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Trout Sep 2
My vendetta in the open
My emotional lantern calls for you
And turns on automatically every night

It’s your fault, it’s not my job
Sister brother changing mob
Mandalina Aug 3
I am exhausted
of running
after you

I am tired
of trying
for you

I am drained
of crying
because of you

I have turned yellow and blue
from being hurt by you

Max Aug 1
I was still thinking about my past,

While she was already talking about the future.
Is there a correct way?
Keiri Aug 1
Push and pull
Yin and yang
How is this
The only song I sang

Close and far
Wrong and right
How can it be
We always fight

Ups and downs
Mistakes and remorse
Why do we always
Make things worse

Human nature
Wish we were greater.

Push and pull
Love and hate
How is this
My forever mate

Close and far
Pity and war
Why is it always
An ending with a scar.

Ups and downs.
Depression and joy
Oh why do I miss
Being with that boy

Human nature
Wish we were greater

Why don't we begin
Appreciate what's within.
Inspired by 2 characters from a series (you know which
Ikigai Poet Jul 25
Let's laugh in the silence
For the world shouldn't know
That we're together.  
And when the sun sets  
Let's paint the skies with  
Darker shades of purple  
And let's fade into forever.  
Let's paint our hearts a little darker
So that they don't resemble the broken ones
We're not broken, nor our hearts are  
We're complete and unified as long as we're together.  

Let's run on the sand  
That takes us to nowhere  
I'm too sure that we'll reach
The place where we always wanted to be.
Let's call this night our own
And just feel each other  
Cause this is where we're supposed to be
Cause we've been here before.  
When the silence hits us
And Hush takes all over the place  
We'll know where to go.  
Let's walk a little bit faster
Let's scream with our footsteps  
Which are a bit too chained
We'll break those chains  
Those cage, those constraints  
We'll not call it a home.  
Let's be the music
Not what everyone expects us to be
But the one we wanna be
We don't know the music but we'll change the lyrics  
And call them Hope.
Let our heart beat a little faster  
Let's sit on the moon  
And let's chase those Shooting stars
For I know we'll always chase the infinity  
And at the same time we're infinite.  
Let's count the breaths  
That we never took
And dance on tiptoes.
Before we swoon  
Let's get drunk on the night
Chase the madness  
Trip a little and stop.  
Let's just be as we are  
Our flaws, our scars
Our laughter, our Chaos.
Tonight let's chase who we are
And fall for each other.  

-Ikigai Poet
co'brien Jun 23
im not your antonym—
a double negative
im not a flat rhythm
lacking an objective

and im not unstable
or merely unable
to connect the dots

its just that im
terrified of
what it is we

are we just two
passersby who
shared a glance or
two and never
looked back at what
could become of

