Valerie 1h
we float endlessly
on this cloud
we call existence-
paddling across a
stream of events-
milestones of fabricated
importance and meaning-
we're in an
empty space of
shapes and forms-
we're idyllic wanderers,
drawers of such
a wild dream
coffee and 3am inspiration, my people.
Bryce Apr 16
Rain baffles the aching windowpane
Between the streams midnight clouds sing
A beating drum of thunderclap
When all is said and done

Somewhere very deep beneath
A sea of tears
and babeled ballast
a sunken dream awaits me

As raindrops pluck the surface
with the tender touch of violin,
I hear your dying cry,
Nearer my God to thee

Take me, take me,
Your deep love and misery
I cling to dry hopes
Upon foundering spires I find their sin

The chill of unknown rope begins,
Alight beyond the reach of man,
They twist and turn all they can,
To rest with forgotten porcelain

How god had laughed in envy of me
to strike his simple icy tune,
tonight I sing his name
last of air I breathe,
this child's toy,
this ripped balloon.

that last gracious song of autumn,
you sang to me that early spring
let it be known
I hold you now,
Forever entombed.
Mike D Apr 11
An old man now
with wrinkled face
A chasms drop
You fall from grace
But is grace a fair term
used to describe
When a lifetime of secrets
you tried to hide
But secrets are a race
you can not win
For they always catch up to you
in the end

You bend and twist
Warp and contort
Disfigured knots
left out of sort
A chaotic web
A haunted house
A maze of mirrors
with no way out
Hopes to confuse
In circles run
Watch it unravel
Your time has come
A contract written
in your blood
For what you took
Now stuck in mud

Cherubic angels
Innocent and pure
A child’s laughter
is heard no more
Replaced with screams
as you killed
Spared their lives
But took their will

Now frail and weak
An old man you are
Face what you've done
You can’t go far
In orange garb
with shackled limbs
Head hung forward
Judged for your sins
You took an oath
A man of God
But no man were you
A demon we saw

Those you afflicted
Now standing tall
Your power gone
You looked so small
Some took the high road
deciding to forgive
After all you put them through
and the hell they had to live
Others would have struck you down
if able to put their hands on you
Benches filled with disgusted visitors
A far cry from crowded pews

Placed in a box
Can hurt no more
Where no light enters
No exit door
Forever alone
Never again will you see
or talk with a living person
Confined to your thoughts for eternity
Tossed in a pit
to be forgotten
The insignificant remains
of what was unholy and rotten
Thankfully I've never been a victim of abuse but I have known an unfortunate number of people who have. They are not victims. They are survivors and the vile and retched beings that afflict such heinous acts hopefully get the justice they deserved.

Written: April 3, 2018

All rights reserved.
No I don't have to lie ,
May be I do but it's all clear in my eyes ,
No bag full of passion is clinging behind,

No I don't have to lie,
We might talk or not but the secrecy of our needs we'll hide,

No I don't have to lie ,
Don't worry I won't write books about what you've done  & doing side by side ,
First define your dreams ; what you need so that you won't break someone's feeling for the next time ,

No I don't have to lie ,
Sparks we had the sweetest envy we shared but we dried ,
Thousands of words are tinted dull ; now it's a half bareland of trust and needy appetite.

No I don't have to lie,
No I don't have to lie.
halsey Mar 30
we came upon a stitch of sky
holding the loneliest stars
Will we care to know who we are,
unbolt our mind and explore.

Boundless lands are a leap away,
yet we decide to stay where we were.

Holding on to careless memories that slip,
we make a conundrum of our life.

Eyes turn to faucets that sob till dusk
and nurture pain that body expels.

Second chances that God showers us with
can drag us towards a utopia.

If our reluctance still shows up,
we must be foolish to preach for mercy.
I'm a firm believer of the idea that it's never too late to improve. If we know the consequences of our sins yet abstain ourselves from doing good, it is a shame.
Nayana Nair Mar 29
Can we become better that what we are?
We dream of better future.
But we become worse, become bitter
every time our life runs into our worst dreams.
We hope to forget, we hope to let go.
But become restless, become hollow
looking at the parts we are missing
the parts we took from each other
that we have fed to our ego.
Can we become better that what we are?
Now we will
Get into each other
We don't need anything else
But just words
Ok start
                     You thrust an arrow
Of enchanting
                     Thoughts into me
Make me intoxicated
                       With it's poison
I endure your efforts
                        As I look into your eyes
Filled with so much
                        Of that sweet poison!
When you become tired
And thirsty for something
I satiate you
I drive myself into you
As you shed tears of joy
Now you find you
In my body
We become one
As I shoot that
Of desire
To enjoy
Every moment
Of this encounter
With me!
I am.........
What d'you think?
And she wasn't seeking any praise affirmatively,
But what her body was on ice block ceasing; craving for insanity,
Insanity of "love" one of the unique curse ,
She had the thirst,
Of Station to the location for a pair of eyes,
Admiring inmost from blood to where the insecurities lies,
Facing towards the absolute sky,
Repeating the uttermost fantasies of her life,
Smiling and setting peace beyond a mile ,
Beautiful than thousands of successful rhymes,
What she wants I know she barely knows but she lies ,
I wish she could have a look through my eyes.

