Kat Pan 1d

I am disregarded

Your vile eyes gloss over my body and label me victim

Your spiteful intentions scald my skin as you target me speechlessly

I am a apparition

Treading on what is identical to Hell's surface

I beseech God to forsake me and let me perish in the authentic blaze

I am unfit for the toil, the betrayal is worrisome, and my frail heart is left in shambles

I am puzzled by the way you dislodged those malicious words from the pits of your repulsive throat and slung them at me

All your transgressions are in vain

but you and your friends cackle like witches

I am sorry my exterior is a rarity

My hair is brown like the Earth's dirt and the roots growing from them have culture

I am so sorry that my body is a precious temple

petite and dainty while yours is filled with sin and ego

kind of working on it

You think you can only have fun at other people’s expense,
I am more sad for your lack of imagination than I am angry.

All of your fun is propped up by being mean to others,
Because I am not mean, you think I have no fun.

You think stopping being mean,
Means losing all your fun,

You are so wrong,
You are so wrong.

We've been warned of bad people
ever since we were little.
We've all learned that we shouldn't trust
a creepy man who offers candy if you'll only get into his truck.

But nobody's ever warned us of

The boys with dangerously glittering eyes,
who will pepper you with affection only to
put a bullet in your heart.

Nobody's ever warned us of

The girls wearing mean smirks like armour,
who will laugh at you when you walk by and
make you feel so insecure.

Nobody's ever warned us of

The wounds that were bound to open in our chests,
which won't disappear in an instant
if at all.

Nobody's ever warned us of


- there are some things people will never tell you -
joey Sep 12

a man from above
looking down below
at the little man
throwing down rain
pushing people away slowing
from rage his family
is ashamed man on the hill
never helped
someone in need only listened
to his greed never listened to
the little man almost lost his house
the greedy man felt bad helped him
kind hearted man
he became to be

denouement Sep 5

"i didn't mean to disappoint"
is her own sort of poem

it makes me sad and
makes me laugh together

she has disappointed;
cruel words and mean sneers,
hate under the compliments she gives

the emptiness and sadness of her lonely life,
the sneers i gave in return
makes it sad.

"i didn't mean to disappoint"
is her own sort of poem

denouement Sep 5

sugar on her lips
a smile

sugar, sugar

she's the kind that
burns your throat if you eat
too much

I haven't been on here in forever :c
Felix Dreams Sep 4

Not in a disrespectful way
Nor to hurt you feelings.
To explain so simply
Can sound mean or taken the wrong way.  How I make things clear to you is only how it was installed into me.
To the Point
And Honest

Wasting wits Aug 28

She closed her eyes and imagined.
Imagined a world as close to perfection as her mind would allow her. But, in the back of her head, the thoughts still existed.
The truth still existed.
There is no such thing as a perfect world where nothing matters, some things do.
Size matters,
as she knows extremely well.
Not the size of her heart,
but her physical size.
She thinks for just a second they'll see through her outward appearance and into her heart, her soul, and her mind,
but, once again, she's wrong.
They've become inclined to develop an opinion based on impression, to judge.
They are materialistic.
And that is the very reason for the imperfection that was her life.

Brianna Aug 25

Softly or not at all- you said-
But I don't know how to be soft.

Just because you feel so broken right now, doesn't mean you will in the time you have ahead of you. Therefore, no matter how awful you feel right now, never stop investing in your future, never stop investing in yourself. That future is going to give you all the things you never thought you'd ever have- love, happiness, dreams and maybe just maybe a family.

That future is awaiting you, you just have to hold on a little longer
and trust that it is all temporary, even though it feels like it's going to last forever, I assure you it wont, you're in the middle of it so you cannot see the light that we externally see for you.

There is so much yet to come and although that is daunting, you just have to have faith, faith that everything you do right now, all the homework you complete, all the hours of studying and the things you apply for, all the branching out you do, all the relationships you invest in, all the networking you do. It's all part of you investing in a bright bright future. That future is yours, so hold on a little longer.

Hold on because maybe just maybe you'll find that you no longer have to hold on, because maybe just maybe you'll find your wings and learn to fly.

Hold on, you can do it.

Take each day as it comes,
Some may be horrific and some may be tolerable, but eventually they'll be magnificent, just hold on and soon you'll see,

That future is right in front of me,
As I glance in the mirror,
That future is me,

Hold on.

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