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Feb 2018 · 442
Aftermath of a Joyride
Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2018
I remember when you
Hot wired my heart.
With promises that it would fly,
You drove it off a cliff.
I remember how it crashed at the bottom,
And how you jumped out just before
it went sailing to the ground.
Someone found it later,
And patched it up as the years rode by.
He asked my nicely
if he could take it fore a spin,
And I handed over the keys
and let him clamber in.
There's still some dents and dings,
But the new owner overlooks
the damage you left behind,
And when you came
looking to take another joyride,
You found that your once stolen seat
had been more suitably occupied.
Feb 2017 · 2.5k
Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2017
Is not an overreaction
Is not a figment of imagination
of the ones who feel too much

Is not simply a word
for the ones who have loss.
Is not simple at all.

Is ripping
Is the tearing
of one's heart into miniscule pieces.

Is the breath
that both catches in your throat
and completely leaves your body.

Is the physical reaction
in which your heart stops beating
and your lungs stop working.

Is when your smile stops working
but you use it to cover up the tears anyway.
*Is when you picture your life without them in your day.
Feb 2017 · 792
Your Forever Eyes
Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2017
I see forever in your eyes
I kiss your lips of destiny
I long to live in your eternal arms
Fate-filled fingers wrap mine
And I dream of your infinity
Forever is in your eyes
Do you see it mine?
Not sure if this turned out how I wanted... I've become obsessed with his forever eyes..
Feb 2017 · 362
Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2017
I Love You.
With eyes that promise me forever.
Kisses trail up my thigh.
I Love You.
I picture the future so clearly planned out.
He looks me in the eye.
I Love You.
Tender lips on mine,
Gentle heat in the air.
I Love You.
Fingers get lost in the moment,,
Hearts get lost in the hours.
I Love You.
I cannot process a single thought,
That is not
I Love You.
Begging for his everything,
I somehow gave my own.
I Love You.
Wanting to be a piece of his forever,
I pray that he will be the whole of mine.
I Love You.
I am lost in the pictures
Of my mind
I Love You.
Never to escape its holds
I am trapped in
I Love You
Petals float to the ground,
I gave him my all.
I Love You.
I Pray for forever,
I shake at the thought
I Love You.
Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2017
Does your mind go there?
When my ranting becomes too much.
When my emotions go haywire,
And you cannot hide.
Do you fantasize of the possibility?
When I am unmanageable,
And you cannot imagine the ability to take more,
And I am your biggest hurdle to leap in the day.
Are your dreams filled with thoughts of life without me?
When I am at my worst,
And cannot appreciate your forever best.
When I am unlovable.
Do you think of leaving me?
Feb 2017 · 452
My House
Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2017
I always thought of her as a house.
Shelter from any danger;
Home for the weary traveler;
Warmth for those,
Who've been lost or cold for too long.

Her arms,
Like the walls of a house,
Keep me safe,
Sheltered and hidden
From eyes like stars.

Her words,
Like windows of a house
Make me see the world,
As if it is my own backyard.

Her smile,
Like a worn and patched roof
On a Victorian house,
Shields me from the worries of the world
That fall like cold rain.

She is strong.
Like that Victorian house
That has stood proudly
Through decades of wind and rain.

Like the walls
Of the age-old structure,
She has seen
And she has heard
Many things that give her wisdom.

Through generations,
She holds her family together,
She has rooms enough
For every person.

She is elegance.
And she is grace.
And she is that Glorious House.
And I will never,
Allow her to be knocked down.
Jul 2016 · 739
Always You
Shyanna Ashcraft Jul 2016
It's always you.
Your feelings,
Your heart,
Your mind.

Not me,
Or my sanity,
Or my peace.
Never me.

Always your happiness,
And your pains,
And you telling me
About how I'm wrong again.

And it's always you
That's right,
That's on the chopping block,
Not me.

It's never me,
That's hurting,
That's crying
While you're talking
About yourself,
Your needs,
On the other side.

It's never about me.
Maybe not the best constructed, but it shows my pain.
Jul 2016 · 412
Where I'm From
Shyanna Ashcraft Jul 2016
I am from an old beaten up cloth swing
From cloth diapers and glass bottles.
I am from the broken down siding gray and cracked.
It felt gritty under my weak hands.
I am from the dandelions growing rogue around the yard,
Waiting to be picked.
I'm from the small meals
And side glances from jealous siblings and peacekeeping parents.
I'm from the collecting cans
And saving what can be saved.
From "Save some for later"
And "Why don't you eat at your friends house tonight?"
I'm from the same second-hand dress as last week,
And sitting in the back pew.
I am from Welch and the towering mountains.
From flitters and gravy,
From the stories pa told to keep our minds preoccupied.
From the love that ma gave us to make up
For what we didn't have.
I'm from the card board box in the attic.
I am from perseverance, and surviving.
Written from the point of view of a small, poor looking child from a photograph, for a creative writing class. Based on the writing styles of George Ella Lyon
Apr 2016 · 947
Shyanna Ashcraft Apr 2016
Looking at the ground,
She sees more beauty
Than she ever could have
If she had looked up.

