seem to let this go
Thinking of your voice in a world so cold
I'm breaking down now but I won't let it show
And even if I may seem crazy it doesn't make this wrong
Wonder what if you're thinking "What's going on?"
I've been lost in my mind, but like always
I'll tell you nothing's wrong and everything's fine
What's the point of finding you, the one, if it was the wrong time?

Maybe, just maybe...
Jacob Jun 19

Faded visions, I can barely
Remember it so vaguely
Yesterday when you still had me
But you let me slip
Broken promises, broken grips
Heavy lust for your eyes and lips
Heavy feelings that we both can't lift
Putting up a face like this isn't all wrong
Sad songs I listen to, I can't front, I'm not that strong
This is a love that I chose to turn my back on
This is a mistake I'll never learn from
Late night voice messages on your phone
You still listen to them right?
I'm the villain, you're the victim, right?
Frustrations got you wanting to get back at me
Instead of with me, right?
Who took who for granted?
Insecurities dragged us into this
You told me you understood
But I see your eyes and the growing distance
Let's just face it, right now you hate
This kind of love that we somehow made
You told me you needed to some space
Drowned you in trust, even when I'm already drained
But you still doubt me even till this day

She got me up all night listening to love songs.
Giacomo Jun 18

To live...
In peace.
We both,
Dream for it.
And now.
Its my...
Lone dream

Paul Jones Jun 16

I am your low roar     of distant thunder,
you are my intense     flashes of lightning.

18:00 - 16/06/17
State of mind: euphoric; ecstasy.

Thoughts: from feeling - the storm within.

Questions: none.
Jacob Jun 14

These 2 AM feelings, I've been fighting not to let them in
I've been sick and only you can be the medicine
I know you've got a man but who am I to meddle in?
I shouldn't be even talking about this, this is so irrelevant
But I'm going to write it all down just for the hell of it
I'm lost in my thoughts, maybe I'm way ahead of it
Obsessed, yes, I guess just a little bit
If I called you right now would you answer it?
If I called you right now would you stay a bit?
I'm trying to hit you up, ask you what you're down for?
Tell me what you're feeling cause I'm trying to stick around though
Let me paint our future, you know I could be Picasso
You could be my only one and I could build you a castle
Tell me where the days went as everyday with you is amazing
I'm losing motivation, I got a love song playlist up in rotation
"Should I send her a text?" I'm filled with hesitation
Tell me that you feel it too
I'm losing all my patience
If we aren't together
Then that's so much time wasted
I got no time for these girls who're always getting wasted
You took my heart on a trip and I'm still on vacation
What are you looking for, am I that troublesome?
Wrote you a poem before, and here's another one
Another love poem and you're not even mine
You cross me off your list but you're still crossing my mind
But don't you worry, I'm fine, it's just a little late
When these vibes come on I feel a certain way
If I came through now would you let me stay?
You're my brighter days because I've long been in December rain
Lost in your thoughts, you never know where you're headed
Heart broken and I let it, I honestly need to get a medic
I said it might just go away with sleep but this awfully pathetic
I know I need to get back on the road
Feelings, they come and they go
The thing about our heart is, does it ever let go?

My last one of you.

I love you
I really do
And in case
You love me too
We can make
A dream come true

The first poem I ever wrote
maddie Jun 3

i love you more than words can say
when i hug you it takes my breath away
you buy me roses i melt to the ground
you give me kisses my heart starts to pound
we've been together for nearly a year
the day we break up is the day that i fear
we'll always have our ups and downs
mostly smiles never frowns
i wrote this poem for you to see ...

what you and i both could be.

late night I'm tired. gn.

If we were ...

if we were in a same bed now ..
i would be waking you up ..
and asking for sex right now ..
even every night will do ...
will asking you for a hot nice sex ...

yes sweet bird mine...
i want to make you happy ..
with every night ..
i will make sweet lovely love ...

you will never know ...
even you will never imagine ...
how it would be ...
craziness through craziness ...
as my feelings as well as me ..

will take you as you need ..
to my great crazy world ...
my world and it craziness ...
which you love and desire ...
your desires that never get stop ...
until you get a tire body ...
with a sleepy eyes ...
but even ..
will never stop ...
will keep making that love ...
even when you dive into dreams ...
will keep making love with you ...
all kind love ...
even a dirty ones ...
just to make you happy ...
my sweetheart ...
just pray to be together now ...
just pray sweetheart ...
that we are in a same bed ...

hazem al ...

Maurice S Jun 1

I cant stop thinking
about the time we share
the things I have to bear
it is corroding me
there is something wrong with "we"
time has flown
I care nothing about the love
you have shown
tangled webs we all weave
another moment with you
I'm going to leave

Ramsha May 30

There will be a day when you make up your mind to do things you never expected.
There will be a day when you look back at your past and not regret..
There will be a day when you decide to leave and let go...

That will be 'One Day'........
Why not make it today?
Decide what you want not what others want from 'You'......

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