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Ash Dec 2020
I wish time passes quick ,
So there would be someone next to us to fill space.
But heard , it's better only in writting.
AceLione Dec 2020
Decisions are like leaves of a tree
Some are good and others bother me
They are fed by the rains of emotion
And the winds of relations but them in motion
After a little, a couple will fall
But even after a while, a few remain of the all
The winds of relation might blow them away
None of those good or bad leaves will stay
But then again, they might regrow
How many good or bad, you will never know.
Maria Etre Nov 2020
The lump in my throat
were the words
that never made it on paper

Leigh Nov 2020
She rambles a bit when she's excited to see us.
We're brought up to speed with her goings on
In the home that was built around her

As fast as her walker will go, we scurry to the front room
Where bread is cooling on the rack, and her excitement brims
To regale us with the morning's itinerary

It's all done to bring us into her world; to make us a part of it.
It's how she holds us close, making sure we're there with her,
As she may not grasp enough to be there with us...

She doesn't hear so well anymore you see,
But she didn't hear that from us as we smile and nod intently;
Just happy to be there, to be a part of it all
Dear Mum,

You gave birth to me so you are my Mum.
You raised me so you are my Mum.
You taught me things so you are my Mum.
No matter what, you are my Mum.

You are my Mama
My Mutti
My Mother
and my Mum.

You make me feel bad and guilty.
You tell me what you bought for me and what you made me.
You criticize the way I look and control how much I eat.
You tell me when I gain weight and tell me not to cheat.
You say I am no good, when I do something wrong.
But you tell me you love me and that you only want me to be strong.

Maybe I have stopped knowing
What the meaning of love is.
Maybe this is just your way of showing
Thinking I'd give you cheers and happy tears.

But you tell me not to cry.
It makes You look weak.
You tell me to **** it up
And not to speak.

Whenever something happens you stand by.
You only watch while I apply.
Concealer and foundation to cover up.
On my skin another layer of makeup.

Covering up the signs of sleepless nights
Not showing to the outside what really happens at night.
The blue and purple spots on my skin
Caused by my own will and sinn.

You wonder why my brother never calls
Calling him ungrateful and starting new brawls.
Not with him but with me
Hating that he is living carefree.
Free from your words and actions
And free from your reactions.

You say that you have it oh so tough.
And that we give you a time that is oh so rough.
You always awake my sympathy
Making me a prisoner while you hold the key.

We should be grateful to have a mother like you.
That we’re not going through the same things you went through.
You are so much better than your own mother
And you most definitely are better than your own father.

You might not do the ***** work yourself.
But still I feel ***** hearing your words.
Manipulating me left and right
Making me shiver and cry at night.

I have nothing left for you than feeling sorry.
You could’ve done things different but instead you chose to worry.
Worry about your image and what people say
Too focused on having the perfect family image to portray.

In a few years I will be leaving this place you call home
I’ll finally be free and leave you to figure out your own syndrome.
And one thing I know for sure is that my life
Will leave you not being a mother but merely a wife.
Ash Oct 2020
Is it really difficult to stay true to one another ?
Not for you , not for me
But atleast for the sake of our feelings.
Sanjana Tripathi Nov 2020
Open Sky

The distance between us,
Is been filled by the open sky.
When I look up in the sky,
I feel you are staring the same sky.

I make a wish to be with you,
When I see the shooting star.
I know you too wish to be with me,
When you see the falling star.

Among all the differences,
The only thing that connect us,
Is the open sky
And the twinkling stars.

I wish to be by your side,
Holding your arms,
Gazing the stars.
& Waiting for the star to fall.

-Sanjana Tripathi
HippoHelios Sep 2020
Why do I have to be?
Try me! - I always seem to cry.
Disappointment. Again. Again!
I dare you, I invite you!
Sadness. Tears. Again. Again!
And yet, still I stand.
Or, the very least, I get up. Again. Again!
But why am I indestructible?
I wish I could break - or worse: Shatter!
Surely, then MY feelings would matter?!
But all your blazes are but tealights for me.
I am!
I sigh. Again. Again!
Smite me - at worst I‘ll buckle;
but never break or shatter.
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
Poet and poems
The relation is like undefined
"Mother for child"
"Heartbeat for heart"
"Oxygen for breathe"
without a poem poets feel soulless
Their heart cry when they loose their poems
Everything is poem for a poet
"Money and Health"
prosperity is poem for a great poet
Writing is their passion
Reading is their hobby.

i feel that
No one can define
relation undefined relation filled with all happiness.
i loose my poems,i Feel like loose of everything
Thanks for reading.
Cassy Aug 2020
It is friday night and I am looking at a boy with brown eyes,
Two colourful orbs, whispering soft lullabies,
They swirl with fallen leaves and hidden ember
Keeping me warm on this cold night of November.

We are kissing and kissing in each shade and hue,
Tonight I can’t feel sorrow, for once i’m not feeling blue,
Instead, colors fill my night while our heart are dancing.
I am a kaleidoscope that will never stop spinning.

I had addictions which all appeared in colors,
Hands stained with red, purple knuckles that are sore,
Black holes in my head as I drank pink strawberry shots,
But also the absence of tints and the white of my thoughts.

This time, though, the thing that is flooding my brain
Is not the yellow of the granules soothing the pain,
Nor is it the pale gray of the smoke of a cigarette,
But the brown of your eyes I could never forget.

Don’t you dare stare away. Please don’t look down.
Tonight I am looking for hope and hope has the color brown.
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