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btp 6d
stinking ****
you're a fat *****
with a thick bush
your teeth rot
and your friends
are a pathetic lot
when you smile
I throw up
and feed it to you in a cup
I hope you never wake up
I don't like sharing.
Or letting you into my space.
I have a hard time with being kind.
Judgements come naturally.
Strangers can be punchlines.
Your feelings may bother me.
I want you to like me.
But I may not like you.
My first impression of you,
Sticks even when I'm wrong.
I don't like how I am.
I've said I would change.

I haven't.
But I wish I would.
Maia Vasconez Sep 23
The weatherman said it was going to rain but he didn’t mention
when it would let up. It’s been raining for years.

I keep telling myself I’m not allowed to be this downpour,
this unhappy
all the time. It doesn’t help.

I don’t want to be brave today. I don’t
want to do the work today. I don’t want to do the work today. I don’t want
to do the work today. I don't want to.

The only thing worth living for is the sunset. I’m letting things
pile up instead of taking care of them. I want to see
how high I can get.

This is the terrible precipice I’ve been peering over.
Everyone/ no one is worried for me.
If I fall on them,
I will be so heavy. And what is it if it isn’t

everyone you take with you on the way down?
I thought I would fall right into the sunshine. I thought I’d be
covered in it.

Oh my god I can’t die yet,
my room isn’t clean.

Look, I brushed my hair.
I got dressed.

See, I'm better now. See?
Emma Aug 2
My resting ***** face is my superpower,
That and my ability to survive.
But you can’t have one without the other,
My survival and my superpower walk hand in hand through the valley that is
“Sweetheart” men,
Kissy face men,
Will shout at you in the street men
And will say you were asking for it men.
You thought I wanted it?
Look at this ***** face,
And tell me I wanted it, *****.
I have learnt that the world will throw knives and snarls in my direction,
And a simple smile will not end this affection,
And so a resting ***** face ends that sort of *******.
Because suddenly, when you look like a woman who won’t take ****,
Men won’t give you ****.
When life gives you lemons,
Make a **** orange.
You won’t be given anything.
One day, I’m gonna tell my baby girl
“Remember, a resting ***** face is your superpower,
And you can do anything you put your mind to.”
I have survived everything that has come my way so far,
Me and my resting ***** face will rule this world.
It's too sunny
To think about you
I'll do it anyways
I'm too busy
To be so worried
I'll do it anyways
So many places
I've got to be
Yet I'm in my head
Dreaming again
About your Colorado
To my east coast
I'm obsessed with
The promise
Of a letter from you
I just can't wait
Never knew
Depression could be
So **** happy
It's really selfish
To be thinking
About dates
When your head
Is being erased
And I'm doing
But it's too late
You're already gone
And so am I
So please write back
I'm in love with
Your ideas and
The sight of your face
I skipped a day like a little ***** but I might as well keep going for her sake.
Julia Martin Jul 28
Her pretty face
Should've stayed away
He was always mine.

You do not know
How far I'll go
For your love to decline.

This dance I've swayed,
This game I've played,
***** tricks I'll use.

You've been warned
Next time I'll harm
Be thankful you're just bruised.
This is reminiscent of a time I was younger and far less moral. A girl I despised and the guy I was in love with (which happened to be my best friend) were starting to like each other. So I became a devious *****. I ruined her reputation and acted like an angel to him. I have him now and although I'm in the wrong, I'm still possessive of him and extremely hostile and wary of her.
Lot Jul 3
I need someone to hold me near when things inside get too austere.

But, who would want to fill that role when I for one am much too cold?

Some have tried to fix this hole, but all have ended up in my stranglehold.

It seems that the gods enjoy quiet malice when looking down on my calloused gladness.

Why do I seek out love and life, when I tend to cut them loose with a carving knife?

What better way to spend my free time than with rhyming and cursing the time and what's mine.
Philomena May 28
I'm a rough tough *******
But believe me I didn't grow up like this
Well life was easier then
Just follow the footsteps of big strong men
And there's nothing wrong with that
The only problem is it's a dogs world and you're a cat
Cats are good cats are kind
But sometimes I like to think with my own mind
And so when dogs will shut you out, shut you down
Some might simply frown
But as I mentioned before I'm rough tough strong and mean
And when I'm ****** i'm less like a cat more like a machine
And it didn't come quick I spent years in doubt
Just trying to figure it out
What made me different what made me a freak
And that's how I spent week after week
Doubting and dissing and hating myself
Until it stared destroying my mental health
And I was tired of hating I needed a rest
So I worked to become the best of the best
I'm not a cat nor a dog I'm sure you can see
I'm a very special breed, I'm me
And maybe I'm not the very best of them all
But you can bet your *** I'll be the last one to fall
So at the end of the day I don't ask that you fall to your knees
Simply step aside while I do as I please
Cause I'm a rough tough *******
And I'm done listening to what men have to pitch
Well this is something isn't it, figured it was something worth writing about.
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