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among the skyscrapers my mind wander
how narrow my sight was
to only surmise what one might feel
realizing there are more to conquer
so i take a step back
revisiting another possible tracks i could take
Sadie Grace Oct 2021
i came back to the dance
of a pen
on a paper
of fingers on keys
of a mind
in a moment

at first i stumbled
it had been so long
and then i started to dance again
and out came all the feelings and the moments and the memories that i won't talk about
and out came everything that won't ever come out of my mouth

i came back to the dance
so i don't have to come back to the same crippling feelings anymore

i came back

so i can move on
some thoughts on beginning to write again after a while
Chris Slade Aug 2021
With the benefit of hindsight
it should have been me…not him.
with the benefit of hindsight
I’d have better teeth - Oh yeh, and be slim…
and, with the benefit of hindsight
that chap that drowned needlessly…
well, he’d definitely have learnt to swim.

With the benefit of hindsight
I’d have tried harder in maths
With the benefit of hindsight.
my classmates would’ve shown respect
not just scorned me with laughs.
With the benefit of hindsight - we’d be IN!
we wouldn’t have lost on penalties
we would have had a ****** rip-roaring win!

With the benefit of hindsight
of course you’d all do your best
approach tasks with vigour verve, and zest.
With the benefit of hindsight
we’d all show true-grit, determination… vim
With the benefit of hindsight
I would have been smarter not quite so dim
What chance a little bit of foresight?…
Jay M Aug 2021
A song sung
A bell not yet rung
Melody in tune
Possibly from past June
To come once more
Through the creaky door
Through long empty corridor

- Jay M
August 24th, 2021
School starts next Monday,'s strange, but I guess it's about time. Not sure if I'm ready for it, to be surrounded by so many people and forced into social interactions, but oh well. Hoping for the best.
Broken Pieces Jul 2021
I used to think you could be my future,
But you turned that image into a nightmare.
It’s crazy to see what you are now, and what you were,
You know that one kid, you’re next to him right there.

Who knew you’d be the one to push me over the edge,
I ended up in a mental hospital broken and alone.
I sat there thinking, trembling on the ledge,
I come back and you even have a different tone.

You can’t treat me however you like,
The saddest part is how I still love you.
Making me walk over these spikes,
Because of you I only let in a few.

I don’t want to get hurt so I push everyone away,
But of course I once trusted you with my heart.
My heart is broken into pieces, I’m not okay,
I lost my sense of art.
Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since I've written anything, but I'm officially back! I'm gonna try to write at least once a week. Thanks for all of your support!💜✌️
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Yes I am a beautiful disaster
In my wake leave a bittersweet taste
A special kind of love in soul
Most of it goes to waste

I long to stop disassembling
Pieces one by one
My demons have spoken
They warn I've just begun

Hiding in the silence
I am too afraid to share
Do not like the way opening up feels
Like winter branches laid bare

Pages of heart are torn
Many stained with tears
Can judge this book by it's cover
As dark as it appears

As whispers flow throughout mind
Uttered from lips of memories
Wishing my residual sorrow
Would be carried with the breeze

Suffering rising into air
Dispersing until completely gone
Hard as I try to blow them away
Miseries keep clutching on

My words lie at bottom of my lungs
Too tired to crawl out
They weigh down my shaky breath
Until every one turns to doubt

I retreat into the shadows
Cloaked in grey and black
Waiting for happiness to return
My colors may never come back
I am a cute wreck (my version of a hot mess)
Thomas Mackie May 2021
Sometimes in the morning
I'll crack my back so hard,
I think I might just
snap in half.
the chronicles of a year long break from professional wrestling
Alicia Moore Apr 2021
With the point of my arrow as sharp as my jaw,
my draw back and backtalk are equally as piercing.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2021
They say you don't know what you have til it's gone
Can only see it after you have moved on
Find the truth a millisecond too late
Realizing love you let go was already great
Just by looking at the past it's clear we were meant to be
But your curiosity and doubt caused you to set me free
You put on your shoes and walked out the door
Now you waltz back in expecting things to be like before
I've always felt the same about you and I will until I die
But that doesn't mean I should let your behavior make me cry
I need to respect myself enough to finally walk away
Because my heart is not a deck of cards or an instrument to play
Nobody else will ever be able to make my eyes light up like you
But I am sick of being taken for granted and that's what you consistently do
I am drawn to your presence worse than a moth to flame
But if I go running back to you I have no one but myself to blame
But you are an electric bug zapper and I am about to get electrocuted
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