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I miss what we never had
I miss the potential love, and what we could have done with that
Inking dreadfully
poets are the greatest treasure hunters,
or maybe, they might be the happiest.
most likely the most fulfilled.

poets are the richest in nature.
or maybe, just the most aware.
most likely just the most sleep deprived.

poems are our greatest treasure,
like chests full of gold.
instead of gold it's words.
that we crave to hold.

poets are the hungriest.
for emotion, life, and fear.
or maybe,
just the calmest.
sitting quietly.
amongst their peers.
people often ask what poets are, or what classify's as a true poet.
but sometimes the greatest poets are the ones that don't write at all.
just the common folk that inspire us to write, to imagine, to create.
so thank you all you common folk who live out there living the poetic life without even trying.
We’re told it’s all about you or me,
We’re told be you and you’ll be free.

Hide the pain don’t let it show,
If it’s not seen then perhaps it’ll go.

No purpose, no friends, no life to live,
We’re still young, We’ve got a lot to give.

What do we do to fill the day,
What do we do to find a way.

Make it up we’ll get there in the end,
Be ourselves maybe we’ll make a friend.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
alone 4d
I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to break
I want them all to understand
I'm just a soul
A single pink soul
I'm far from perfect
I don't want to be ******* perfect
Perfection is boring
Why is it so hard to understand
That I don't want what they do
I want to be me
I want to be free
I also kinda want to die
But we don't talk about that
So please
Don't pull
Leave me be
And maybe
I'll make my way back to you
family issues ;-;
We need a reason ...

as a nights needs a lights ...
to make it beautiful ...
by it's moon and stars ..
to take off darkness ...
and all loneliness ...
from a our souls ...
to feel a poetic life ...

as a life needs the sun ...
every day ...
day by day ..
with every new morning ...
to give a hope  ..
and a love ...
to every one ...
to make our day ...
more beautiful ...
with every new morning ...
for a new reason ...
to love this life ...

as a night's  needs ...
as a day's needs ...
we also need a reasons ...
to feel this beautiful world ...
to make it more better ...
by love ...
and sharing love ...

yes ...
we just need a love ...
only love ...
it's the only reason ...
to make our world ...
more great ...
by love ...

hazem al ...
I am accepting an unwanted truth
But the truth, though the better
When compared next to kin
Such so notorious as deception
Or one infamous cousin
Known by and called upon
Across throat and lips and tongue
Whispered and known as Lies
Branch out from one shared limb
Of the tree of life, we are in
Ripening, trying to hold on
Growing too heavy
For such is our position
Too far out, at the very ends
The day that closes in
To fall off, wrapped in uncaring wind
The ground will welcome
Cold and hard to a rotten end
Some carried off to be tasted
And taken in, for the goodness they will give
The rest then witness the ruin
Of the form they have become  
As sweet turns bitter
Decay seeps in, spreads itself within
as this truth has done to me it seems
To ever be the one,
She loves, says she needs,
Puts effort towards keeping
In the life we once believed we wanted
Truth is it was simply, completely
My own, alone
My dream, my own self deception
My acquaintance with her sister Lies
That sold myself my own denial
Made me choose the view to fit
The dream i never get
And now i see things the way they are
Truth can be a difficult one
Abrasive and brutal, Unflinchingly effective
At lessons when forced to be taught
But Truth will never leave
Emptiness such as the pit my Lies wrought
Work in progress.  Lesson I'm learning within. Or trying to by any means.

"Let's think about this practically", she said
Words like church bells
in my head

Since when is love ever that?
It's not like
trying to pick a doormat

'Should we choose one that's cutsie?
Oh, what should it say?'

I'm sorry but love
isn't simple that way

I can't choose how I feel
I can't program my heart
Can't delete memories
Can't go back to the start...


Always here at the end
Constantly in a loop
I contort, stretch and bend
Break me down like a soup

Drowning me in my broth
Picture perfect finality
Like a dunce, acted soft
Never woke to reality
Written: September 26, 2018

All rights reserved.
Anjal Singh Oct 7
It was day after day,
When he found a tiny way..
Every night after night,
With a life full of light..
Living dreams after dreams,
Holding breaths full of screams..
As he breathe every breath,
He stepped closer to his death..
Longer sleeps in his bed,
Tired eyes, glittering red..
Thin skin, bony bed
Shorter days, full of med..
It was days after days,
That he found no lively ways..
It was breath after breath,
That he screamed himself to death..
That's life, live while you can!
lovestargirl Oct 5
I gaped from the shock,
As I stare at your eyes, now,
How are we to know?

Now, wearing older faces,
Never thought we’d meet here.
Looks like a love story.

You looked at me,
Like you’ve never seen me this way before.
But, I look at you with a familiar glimmer.

I forced not to smile,
As I held both my cold hands,
And stood there with my sweaty feet.

I failed to remember words,
It ate me instead.
You glanced back, and bid your goodbye.

Somewhere long ago,
We’ll we know?
How’d it go, if this is still yours?

I’ll have to (let you) know.
forget with you
about this world
we will go together with you
into the abyss

forget with you
about this light
we will go together with you
in the shade

o let's meet together
new testament
o let's walk together
and scream

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