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v 2d
her eyes stare emptily
but beneath the surface she fights
for the liberation of her soul from this suffering
Eliseatlife Oct 6
What you see
It isn't me

I didn't go there looking for you
I went looking for me

But here you are
and somehow in finding you
I think I've found myself to
With the prettiest girl in the city
I wish that i knew her
I wish i wasn't so shy
I wish i was a bit more fly
I wish that i could tell her,
How i really feel inside
That I'm the perfect guy for her
But then maybe that's a lie
She likes a certain type of guy
And it's crystal clear I'm not that guy.
Sometimes we do not get the exact package of what we wanted, instead we get the broken piece of our many wishes, Love is blind and to get loved you need a foresight of what you seek for and have ever prayed for, love is a two way thing and it should be reciprocated, we all deserve to be loved.
Erian Sep 26
"Can we start over?"
"So we can just be."
Left Foot Poet Mar 2018
at 11pm in nyc
one sees what
you need to c
what you don’t want to b
what’s c-ing you
all the aleph bets
are ghosting words in your
brown i’s and clear fingernails

then when and why
you are under the
dining room table
cause you don’t want to be
a real person
it’s so oh much easier to be
in the under, the table dark thunder,
so when until you need to be a visibility,
until then a ghost is a fine impossibility

do we believe in ghosts?
girl, you crack me up
W ooooohoooo W you who?

the witching wishing h our
Max Sep 21
Where does love go?
Does it go east?
All I know, is it’s going away from my compass
It's an unmagnetic thing in my case
I used to wonder
Spend my time daydreaming
Wishing she would
Reciprocate my feelings
But now I know
Now I have no doubt
I know exactly
How she feels about me now
It's pretty clear. It's pretty **** clear.
Ken Pepiton Sep 16
the need to be needed at the level of corpuscular order,

tunnels flushing- usable to useless,
three cycles per sixty pumps synched
recently discovered fact,


them sphincters, wiggle that tail,

this is that, or
better said this is as that was.

That's over. we timed it.

is a messenger, you might
see it as a program, a chron-job,

an I'll go rhythm from the ole Pepiton lexicon.

Apotosis of the completely alienated
right, if nothing works as well as all the evil let be-ers think,
then we know everything is getting better than that.

True, hold right in the side of your mind you are on best terms with,

judge the messenger by the message,

this is judging angels. y/n

get a grip, some such rights ain't

we are on team earth,
**** sapient sapient augmentalatedus,

new construals of what we may be
and these words
are flowing where dry bones were,
last I noticed.
Listening to Howard Bloom Lucifer Principle and a musing my self imaging memes. Imagine this is as I wisht, okeh, this is... mind wanders on
Anna Sep 15
This is not what we thought it was
This is not a poem about love
I promised you I would write our love to the stars__
But what could I write if that was not what we thought?

I gave you half of my fried chips
Shared other foods
As my bed and my heart
But all you did was take it and leave
When you felt satisfied.

I don't see the fairness in this
Miss the smell you had in the mornings
Soft maritime lull mixed with pumpkin pie
My favorite childhood memory
I could hear birds singing in my ear
When you whispered at it.

In the end all I had
Was my body thrown into the sea
Tempestuous and deep sea
I could see the lightnings through it
As my body was taken by the waves.

I'm a little drunk, trembling like the touch of your fingers
Before throwing me overboard
Without shouting that there I was
On the verge of drowning.

I asked you before all that
Turn me into the memory you would never ever forget
Lock me in your depths and keep me there
As I will do until I die
Drowned by the love you said it was.
Faizel Farzee Sep 11
Erupted feelings from a volcanic mind, embedded to these pages
ashen soul and broken heart, armed emotions rages

The thoughts i bleed from an open wound, comes from deep within
A place unknown, it's unexplored terrain, it's a stranger to my skin

Flashing words moves lightning quick, disappears within my soul
with a thunderous sound to the speed of light, my innocence it control

Dreams becomes my nightmare, with eerie thoughts i wake
Sleep walking through these ghostly nights, hoping i don't break

The feelings i am touching, it has a sense of wonder
Yet every-time my heads above water, i feel like going under

Drowning in an ocean of thoughts, waves of emotion crashed over me
Sometimes i wish my past could meet my future, together we could flee

How i wish sometimes i can disappear, leave this exit door of strife
get into an elevator,  and elevate my crippled life

These marathon of thoughts, slowly running through my head
Is simply to let my lifeless soul know, that i'm not truly dead.
When your feelings escape you, and you chasing them down,
remember to be breathe, we above water, don't drown
They will soon return, although somewhat numb
it's better than dying, livings more fun.
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