aryanalynae Jul 9

come a little closer baby
i feel like letting you in.
and i feel like telling you everything,
that i held so deep within.

all those little secrets.
all the those times i was shy
and here i am open arms,
and i'm ready to explain the fright.

and i'm ready to tell you the dirty.
the clean, the boring, the new.
i'll tell you what you want to hear,
i just feel like talking to you.

come a little closer baby.
i feel like letting you learn.
the ropes and maze to my heart,
but i won't lie i'm still concerned.

i don't know how much it'll last,
so lean in while you can.
i've got things to whisper baby,
so lean in, just take my hand.

Oskar Erikson Jun 26

my words are capped. Over
half-started sentences.
they just get cut
into somebody else.
they just get -
- -body else.

and i want to ------

alan Jun 26

When I introduce the suggestion of answering my question,
it seems to puzzle your mind-
my eagerness for an answer is constantly declined.
Do you listen to me when I reply? Or do you just listen to yourself speak?
You continue to talk and don't hear me shriek because you know that I'm weak.
Why don't you listen?

Devan Ducasse Jun 24

“I know when you’re sad,
I can tell when you’re happy,
And I know when something is wrong.”
She says

And I believed her

“Look at his arms,
You have to admit he’s hot,
His shirtless scene is my favourite.”
She says

And I stayed quiet

“You’re always so selfish,
Never do what I want,
You only think about whats best for you.”
She says

And I tried harder

“Lets watch this,
Look at this cool thing,
I swear I’m listening.”
She says

And I knew she wasn't

“I’ll go to bed early so I won’t nap,
I went to bed at 3am,
You’re just so comfy.”
She says

And I had 2 hours to my thoughts

“I hate my mom,
She never listens to me,
I’m just not gonna listen to her.”
She says

And I didn’t give my opinion

“Read my chapter.
Have you read my chapter?
I need validation.”
She says

And I could never bring myself to read it

“You’re not a real writer,
You write really good poetry,
It's too sad for me.”
She says

And I didn’t argue

“Are you tired?
You look tired.
You should get some rest.”
She says

And I wasn’t tired

Benji James Jun 20

One day you'll realise
All these lyrics were about you
In fact, I think you're smart enough
To figure out
What they've been all about
Doesn't take a genius to figure it out
You left me in a pool of doubt
Questioning myself why and how
Could I ever let it come to that
Letting you go was the biggest mistake
That I've ever made
And I didn't do it just once but twice
Why did we have to suffer the price
In my head none of this shit makes sense
In time you'll come to see
I was only telling you the truth
It was always gonna be me for you.
And the love that I had for you was real
Whether you choose to believe it or not
That choice is yours, in the end
But for me, none of this went according to plan
And I spent the time
To try and deal with all the pain
That's messed with my brain
And now I'm just trying
To make this right
Can't you understand it
From my side
I wanted you to be
The other part of my life
But it was him who won you, not me
And look what happened in the end
I told you he would fuck with you again
I told you to trust me
I tried to be there
I tried to defend your heart
honestly, you didn't really care
Or believe in anything I said
And now I'll leave the rest in your hands
To choose what we should be
I wanted you to know
What is on my mind
And this is the way I can do it right
I want us to still be friends
Maybe more
That choice is yours
Because I'm not sure
what you think anymore
You haven't been making this easy lately
But I can't blame you
I think I've hurt you real bad
But you hurt me to
I just hope you understand
I'll always be there to stand by you
No matter what happens
I love you till death do us part
Girl you've always got a place in my heart

©2017 Written By Benji James

I was mute.
Responding to the silence in-between the dial tone.
A new proposal of a new unlimited data plan.
I don't know how many gigs equate to the amount of anticipation.
Sitting in silence.
Phone pressed against my ear waiting to the sound of your voice.
The smell of stair-fry coming from an oval pan.
The smell of darkened beef and steamed vegetables sizzling by a pot of rice.
Boiling over in anticipation

Ryan Holden Jun 1

Have I lost the touch
I was given from superior,
Do my views and likes replace
soul that is dripped in my ink,
Because as I write I feel
Every single line,
Like it's my first day at school,
My first love, heart break,
Backstabbers and enemies.

It fills up this empty ink
With fuel, fire and soul,
Designs and pictures
That I paint on paper
No matter how many people
Try stop this tide of words
I sew together with meaning
And life choices.

My emotions are drained
Onto the paper like a sponge,
Along with those tear drops
And for what is to remain
Whether it's good or not,
Everything I write
I feel with passion and pain.

I wrote this because I've had a lot of negative comments about poetry as a whole recently and it frustrated me haha!
Sun Apr 27

I wonder which one is more than truth
Memory has a touch or
Touch has a memory.....?
Memory is as old as time

It is a summer night
The Moon is rising white and casting a shadow of an old soul
on the grass bed of the reading space of our home
Is it me...who grow older with the Moon,
or it's just the shadow that grows taller with the time?

The shadow sways alone endlessly with the Michael Bublé song
She is lighter on her feet
Memory touches her veins, blood and thoughts
She remembers every bit of small things

She stares at the Moon with deep affection
as if she is her lost best Friends
We say Moon is our Loyal companion
Who knows is she the loneliest.....?
Does she see all of us with her eyes full of surprises?
I keep Talking to the Moon.....

~ :-)
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