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I want to see your face
I want to smell your scent
I want to hear your voice
I want to feel your presence
I want to touch your skin
I want to
But I cannot

I cannot do these things
You were once a love to me
You once made me think I was a princess
And although I would like to
I cannot go back to you

You have done unspeakable things
You have shushed me
When my voice should have been heard
You have muffled my screams with a pillow
The pillow of lies
You have done more than you know

My whole life
Centered around you
My whole existence
Was for you
Yet still
You have done unspeakable things

I would love to go back to it
To go back to the way things were
But you are a toxic human
Toxic for me
You make me do things
I would never do
And you make me feel things
I would not like to feel

For I am scared of falling
Falling in love
For you have shattered me
You have shattered my being
My existence

Your presence is no more than
An uncomfortable aura
Your touch sends scary shivers
Down my spine
Your smell makes me
Want to spill my guts out
Your voice sends panic
Throughout my body
The sight of you
Is enough
To make me faint

And yet I forgive you
You ask me why
I tell you
I forgive you
Because I know
In some parts of my mind
I still love you
clever 1d
i want you to ruin my life
and even though i know i'm wrong
i want you to make it all right
The other may be taller -
The other may be older -
The other may be more,
but that doesn't mean
that you are any less -
S/he loving you? All that
means that s/he sees more
so much more, in you too
so stop questioning the love
and just love, love them to death,
and so much more so beyond.
You know, I used to think you were everything,
You were ***'s Special gift.
Around you I was so giddy,
I felt like dancing to swing.  

I used to think the sun shone out of your ***.
I died inside each time I could make you laugh.
I got down on my knees to pray for you at mass.
I wanted my love for you commemorated on my epitaph.

Your name *** everywhere I turned.
I thought they were signs so harder I yearned.

But time is a funny thing.
With it, what was once a  gentle caress,
Can become a bitter sting.

With time I learned you weren't ***'s gift,
You were just a *******.

Around you my heart still flutters and beats too fast,
But only because you're an *******,
And I want to kick your ***.

I still pray for you, but only because you've lost a good thing (me).
It's done, I've finally broken the spell (free).

Truth is, I really do see your name everywhere,
But only because your name is that generic.
You're not a gem, you're not that rare,
My wasted time is tragic.

This poem is mean and petty,
I'm usually more kind and demure.
But right now my words are cool and steady,
Things are different now, of that you can be sure.

I've said goodbye, I've shut the door.
I used to love you more than life itself,
But now I love me more.
I really wish I wasn't this petty.
Jasmine dryer Sep 27
i'm tired of all you brainless

heartless cowards

yeah you hid behind curtain

because your never certain

you'll get away with  it

but you got no power

i've seen more strength

in a ******* a flower

so i hide behind your curtain

because i'll  run the show
Cat Lynn Sep 27

M ourning
I n
S erious
S orrow

for you...

...That's what it means to me at least...

What does it mean to you?... Or does it even mean anything to you?
Idk, this was kinda random, I was just kinda thinking of it walking down the hallway of my church one night...
Em Sep 27
In the rare event
that you should need
something from me

No matter who you are
No matter how you've treated me
No matter my opinion of you

I will humbly,
benevolently answer:

i mean am i wrong boys and girls
my attempt at comedy
im sorry i s u cc
A Windsor knot
binds my
fickle neck
to my dour
Plastic ties
elegant wrists
in pair.

One question:
Head up or down?

I lied.

Another question.
Atop a question.

Am I

headed up or down?
Give me redemption
or else,
how can I ignore it?

One bedroom.
An eager clock,
from my set,
or expected
The End,
leaves me to my

One question:
Head up or down?

I lied.

Another question.
Atop a question.

Am I

headed up or down?
Give me freedom
or else,
how can I ignore it?

Can I really be who I want?
Can I really be what I mean?

Will I ever solidify?
Will I ever come to?

And who will come?

(. . .)
Nothing Sep 24
who i am isn't up to you?
you helped paved it, yes
but i can change
to the person i want.
that sometimes, when i say "i'm fine",
i don't mean "save me" -
i mean i can figure it out on my own

- v.m
anxiety is a bish sometimes.
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