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Man May 2021
there are lurching deaths
we all fear
whether it be of;


in the face of death
none rise to the occasion
fortune favors not a soul
the brunt of annihilation
Daivik May 2021
ये दिन भी यू ही ढल जाएगा
ये रात भी यू ही बीत जाएगी
ये वक्त भी यू ही कट जाएगा

तुम्हारे बिना
क्या खुशी,क्या दुख

तुम्हारे बिना
क्या गम,क्या सुख
cassandra Apr 2021
what a dive
staying up
all night
just to jump
and die
cassandra Mar 2021
seeing your eyes
for the first time
made me close mine

for a little while.
Ash Mar 2021
Few years and I don't have to look at your last seen but to gaze at you instead.
Ok, I get the message
I guess my feelings, to you, were pretentious

I dont know what i was expecting
I was just fishing for affection

Seems like im often unprotected
And oftentimes become relentless

Nowadays im so restless
I always have a heart on my sleeve

But my mind is demented
  of all these people that took advantage
of me

I should’ve demanded a fee
I guess my own disadvantage was me
qeren Feb 2021
breakfast has always been nice and pleasant
the evening has always been filled
with some strolling in the garden and delightful tea time
the night has always been filled with passion and late-night reading

all is well
all is good
all is warm.

where did we go wrong?
i'd like to know
Ash Dec 2020
I wish time passes quick ,
So there would be someone next to us to fill space.
But heard , it's better only in writting.
AceLione Dec 2020
Decisions are like leaves of a tree
Some are good and others bother me
They are fed by the rains of emotion
And the winds of relations but them in motion
After a little, a couple will fall
But even after a while, a few remain of the all
The winds of relation might blow them away
None of those good or bad leaves will stay
But then again, they might regrow
How many good or bad, you will never know.
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