Rebecca 5d
My heart beats a different rhythm
when you're around,
and it's wrong.

He should be making my heart race,
but it's you,
when I'm catching your gaze.

I love him,
but not like I used to -

I think I'm falling for you.
I wrote this about someone I am falling for
Natalie 6d
Its curious how
meaning nothing to someone
actually means something
It means you were stupid enough to believe that you were something other than a boredom filler.
Never again will I beg for your love
Like I did yours
Audra May 10
Here I sit
On the floor.
She told me he is “good”
But that isn’t what I meant.

I want to know just
How he is feeling
How the week has been
And if he’ll be okay.

Because from another
(Who knows my intent)
I heard a different story.
One of confusion, despair.

This one said that
He looked around
And asked for
My whereabouts.

Was it for my hope that this one said it?
Or did he really need my presence?
She would have no reason to utter falsely.
But all I want is to just ask him.

But here I am
Still on the floor.
A late-night debate
About his intent.
Audra May 8
Breath in:
It’s okay;
Breath out:
He’s still here.
Life won’t
Just fade away,
So stop
All of your worry.
He would tell
You if it got bad.
He’s a big boy—
He can live his life.
You don’t need
To butt in;
He probably
Wouldn’t like it.
But what if
He needs me?
And what if
He can’t say?
Just so you know, every other line should be indented.
Jacob Lyons May 4
And It's true, I was on you
For a week or maybe two
In your arms, you know that's all
In your love, I couldn't fall
This shouldn't be a maze
To take the wrong left
And that is the past
Baby, that's the past
Everything was great
While we made it last
I still eat your go-to snack
And I still like that band
I'm still writing songs
That sound less than grand
Though I promise that I'm
Gonna hold this one out
My heart and my mind
Needed to leave the crowd
I've got jet black jeans
For a brand new waist
If everything still fit
I would never change
While I loved your company
My heart beats on my sleeve
And you know it's not there
You are not the one for me
Audra Apr 27
If I be fair Juliet,
Then pray him be my Romeo
Yet aline the stars
To give our love a chance.

Let him be my suitor
And thence I will be only his.
Forbear the thought of his being a knave,
But I would feign it not be true.

He would be my Romeo
If fate loved us ever so.
I would that you may say the words
For I don’t think I may.
The poems starting with “The Same He:” are all connected (as you may have guessed). I’m not sure how I feel about this one, but I tried the Shakespearean English thing and probably won’t do it again.
Audra Apr 27
He stands there hurting
But refuses to cry out.
Life goes by,
But I look up.

He can’t stand anymore
But says sleep was a stranger.
Life smiles along,
But I can’t go on.

He never sleeps
But claims it isn’t that bad.
Life says he is introverted,
But I make conversation.

He pushes and receives injury
But says he can play.
Life agrees and hands him a ball,
But I give him a worried look.

He won’t tell me anything
I don’t know how to get the truth.
Life won’t let him be
And I can only be for him.
Nylee Apr 21
who is to blame
for the flame that burns me within
my destiny's storm.

who is to blame
when everything remains the same
it is always the constant pain.

who is to blame
surprisingly locked in frame,
I better learn to refrain.

who is to blame
by everyhow the entirety came
apart, nothing left to claim.

what is to be done
when nothing can be undone
so all I have is the blame
Look about you; and what do you see?
A group of people like you and me.

Some are fat and some are thin
All are just covered in a layer of skin

Shall we go deeper into the flesh?
Take a look at what they possess.

Anatomically defined, humankind
Mankind intertwined, designed thus, us

Are we good are we bad?
Do we want all that we have?

Do we need or is it greed?
When we proceed to overfeed

Unrestrained indifference to consumerism
Leaves us open to malfeasance, and our skin wrinkles.

But fear not, the answer is to be found in a pot!
Only £€$¥ 9.99 and that wrinkle is smoothed.

So, buy today and it will go away.
And all of us will one day die and turn to dust.

And all we buy will fade and rust
And love will never be enough
17:07 BST
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