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dear every fake *****
I fought a snake last night.
A boy came after me to do the same.
But I told him I already did it.
He seemed to not really believe that I already gone through this fight.
It was over but he made me do it again.
So I threw the boy to the snake and ran.

Something in me told me I had to do this to really finish it.
Couldn’t help being a bad ***** in my dream.
It was his time to fight so now I had to leave.

Be free.
Run, run, run.
Run to the city.
The brown empty city in the night.
Through the night.

I don’t know why this keeps on happening.
It’s like I’m forced to fight every time before being able to let go.
Can’ t just shake it off cause there’s always something, somebody left to fight with or fight for.
And afterwards being afraid of what will be my sentencing.
It’s unacceptable, you did something horrible.

Something in me told me I had to do this to really finish it.
Couldn’t help being a bad ***** in my dream.
It was his time to fight so now I had to leave

**** it off and then you can run free!
Run, run, run.
Run to the city.
The brown empty city in the night.
Through the night.

Life = death &
Death = life.
When you let go you will know.
You will know when you let go.
Amanda Sep 20
After the doomsday
Our relationship
Wasn't much left

My heart turned into a barren wasteland
No signs of life

Zero survivors

All feelings that used to flood my body had fallen victim to the slow disease poisoning my flesh called heartbreak

There was a deadly epidemic
No emotion was spared
Widespread and timely demise
From the word "goodbye"

Now living through each day is torture

Within a huge desert landscape I roam
To find a way to repopulate my soul with happiness again

The apocalypse ended up being a real *****
Maruko San Sep 5
Why are you being a ***** to us....
Cant take it anymore, so many lives have lots due to whats happening around us (racism and the pandemic) but i guess 2020 is teaching us that if we work as one we can achieve justice to all the lives that had fallen and maltreated and pass this pandemic safely
Safana Jul 17
A man's pet
    is a female dog
Outing with others,
     is a specie of fox,
     Every day night.
A man is worrying,
     and, fumbling in the
     darkness of a night.
Looking for his cutest,
     is a beautiful *****

Do this and do that
You can't go and stop
Just to chit and chat

You think you are allowed
Then let me remind you dear
You are not, as long as I'm around

No matter how hard you cry
How much you've helped
It's never enough, don't even try

You were always alone
You never got friends
And they will never stay

Those monsters that you tied
Tears that you tried to hide
They won't care, no matter how hard you try

You are not enough nor will ever be
Just do what you have to
Coz if you'll resist and insist, it'll just drive you crazy

Let's walk home today
Dark is coming tonight
Let's call it a day

You're too loud, too proud, such a *****
You don't deserve everything you got
Deserved to be ditched

They only stay because of pity
Pity that you are witty
But you are lonely

They don't like you in their lives
You ****** them with your presence
Why are you still even alive?

Oh, so people such as you exist
People who don't belong
And unwanted but still insists

Do you really wanna know what you are?
You are nothing but a trash, a lonely person
Proud? Loud? Hates crowd? We don't care

Who are you for us to even care?
You keep blabbering nonsense
Such as "don't you dare!" then you'll give us an angry glare?

Those were just a few
They're the voices in my head
And only a few have a clue
he called me *****

when I left the room,
he called me *****,
My tombs of Shakespeare,
fellow poets all, my wall decor.

well familiar with fools,
reported the occurrence
upon my return.

confronted, it,
he did not deny,
for he understood
at that point,
exceedingly well.

was not angered, simply asking,
since he fancied himself a poet, did
he know any rhymes for that word?

in the interest
of poetic brevity,
answered for him.


gave him reason to use
those words

after that, he addressed me
as mistress, or *******,
with respect, an attitude
that was previously
menu unavailable.

what then shall we call you?

the Bard,
his Band of Brothers, and I
jointly confabed.

undignified is slave,
Shakespeare opined,
human dignity needs

my walled observer,
co-conspirator of
all that transpired,
drew upon his
own source material,

yes, quite apropos,
my considered reply,
a fool always, and still,
after all, was he not
himself not a
son of a *****

as much as I,
Brandy Channing, is, was, daughter, proud, child
of one great and wonderful *****.
Caramel May 31
She was grateful
For the concealers who hid her eyebags
She was happy
Even for her empty lunch bags.
The grumble of her stomach didn't matter
As long as her thighs were not touching each other
So what if she forgot her in the Victoria Secrets
She is no longer named unfit.
She still hears the murmurs on the hallway
Taining her dreams every day
She is aware of their glares
That are giving into her scars
Her wounds are still afresh and open for more salt
But her smile still intact by default
All alone she watched them feel her body
All along she bit her lips from screaming in agony
The scarlet blood joined her maple red lipstick
She stood there watching her self worth
Dropping like the length of her favorite skirt
The corset is painting her skin purple and blue
But she has no clue
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