Isaac 1d
You are universal.
There is an entire mankind
made up of people just like you.
You are not alone.
The truth is,
we are all in the same boat.
Earth and life
are something we all share.
It is comforting to know this.
Written 15 August 2018
Now I see

What I should have done, what I should have been
I don´t hate you...
I won´t hate you!

I just saw in you and him

What you and I didn´t had

And I´m sorry if i, me, myself was not capable
Of being as good of a ridding angel as he is
i just feel so small right now
As if my heart is about to explode out my chest

it all hurst so much now
how could i waste so much time
in someone who doesn´t even love me

Now I see,

But you don´t see me anymore don´t you...
it just hurst so fucking much sometimes
"One day you'll find someone like you."

"I hope not."
Recently recollected a conversation I had with my dearest friend. I never thought that she would be right, but I'm scared that she might be right after all.
Also, Finally Hit 50 POEMS!!! Thanks to everyone for all of the love and support!!! Looking forward to the next 50 and beyond.
sage 6d
I don’t believe in god but I wish he would kill me

I know you were just lonely for a night.

I’ll find a girl who will love me right

who won’t use me for weed and a fuck

getting me hopes up, you knew you would leave

we would never be

I guess it’s bad luck
That night he called it quit
She cried on her pillow
Curled up like a ball on
a freshman bunk bed.
The moon, its light her only pity party

One night he called to ask
If there was ever a chance
Yes or No? He asked
Just like that.  She replied
Flat out. No!!

Other days he called
Just to say hi! She went
From bad mood to feeling good
Laughing and  smiling but he
had made her cry that night,
years ago.

Today, here he is,
Looking into those eyes,
Hers,  searching.....
But he found her,  the same girl
She had waited! For him
all along.

In between, got her heart
Broken into a million pieces.
Broke her fair share too. Still
somewhere deep down she waited
to hold his.

It will be simpler, if
She was different,
For he is a different guy
now. Not the kind of guy for
her girl.

©Belema .S.  Ekine
When time has passed and one person changes while the other doesn't.
Natalie Aug 6
They’re all I have
I tell him
and in my head
I think to myself
how horrible I am
for wishing I had more
and knowing I never would
clever Jul 25
we're breathless 'cause we're always chasing us.
running this town then burning it down.
smoke in our lungs and heat on our skin.
both of us the same.
both of us insane.
Jay Lewis Jul 24
at least we're both under the same sky,
morning, noon and night.
Amanda Jul 21
You hurt me so much
I truly thought love and pain
Were one and the same
Scarlett Jul 16
love and hate,
both one and the same.
love brings pain,
while hate gives pain.
So when will we realize,
every game we play has the same outcome,
just different ways of portraying it
this is for you <3
(you know who you are)
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