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Estelline Jul 24
Isn’t it funny
How I could remember your favorite joke
But you can’t remember what I last said
It makes me quite sad
Being so easily forgotten
Must have just been a boring conversation
Next time will be better
I’ll whisper to calm the pain inside

But here we are again
Same situation
never changing
Even though I try
I’m waiting on you
Always waiting…

So the next time I won’t move first
To see what you do
And of course…
You never pull through
So don’t act like you care
When I needed you to be here.
stillhuman May 31
Stranger in the night
come on, i will bite
now, what is on your mind
as our destinies intertwined
caused us both
to need someone to confide
the worst thought on our minds

At almost 2 a.m time
we both need to remind
ourselves of the imperfection
of humankind
and I really wouldn't mind
a hand to be kind
and a shared glass of wine
to blurt out
all those slimy thoughts
that won't leave

And for less than that
I would listen and chat
acceting your words spat
out to relieve the constant combat
going on in your head

So, drink up with
you stranger in the night
and if the wine doesn't help
I think talking just might
I feel some sort of companionship when I find someone awake at 2 am
Estelline May 30
We could sing songs
Under a sun kissed sky
Showered by red and violet
While you strum your guitar
A smooth varnished back
It still has that one crack
From being reckless and dumb
But it’s just a faded memory
Bouncing among the clouds
Of our own thoughts

Everything would seem perfect
But below the golden view
Is a sea of darkness
Hidden within my own soul
Does it show?
I don’t know...

It’s been growing so cold
And it’s getting so old
So if I let you in
To see something besides what you knew
Could you just hold me here
Softly with kindness
It would be everything I could ever want.
Of course, you can go
But I don't want you to
Of course, I don't have to know
But I feel I really do
Of course, we don't have to talk
But I will fall apart
Of course, I will let you walk
But it will crush my heart
2am talking to you...
The hum of a neon sign, Emitting light so tranquil
Purple Luminescence on your face. The sparkle in your eye, it brings life to all...
The smile in your words     In comparison everything so small.    

In conversation vocalising the deep within

What can I say, 2am there is no filter Here.

The euphoria so intense
all Existence has so much Distance,
the world fades away...

Quizzed with the words you speak
Everything begins to dull
Everything so quiet and clear

The realisation of how much I hold you dear
I'd hate to think what I'd do  
Without you here
I just wanna talk
maybe about something real,
like emotions or feelings
but I'm often recommended to take a walk,
Oh how I struggle to overcome
all of that from which I'm trying to heal
why do people get stuck up with the news,
movies or tv shows they binge?
often seems irrelevant
and makes me cringe,
I wish for someone or something
to give me clarity
or If I'm being honest
just save me a trip to therapy,
I'm in the middle of a meltdown
all I wanna do is be free
Imagine if happy thoughts would sell,
what a world this would be
I wish for poetry to flow through me
but only when I'm high,
I hope the words will get to me
but I already know it's a lie.
Sometimes I just wanna
I don't know,
just sleep it off
for a month or so.
A pin
asking just enough of the taught surface
to make it give

bang-burst a gust
of shameful, baleful disappointment
snuffing embarrassed cake candles

or gush a splat of misery
to spatter snot and tears
halting high squeals on a summer lawn
as eyes look for answers
Man Mar 11
when i am silent
and say nothing
it is because, there is nothing to be said
or nothing of value worth saying,
look into my eyes
they say all i need to

and how much need be said
for things we both know
or do you just want to hear them aloud
so we can both revel in it
relishing the sorrow we both wrought
parker Mar 8
Everywhere I go
I watch the floor
Each crack and line memorized
as i scan them.
feet shuffle behind, scuffing them
leaving new marks to find

someone speaks.

my mind screams to look

i cant.

theres the crack,
the spot,
the scuff,
and all words fall on deaf ears;
and my feet shuffle on

why does tile hold my mind?
why cant i look you in the eyes?
social anxiety makes it hard to talk to people
kevin wright Mar 7
We are born to our world
Evolving to talk and think

When our time is spent
Silence and amnesia prevail

Buried or cremated choices
Use our time and make that call.
Use our time on this world fruitfully.
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