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I'm happy for you,
Since you're happier now.
I hope she'll make you happy every day.
You deserve that.
Zack Ripley Jan 28
congratulations. you made it through today.
that's something not everyone got a chance to say.
tomorrow, I hope you stop staying silent
just because the words keep getting lost along the way.
but for now, congratulations. you made it through another day.
emma hunt david Mar 2019
I’m just trying to eat my french toast and drink my coffee but you keep cutting me off as I’m about to take a sip take a bite asking why I like it with sugar i add a spoonful of creamer and you’re laughing
but not in a loving way
talking about my schoolwork and my plans for the garden
and you skip over the congratulations and mention your ex girlfriend
going on about your ex girlfriend and my face has hardened
i drink my coffee and try not to listen
i eat my french toast and i don’t pay attention
i’m looking at the man with the book eating alone
i’m looking at the waitress wishing she were home
excuse me and i’m up
the bathroom is empty and nobody saw me
the mirror is clean and i am *****
the lights are brighter than i want them to be
and the soap dispenser is empty
Jason Adriel Jun 2019
we walked together through that old wooden fence
then you asked, 'can we please, please dance?'
I said I was too tired to do anything
'how come you never ask me to dance now?' you asked

I said I didn't know
you looked away from my eyes
nearby a rivulet quietly flows
'now we are built on lies'

I agreed, but I said something else instead
'look, honey, you know I love you'
I was honestly lying
you were right to say what you have said

you looked beautiful today, darling
in that white, white dress of yours
kissing your father's cheek
and your mother's hand

nothing is left of us, darling
at the end none of us were trying
but today I saw you smile again
though you belong to another home now

though I had to say the hardest line in this little life of mine

congratulations on your wedding, Gina.
I'm happy for you
I'm happy...
a simple poem of maturing former lovers and congratulating the lady for her wedding.
Max Mar 2019
Congratulations for whatever you have achieved.
Probably nothing special,
but that defines you:
nothing special.
Hate on them haters
Amanda Oct 2018
Living for your twisted amusement
I am taking risk after risk
To be friends like I promised
Help you find happiness

When I was your girl that seemed simple
Had it figured out
Life took the things I knew about you
Replaced them with a load of doubt

It all happened within my reach
I was too slow to turn the tides
Losing all I clutched close to my heart
When I wouldn't loosen my grip time pried

Those who predicted our demise
Lifted their gaze to point and laugh
In that position I realized something
I was meant to grow from this mishap

It was a part of my journey
The truth was made openly clear
Dark clouds loomed over  sweet perfection
Horizon no longer smudged by denial and fear

Senses aren't functioning very well
In the center of your games
This place I recognize without hesitation
I sit and strategize methods to break the chains

There is no hand to conquer
Though this chess match was fun
I've learned you never play fair
You just cheat and cheat until you've won
It seems like everyone plays games nowadays
Cana Mar 2018
One syllable,
three measly letters
And lifetimes of happiness.

The greatest smiles are come from it
The happiest tear is shed
It’s utterance can make you JUMP and LEAP and TWIRL and SPIN or...
Or burst hearts sealed in lead.

And lifetimes of happiness
Three measly letters
One syllable.
For Mon fille and the laugh lines he got when his boy said yes.
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