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Broken Pieces Jan 18
Learning to try,
Where does my identity lie?
Finding myself again is hard,
Harder when I've raised my guard.
Trying to learn it's okay to be alone,
Spending this year on my own.
Sadie Grace Jan 4
I feel so alone
Like I got no home
I just want to roam
Check out the unknown
But I'm just a girl living in a semi-dangerous world
Try to keep my pack
Knives stuck in my back
Can't trust anyone
Can't love anyone
Nowhere I belong
Wish I could be strong
All I ever am is wrong
Irakli Beria Dec 2023
Three days ago
my brother returned
from Afghanistan...
And during these three days,
when I was going home,
brother was not there
and when brother was becoming,
I was not...
On the third day, I went out
and kept thinking about the military uniform
hanging on the chair,
which has traces of desert,
which has my brother's name...
I got a call from home in the evening...
A familiar voice was heard on the phone.
"Where are you, Irakli?"
I'm tongue-in-cheek,
quickly went home
and all along the way
I had so many questions to ask him.
I imagined a standing ovation
I imagined a picture of our loud meeting,
but when I entered the door, I was frozen
because I met the sleepless and battle eyes...
We stood for three seconds
and after three seconds
we hugged each other
without saying a word...
abhinav Oct 2023
Imma white strand
underneath that wide band
on your round land
under the heap among profound men
just someone unique, identified from a mile back
*** mild 'attack
seeing me took a step back
thinking me of a **** wack
who isn't like em
I've been cut
I've been dyed
I've died
yet resurfaced just like a lie
screaming at your face dare ******* deny.
sense of individuality and self-acceptance in the face of societal expectations
Madeleine Jun 2023
My child
As you come running back to me
So will I run to you
With arms open wide
I do eat people
sometimes, they escape
they knock at the door
impatiently tapping my
the oak wood, their feet
humming a tune
that is completely,
utterly empty

I am locked up in the mad house
and for good reason too
When I let people in,
I close the door
When you step through
the doorway
any longer.
Hi :) its been awhile but I decided to start posting again and need all the help I can get, so please, tell me what you all think, especially if you don't like it
Jen Aug 2022
if life was a movie
our montage would have music
you'd say you'll never leave
and you'd say you cant lose this

if life was a movie
you would be with  me
write our intials on the tree
because we could never lose this.

and life was movie
there's the  part where you had to say goodbye
It would be selfish to keep you mine
when the world is to be seen and its something to try

life was a movie
when i pretended to smile
"i'll be okay, i'll be fine"
cause cameras cant see through a lie

life was a movie
and ill be in the end credit
i'll be the one you lose
you're the protagonist who lived it.
among the skyscrapers my mind wander
how narrow my sight was
to only surmise what one might feel
realizing there are more to conquer
so i take a step back
revisiting another possible tracks i could take
Sadie Grace Oct 2021
i came back to the dance
of a pen
on a paper
of fingers on keys
of a mind
in a moment

at first i stumbled
it had been so long
and then i started to dance again
and out came all the feelings and the moments and the memories that i won't talk about
and out came everything that won't ever come out of my mouth

i came back to the dance
so i don't have to come back to the same crippling feelings anymore

i came back

so i can move on
some thoughts on beginning to write again after a while
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