Parents to take our responsibility
Siblings to carry our roller-coaster emotions
Friends to co-create the madness we are
Relatives to form our extended safety networks
Spouse to satiate our mental, physical and lonely desires
Kids to give us those safe & positive vibes for future
Influentials and celebrations to realize our existence

But how about having one nameless relation?
One that doesn't mandate responsibilities?
One that doesn't burden expectations?
One that is Fearless, Formless & Weightless?
One that is 'Carelessly Caring' ?
lilhadi Jul 4
Love.! Love feels different all over the world, love is shown different all over the world; that’s just start depending by the family small interactions until to the personal final growth among the so called friends.  Now, looking back I finally realised I was so blind and every tear in front of my distracted face was a ‘cry for help to let me know that I’m badly losing you; baby girl I want to let you know that I’m so-sorry for making you feel diffident and I’m glad that you were there helping and supporting me everytime, beside that fact.  Even if those late-thoughts maybe will never make you change your mind, I’m still writing this down for both of us. Harmfully and insidious all the way, I destroyed your beautiful innocence and because of your enormously love for me, you let this...ungrateful child at that time, change your smile for eternity. Then, for sure the distance between us in the past time opened me a door to a totally new mindset with you as a mandatory focus point. It’s not about a second chance, I just feel like you are the chosen one and i don’t want to lose you because of my mistakes. As you can see, this time I’m hyper-aware regarding you, stuck on this idea and I will go for it until I’ll be able to make you see that there is us, two independent people making a deal that they will help make other person the best and happiest version of themselves.
Please remind me,
who am I to you again?
You've made of me an artist,
As I try to smudge a smile on the portait of my mind
You turned me into an explorer,
moving beside rivers of rapid dreams
and my futile attempts at a rescue
ends another season of doubts

Please remind me,
What was I to you?
For you have made me a poet
words slip between tight lips inspired by pain
Then you turned me to an inventor
Making something out of nothing
While all along I just want to invent a new me.

What am I to you?
Am I  your philosopher?
while others have pondered greater mysteries,
I only dream of better moons.
Maybe your  astronomer?
yet the craters of this isolation cause me to trip
and so here I am falling.

you turned me into a trapeze swinger
All along I've felt I'm more like the law of gravity
somewhat wishing I were a brick.
Charged Figure
An Icon of Attraction
Unmolded Clay
With a Toxic Smile
Silent Invitation
With Empirical Answers
Conclusion without Conceptions
Aligned Sense
With a figure of Intuition
Reflection of Scars
A Memory of Relation
Un-immune Society
Possessing a Dream of Life

Being a Magnet, barely understood?
My Freedom of Expression
A Social Experiment with Reasons
NS, N……N, S…….S
Birth of Yin and Yang
Genre: Abstract
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Josh Overson Feb 11
Through our drugged body language,
Our bodies make conversation.

Taking every medication,
She requires no meditation.

If only you knew my motivation
Could we start a new relation.
Lit like a flame
My heart learned her name

Can we be more than what was described?
Overdosing on you, I was never prescribed.
I want to be with her everyday.
But I don’t know how or when to relay.
Nayana Nair Feb 5
I cried and complained
and wrote of this sadness.
I said the same stuff again and again
and still I felt
that I wasn’t saying enough.
I saw your face
in every word I wrote.
I saw your face
till I couldn’t see anymore.
Till I became blind
to all reason.
Till I created the world
where I do not have to wait for you.
Where you didn’t exist, I didn’t exist.
But it was all wrong.
I realized you had to exist somewhere
for me to keep on writing.
Seema Nov 2017
Tired of tears
Waited for years
Your fake promises
Make believe misses
Dragging with time
Dangling like chimes
Somedays you'd call
Saying you at the ball
Dancing your life away
A realisation shown my way
As you have found other
I was a standby rather
Consoling my heart
I thought over from start
Every lie turned true
Facing all, I got through
Now it's just me alone
With a heart of stone
And YOU,

Perhaps true for some.
Eve Oct 2017
It's a good thing,
To speak, to ramble, to be able to elaborate on such simple topics.
People may look at you with these glaring senses of abnormality or a measurement level of discomfort,
The truth is, they aspire to be you in such a different way that blows their mind whenever coming across someone as unique as you,
With words left unsaid,
They all slowly begin to turn heads,
You feel this minor intensity, agony divulging, extreme anxiety on the inside,
But your face shows otherwise.
You smile, creating an elated atmosphere,
But the internal feeling inside is progressively growing.
Those constant taps of your left foot are causing too many eyes to be drawn to it.
"Stop, relax. Take a step back,
Just feeling something else, else.", is what you solemnly preach aloud to yourself.
Now, the audience's tension in eye contact are more than just overwhelming,
It's ripping the nails off your fingertips,
Making you want to burn every bit of your heart along with this building you're stuck in.
When your feelings emerge and intersect in a negative tense,
You don't come to a halt,
You allow your body to experience any feeling possible;
Your indifference represents the other version of yourself,
one in particular that may be unveiled or underestimated by the several dissimilar aspects nobody really shows.
BSeuss Oct 2017
please forgive my optimism,
im aware this is a dark place.
is the world going to shit,
are we going to be okay.

I have not much more i want to say,
yet so much more that I need too.
should I be silent today,
should tomorrows words be allowed to bleed through.

forgive me for my optimism.
I know what you are going through.
I love you.
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