R 22h

You dim-witted, half-assed fuck.
Every moment that I think about you my gut turns
as my very organs reject the fact that you exist.
You disgust me on a cellular level. The fact that
you breathe the same airspace as me is an insult
to society.

You worthless, two-timing son of a bitch.
You think I give a shit about your
piece of shit philosophy that you carry on your sleeve?
You are a sentient pile of slime dirtying the floors
that people have worked so hard in cleaning.

Effort has gone into you,
that could have gone to someone else.
Love has gone into you,
best appreciated by others.
Your friendships mean nothing.
You are a friendless non-entity.

You mouth-breathing motherfucker,
I hope you come to realize how much you've wasted your life.
How much you've wasted your hopes and dreams.
How much you were your own obstacle.
How much you could have been
if you had overcome yourself.

I hope I never have to see, your hideous
little face
ever again.

I could comfortably burn in hell knowing that you're furthest away from me
sucking on the Lord's dick while shamefully knowing
you did nothing to deserve it.

Go fuck yourself.

Rylee May 18

November 2016
We were the best of friends loving and caring for each other since day 1
We used to have so much fun
But then he came along
And you left me
You don’t know about the power that you have on my emotions.
You walk away with him,
Leaving me confused while you go along careless and carefree not thinking about the consequences that it will have on me
I walk to where we always hung out
Talking about something that didn’t even make sense but made us laugh hysterically
You choose him over me even though you’ve known him for a few days
you’ve known me for a few years
but that doesn’t seem to matter to you
I feel as if when you walked away with him you went past a garbage can and threw away all we had, all we had made,
For him, a stranger in OUR world
OUR world, oh the good old days
Now OUR world consists mostly of me trying to put on the mask of happiness that I once had when we were together
But now all my real feelings are in that trash can you walked past with him
You barely know him but are making out with him and you don’t even have the time to say goodbye
because apparently you have plans with him
I don’t want to hurt you
I am happy for you
But this, this is not ok
You’ve changed
Not because of life but because of him
He does bad things that I know you would try because you fall so easily
You fall and im trying to move the obstacles that are making your journey hard
I tried to move this one but you,
You wanted it to stay, you were ok
Ok with it
I don’t really think you thought about it
but I warned you
So this time when you fall im not going to be there,
I will want to be there for you but
Im not going to,
im going to let you move this obstacle by yourself
I love you

Abbithian Oct 30

Sometimes I wonder why none of my friends talk to me anymore
Then it hits me

You drove them all away

let me be
set me free
don't do this to me
why be so mean
even in my dream
don't make this another reality
this is the place of my beautiful fantasies
don't ruin this too
like you always do.

Brenda Mukisa Oct 24

Is that a game?
no, art.
i remember the first time I talked to you
i knew you were a blogger or something...
yah!... you guessed right.
our first lines
now I know more... more, more
you do not eat cake
which I could never relate too
you do not eat pizza
that can be okay....
you studied a stranger kind of medicine
the kind a twisted mind holds onto
you walked away from it
you like complexity
simple and routine is boring for you
you can afford to junk only once a year
you talk about your child with less emotion
you ask questions
not because you need the answer
but you want to know that the other party wants the same thing
you want people to tell you what they want
only because somehow you expect them to say...
they want you...
you pull away when they don't.
you are complex
you reach out and pull back at the same time
there is a part of you that wants to be chased.
or wants to tell someone simple i'm not interested.
you smile in between kisses.
you make actual conversation
not the kind that says I do not want to know
you are confusing
you are not forgettable though.....
what do you want....
happiness....good people..
what do you want....
probably our last lines.

Aishah Oct 23

I was sitting on the cold, hard floor when the storm decided to sweep everything its evil eyes landed on. It took everything its dirty hands could grab but not my feelings for you. I sat on this cold floor because I couldn't think of any place better to write about you and how you have crushed my soul with your frozen heart. That night was cold and mean but you're colder and meaner.

This one is for Raul.
Maddie Berry Oct 20

you apologize,
but you show no real remorse
you only want an excuse,
to keep me in your life,
to manipulate me,
to hurt me.

you hurt me.

you make me feel stupid,

I am worthless

you've taught me that I have no self value,
that I am good at nothing

my self esteem is gone,
you've taken it all away,
I'm watching it burn,
with the memories of you.


I hate you.

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