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I sum up politics in three words:
wealth equals power.

we are expected to make lasting
changes in our communities,
and in our country itself.

but to do that,
we need power.

and the people in power
will always have more
wealth than we do,

which means that
the people in power
will always have more
power than we do.

they tell us that we are
the future leaders
of this country.

they tell us that as leaders,
we are expected to make
changes in our communities
and in our country itself,

but they tell us that
only because they
know that we can’t.
the mystery of you and I

haunts me,

on city nights

when the mist shrouds

the towers
do you ever get that sinister wondering when the clouds are eerie?
tia Sep 10
one, two three
don't forget to breathe
count to ten
slowly, slowly, before you can speak

that foul mouth
is better off dead
if you don't heed the warnings
you will carry the burden for all the words you've said

your heart needs to be silenced
crush it up, with hands of violence
Jessica Sep 8
I text you
And there’s no reply for weeks
Shrug my shoulders
I get along with what I need to do
But I’m wondering why
You are nowhere in my inbox
The simplest way to show you want to talk to me
You clank a couple pixels and hit send
It’s not hard
And yours is a silly communication by lack of communication
So, I text you again
.... ..... .....
she talked and talked
yet no one heard
she talked and
no one listened
they only spoke louder
to them
it didn't matter
she didn't matter
to her
she mattered
what she had to say mattered
no matter how small
they thought
she was
Pockets Aug 28
My girl is a cigarette

She’s a Lucky Strike
She won’t last me through the night

No matter how hard I draw on the conversation
I can’t spark her imagination

There’s nothing I can say
To make her a **** in my ashtray
Pockets Aug 28
She makes small talk feel like a TED talk
She makes me feel like I know nothing at all
She’s too smart for me
I stumble when I speak
I’m drunk driving through this conversation
She is an agnostic angel
I’m a whiskey priest
But I only wanna get drunk off what she can teach
And I don’t know if she cares about how I preach
A lesson in pseudoscience in her backseat
Leaves us in an afterglow of creative problem solving

We agree to disagree
Norman Crane Aug 26
I have said all that's to be said,
And you have listened,
And I have listened,
To the end, gaining what?
Our words are co-absurd,
Inexpressive turds of information,
Dung heap of nonsense,
Good will with perfect enunciation,
But crawling with itch, twitch and head-nod,
In place of mutual understanding,
A babelmist of manners and small talk,
In which we are umbrella-less,
Soggy with positivity,
But it's for the best, I guess,
Have a good day, till tomorrow then?
Finally! Until, tomorrow, we say it all over again.
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