Onomatopiyya Dec 2017

It's true that some
They did mention em
On their online pages

But hey stranger
It has nothing
To do with you

It doesn't hurt you
It's not making you bleed

Hey stranger
Do you know
Does she or he
Really mean it or not

Come on stranger
Tell us about it
Do you really got the superpowers
To read our minds

Hey hold up stranger
We don't really care
Assume us like you always do
Act like you knew everything

Hey stranger
We don't really have to
Tell you everything

It doesn't make you bleed

Onomatopiyya Dec 2017

Its 2 pm
Cozy and windy
The clouds doing their duty
In my eyes you're very pretty

Getting ready for the evening
To see my most precious
With her shades on
Waiting in the car

It was tinted
Still I can see you
You're beautiful as always
You will always be

Heart beats fast
I wish to find
The right words to say
The right tone for hey

Hey could we just stay
Like this forever
Make everything stop
And make you stay

luis Dec 2017

11:43 P.M.

u know
in my wildest dreams

would i have thought that
i would meet someone
like u
lucky me, right?

you're such a great person
one that i aspire to be like
u are amazing i s2g!!!

God exists, bc he made someone
outrageously beautiful

only, I wish
u knew my
thoughts and feelings and stuff

weirdly (i think)
I think about u a lot
totally weird, right???
how or why idk tbh

me, idk why

seen 11:43 P.M.

[redacted] is typing...


but will you?

[for all the people expecting a creative poem, sorry to disappoint.]

Alimento del alma
trigo en la mente.

Transporte invisible
maquina del tiempo.

Castillo vagabundo
voz del universo.

Si hay dios del tiempo
eres la diosa omnisciente.

Ritmo cardiaco
instrumento del mundo.

Risas de niños
crujir en la madera.

Te escucho,
te siento
y luego te canto.

as Oct 2017
There was too much life in that man
2. It is possible to associate sadness with your name.
3. Strength now walks without a counterpart. She is tired.
4. Your un-presence billows louder than your renditions of "O Sole Mio" ever did throughout this home - throughout this heart
5. There will be no more music. Only everlasting echo
6. The sound of shuffling slippers was my favourite song
7. This house is now a museum. I am 5 years old, flashlight in hand, creeping creaky corridors. I stare as each of his artifacts slowly disappears before my very eyes.
8. We share the same shoe size
9. Now, when I remember him, I think of his hands - sturdy as he grates orange peel, fennel, Parmigiano-Reggiano, smooth as he stirs his shaving cream - Forever moving
10. This hospital is now a museum. I am 21 years old, sister's hand in hand. We all stare as he (yes, you) slowly disappears before our very eyes
11. There was too much life in that man for him to be ever silenced by un-music box
12. There was too much life in that man for anyone to be able to fill his shoes
13. There was too much life in that man for him to disappear with artifact body
14. Now, this man, he is somewhere untouched - the smell of orange and fennel fill his pockets (saved for rainy days). He lives inside and out of The Music, with soles(souls) bouncing.
Lure Pot Oct 2017

               Good morning sweet
               Have a great day
               How are you?
               Are you there?
               This is for you.

Yes, I am here
Very nice,
You write nice poems.
               Thank you so much
Something to say?
I am kinda busy
Having lunch, see you soon.
               Alright then.

                Hey, did you read?
Yeah, I did, that’s great
You’re very talented
I am going to sleep
Myself in a min
I am so tired
Good night.

         Good morning
         Have a lovely day
         How's your day going?
         What you look like today?

Hi, I was not around.
Nice and thank you
         You're welcome
How are you today?
I am having a lovely afternoon.
         I am good, that’s sweet
         Could I see your beauty?

Hey, sorry just got busy
             It's okay
Have a look…
             Wow, sweet, lovely, shy and cute...
             Just your smile?
             Not beauties and them?
Sure, you can see
Really, you’re the cutest…
            You are so sweet!

See what?
              Your beauty?
You’re naughty, naughty lol.

Apart, apart and apart!

After a while,
     You was emotional
     And said me with happy smile-
"Hey, how are you?
Just thought I say-
Hope have a great day,

Yesterday, Good morning
Yesterday, Having lunch
Yesterday, Good night
Today, Good morning
Today, Lovely afternoon
Evening, Have a look… ( glad smile)
Midnight, You's emotional
                and said,
Gray Sep 2017

I touch the side of my thigh and feel the familiar ridges and raised skin, that I can not decide if I’m proud of them or asaimed. I could point to each and every one and say the reason and date, but I don’t. My thoughts are more twisted than that kid in fourth periods spine, you know who I’m talking about. People will look at me and the way I present myself and make snap judgments. Those judgments leave little voices whispering about how you are wrong. Ignore the good ones, they say. They are wrong, they say. My face blends in a crowd so easily, don’t think I’m complaining, I want to blend into the crowd.

This might be a bit triggering
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