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Sometimes in the morning
I'll crack my back so hard,
I think I might just
snap in half.
the chronicles of a year long break from professional wrestling
Alicia Moore Apr 25
With the point of my arrow as sharp as my jaw,
my draw back and backtalk are equally as piercing.
They say you don't know what you have til it's gone
Can only see it after you have moved on
Find the truth a millisecond too late
Realizing love you let go was already great
Just by looking at the past it's clear we were meant to be
But your curiosity and doubt caused you to set me free
You put on your shoes and walked out the door
Now you waltz back in expecting things to be like before
I've always felt the same about you and I will until I die
But that doesn't mean I should let your behavior make me cry
I need to respect myself enough to finally walk away
Because my heart is not a deck of cards or an instrument to play
Nobody else will ever be able to make my eyes light up like you
But I am sick of being taken for granted and that's what you consistently do
I am drawn to your presence worse than a moth to flame
But if I go running back to you I have no one but myself to blame
But you are an electric bug zapper and I am about to get electrocuted
Catch me like snowflakes on the tip of your tongue
Take me way back to they days we were young
Flickering waves of nostalgia crash on  shores of my mind
Regret rolls in then right back out much like the oceans tide
Melding seamlesslessly into these rivers composed of tears
The horizontal sea is darker and deeper than it appears
Where your memories have drowned inside a wet washed up grave
Staring back at photographs documenting love we couldn't save
Your unconcious eyes have no longing for my smile
Seeking to be with someone else for awhile
Catch me
My wings are too broken to fly
Too late I find out when I am falling from the sky
For I always seem to jump the gun before being fully prepared
Which wouldn't be a problem if you had genuinely cared
For just a few years ago your affection was solely mine to keep
How could I not have noticed we were getting in too deep?
Priorities out of order
I guess we ran out of time
And you stopped idolizing the person once considered so sublime
And in your haste to discover something shiny and new
You overlooked the treasure you had right in front of you
Appreciate what you have already. One day you might wake up and find out that you missed out on diamonds while you were mining for gold.
If life was simple you'd still be right here
In a parallel universe I'm holding you near
Black and white would be so much easier to understand
Than the shades of grey blurring distance between where we stand
My world used to be colorful and bright
Since you left I'm surrounded by darkness of constant night
You made things easier with just one caring touch
In your absence I find my problems are too much
Clearly you love me or my messages you'd ignore
But lately I wonder what you take the risk for
You are currently involved in a blooming romance
That's why I am reluctant to give you another chance
You've made each moment together feel better than heaven above
There is nothing on this planet as unique and strong as our love
We express our emotions in our own individual way
Believe we are meant to be at the end of the day
I wonder why fate has forced our fingers far apart
Maybe I need to accept that your presence can only exist in my heart
We are bad for eachother
As toxic as cyanide
We were made for chemical reactions building up inside
As soon as your kiss is deposited onto my lips
The scale balancing our desires suddenly sags and then tips
Yet we are drawn in hopelessly despite inevitable explosion
Our world only shaped by resulting corrosion
I look forward to the damage you inflict without second thought
I'd choose to live without you if I could but I cannot
The beauty in the chaos created is something no one can deny
I embrace not just sunshine but the storms that grace our cloudy sky
Because I've learned that the intense highs come with equally low lows
It's a fair exchange and it's just the way it goes
But the ecstasy delivered makes it worth the disappointment and heartache
I'd go to hell and back for you as many times as it takes
A million times if I had to
WiltingMoon Mar 16
I ache,
I scream,
But never shall you see nor hear.
Voices in my head crack and break,
But you will never hear me stutter when i speak.
Its a cures to be able to remember the past,
To remember the thoughts.
The details of those night alone.
The wall felling like they are closing in ready to crush what little strength i held close.
A life time i thought the voices would take, claming it as there own, never to let me or anyone else forget.
Almost I handed it to them on a platter made of fear and tears.
Almost did walk to the place where i would never be found again.
That life time is still going strong.
Those voice tho still present, not as loud.
And the aches and the screams are still felt and heard,
Washed away by the light, the little strength that was left.
Slowly... finding peace in life.
one day
you will realize
that they are never coming back
and that will be the day
you finally grieve

Esther l. Krenzin
they’ve left for good
Broken Pieces Feb 23
I haven't been able to write for awhile,
I've been more focused on just trying to smile.

I have loved and lost,
Each time with a bigger cost.

This time around my heart was broken,
Yet he wears pieces like a token.

When I needed someone the most,
They left like a ghost.

I let my cuts go deeper without a care,
Making sure that no one was aware.

Writing this is like a confession,
I have a major depression.
Broken Pieces Feb 23
It's been awhile since I found my inner song,
I've been looking at everything so wrong.
I disappeared into the great sea of darkness,
I tried my best but was always seen as heartless.

How can I make up for this time here?
I long for my friends to be oh so near.
I wish this wasn't the way things had to be,
But it'll take me awhile to find the real me.

I understand if you can't just wait around,
I won't be upset if you give up on my sound.
Just always remember how we used to be,
Look at the way we used to laugh and see.
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