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The war against extreme Muslims
what did we have when we was growing up
the Cold War
and the probs in Northern Ireland
Nothing changes

Just the year and enemy changes
I'd rather have Neo Soviet Russia
and Red China as enemies
Tho dangerous we know their capabilities
Little is unknown unlike this new war
New Dawn 2971
Nick Armbrister and other authors/poets/writers
Hannah May 16
It's hard to miss this girl.
She stands tall above the crowd.
Like a skyscraper looking down upon the ground.
We are like little ants that she might see,
until blown away with her personality.
Her smile is unique, but it makes her special.
One of a kind, you can't even say that slightly.
Her smile is like a cup of hot chocolate,
warm and sweet.
Like the prettiest flower,
but full of mighty power.
Her beauty is indescribable.
How smart she is is unbelievable.
She's better than any comedian out there in this world.
Makes you laugh when you need it the most.
She's like a piñata,
full of surprises.
Somehow she will be there for you at your worst.
She's like the right answer to a test.
She might just forget your name at first,
but you will never be able to forget her because she is the best.
Four years and counting, to continue it won't be strife.
You simply just need a name twin in your life.
I love poetry
I love reading poetry
And the more I read the more I see the same themes
The same thoughts
The same feels...
And for a brief moment of weakness I feel like a fraud
Is it for naught
If we're all saying the same things?
Using the same bowl of words and rearranging them with different cadence and meter?
Then almost immediately I see the beauty.
I see the human experience.
And how we're all the same.
Acting and reacting within the scope of only so many emotions
My poem doesnt have to be the first to say it
I write it as a humble entry to this shared thought.
My signature in agreement.
Added proof that all these meticulously organized words have been offered earnestly and painted beautifully for all our sakes
Lara May 7
Would it help me?
Would it change me?
Would I overthink my life and my decisions?
Would my life be the same?
Would I still live in the now or would I just think of tomorrow?

I don’t know what I would do!

But I know what I am doing today!

Living in the now!
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
Whether i had a million dollars or not even a dime to my name,
as long as im with you its all the same.
It doesn't matter if we lived in a mansion or a cardboard box.
As long as im with you its all the same.
On our wedding day, I cant promise I wont cry
as your father walks you down the aisle
and you leave his arm for mine.
If, down the road, you decide i cant make you happy anymore,
i will let you leave even though it will break me at the core.
Don't worry. I won't try to win you back.
You gave me a lifetime of happiness
and that's all I can ask.
I got through the days before I met you
so i know i can do it again
but if you ask me to rate my happiness it wont be a 10.
Life is the name of the game.
And once you find the one you love, it will never be the same
Callum Wood Apr 13
You are tea,
serene in your surroundings.

                                                               ­                                        I am coffee,
                                                                ­           attention always bounding.

Your colour milkish pale,
creamy optimism.

                                                               ­                              I am taken black,
                                                                ­                                bitter cynicism.

Two sugars,
to match your disposition.

                                                               ­                                     None for me,
                                                             ­       I'll maintain my grim affliction.

                                               We differ so much,
                                                     it's obscene.
     ­                                              But in the end
                                               we're both caffeine.
Repost of an old one
Fire dancer
Dancing on glowing coals
Your body's ablaze
There's a fire in your soul
Hold out your hands
Upon them flickers a flame
One day I hope to play with fires
And not get burned like same
Arcassin B Mar 27
By Arcassin B.

I've blown my heart away many times,
I've set my goals and owned my peace of mind,
featuring this ***** mirror and my enormous talent for ghosting,
playing with the illusion that if I could play off in this matrix I'll become
too lucid , sink into the floor and let my mind erase itself
like the self destruct sequence shaping my reality as I see fit
minus the weakness and the weekends of not having a care
about the pieces of any puzzle,
especially those rainy days I use to endure,
I'd tap myself and look outside,
mad little man out the door,
now when I walk outside I see snow,
froze my hate to the core,
I let God carry out my anger, see,
my accomplishments will flourish, this is where I really wanna be,
hope I don't get discouraged, in this life.

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