Husband and wife are in a sensitive relation
Most of the time they are surrounded by doubts
It is what is the outcome of sentiment, passion
The things are not considered as per whereabouts

All affairs must be taken on the face value to see
Trust and faith in love are the realities of the life
At times falsehood shadows but just a valid plea
The life takes the turn to be on double edged knife

So we must reciprocate the love which we take
Mutual understanding builds relation in entirety
It is up to us to take care of the partner or shake
All relation in state of disgust,disguise,fear or pity

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

Ishita Jan 21

She was a full bloomed flower
Poised,grateful and gentle
Brimming with love,selfless and secure
But you plucked her petals,one by one
Slipping by the hands of trust.
And now she's engulfed in a web of lies
Broken,bruised and burnt
She was your admirer,once and forever.
For you were the sun.
And she was the earth.
Just stop questioning her,
Over her self discovery.
For you've made a narcissist recovery.

Don't take anyone for granted.

Feelings of divine love and endless bonding makes the lover enjoy the life

When darkness envelopes
my destiny
and all doors of hopes seem closed
still I feel some courage to breathe
because only you can give me that feeling
when all of a sudden
I find myself alone in this world
and accompanied by loneliness only
then I feel someone around me
that shows me
the meaning of being lonely
because only you can give me that feeling
when my heart is broken
and I feel that no one else like you
offer encouragement to my broken heart
then my heart starts beating for you
because only you can give me that feeling
when I stumble and fall on the ground
I feel that you appear as a savior
you lift me up, hug and kiss
and inspire me to look at the twinkling stars
that are shining for me only
because only you can give me that feeling
when life hits me hard
I feel that your sweet smile
becomes paradise for me
and help me overcome fear of failure
showing the path of success
because only you can give me that feeling
when I become a hopeless wanderer
in search of incredible adventures
I feel some invisible touch on my back
that boosts up my energy
to continue my journey
because only you can give me that feeling
now I feel that
when life gives you lemons
make lemonade
I feel that you only fail
when you stop trying
nothing great is ever achieved
nothing ventured nothing gained
without your enthusiasm
because only you can give me that feeling

(By Kishan Negi)

Feelings of true love always empowers you to struggle the life
Crimsyy Nov 2016

Tears eroding my love for you,
Too many rivers I've cried for you,
I wish I'd never kissed you,
I wish you'd never held me,
I'll be fine again
right after I demolish your face,
You were never going to lead me
to a bright place.

You, you only messed with my head,
brought my love back from the dead,
made promises you couldn't keep,
never said goodnight,
let me drift alone to sleep
and living in your silence
has told me all I needed to know;
all the words you haven't said
have shown me exactly what you meant.

I can't amputate my
disappointment forever,
I can't keep burying my face
for your name's sake,
now my pain will leak in ink,
and don't dare ask if I'm still yours,
because my answer will be
a slammed door.

George Krokos Nov 2016

Oh God, You're really so big and I am so small
You're everything and I am nothing much at all.
Yet I exist it does seem, though only in relation
to this fantastic dream, which is Your Creation.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Tristan Currie Nov 2015

Your situation can change, your location might change,
Your timing with other people will change.

Respect yourself and other's self.
Share the good salt, RELATE!
Don't pretend, or imagine that you once tried.

Rant often and without reason.
risk happiness or understand
you punish the world for your ignorance.

Vyscern Aug 2016

So she thinks I'm cute,
She thinks I'm sexy and hot
I look in the mirror, beg to differ,
I think not

She told me she "really" likes me
But wants me to forget she ever told me
One-sided admiration is awkward, apparently
Says she

I tell her to chill
No need for embarrassment
Embrace you inner Jamaican
Don't allow awkwardness it's harassment

How cold is it, that I accept so easy?
Feeling nothing but relation in return
An empty heart, cold blood
And a mind in guilt, burns

I feel bad, but at the same time I don't know her as well as i'd like. What do I do?
YieShawn Scutt Jun 2016

It's like ..I can not feel
There's a void inside and no instructions
as to how to fill it
It's like..It's gone
Must've mistook it for trash and threw it away
Lost in a land field
I'll never find it
So I've decided to live without
I've grown impatient
You swear you love me just as they all do
And just as I always do..I do not feel
I can not feel
But I want to
I need to
..And so I play along
Because what I want
I want you
Just not as you want me
I can not tell you I dream of you
..Because I do not dream
I can not tell you I think of you all day
..Because I purposely distract myself to keep from getting lost in my thoughts
I can not tell you that I love you
Because I do not know what that feeling is
But I want to
I wish I could
Just as I wish I could end this
before you get too deep
I can not feel
But you can
You do
What good is your light
If I am blind
Just as the blind cover their eyes with glasses To mimic those who can see..
I use my words to mimic those who are truly in love
Because that is what I want
I can not feel

My Lord I want to be under your cover
In your light I will definitely but discover
With your help I'll l be really able to recover
And will act upon the given real love charter

Your streak of light will show me the path
Hence I will be saved from probable wrath
Save me and my family fro, burning hearth
You are candle of light and I am your moth

Give me satisfaction of my heart and soul
I am all alone with you be my only sole goal
Like a particle of sand I want to join the whole
Like a real obedient servant I know my role

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

Dylan Halvorsen May 2016

I.) Bodies of

Open lakes are naked
Their secrets,
Rub like salt.
How did one get here
What seized the labour of hands.
Do we deserve to know.
Do we deserve to know the extent.
Do we deserve to know the extent of our own subjugation.
Knees meet dry earth.
It's dry where we forget to water it
Not that it needs water,
Salt finds form
In our negligence.
Arid insincerity spoke of more.

II.) To follow

We left.
We did not need to stay
A dry sterile whisper kept us there
With it's pleas for us to leave.
The trust of invitation,
Burnt holes in our wings.
Untrust of warning,
Had us leaving without our things
I don't know which is better.
A departure announced drew heed to soft cartilage.
Unsharpened curfue split bone without piercing the skin.
The expression of self.
Callous wanderers knocked at no doors;
to accept rejection.

III.) Reintegration of being

The want of murmurs in wanton misuse
Kept us foraging for lust,
For more,
For inability in casualty.
We waited for forest to arrive,
Bare earth begged of no candour,
Trees deny script.
Unclenched hands greyed over context
As purpose gave none where some was due.

IV.) What the stars offered

A quest unrelenting bends bark in fervour.
Do we know why we left,
Cold hands hock at swords needed to keep slight wrists in check.
Or where we are going,
Our aimless pacing finds direction in blind eyes and guided hearts.
All the dust settled, buried in puddles like art.
And the thunder was there
The thunder never knelt
But we listened
To listen was the choice.
A brief connection with the sky
Through it's reproach
It implored for something more,
Only upon deaf ears.
Was earth all there was to rain on?
We thought, as the stars spat on us.
Celestial offering in cleanse not spite.

V.) Love

Maybe that's why we left.
To trascend our own ideas of love.
Innocent foliage made the path harder to see,
But easier to tread.
Gentle arches hug mounds of green
Like finger tips kissed by yonic flesh.
To remember the conception in contact,
Was to recognize our own affirmation
And any word intended for the ears of the unknown.
Blood is replaced where word is love.

VI.) Relation to self

To stay or leave was not the choice
The distance from anything was illusory.
The real choice, was acceptance of self.
After the end of our disintegration,
The dry heave,
Leaving without hesitation;
We are not without ourselves.

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