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  6h Max
"I want to go home."
We underestimate the meaning of that phrase.
A phrase said by children so small it's considered childish.

What a small statement full of such power.
I've never understood the depth of it until now.

Home is the people who love you in spite of your shortcomings.
That is what home feels like--complete acceptance.

"I want to go home" really just translates to "I need to feel loved."
And that is not childish, in fact that is a simple truth not everyone is strong enough to speak.

I'm empty on my life's journey.
It's time to fill up.
And home, well home has the good stuff.
Today's insight brought to you by heartbreak and homesickness
  6h Max
I much prefer it when it rains;
theres much less pressure on the day.
It makes me feel like it's alright,
to waste a day alone inside

and wrap myself up in a blanket,
shut out the world. To be quite frank it,
hardly makes a lot of sense;
sometimes, I just don't help myself.

Look far and wide for some excuse,
roll left and right, avoid the truth;
rip it all up to start anew,
as often restless minds will do.
  6h Max
Sophia Li
where is your heart
            where is your home
                        where is your love
  1d Max
he's here

and once again i fall slowly
light as a feather
gravitating to the river
to be washed away
by the peaceful flow
  Oct 15 Max
Cold breaths brush between
Morning's shining strands, waving;
Autumn smiles — warm, sad.
  Oct 14 Max
Counting down my days,
nights painted bright with color;
silk river, Time flows...
  Oct 13 Max
Benjamin Dollar
Where does the sun go,
When he’s not in the sky.
Does the moon know,
Or does she just cry?
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