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Kennedy 3d
i care too much.
i can't stop caring.
i can't let go.
Mother will call, and call, and call.
i answer, without fail or hesitation.
the best friend's will take,
make snide comments,
say mean things,
do mean things,
hurt me.
i will be by their side no matter what.
my fatal flaw is that when you tell me
that i'm too emotional,
i will never stop thinking that.
i was once told i had the biggest nose
in the third grade.
i am still hyperaware, and ashamed of it.
letting go is the hardest thing to do when you think you deserve the pain.
Estelline Apr 20
You said you miss me
With a pouting face
For a second I felt for you
But you don’t know anything about me
You’re clueless
You don’t care how I am
So how can you miss me…
If you don’t care about me?
Maybe it’s the idea of me that you miss
Or the attention I gave
Always ignoring me
Till it suited you to respond
I feel no bond
So here I am letting go
It’s over now.
When I say something
It means something
When I say nothing
It means many things
Unconditionally I love
Conditionally I unlove
I am friends if untouched
Foe if recklessly touched
Scrambled egg or egg fry
I make of the liars lying
Poetry of poetasters
Doesn't qualify in their eyes
Weight of their degrees
So high
They crumble under
Light weight poems of small fries
Gate keeping suits them
Guarding security risk to their life
On HelloPoetry
Poetry good or bad
Instrument of healing
On HelloPoetry
Poetry an instrument for feeling
Nobel laureates
You aren't dealing!
Randomly written without much thought. May be reflection of the subconscious.
stephanie Mar 24
"No offense but you're like really fat."
this was said to me in second grade by another kid
to be fair, yes i was an obese little second grader but i had been growing about three inches every year since i had turned three
i don't believe this person was being inherently malicious
but i will never forget their words and the way they made me feel
Man Jan 15
women don't know how to love
and neither do men
it's a mean world
it's a cold one
full of children
who've got the bends,
coming up too fast
mark soltero Dec 2020
don’t ever come back
you left and that’s fine
it’s always been fine to me
i should have cheated on you
because as confusing as it was
i never loved you
you never wanted me
what you think you hold
this guiding beacon of myself
that i held onto dear
what you stole
and **** on
isn’t my only grace
if only you were to face yourself
for the **** *******
living behind those empty ******* words
bending the truth and reality
with all your disgusting lies
your departure left few and heavy cries
like a dead great uncle
you meant nothing to me
This was a super toxic thought process. But I think I was able to sorta work thru some ollllllld **** with it so idk I like the title I think it’s funny.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
Oh so you're thinking.
You're thinking for yourself.
Are you really now?

You're just repeating,
Repeating what they say.
You're just a parrot, an annoyance in my way.
Rollercoaster Dec 2020
I could be mean to you.
But where would that get me?
I'm not a conceited brat. Just tryna be a good person.
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