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AceLione Oct 9
To be honest I knew something wasn’t right.
I was waiting like normal for you to come at the night.
Hoping you would finally show.
But now I’m alone.
Lied to me, ignoring me, I’m in need of a fix.
Didn’t know your feelings were all freaking mixed.
If you were honest to me from the beginning.
Then I wouldn’t have this messed up feeling.
You was my best friend, that I’ve known.
I pushed you out your comfort zone.
This is kind of a part two of my last poem
Though she never acknowledged his presence
And he did not know her name,
He had always seen her at the other end of the Yamuna Bridge,
Shabbily dressed,
With her back resting on the parapet,
Her right palm open and outstretched begging for alms;
When alone,
He had often thought of the inner pain reflected in her eyes,
He had often wondered about its nature and feel.

Yesterday, as he approached the other end of the bridge
He did not find her standing at the usual place,
She was lying inert on the pavement, her eyes closed;
A few people did surround her,
And he thought she was dead.

She was dead indeed.

He heard someone say -
She had no home, no husband, no children, no relatives or friends,
Where did she sleep or eat nobody knew,
But he found himself strongly bound unto her,
That bond he did not resist nor understand;
He only wanted to touch her face, hold her hands and loudly cry.

He did not do anything of this sort,
Speechless, he simply stood there for a while reminiscing,
He withheld his tears and did not weep;
He slowly walked away.
He accepted the brevity of life and transient relationships.

He knew he would not see her again;
He would not see the sort of goddess he had come to worship;
He would not ever see her inner pain reflected in her eyes;
He would not even think about the real nature of that pain.
Yuli Rob Sep 12
I'm so ashamed
For my mom not being wise
For always judging me,
and giving me bad advice,
rather lose a crazy lover,
than waste your time,
Cause girl u should ur feelings cover,
don't listen to him: ,, U're just mine".
He's not good for u cause he ain't czech, plus he's a soldier he'll break ur heart and then ur neck ..
I hated my mom and wanted him back.

For my cousin dating a racist,
Homophobe, who'd be a doctor.
How even he can be one?!?
A Doctor should take care for every one!!!
I can't even talk with my cuz, who was like my sister,
For dating this irritating mister.
I'd like to have my dear sis back,
Who I thought was openminded
With good heart, what a heck.
Now considers me as a stranger,
Who's in a danger, just for dating a black.. ranger,
But he's my major.

How easily u can see who's friend
And who ****.
Who goes with brand
And who doesn't mind not a bit.

I'm ashamed for all those people full of hate,
none of them can be my mate..
who are scared to step out of crowd and be brave,
They should stay in cave
Learn how to behave
go for truth and common good.
**** them all, I mean it.
*** sees you, **** it!
Please change y'all, people.
Who really strong.. noo.. hate exists., we above it.
So y'all be kind,
better life without judging, make up ur mind,
u'll love it!
What goes on
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 30
get out of my way
I tell you
don't answer my "hey"
I beg you
this time
I don't want to love you
not mine
I won't like to touch you
no more suffer
no more pain
truth and love for  you?
so vain....
Kassandra Aug 24
Ive been sad for as long as i can remember,
Ive been sad so long when i smile,
laugh and joke people think ive gone wild.
Ive been sad so long ive become accustom to choosing the sad song over the happy,
staying alone rather then socializing,
Keeping quite and dying inside,
Ive been sad for so long, i lost hope for happy.
Happy is a far off image painted by my friends and family that is false hope.
Ive been sad for so long, happy seems like a myth, a story told around the campfire to distract you from the danger that surrounds you.
And yet, dispite all the sad and blue emotions, i felt happy while with you.
Liyah Bella Aug 8
It's crazy i spent a year missing you
and as you stand in front of me
i feel nothing but bad for you
Liyah Bella Aug 6
Aaliyah R
Mon, May 23, 2016, 8:36 PM
to Robert