Eyes trained on her on her toes,
She understands,
Beauty is in the person
Who is seeing.

And her beauty
Is just a little
Than everyone else's.
Oct 2015 · 328
My Mind
Shyanna Ashcraft Oct 2015
Can you see me trapt
Inside my poison filled cage of
A thing called my mind?
Oct 2015 · 470
Tree of Life
Shyanna Ashcraft Oct 2015
The tree of life grows
Upward and never will it
Go down to darkness.
Oct 2015 · 210
Shyanna Ashcraft Oct 2015
Keep looking upward
For life is forever grandest
When seen in full view.
Oct 2015 · 583
Shyanna Ashcraft Oct 2015
When looking at yourself in the mirror,
Do you see yourself,
Or someone you hate?
Because artist are their worst critics,
You are your most judgmental viewer.
You are the person,
Who most commonly puts yourself down.
You are the person,
Who, when faced with
An open door of possibility,
Slams it in your own face,
Simply because you don't think you can succeed.
And how do I know these things?
Because someone had to tell me
The same exact thing.
Oct 2015 · 2.9k
To Sail With You
Shyanna Ashcraft Oct 2015
I had a dream once,
That I was on a ship.
The ship it rocked,
And indeed it dipped,
And on this ship I took a trip.

I rode around the ocean blue,
And looked for joy,
And I found you.

I looked in wonder,
I gasped in awe,
I kissed you once
To prove what I saw.

And when I really truly knew,
I had a thought then,
Of what to do.

I'd sail us home
Again, you see,
And I'd take you
there again with me,

And once ashore,
We'd soon be married,
And I'd sail off again,
With you to ferry,

Until the day we'd
both need buried.
Oct 2015 · 846
When I'm With You
Shyanna Ashcraft Oct 2015
My heart races.
My hand traces.
My body braces,
Its trembling places,
For all best cases.
My heart and mind trade places.
My soul erases.
My eyes see aces.
My nerves shake at their bases.
My thoughtful mind laces.
My stomach faces,
A set of butterflies like maces.
Sep 2015 · 699
How Do You?
Shyanna Ashcraft Sep 2015
How do you feel?
Now that you've taken
The most of all I've ever had?
How do you think?
Now that you've filled
My every waking thought?
How do you see?
Now that you've stopped
My eyes from seeing
Anyone better than you?
How do you touch?
Now that my hands
Will forever long to hold yours?
How do you taste?
Now that I'll never want
To taste anyone's kiss but yours?
How do you hear?
Now that you've stopped
Me from ever wanting
To hear anyone's laughter but yours?
How do you smell?
Now that I'll never be able
To smell your cologne
Without wishing to be
Wrapped in your arms?
How do you sleep?
Now that my every
Dream is of you?
How to you live?
Now that I'll never be able
To live without you again?
Sep 2015 · 707
Here Or There
Shyanna Ashcraft Sep 2015
I've found myself lost,
Drifting around in a
Series of complex caverns,
Spinning from one dead end
To another inside the
Terrible length of tunnels
In which I've found myself.
This maze of which I can't escape,
I cannot decide which way to go
I do not know
Which way is out,
And how do I choose,
What way to cruise,
Left or right?
I cannot tell,
Wouldn't someone ring the bell?
Break this spell,
That keeps me dazed,
Unfazed inside my jail,
Which is my mind.
I'm trapped in a bind,
It is now time,
I've not gotten ready,
I'm not prepared,
My legs aren't steady,
My heart is scared.
Where do I want to go or be?
Here or there?
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
You Draw Me In
Shyanna Ashcraft Sep 2015
With lips
Like Hershey Kisses,
So sweetly,
You draw me in.

Like honey dripping
To a fly,
You draw me in.

Like a beautiful
And smelling flower
to a bee flying free,
You draw me in.

Like a smoker
Wanting their
You draw me in.

With a grin
Not unlike a
Crescent moon's,
You draw me in.

