Sun 1d

I wonder which one is more than truth
Memory has a touch or
Touch has a memory.....?
Memory is as old as time

It is a summer night
The Moon is rising white and casting a shadow of an old soul
on the grass bed of the reading space of our home
Is it me...who grow older with the Moon,
or it's just the shadow that grows taller with the time?

The shadow sways alone endlessly with the Michael Bublé song
She is lighter on her feet
Memory touches her veins, blood and thoughts
She remembers every bit of small things

She stares at the Moon with deep affection
as if she is her lost best Friends
We say Moon is our Loyal companion
Who knows is she the loneliest.....?
Does she see all of us with her eyes full of surprises?
I keep Talking to the Moon.....

~ :-)
JAC Apr 15

I write into spaces
And talk into holes
Writings are our faces
But words write our souls.

Terry Collett Apr 14

See that red head
over in the girls'
Nigel said.

I looked over
to where he
was pointing.

Yes I see her
I said.

I've heard she's
up for it
he said.

Up for what?
I said
seeing Lizbeth
talking to another girl
by the fence.

You know it
Nigel said

O  I see
I said
hoping she wouldn't
wave to me.

I looked away
at the other boys
in our playground.

Wouldn't mind
giving her one
if she's that keen
he said.

Give one what?
I said
wishing he'd move
from the fence
and stop staring
to where she stood
yaking with the other girl.

Have sex with her
he said.

I gazed towards her
she wasn't looking
to where we stood.

You know her?
he said.

No can't say I have
I said.

I wonder if she's red
all over or if
she's dyed her hair
he said
staring at her.

No idea
I said
but she was
although I never
told him that.

I'd seen her that time
when she undressed
to tempt me
and she was red
there too.

Wonder what
her name is
he said.

No idea
I lied
wanting to walk away
but he stayed
and she looked over
and waved.

Mims Apr 11

it's 1am.
an i want to message you.
is that a booty call? (i really don't mean it too be i'm not trying to be a whore, please don't stop talking to me)
so careful,
around social constructs,
it'll make your fingers bleed,
when our eyes meet
(but i'm not trying to get with you i swear, just innocent conversation please, please don't unfriend me)
so concerned. to be heard.

yes i'm still a night owl
Joseph Percy Mar 25

Is it weird?
I felt comfortably reliefed,
When I saw the email,
When you messaged me?

Is it weird,
How we talked with such ease,
As if the past was erased,
And our friendship never ceased?

Is it weird,
That I want to talk?

We were good friends, and our young mistakes ruined that. But that is expected I guess. :P
Maddie Berry Feb 26

As we sat around the bonfire,
Laughing and loving,
Our spirits couldn't get any higher
And we laughed the night away

The smoke smelled nice,
As we made s'mores,
And burned our eyes,
But we smiled anyway

Music sweetly played,
Over our loud conversation,
But we still listened and swayed
In the cool winter night

I won't forget the fun,
The smiles,
From the ending or when it begun,
And in my heart it'll stay.

Babe Feb 7

I could have any kind of conversation
With any kind of man
But the ones we want to talk to us
Never, ever do
They all stop in the end.
They all vanish like it was pretend.

Talking in circles.
Apollo Hayden Jan 31

When the dream breaks, so much has changed, as if time has been manipulated.
I look for you in photos with me for proof, but it seems that you have faded.
I must be crazy to speak and have memories of things that may have never happened, but I swore someone else was there.
I guess I'm really losing it, maybe it was just a voice in the air.

Should I go back to these places and look for four footprints in the mud, or are these photos telling me all I need to know?
Could I have been roaming around in the woods for three years by myself, conversing with a ghost?

Lana Jan 27

I'm trying to not fall for you,
But you've got years on me.
I'm talking to you,
But you do not listen.
I'm trying to escape you,
but I'm being drawn in further.
I'm confused as to what you want from me,
I want you to want me.
Why won't you let me keep my walls up?
It's ok to leave. It's ok to break me.
Its the status quo.

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