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Max May 7
I rode long enough to be alone.
But sadly not enough to be happy when I'm home.
Maybe I'll explain later
Max May 6
I'm no superman...
Still invincible
  May 4 Max
Emily Dickinson

The incidents of love
Are more than its Events—
Investment’s best Expositor
Is the minute Per Cents—
  May 4 Max
Carl Sandburg
The long beautiful night of the wind and rain in April,
The long night hanging down from the drooping branches of the top of a birch tree,
Swinging, swaying, to the wind for a partner, to the rain for a partner.
What is the humming, swishing thing they sing in the morning now?
The rain, the wind, the swishing whispers of the long slim curve so little and so dark on the western morning sky ... these dancing girls here on an April early morning ...
They have had a long cool beautiful night of it with their partners learning this year's song of April.
  Apr 7 Max
there are days
when the people on the streets
are not happy but the sky is
pale blue and the clouds are pink
eventhough right now the streets are empty i can see their sad faces from the window
(i am just tired a little bit)
Max Apr 6
I was just wondering how's everbody doing? The introverts, the extroverts and people not included.

Hope y'all doing well and doing some fun things.

Keep yourself happy, loved and creative.

Cya lads.
Just looking out for some amazing people!
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