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Ry Sep 2
Just hear me when I say that,
I understand you don’t think I have emotions;

but every word you direct at me makes my physical body mimic the google symptom results for a ******* heart attack
& It really just kills my mood for a few months- years

Like ****,
I’m sensitive, bro.

You’re vsing a softie,
 don’t gotta go so hard, you feel.
A ***** was in heat
Her nature so sweet
Stray dogs liked her
Stray dogs admired her
She had many paramours
One day she fell into a ditch
Her paramours were concerned
They wanted to save her
They applied many techniques
But none worked
Dejected they sat
Along the ditch
A saint bernard named
Happened to pass by
He saw dogs panting
Intermittently ranting
Bhon, bhon, bhon...
He asked what's the matter
Bhon, bhon they uttered
The ***** is in the ditch
He saw the ***** in heat
He hit upon a plan
He was quite large
He could cover the ditch
He lay firmly
His fore limbs on the ground
Dropped hind limbs into the ditch
Took a position
Locked with her
With a great ****
Next moment
The ***** was out of the ditch
Saint saved her!
It was a ****** affair!
Analogy on licentiousness and debauchery.
I am no longer running away
from what I said.
They know and I know
I am smart,
so never again will I lie saying,
"I don't know."
But God give me the strength to say,
Out of respect for my privacy,
I do not wish for you to know."
-shevaun stonem
drop a like to claim your privacy too!
I would have apologized for calling you a little *****,
if you stopped acting like one.
After the still continue to be a little *****,
but sure, go ahead and turn the tables as if
it's all my fault because you're right and i' am wrong.
You're a little princess walking around with
your high horse and knight in shining armor.
But one thing you don't understand is that if you
didn't carry the possessions you have
then you'd be lost in this world
without a hand.
Little *****
Because you lie then cry for attention,
you seek the pity out of your petty
which has no significance
through the words you speak.
You can call me ******, that's ok, I'll still believe that word today.
Tell me you hate me, that's okay, because now I know your true feel.
I'm nothing but a crazy *****, but you're the little *****...and that's still okay, at least I'm not a snitch.
Call for backup, but no one came, now who's the one to blame.
Hahaha, laugh in your face, now do you still really want to play this game?
Petty people are little ******* and sometimes even snitches.
i'm a *****.
a ****,
now get down on your,
grazed knees
bow your,
unworthy head
this *****.
get down on your knees
i know he's not mine
has never been mine

but i wanna be his favorite
the kind of girl he'll never forget
i wanna be the kind of girl
that you can't help but regret
i know i'm nothing special
just another ex
but godfuckingdammit
i wanna be the best

always fighting that urge for control
the urge to break a heart and hold it just out of reach
pull people in and then push them back
keep them just far enough, so they cant help but stay
without ever touching me, or breaking my heart
and turning out more and more
empty, angry, painful people
just. like. me.
how do you not hate me yet?
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