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Jay M May 2019
What will I ever do?
Hey world,
Quit looking at me

They know my name
Why do they know my name?

Wait for the opportunity to
Knock me off my feet

I just want to tell my story

Don't let me go crazy

Are you with me?

Give and take
Speak a little louder

Listen a little better

Won't back down
Win or lose

Add a little sugar
Coat it
Make the truth easier to swallow

- Jay M
May 22nd, 2019
Cloud Giante Oct 2020
It’s not so scary down here
Rock bottom has a queer feel
Pressures of a reality you deny
Become too obviously real
Eyes pierce the veil seeking light yet
You’re no longer the passive observer
Down here you’re forced to face yourself
Don’t look away lest you be the loser
Just writing my thoughts
Butterfly Jul 2020
I was laying down, lost in my thoughts.
"Hey.." appeared on my screen
I woke up sadly
wished relationships with friends could last longer.
Nylee Jul 2020
He has been haunting my thoughts, dreams alike
I can smile and frown thinking of him at the same time
He is cities apart, a call away
Beyond my reach, a relationship away
A friendship driving me insane
Many feelings to complain
Hey, call me back, will you?
Nylee Jul 2020
Yearning, it doesn't end
It strengthens as time passes
Last seen you in March
Now cities apart

Hey, miss me too
I don't miss you, no
I simply cannot,
You are alive in my thoughts.

Hey, when you come back
Meet me in the alley
We'll catch up with the cup of coffee.

Hey, I
I can't say
What I really feel,
But hey,

Hey, please come back
This city awaits you,
So does the rain.
Brewomble May 2020
I have wept in my mother's sorrows
In tears of those of lost and labored-
That life is waster when settled,
And regretted when hated.
The drugs have never covered-
They will never coat the fear that lives inside of you;
And the bottle that I've used to block the days before me
Have left me in depths of hollow and confusion,
To which the sky says yet again when I'm on my knees and looking for an answer-
I have yet to find but more questions.
This reflection I stand before shows more than I know;
Or wish to see,
Open your eyes and break the dark uncertainty.

~Bre Womble
دema flutter May 2020
hey you,
here’s a palace just for you
with all your favourite rights,
here’s a place for you to live,
to love, to learn, to fall, to grow,
here’s a sunset for you to turn into poetry,
and a sunrise to brighten your skies,
here’s someone for you to care for,
here’s someone who can hold onto all the feelings on your shoulders,
here’s an ocean for your thoughts to rest in,
here’s a breeze to remind you of the thick skin you have on which those goosebumps have formed,
here’s a nest of butterflies in your tummy for a change of scenery of all the imperfections you store inside of you,
here’s a shooting star to distract you from the darkness of the world and for you to look up to,
here’s your weight to hold you down to earth to keep you humble,
here’s a melody for you to reminisce on,
here’s a heart beat to help inspire you always.
Lydeen Dec 2019
I sent you another text.
Maybe I shouldn't've.
I was hoping to tell you something.
I don't really know if you care but.
I ate a proper amount today for the first time in months.
Have you eaten?
You probably haven't.
That's okay.
I get it.
I think under normal circumstances you'd be proud.
I actually ate fries and shortcake today.
I forgot my meds though so it made me feel icky.
It's okay.
I even ate some chocolate.
Nearly a full meal at McDonald's.
At least half.
I gave it my best, though.
How are you?
How's your mom?
Have you eaten?
(I miss you)
How's your girlfriend?
(I love you)
What's been up?
How can I fix this?!?

I'm sorry.
Capriccio Dec 2019
Hey little fiddle
I drink too much
You smoke too little

I met your mom
And your dad
Your little sister is EMOtional
Groundhogs day sad

I talk without reason
Left a bad man
For his treason

Let go of obscurity
To find the one thing I gotta be


So hey little fiddle
Your moods swing from
American Rag-Tag

So play your notes
Take your tallies
I'll count votes

Hey little fiddle
Check out this finger
For you, right here
In the middle
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