Madeon 2h

In childhood we want
something we grow up faster
but when we are grown up
we again long for childhood.

elle 4d

We pick the things we like
We watch the things we love, grow

halsey 6d

We knew
that our eyes had not seen
such a view
you were looking at it
i was looking at you

ICN Aug 9

your embrace is no longer warm
it's not a field of sunflowers
or a safe place

now it is a cold winter storm
your arms are the gusts of a hurricane
while i stand in its eye;
we feign our affection
and the air can feel it.

//i miss the old you\\
ylruceiram Aug 7

'Please stop me.' feelings shouted
As she desperately fought her way
Out of her deep hidden cage

Well yeah just feelings
Paul Jones Aug 6

An ivy cutting     will start growing roots
all along its stem,      if touched by water.

23:20 - 06/07/17

State of mind: reflective; deep thought.
Perspective: natural; structural.

Thoughts: from observations - of an ivy cutting that grew its roots, not only from the base of the stem where it was cut, but also all along the stem, at the intersections where the branches grew out its leaves.

We grow from what wounds us, but also from where we are allowed to grow. If that place is fear we grow fearful, if that place is want we grow wanting... and so on for any state of mind. Societies, too, have a state of mind.

If fear or want is to be overcome, it must be in a place where they are not familiar.

When conflict arises from fear or want, the peace must be bridged by creating an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and communication.

Questions: how can an atmosphere of respect, understanding and communication become the emphasis for interpersonal relations?
alan Aug 6

Ebony is in the wind
we're walking down Herringbone street
when the evening's cold
and nothing
is on our minds.
Oneirataxia in us
right now along the flow
we slam our white shoes 'til they are
of color.
Hustle along now
we ride the bus home
while our crescent eyes hide
behind yellow ties
and showing youth
only from
below the knees.

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