We are free souls.
We are free spirits, yet
we are waiting
for someone to show us the

We are pure,
we are unique.

We are strong.

We are beautiful.

We are the ones that decide our destinies.

Nor illness, nor hurt, nor death can stop us.

We are light,
we are energy.

We are souls, inside bodies.

But we,
we are not trapped.

We are not prisoners.
We don't need help.

We are more than we think.
We are

Olympia 3d

here we are
back to square one
i wish i would have realized it
deep down all of this is for the better
people dont play by the rules
they back themselves up with lies

there you go
back to square one
hoping your mistakes were nothing
yet you played me the fool
people arent what the appear to be
they all wear masks and capes

we are here
dancing on our own
both wanting different things
one destroying the other, gasping for air
people are nothing without love
they are formless statues begging for release

Pearl smoke Jan 13

I Do Have a Light.
It hasn’t sparked yet .
When it does, it will be so bright .
When I free From
This sickness , il be somebody .
I have the potential
To achieve great things .
I’m intelligent.
When I break Free
My life will Experience
So many Amazing things.
Il make my self useful.
I Will be productive
People will then depend on me.
I’m an awesome person.
Unfortunately my life
Unfolded Differently than others.
That doesn’t mean I can’t get
Back on my feet & Level Up.
I might not be anyone right now .
Have Attractive features
Like drive , Work , Education.
I do have other Nice things to point out towards me .  
One day il rise .

Samantha Jan 12

Tell me who you are.
Tell me what makes you tick.
Do you like the sound of rain?
Or do you prefer the sun?
Do you eat dessert for breakfast?
Or breakfast for dinner?
Is coffee what you crave in the morning?
Or is your first thought a nicotine fix?
Do you sleep peacefully?
Or do you lay awake tormented?
Do your skeletons dance in the closet?
Or do ghosts hide under your bed?
Do you prefer the storm?
Or revel in the stars?
What do you need to get through your day?
And do you think I could ever be one of those things?

she was

we will
never be
who she was
we are
she was


or was i

we could never
feel stupid


we don't have your number

call me
was so smart


Yasin Jan 10

Every Monday when I face you.
Your ball-shaped absorbing eyes.
Your pointy little nose as I observe a mouse.
Your reddish hot-lip.
Astonishing colored auburn faded into fair curvy hair.
All in all a fascinating facade.
But at all, just a facade.

She drowns behind her mirror.
Broken under the surface of the ocean.

Too often I think about her, to help her.
I ask her what she thinks about the world.
I know she has rotten roots inside her.
Carries and buries them deep inside her.
That's why I want to help her.
Illustrate the importance of her.
Create an urge to live and love.

We see us eye to eye.
Ask her to figure her situation.
An incomparable conversation.
It's like apples and oranges.
I let her know that her style is magnificent.
I wanna hug her. After I asked
May I hug you?
She feels cosily warm and comfortably soft.

Slowly I realise that reality distorts my reality.
Confused, I realise that we never talked
Swiftly, I perceive that we just looked
at each other.
Sadly, since we know that we like
to one another.
Finally, we admit that we are
broken beings.

I need help.
JosilinP Jan 9

We don't talk much anymore
we'll watch as the clock hits the floor
as time is slowing
theres nothing showing
but a small clip of your life
and how you killed out of spite
try and fix it all
we'll watch as the world starts to fall

took me like 6 minutes to write this. sorry
Polka Jan 4

an inside joke
we both share
i cant make it
because you aren't there.

i rlly reccommend watching "the shape of water" it's gr8
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