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chlorine Sep 21
intentions go back and forth
I love you,
I love you nots.
this moment
we are silent.
a seat on my porch
and a chance to miss you so.
give in,
then release.
my memory labeled false,
just a kiss-
to feel a pulse
in this moment,
who is going to be at fault?
y e e t
Jasmine dryer Sep 17
Do I need you to survive?
Is that a lie?
Put your love to the test
Can you survive longer than the rest?
Oh its such a mess!
But, hey!
maybe it'll be all
maybe you really deserve to

hey doll,
wanna play?

"thats all you had to say"
Roses are red
Currently August
Been way too long
since he kept
his promise

He loves me
He loves me not

Who cares if he does?
He broke my heart,
to be honest

Violets are blue

"How are you?"

"I'm fine," I lie

Roses are red
Currently August
I need to break
being solace

He loves me not
So what?

Love's a two-
way street
Stuck in a dead-
end for repeat

I felt inspired after reading a poem that took a spin on the classic "Roses are Red".
Planejane2 Jul 20
(Un)official Girl. I’m stressed
I’m gonna hold you duress
Because I made a mess
And showed you the pains of my bed
Don’t worry about what I said
That **** was all in my head
I never want to lead
To lead you down the wrong path
I’m the bubbles to your bath
Anything you had, it’s what you have.
I wanna make you laugh
Let’s not circle back,
I got your back.
Touch and fill and close every crack.
Tell me baby...
Are you down with that??
Butterfly Jul 13
It's a weird question
But does somebody wants chat with me and just talk about life.
I really like to listen , so if you need somebody random to talk to, I am in.
This probably sounds really creepy sorry!
So here's some information about me!
Hi I a female and I am from the Netherlands.
Still in high school and hating it even though I should be grateful. Currently I am fighting depression and social anxiety.
I think it's really think hard to talk about, so I prefer to listen but if talking about my problems is more comfortable for you I ofcourse will. People say that they really like my advice so that's why I want to be a therapist.  I like to draw, read books and make poems. Looking for a new series to watch on Netflix so open for that to lol.
I hope that you will chat with me and if you don't want to talk but only listen that's totally cool! I won't judge you for who you are and I want to make a safe place for everybody were the can talk about how the feel and which struggles they are going through. Sorry if my grammar isn't that good, English isn't my first language!
I've written in anger
And sorted myself out
I've written on drugs
And found new meanings
I've written in sadness
And found that I am beautiful
I've written before bed
And never let my head hit the pillow
I've written about my skin
And no one knows what I am
I've written about what it means to be human
And I still have no answers
I've written while in love
And have had many lovers
I've written in art
And hid the words within the blank spaces
I've written rambles
And each one more absurd then the last
I have written about my adventures
And returned filthy and alive
I've written stolen words from the wise
And spread the knowledge far and wide
I've written to you
And you have read
I've written
And have kept writing.
The world will never be as you think if you think such,
Have a nice day
You want to runaway?
-Yeah let's do it!

You want to?

Let's do it then...
Let's rock
Have a good day
Helena May 12
Doused in trailer park,
Axe and ******
Underneath the visions
Of a bleeding
Tartan skirt

Kiss, kiss her invisible
Before you choke
On pencil shavings
Before you gag
on cherry lips

You'd die
For small holes
To fit all your ambitions in
And to roll around
The bed
Without a screeching
Corpse to stumble on

So in nights
You can't sleep
And the summer's
Yet to come
Dwell freely
On Magdalenes

Use it then to drown
Your self-pitying
Hey you remember when you told me it was gonna be ok?
I believe you now.
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