Sean Scribbles Apr 19

You’ll have to let me know,
How long that fragile peace will last.

How long you’ll be content with not knowing why something bothers you,
And why such thoughts will not settle and pass.

Would you let me know then, and how that was?
So that I can say, I've been there as well.

For the truth is that, most people are meant, but not for us.
Such people are nice, but not enough.

That is, in time.
They are dulcet and sweet, but cannot satisfy the vastness, or thirst of an ocean mind.

Not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But in due time. Perhaps also in mind. You'll see what I see from this other side.

*slow and honest nod*

so the word for you folks tonight
to the mother who's struggling to make ends meet with two jobs
to the father who is struggling to put away his addictions that seem to win every waking second
to the girl who wishes she was someone else
i'm here to tell you even in  your circumstances
even when times when waves come crashing at you
and you can't find the strength to swim
His hands are faithful
he will pull you out of the mud and put you on level rock !
steadfast is his love
say goodbye , step out of the past

i just wanted to tell you that i appreciate all your words .... each and everyone of you , and i know poetry seems like a good place to out your worries so ..... son't ever think what you write does not matter to someone .... #lovePau
komal aggarwal Apr 18

You love someone else
And this is the most difficult thing to digest.
By hearing your stories
My heart quack little less.
All the way long you are the fantasy
But now it all shattered like entity.
When ever you need help
I give it by forgetting everything else.
But now excuse me
As my Fidelity has came to an end.

xerez bridglall Apr 14

When we were young we are told to stay away from the edges,
That if we fall we'll be hurt.
As the years pass by we inch closer to the ledge,
Curious of what we were warned against.
We sneak peaks,
Eyes searching, hands jammed defiantly into pockets,
Breathing heavy with red cheeks.
We are taught to search our closets for monsters,
Snuggled between our clothes.
We were never taught that monsters lay in the contours of your face.

Wordsinalign Apr 13

In the crowds of colourful birds that sat in the tallest trees, every one of them prettier than the rest across seven seas. Metaphors and similes of their beauty, made the cracks on the pavement lay at ease.

One of them remained low because you can’t fly with wings made of gold in the garden of wild unruly souls. Like the bird whose wing is broken, you are the one that couldn’t follow the motion. You can’t fly like the others or blend with their feathers.

She sat in the roar of society, keeping to herself invisible to the quietly.
A part of her died accepting that she can’t fly,
that she liked it down here and being different.
But at times she just wondered why,
what is it about her that made her insignificant that she had to lie.
Broken wings cannot fly though I’ve seen more brokenness fill the skies.

With an aroma of anticipation and she waited there for her signal, the other birds strutted their formation and blamed her for her lack of imagination.

“Go ahead feathered soul”, he said. His feather shimmering gold, she lived in denial that this new stranger fell in love with her aura of survival.

Mary Beazer Apr 12

Sometimes I wonder what we really need to do.
Do we try to be successful?
Or "Go with The Flow Type"?
What do we do?
People say be yourself,
But what is yourself?
Why do we have these Labels?

Thank you For reading!

we are the earth
born from the stars
we are stardust
but much more we are

we inherited nature
we're not made for the city
we left our first love
to become humanless and ugly not pretty

We are the egomania animal
we think we're so important, the center of everything
and were really just another mammal
Maybe everything's special in the bigger picture of things

we are cruel and merciful
We know how to consciously invoke terror
and we know how to consciously invoke compassion
We are both sides, evil and good, full of life and passions

Makula Hala Apr 7

Like a fog at night
I know you'll creep into my head.
Around every corner,
lurking like an unknown figure
in the dark.
Your face will always find me,
in my darkest hour,
my happiest morning,
or the lightest of my sleep.
You'll always be with me,
I can't escape you.
I can't want to try to forget,
and I can't need to stop missing you
before you're even gone.
But you will be.
You'll run away into a cloud of happiness
just like everyone before you,
and anyone to come later.
But I know you'll take a piece with you,
a piece of a greater size than anyone before,
and you'll run.
You'll run so fast I can't remind my feet
to run after you to stop you,
to ask you to stay, to remind you I'm still
here and I can't be without you.
So I'll just stay.
And be so unsure of where I'll go next that I'll just stay.
I'll just stay until someone comes and drags me
Because I can't go.
I won't.
I'll just sit and remember until the fog rolls in again
and I can't see anymore,
and I'm left with only my thoughts
of what was and what could have been our "is" and "are"
and I'll just be lost, but still be in the same place
as I've always been.
Sitting here.

we hold onto to each
we are not ready to let go
we hold tight to those wrist
we can feel our blood flow
we clinch tightly to strength our bond
we know our heart beat has become one
we will no longer stand alone
we are together
we will let the world know
we are united
we will not let go
we are different people
but we are all connected with our souls

interlocking our hands in a time that we need to

Embrace your storms
They only come when they are not acknowledged
Or when we ignore something in us for long
They wait for their roars to be heard
By us materialistic gods
They wait patiently like a swift wind blowing-
East, west and all directions of now
Hoping maybe the us and we would listen to its call
The patience pour's out eventually giving rise to a roar
Something even the godly us can't dismiss
For justice must roll back to balance the injustice spread within the halls
And all that's left is you and the storm that waited long to be heard
It could be anything from a simple desire
To an excruciating loss
But in the end
All you must do is embrace that storm
It ain't that easy
But love is all that puts everything back to normal
The kind and gentle rescuing and rejuvenating the broken
And the flaws.

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