“us” is a pronoun
and we are sentenced
to silent eternity
a bit more cliché than i usually like to write but eh i guess it's okay
Farzaneh Qaf Mar 27
To all stars who are awake
Shall we have some piece of a cake?
I won't eat much
Neither know dutch
What I want now!
Some Bless, Waite! Bawl
Meet me in the rain?
Such a pain..
Memories ..
What are we?
Some animals..
Paranoia, all around
Hallelujah, I won't count
Wanna get drunk?
I stay conscious
I chose mapen
Won't talk a
Alif Mar 4
I am a muslim, a name familiar but for wrong reason.,
An identity misunderstood very often.,
I am not a muslim just by name or birth; But to the will of my creator, I bowed in complete submission.,
Hearing me say, some curl their lips in disdain and some give terrified expression.,
Terrorist/extremist/fanatic/radical muslim are the different titles I am given; But to which I have neither close or distant relation.,
I am proud to be a muslim for it transformed me into a better human .,
From all forms of alcohol/tobacco/ drugs my tastebuds refrain.,
From looking at any obscene things my eyes abstain.,
My heart restrain from every shameful desire or unlawful relation.,
My body desists from doing any immodest/immoral action.,
My tongue holds back from saying harmful/hurtful/ disrespectful/disgraceful words to any fellow man.,
My mind sees no disparity or discrimination.,
For no man is superior over the other either by wealth, caste, colour, region or religion.,
To be just and honest, I try my best.,
" Who ever kills an innocent man is as though he killed the whole of mankind"; My creator's warning is engraved in my mind.,
I dare not disobey any of his commandment.,
I am his weak slave just striving to be obedient.,
I submit to the will of Lord of universe, the exalted, the merciful and the most magnificent.,
Call me by any name; I shall remain a Muslim.,
"Terrorism has no religion"
Jasmin Joy Dec 2018
I reached here an hour ago.
I am waiting in the queue to reach the door.
I wished to see what had happened to me.
Requested to the angel; to watch my death.
I was startled to see my wife.
I never expected this, ever in my life.
Everyone had left my house.
I stared at my lonely spouse.
My funeral was greatly over.
I saw it from my new bower.
Suddenly she(alone)washed her face.
with a bottle of water, of ice.
She took her phone and made a call.
Slanting to the pillow near the wall.
She said,'' All that was a success'',
smiling; I realised my death was a process.
She poisoned me, in the bread.
A silent attack, poison all spread.
It was she a wise lass..
I'm the poor, innocent ***.
I was her best teacher,
She is my one and only traitor.
And that was her brave move.
I watched her so keenly
And she is cheating me cleanly.
Now she is with her secret lover
All the mystery is now over.
It was too late to understand her.
Time is out, to be judged
The images of her dodged.
I will not go to get her.
I almost forgot her
I'm no more a husband. Now
Her soul is sinking into new
True lovers, in this world are few.
An imagination.. Got inspired for a story written by my friend.
Door refers to the door for judgement in heaven.
(Alone) - The wife is alone in the room.
Dodged- the images that he was seeing was fading away
Osheen Khan Dec 2018
लोग पूछते है कोई है लाइफ में?
जो आपके दिल में रहता है
वो जो आपको और आप जिसे अपना मानते है
और वो जो आपको अपने दिल की हर बात कहता है !
मैंने कहा मेरी ज़िन्दगी तो अपनों से ही घिरी हुई है,
में उनके दिल में रहती हूँ, और उनकी तस्वीर मेरे दिल में बसी हुई है !
वो लोग जिन्हे में अपना भी मानती हूँ,और वो लोग भी मुझ पर जान निसार करते है...
और वो लोग भी है इसमें शामिल, जो मुझसे अपने दिल की हर बात करते है....
लेकिन शायद आपको उस शख्स का नाम सुनना है,
जिसकी सिर्फ परछाई मेरे ख़्वाबों में है, तस्वीर अब तक नहीं बन पायी है !
इसलिए हाँ में अभी तक सिंगल हूं और कहती हूँ कि सिंगल लाइफ ही बेहतर लाइफ है.....
बहुत लोगो को देखा है की वो जिससे दिन भर चैट किये बिना नहीं रहते
कुछ समय बाद "कुछ काम था क्या" इस लफ़्ज़ को है कहते
पहले तो उन लोगो को एक दुसरे के मैसेज का इंतज़ार रहता है
लेकिन कुछ वक़्त गुजरने के बाद उनमें से एक का तो "अब इसका कॉल क्यों आ गया "  ये हाल रहता है...
पहले जो लोग बहुत अच्छे लगते है
वो फिर बोरिंग हो जाते है,
पहले जिनसे रोज़ मिलने की चाह होती थी उन्हें
फिर वही एक नज़र न भाते है !
बहुत कसमें वादे करते है एक दुसरे से
और उन्हें सच समझकर खुश हो जाते है
जब आने वाला कल आज में तब्दील हो जाता है
असल मज़ा तो तब आता है
जब ये पता चलता है की न ही वो लड़का उस लड़की का हुआ और न ही वो मोहतरमा उस लड़के की वाइफ है,
इसलिए में अभी तक सिंगल हूं और कहती हूँ कि सिंगल लाइफ ही बेहतर लाइफ है!
कभी कभी मेरा मन हो जाता है की किसी से बात कर लूं
और कभी दुसरे के जज़्बातों का भी थोड़ा तो ऐहतेराम कर लूँ
लेकिन किसी पर यकीन करना इतना आसान नहीं होता है
उस विश्वास के टूटने का डर भी तो हमेशा आस पास होता है
ऐसा बिलकुल नहीं है कि इस जहां में कोई सच्चा ही न हो...
लेकिन उसे पहचानने का हुनर कहा सबके पास होता है ?
वो बहुत खुशनसीब होते है जो पहचान जाते है उस परछाई के पीछे छिपी तस्वीर को,
लेकिन अभी मेरे पास न ही ये समझ हैं न ही ये राइट है
अभी तो मंजिल तक पहुँचने के लिए करनी बहुत फाइट है,
इसलिए में अभी तक सिंगल हूं और कहती हूँ कि सिंगल लाइफ ही बेहतर लाइफ है...!
This poem is related to me and I am an excellent example of this poem.
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