It's said that life Is but a short time but I got to thinking back to the age
when I was about eight years old and seem so long ago
It's as If I'm looking back on a completely different world the sixty-five years
I've lived seem more a million
I can't relate to that child as being me strange though this may seem so strange to those of you who perhaps will
these thoughts I have or maybe you will relate and feel the same
Strange thought while passing the day
owlonly 4d
It's was just a dream
So what you hopefully
It's was just a dream
So let's get back to reality
I found you again
Just a ****** joke
Is what made us stay
Thought you would
Never actually return
And if you did,
Yes,it would take a while
I broke us apart
But apparently I also
Made you stick around
If you wonder,
I learned my lesson
Never break again
In front of others
Because they will break too
I'm just so glad you're back
And i'm so afraid you'll leave me again
Because i really love you
We could start over again
Yes, indeed she came back
But that doesn't mean you're comming back too
I would love it, that's not it
But I made this kind of confusing
So maybe think about it
And talk to me without caring
About my well-being
I broke you for a reason
So why are you still worried about me
I broke you to not care
But now you just hate me
And you still want the best
How do i undo
When the system crashed
not sure, kind of a weird poem but i just needed to write something
If I told the stars what I know of you
They’d shine even brighter through the blue
And if I told the sea what you used to be
Then the tides would start dancing underneath the moon
So take me to the sunsets that never seemed to leave
The ones that would glitter on the surface of your view
If I told the wind what I remember of you
It would whistle in its glory and carry me back to you
flower-color Jan 13
I left you or you left me
who really knows
everything was so tangled
I slipped out and run away
sorry wouldn't be enough
but who knows, who cares
I'm putting blame on you
cause that's what I have learned
to never blame ourselves
but others
so who in the end
deserves that apology?

i have been through some stuff, but in the end, im back, hope you will get my poems... :)
When I was a young man
a pack on my back off for
adventures I'd go with just
the few belonging I had on
my back
I'd take myself down to the sea and to there lived the life of a free man a loner Is what I was happy to be for no one did I
All that I had was the sky sea and the sand only other sound being that was that of the seagulls who made their nests In the cliff above
Falling to sleep to each night to the sounds of the sea to wake In the morning to Incoming tide awake and refreshed from the salt sea air for this was another day I'd live being
With a pack on my back all had In to the world  I'd go and to live by the sea to live a free man
Friar Tom Jan 9
In my smoke, last night, I saw your face  
In mystery, ever shrouded.
I could make out your eternal grace
Until my mind went clouded.

I though I saw a floating ghost
The guise of He who loved me.
My heart then broke that moment most
And to stay broken it shall be.

Do you think of me, now that you've left?
Or am I just another?
You who left my heart bereft
Hath torn my soul asunder.

I write these words in desperate plea
To You who left me wanting.
Please find your way back here to me
Just this time not in haunting.
So my boyfriend is now my ex.
Every time I think I'm over you
You always pull me back
With that look that you give me
That makes me feel like you're the only girl in the world
And she broke your heart like I said she would
And now I can see that you're hurting
And it hurts me
But I've been telling you since the start
That I would never break your heart
But I guess your heart's not mine to break in the first place
I tried to stop loving you...
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