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Holly Aug 2020
I am held together
by tape and pins inside,
make shift stitches
are the only things
keeping myself from
falling apart.
There are so many chips
In my skin
I do not know
If they are from mine
or everybody else’s
My strings are so weak
there is no telling
when I will have to cut them,
and let my limbs
fall far beneath my feet.
You would think
I would be better
at keeping myself
from ruining everything else,
but I have spent too much time
tearing myself up
to know how to
hold anything worth saving
In my bloodied hands.
My lips have been
stretched so thin
from keeping all my secrets
locked inside
I drool blood and grief
through the sutures.
Please use me,
i have no idea
how to do this on my own,
and I am not my own master
I don’t know how to exist
without you.
I have been left on the floor
for so long
I am a mess
of broken attempts
to fix something
that cannot be mended.
I am unsure
I will even work right,
but I need someone
to tug on my ropes
and make it seem
like I am more alive
than this.
Zack Ripley Sep 2019
You made me play your game. Now I'll never be the same.
I believed the lie you told.
Now that I know the truth, I've never felt so cold. So alone. Heart feels heavy like it's made of stone.
I can feel myself sinking.
Ever closer to depression. Despair. In desperation I cry out "is anyone there?" No one answers of course.
Then your voice pops in my head saying "nobody cares."
For a second, I believe it.
Then I remember your deceit. In a moment of clarity, I realize listening to you would mean I admit defeat.
But I wont let you win. I'll take your words and make them mine. It's the end of the line.
Michael A Duff Nov 2019
Draws you into her
Go don't return we are done
Closed up her heart     burn
What at one time was the greatest love of my life was also the greatest tragedy of my life. She regulates her love, pulling you in dot keep. Then pushs you out off the cliff into the cold water deep, ice in her eyes frozen seems her heart, I saw it melt when her defenses were down that was before she ripped mine apart.  Some can repair breaks like this but to her she shutdown forever to be missed, hope she is well I dont know why, I should a mean and spiteful guy. But that's not me I never have been, I have too much love I cant give in.
Zara Aug 2019
I left you one year ago,
You hurt me and so I let you go,
I thought that we had moved passed it though.

But you make it so hard to forget,
It ***** cause you know how to get,
Your words so deep in my head.

You know deep down what im like,
You know I’d never hurt you in spite,
But you say it so that what it sounds like.

Twist my words to mean something else,
Manipulate what I said myself,
Do you know or are you lying to yourself.

Don’t act like I did it easily,
You know know this wasn’t easy for me,
And if you don’t then you never knew me.
Just a poem that I wrote about when someone misreads your intentions when they should know that you were never intending to be hurtful.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
You were lying,
I was believing.
You were deceiving,
I was trusting.
You were pretending,
I was loving.
You were manipulating,
I was falling.
DC Hall Jun 2019
The sight of you is an enveloping substance
A supreme ****** stimulant
Eradicating all commitment and restraint
I try to fight but the tenacity of your figure
Is in complete control
You are a ventriloquist
I am a puppet
Suspended by strings
Manipulated by ***
Devin Ortiz Jun 2019
Severed strings. I dangle free.
Master only to psychopathy.

Take it all. Every crutch.
Can’t manipulate,
What you cannot touch.
Nelsya May 2019
Tricks could be dangerous
if it was done
by the wrong people

Disguised in pretty lips
and polished words
they were trained to manipulate

Be careful not to get caught
in their petty tricks
that are disguised in fancy lies

So it is best
to think before you absorb
and to have a mind of your own
You over there, observing us in despair.
I’ve listened to your cries; each wailing word that slithered out of a poisonous jar.
That tune, so disgusting and manipulative, once was a melody to many, not just me.

We hold each other’s love like a child’s innocence; you took ours, now we are rendered empty.
And I dare you not look at us with a lens of green, that’s not fair at all.
You say we both held your heart, I proudly state that you never held mine.
Rip our roots from its core and you’ll unleash a devastating darkness.
Not our darkness, yours.
Rip our roots from its core and you’ll delve into the mystery that is your own fatal flaw; greed, loneliness, the desire for something more.

Begging is weak. Look at you now.
The tale never stops, it’s always told. In my days and in my dreams; there’s no escape from the horror that is you.
The tale never stops; for the longest time, saddened truth that only your ‘part’ was played, only your part was believed.
Time has tumbled like stacked dominoes, it’s his time now. His time to grab back at all the things you stole, get his justice like you had yours.
Happiness tips out a river that will,
Just flow.

I want to take those pictures that are hidden in your crater and burn them to dust; there’s things you deserve but happy memories of us is not one of them.

The sea so precious, so beautiful, so innocent and vulnerable can not be treasured let alone protected by your plastic hands.
Therefore you are delusional. It was not stolen but taken away out of fear of further pollution.
Now the sea is cerulean, clearer than before; sea life swims joyous, delighted that’s for sure.
Keep your thoughts untwisted, I’ll help you untangle the spiked vines.
Because what was yours, you broke, made someone new who I love and is now mine.
What was yours, was me, but never with a label.
Misery a life with you; present day, I’m away, still shattered but that light bulb of mine glistens me to glue, and finally I’m fine.
About a girl I once knew who defined toxicity.
I, at the time, had yet to realise that she would become important to me not because of what she has done: for the person I invented her to be in my mind. She, a version of me that I despise because I am not it. But this version is not the real her, the poem reflects her true self.
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