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Max Mar 9
Congratulations for whatever you have achieved.
Probably nothing special,
but that defines you:
nothing special.
Hate on them haters
Amanda Oct 2018
Living for your twisted amusement
I am taking risk after risk
To be friends like I promised
Help you find happiness

When I was your girl that seemed simple
Had it figured out
Life took the things I knew about you
Replaced them with a load of doubt

It all happened within my reach
I was too slow to turn the tides
Losing all I clutched close to my heart
When I wouldn't loosen my grip time pried

Those who predicted our demise
Lifted their gaze to point and laugh
In that position I realized something
I was meant to grow from this mishap

It was a part of my journey
The truth was made openly clear
Dark clouds loomed over  sweet perfection
Horizon no longer smudged by denial and fear

Senses aren't functioning very well
In the center of your games
This place I recognize without hesitation
I sit and strategize methods to break the chains

There is no hand to conquer
Though this chess match was fun
I've learned you never play fair
You just cheat and cheat until you've won
It seems like everyone plays games nowadays
Cana Mar 2018
One syllable,
three measly letters
And lifetimes of happiness.

The greatest smiles are come from it
The happiest tear is shed
It’s utterance can make you JUMP and LEAP and TWIRL and SPIN or...
Or burst hearts sealed in lead.

And lifetimes of happiness
Three measly letters
One syllable.
For Mon fille and the laugh lines he got when his boy said yes.
Sam Jul 2017
Congratulations,* I whisper,
feeling myself sink in my chair
further down, hoping nobody will notice.
My heart is pounding,
pumping the terrors
that run through my veins.
I don't necessarily understand,
though I know **** well
what's ahead of me.
Good Luck, is whispered back,
answering my acclaim.
*You'll need it.
Aishah May 2017
This summer
Graduate and her feet will be here.

This morning
Sit and count the hours wasted on tears

in just the last 24 hours.

Last weekend
Asked her to come home, but nowhere feels like home now.
How does one tell a harsh truth like that to her Mum?

And unfortunately, she knows it all too well.

It’s awful that she does
But it’s comforting, let’s
She will always understand.
She still has her.

Where are you?
feel better having obtained that piece of paper?
It is the pursuit of that piece of paper you have made all that more arduous for

It’s in your grip,
like I was.

It’s all said and

The price has been paid.
The right party has done very well!
I can’t say the same for

Edit free brain blasts are seriously therapeutic and I'm getting a slight  comfort sharing my unrefined words like this.
sunprincess Nov 2016
You played your cards and played them Right,
You should be proud, you won the Fight

You bit the bullet, just like superman Would
SO Funny Lots of folks never thought you Could

They placed your name in print, trying to throw you Down
When all was said and done, They were looking like a Clown

Now for the main attraction, Let's cut the Cake,
SO you can show the world you  have what it Takes
Lady Ravenhill Nov 2016
He happily tells you
His wonderful news,
With excited smiles,
But none of it involving you.

You tell him
You’re so happy to hear...
But your little smile
Only holds back tears.

Everything you ever wanted
Lives within his eyes
But all he wanted now lives in her,
Which makes you die inside.

You're trying just to smile big
With cordial congratulations  
Because he must never know
Your pathetic lamentations.

The sorrow that will, forever,
Be splitting you in two
That he will never, ever,
Look for happiness in you.
@LadyofRavenhill 11/8/16
Revised 2/7/17
Äŧül Oct 2016
I moved on forever,
Though I feel guilty,
I still should get over,
Try did I so to hold on,
Never worrying about my utility,
But now realise the damage,
I just feel so guilty.
It was a downward arrow from the beginning.
Sorry for wasting your time preaching the good.
Probably I am not made for short-sighted people.

HP Poem #1216
©Atul Kaushal
Eilis Ni Eidhin Mar 2015
Thou no work can in truth be done
Ye may count hours had of fun
Ye may think that tbou hast won
                   Yet it goes and goes

Lest long hours make ye sad
Try in earnest to be glad
I forbid thee from feeling bad
                 Nature sews and sews

Like lions roaring shiny pelt
Your noble actions are well felt
Pride young one is how its spelt
                  Worship of the Jos

Know in you we'll not forget it
Singing high from every pulpit
Have your celebration biscuit
                  Abandoned are all woes

Joyful joyful those around you
Praise and adoration on cue
Blazing celebrations for you
                  In happiness' throes.
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