Dear Robert, i seriously have no clue when you will get this since i am writing from your laptop.... (thank you btw)
okay anyways:
           " When i saw you i fell in love, and you smiled because you knew." - William Shakespeare
I love that quote because the moment i heard it your face showed up in my thoughts! okay i seriously don't know how to start this letter off... so let's start it from the start... we started out as friends and i love that because i knew you were right i didn't rush into anything or worry about changing who i was to please you... you fell in love with me not fake me... so often i feel like i rush into things or find myself where the person i love doesn't actually understand or know me but that is not the case when it comes to this... You know me, you know my fears and my aspirations... you know my feelings and my goals... you honestly understand me and i adore that about you... we have spent countless hours talking about nothing but somehow it leads me to understand what you stand for and what you want from life.. I love the fact that we share secrets like best friends and we play like siblings, fight like husband and wife and love like a relationship... Everything in our past lead us to this point Robert! remember that... i don't 100% agree with everything happens for a reason but i do believe key events always fall in place... And Robert i fell hard for you... i am not sure why or how but i did! i remember telling you i didn't want to be with you because i didn't want to get hurt again! i didn't want to end up heart broken and alone... but you changed that view point for me now i think of you... i don't want to hurt you because you have just as much as a chance of getting hurt as me... and yes we fight and WE BOTH have made mistakes but at the end of the day i am with you because i care deeply about you and i always will...  and when we fought i found myself asking my heart why it choose you? and the reasons are countless!!!! i honestly can't find a reason not to fall for you! and maybe only fools fall for you and that would make me the happiest fool on this world! because nothing would make me happier than to be with you and to be called your girl! I remember praying on my knees screaming at *** yelling at him saying that he let me fall and reach rock bottom with no body to catch me... he let me fall with nobody to help me up and now i look back and i understand *** allowed me to pick myself up and he gave you to help me dust myself off.... And every late night talk and every letter i wrote or read has made me understand that *** has blessed me with you. And i think you are the poem i never knew how to write or put words to. you are that warm feeling you get when you laugh and dance. you are the feeling a being purely in love..  and i could look at you for a quick second and think of a million words to say about you! i mean that... i care so deeply about you and everything you mean to me... i would go on and on about how i fell in love with a loser like you ;) OH one thing i have never told you! when i hear your heart beat it makes me calm, it's like the feeling of floating in the middle of the ocean and having the  waves drift you anywhere and everywhere it's that beautiful calm feeling of pure and honest peace. and Babe you  need to know that theirs always tears in love and i am not looking for easy i am looking for the right love! i am looking for crazy hard but crazy right! and i know we are right! you give me these butterflies that i can't get over and maybe this was meant to be maybe these key events lead me to this moment in time and i couldn't write a million poems and it could still not capture the pure feeling you give me! and Robert i am so sorry i hurt you in the past and i promise i will never hurt you again! but my heart is foolish and sometime i fall to watch who will catch me! and i know i am so confusing and i am broken and i don't  ask for you to fix me and i love the fact you never have tried because so often i find myself trying to find someone to help me up after the fall then to just dust me off... you dusted me off when i needed it... wow i sound like an idiot but whatever! OHHH i also love when you sit and watch my musically's because i know they **** but you tell me they are great and i love that you would rather see me smile then cry! and i cry a lot TBH! What i am trying to say is i love you more than i have ever loved a boy before and you mean so much and i crave your kisses and smiles and you fill me with joy all the time and i am not sure when you will ever get to see this and i hope that you can say your feelings haven't lessened! i love you baby boy i really do! i have never had a public relationship before where everyone knows that i am your babygirl! anyways i am suppose to be studying but i couldn't help say this to you babe! i love you more than you will ever know!
Something is missing in our conversation.
Is it the trust that you lost in me?
Something has changed in our relation.
Don't you notice or don't you wanna see?

There was a spice before which is now gone.
The words now seems totally fake.
There was something that's why we used to cling to the phone.
Will you please tell me what's bothering you for *** sake?

I know the fault was mine but see I came back.
Now all I want from you is to forgive me please.
The future of our relation seems totally black.
If you want I'll apologize by bending on my knees.

I know it's hard but could you please become the same?
I don't like this new & bad change in you.
I know it's not like some kid's game.
But the words between us seems very few.
Rhyme scheme a b a b...
The spark between our conversation is gone now..Help me to ignite it once again.
Liyah Bella Aug 1
so much happened in front of my eyes
so i shut them tight
pretending we were in love
Kalen Doleman Jul 29
These emotions run wild.
I feel them all to a numb.
They come to exist.
Then they break away to an unknown place.

I don't really know.
It's a confusing world of response.
Jumbled partly in my inner soul.

But i don't really know what the soul is.
Or its true intentions.
Its origin is even more of an enigma.
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