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TD 6d
Now that I’ve lost you,
I don’t know what to do,
Now that you’re gone,
I always feel so blue.

I can’t control my emotions,
Nor sleep just right,
For what I crave,
Is for you to hold me tight.

I blame you,
Your girls are just so mean,
But if what they say is true,
What happened to me.

What happened to us?

From seventeen,
Until your end,
I want you to know,
You were my oldest friend.

We fought and we cried,
We loved and only I live,
You still have my heart,
I have no other heart to give.

So I wait,
In this lonely plain,
Alone with your girls,
Until I can see you again.

- You took more than you gave, my love
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
What is the point
being kind to those who are kind to us?
What is the point
being mean to those who are mean to us?
What is the point
hating those who hate us?
What is the point
loving those who love us?
For those who hurt us are those
who need our kindness the most.
Questions that really make me think about the answers...
and yet I still do them.
Eve Dec 2018
Miserable and unmotivated,
Mood swings from time to time,
Lying, it has evolved daily.
I can’t control myself the same way anymore,
I’m discovering a new side to myself,
I proclaim that space is what will cure this pain,
However, that’s not the claim.
That unfamiliar side that remains,
Is the one that nobody seems to understand,
They’re getting tired of me;
I wish I could reach out,
Nah, I’d probably just freak them, like ****.
I call them friends,
They’re merely as important to me.
Quick judgments, slow reaction times,
If they ever need assistance,
I’m always available.
If the tables turn, role switches,
I’d be let down,
Yet again.
The irony resides here,
Trust within myself no longer exists,
Entirety has been reduced to half of a whole,
I’m a worthless piece of —
So sick of being misused,
Treated differently, and most importantly,
Never fully acknowledged of.
You notice my presence when you want,
Not when you can.
Your effort is only being wasted,
Referencing me as a “friend”,
Just an acquaintance,
Actually, a stone cold stranger that wants nothing to do with anyone or anything.
Britney Lyn Dec 2018
I’m so tired of begging for romance in things that are less than romantic by nature. I refuse to get on my knees and plead to the tune of your hypocrisy. Affection and appreciation in the slightest would subdue this mind that consumes my worth, but second thoughts plague this waking body and fuel your comfort upon thy throne. Disappointment comes easily to a girl who simply picks flowers for their beauty when that is truly all they have to offer. Petals falling with her patience and wilt with her happiness. Good riddance to the man who took for granted a warrior in flesh and basked in the tears that filled his cup. Good riddance to prideful acts that pedestal his motives in the shame of any female who dare fall victim to his cause. Righteous is he who puts himself above others, a victorious smile smitten in vicious tendencies.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
I don't know why you do what you do,
and hurt other people with words that aren't true.
Your words, your actions;
they make me angry.
And especially that reputation that you carry.
Does it please you when others hurt?
When you call them ******, dumb, or a ****?
Do you find happiness in that?
Telling people things that ware full of bad?
If so, I don't know how you do it,
spreading around so much hatred.
How about you try something new.
Being kind and caring; saying please and thank you.
All those hurtful things you can't undo.
So start spreading around things that are true.
This world would be so much better if people were kinder to each other. But we only have this planet to live on so far, so we might as well make it a welcoming place; you know, just incase the aliens decide that there planet isn't kind enough and they'd like to come and live here.
muna Dec 2018
you're hurt
but it makes me so happy..
i hate this side of me.
sorry i don't feel sorry for you
Don't use mean words that cut in like a   knife
Only use words that build up
To many unkind words
Destroys the soul.
Breaks the spirit.
Not got anything nice to say then don't bother saying  anything at all.
muna Nov 2018
We all have our battles to fight.
Please respect all the battles
I've fought.
We're all suffering. I'm suffering. Maybe you are. Let's respect that.
Marisol Quiroz Nov 2018
it came like midnight cold,
slowly through the cracks of unlocked doors.
it’s wasn’t until it spilled from my mouth
that i began to know;
this bitter black ink
seeping from between my teeth,
belonged to you,
and not to me.
without apology.

— i refuse to let your bitter black heart bleed into mine any longer
toxicity bleeds and i refuse to be your unwilling sponge
Seanathon Nov 2018
Reflected rays
Reveal the truth

Once read aloud
Between the lines

That words remain
Longer than footprints

And with illuminate truth
The moonlight shines
From the corners of my room.
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