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CROW 15h
I am writer,
I am not a fighter,
But the pen is stronger than the sword,
and spilling blood isn't as powerful as a single word,
Fear that of which the writer will write,
Cause the writer is always right,
And his knowledge is what you think of till the end of the night.
Aisha 1d
we could be queens.
we could have had it all.
we could ride high above the clouds,
watching storms forming
listening for thunders as they growl
and reminding ourselves
to always keep on hoping.

we were soulmates, we were one.
but you went away and left me to fall,
in the worst dark there is.

here i am
trying to comprehend
this new world, my new world
without you.
I fall again.
the buddha
is the Buddha
and here we are
we are here
A song


That first message you
sent to me thats turned
my life around for you shone a light upon me
my life so darkened
by grief and now
We'll both be


Till the both us go home my friend forever more we'll be till the both us go home my friend till the both us go home


And although there's Is
an ocean between us our friendship will never waver for the bond of friendship we have so strong that never
ever shall It be


Till the both us go home my friend forever more we'll be till the both of us go home my friend till the both us go home
This Is a song dedicated to my best friend In Texas friends till we both go home
And when I'm feeling
low and life seems to
be dragging me
I have a true friend who
reached out to me from
far beyond the
Two hearts that found each other and although there an ocean between
But we will always be a
comfort to each other and will be friends till we both go home
Two hearts that found each other and although there's an ocean between us we remain, friends, till we go home
It’s a shame for me,
To claim,
That I live in,
An independent state,
When all I see around me,
Are salves
Slaves of fate,
***** of greed,
Slaves of lies,
It is a disgrace for me,
To say,
That I live in a.
Peaceful state,
Where  everyday,when I wake up,
All I see are the bodies,
Of innocents hanging,
Hanging on the branches,
Branches of banyan,
Branches of trees,
It is so degrading.
For me to say,
I belong to a loving state,
When I see my people,
Being discriminated,
On basis of colour, sect,religion,
And I feel ashamed,
When I see a headless body,
Of an innocent child,
Who had only learnt to smile……………
Let's call it truths
Let's just say we never loved
I don't know
You were only meant to teach me
Something maybe
Through dreams, I'm trying to reach far beyond any logical reasoning to much different

l suppose to time spent In fantasy land detached from reality but It seems
to be the place I want to
be right

Feel comfortable away from the outside world an
escape to where I don't feel I'm being dictated

by people that think they have a God-given the right to tell us what to do People who think they have the right
to tell when to eat what we eat when sleep when to wake when to talk, people who think we can't or don't have the Intelligence to make decisions for

the average person has far more Intelligence than all these clowns that making an absolute disaster of our

and we all have to go
down with this sinking ship that Is our country because of there stupidity
and Inability of these clowns to run our country God help us
The average person has far more Intelligence than they are given credit for they dictated to by clowns couldn't even run a bingo hall let alone the country
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