Mike D Mar 9
She said those words
'Let's be friends'
If I never hear
those fucking words again
I swear to God
it would be too soon
Comical words
invoking cartoon
characters that are
kooky and dumb
Because that's where
these filthy words are from

You must take me for a wide-eyed naive
Or an escapee of the mentally insane
ward of a prison or "hospital"
or whatever politically correct term it's called

You can take your friendship
and shove it up your ass
I know,
I'm sorry
Such a statement has no class
It's crass
But I don't give a fuck
I'm angry right now
For a moment
I had hope
You got back in somehow

I built such sturdy walls
grande and tall
Made you stand outside
Press that intercom button to call
Kept you at a distance
Scars stayed but faded, more dull
You smiled and you waited
Baited me into a lull

We'd hang and talk
You'd smile and laugh
Hours upon hours
the time would pass
So comfortable; So easy
Something others don't have
Thoughts and dreams start again
But Nope,
Sorry! Too bad!

A forgotten feeling
Also an ember burning deep
High hopes birth expectations
That you did not want to meet
'It's just complicated right now'
Some bullshit you say
Oh! Okay! It's all better now

You were just being honest
Saying how you felt
It was me with the problem
A hand of cards that were self dealt
All the work I had done
The counseling and the meds
Heart-to-heart talks
Many books I have read
Feeling so confident
but overconfident I was
Unaware of the noise
A teeth shattering buzz
Blindly I stood
with the answers there for me
Head in the sand
Look away; Facts I did not want to see

You cast your spell
spelling danger to me
Who is this stranger
standing before me?
I can't stand the pain
A fire inside
can not be tamed
Turn in fear; Run and hide
Standing on my brain
Ferocious creature
Your talons slice and maim
Submissive student for my teacher

My entrails ripped out
Further entailed
A slow disembowelment
Entangling sails
Organs on sale
Detailed disembodiment
Pipe organ's funeral march
Start understanding what you meant

'Only fools love'
you said to me once
Thought I knew what you meant
Had an inkling or a hunch
But not a fucking clue
is the sad, sad truth
Your forked-tongue spit it's venom
Words used in an attempt to sooth

Mask after mask
you pulled from your face
Never the truth
Confused in a daze
You grasped with tentacles
Ensnared with your web
Lies are your candy
I was endlessly fed

My mind a toy
Nothing more
My heart for your consumption
Balls kept in a drawer
Rip me apart
Please tear me down
Your never-ending heartache
I'll choke in and drown

Under your foot
Under your thumb
An insect; A maggot
Piece of dirt; Lowly scum
What am I now?
What have I become?
What was I to begin with?
A child on the run
Running with fear
You made my heart run
Mouth running had your ear
My torture was your fun

Should I call you a 'bitch'?
Smear your name? Shout out 'Whore!'
Would that equal out the playing field?
Somehow even the score?
Playing games, put on pause
Maybe save for later
But there's no saving this time
Tend each need; I'm your waiter
Forever I'll wait
so endlessly I am waiting
Madly love you
Yet for me, I am hating

Thunderous booms
The sky streaked with light in veins
War is raging all around us
and in the balance we remain
Here I remain
even though there's no balance
Must be insane
Have me committed to this mess

You are a jigsaw puzzle
with half completed pieces in my mind
The rest of it a jumble
The other pieces I can't find
The nervous dog who is confused
I follow your commands
Unfulfilled, I'm simply used
Didn't go the way I planned

Now to me you speak
telling me more
of the textbook cliche nonsense
Told a million times before
You feign heartfelt sincerity,
interest and concern
Who you care for is a short list
It's as if I'll never learn

There was a version of me
that one time was alive I think
But nothing in life is free
As rain pours, in mud we sink
I proudly adorn
my stunning concrete shoes
Complimentary attire
for everything bad I choose

Frozen here
I'm kept in this unkempt place
A place marker; For my maker
Without marker
the unmarked
Written: March 8, 2018

All rights reserved
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