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Max Mar 4
There was a man with Corona,
And he walked through Barcelona.
When he coughed and sneezed
people stared displeased
At that pitiful man with Corona.
Sorry not sorry, bit of a satire towards the fear of a disease that's not that deadly

Ps. If you love this. Please read Edward Lear. He's a genius and brings a lot of nonsense and joy.
Alysha Feb 2019
What if there were toxins that fill the air,
And all us people do is roam around without a single care,
Until one day,
That someone finds a way to say
"Hey, this isn't fair,"
A simple limmerick
Alastair Fenn Jan 2019
If ever the world gets you down
your pet will still be your best friend;
they’re joyful and wild
and with big doleful eyes
their love never comes to an end.

Your pets will not hide how they feel
or lock up their hearts in a box
they’re loyal and gentle
polite and respectful:
they’re everything humans are not.
One more children's verse; back to more gloomy output after this!
Breeze-Mist Jan 2017
Some of my friends are filled with fear
Some have no idea how they got here
And while I'm just starting to plan
I'm not daunted by what I don't understand
Since I've been waiting for six and a half years
Spencer Craig Feb 2015
I love you like hypebeast love fads
Except I won't drop you like the ones they've had
They don't unspderstand in their ghouly sets
I could be your romeo you my Juliet
But if one of us dies the other can just be sad
Wrote this poem in detention. Why **** yourself over love? If the person really loved you they would want you to live on

— The End —