Regan 1d
Fix this emotion
Many things cause this pain
It sneaks up on me.
Amanda 3d
I am still trying to be your friend
Looking past many flaws
It's kinda hard to see past
The stress you always cause

I know I should let you go
You are a battle I'll never win
Something keeps me holding on
Through the chaos I am in

You are not worth it anymore
This is not what I envisioned
I truly mean it this time when I say
I am done with being imprisoned
No date on this one..
destiny 6d
Some people need to belittle others to make themselves feel a fraction bigger.

Those are the people that are truly small.
Timothy Jun 12
what's fun about being hurt
when you didn't invite hurt in the first place
what's sad about being happy
despite your loved ones died recently
what's wrong about smiling to someone you barely even know

you try to be nice to mean people
you try to be mean to nice people
you try to be fair when everything is unfair

you're being unfair, you know?
dunno... btw while I was typing this to my friend's chat box I suddenly received an event from facebook entitled "Depresso: A Mental Health Awareness Session (Limited Seats Only)" I was like wtf facebook are you stalking me?
the waterways are leading me
to places i was too scared to adventure alone

one day this heart will heal
with this earth holding me up

one day all of these poems
will remind me of that empty feeling
of thinking about you.
Unknown May 24
I need my body to be free
I don't mean it to die
I need my hands to be free
I don't mean you to tie
I need my legs to be free
I don't mean to lay wide
I need my head to be free
I don't mean it to lie
I need my mind to be free
I don't mean it to bid bye
What I need is what I mean
So please do mean it
if you need it
Most often what we need is not taken as what we mean
Your crooked mug you call your face
It’s so disjointed, it lacks grace
eyebrows connected like a lace
Eyes separated, by too much space

You’re fucking ugly and it shows
You try to hide it with your clothes
To be so ugly, no one knows
it’s not your fault, so I suppose

I want to take a closer look
Forward I step, to be nearer
Another step is what I took
A tad bit closer to the mirror
Aa Harvey May 10

I want to mean something to somebody.
I want somebody to care.
I want to be able to dance under a disco ball with somebody,
Whilst pretending that nobody else is there.

Love is my purpose and poems are my wares.
All I have is for sale, to anyone who is willing to pretend to care.
Wishing for a change of fortune,
Finding out that nothing ever changes.
Everything remains the same, unfortunately;
Jigsaw puzzle mind…
I must rearrange it.

The order of the things;
The way things must be done.
You have taken my voice and ruined the joy of singing;
Can I please just have a little more fun?

It’s funny really, this reality.
Painful memories, I throw away with my apathy.
Embrace all new experiences.
I am worthless, without your guidance.

I write words down in the hope that somebody will read it
And understand what I mean, when I am sounding so mean.
I am sorry;
I did not mean for it to change your idea of me.
I guess I just say the wrong thing.

Let us build a bridge between us;
Communication is the key.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
here we meet yet again
caught between the truth and lies
almost can’t remember when
the last time silence felt so nice
the middle
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