Like an alcoholic
searching for
one last drop of Gin,
You draw me in.

Like a little lamb,
Drawn to a lion
In search of a friend,
You draw me in.
Sep 2015 · 846
Poetry To A Poet
Shyanna Ashcraft Sep 2015
With a pen to a paper,
Like a sword to a foe,
I write poetry,
And present it to the world,
Like a present with a bow.
Letting the words
fill my paper.
Watching them take flight
Like many birds
drifting across updrafts in the wind.
And I will send
Them like a "get well" card
To every person who needs a friend.
Poetry is a healing process.
A coping system
A cure
A medicine for those in need.
Poetry is a dream
In which you don't
Have to scream
Unless you want to.
A dream that you control,
A beam that you can hold,
A story yet untold,
Perfectly crafted jewel,
With scripture writ in gold.
Shyanna Ashcraft Sep 2015
It creeps along,
Slinking in the shadows,
Watching, waiting,
Wanting for you to pause,
To hesitate in your movement,
Smirking to itself in a sly way,
Grinning at the goose bumps,
The chills that chase you
Chanting your name,
As it chisels its way
Into your mind,
Catching you as you stumble
On the corner of a slanting stone,
It takes hold of you as
Your wary will makes way;
Your resolve risks crumbling;
Your heart pounds,
Pounding at your mind,
Until you can't help
But to give in again,
Like you have so many times before.
It has you in its clutches,
Grasps so tight to its prey,
Pray for a good outcome,
Or an escape,
A reprieve,
But it has its hold,
It has your bold
Soul screaming out in fear,
You are ensnared.

I wrote this On a random urge, and as I wrote the words brought both depression and love to my mind and it brought me to see that although polar opposites, they have so much in common.
Sep 2015 · 461
I Love You
Shyanna Ashcraft Sep 2015
Life is blessed when one is in love,
And I am in love with you.
I am in love with
The way that your eyes
Crinkle at the corners;
The way that your eyes shine
In a special way;
Your freckles
Which are scattered;
The way you're always smiling;
The way your lips move
As you're talking;
The way you move;
The way you act when you're tired;
The way you hold me;
The way your arms fit me,
Like we're two pieces of one puzzle;
The way your hands are made,
Calluses, fingers, palms, and nails;
The way you hold my hand;
The way you place
Tiny kisses randomly
Upon my face;
The way I can lay
On your chest
And sleep so peacefully;
The way you pet me,
Like I am a fragile
Butterfly, which you never
Want to lose;
The way you'll put up with me,
Even when I'm at my worst;
The way you look at me,
As if I'm the most
Beautiful, perfect, or to-be treasured
Person in the world.
But Most of all,
I love the way
You love me.
The way you love me;
Despite my every flaw.
All my baggage,
And yet you love me.
For my love.
He knows who he is.
Sep 2015 · 693
And I Would Cry
Shyanna Ashcraft Sep 2015
I wander aimlessly,
And people say to me,
"You're gorgeous, and
Pretty, and perfectly
But is that because of you?
You weren't there for me,
My Grrandmother raised me,
My mother was M.I.A.
And I would cry.
I understand that
you have problems,
That he hit you, and
Cussed you out, and
Drug you down.
But you kept promising me,
Kissing and hugging and
Crying to me.
But I was little,
Too young to comprehend,
Too Juvenile and naïve
To really understand.
And then it got worse.
I grew up and
Began to see.
No longer blind
I saw
What you had come to be.
My pain began.
You were never
There for me.
My Daddy died
And while I cried
You did drugs with
Men so fowl and snide
and painfully
I tried to hide
My tears
My cries
My pain.
I died;
A little inside,
Each time you lied.
You promised me you wouldn't
Leave me,
You'd choose me,
But No.
You chose the men,
Time and time again,
Over your kids.
I barely know
My siblings because
Of what you did.
I'm all grown up;
An adult of forty
At the age of fifteen.
Because I helped
Raise the only
Brother you kept
While you acted like
It was you in your teens.
And then February.
It was February,
You almost died
And you don't seem to notice.
You lost your children.
Do you even care?
Life seems good for you,
But those burdens I carry
Were meant for you
To have to shoulder.
Where am I in your
Mind's picture of life?
Me and my brothers
And my sister too?
Oh, Right,
Were right next
To the bible
Laying on your shelf,
Right next to the rest of your dignity.
And P.S.
While I'm at it,
Can you tell me you
Love me,
Just this once,
Like Maybe,
You might really mean
It this time?
For my mother, and All she's ever done for me.
I actually wrote this for a slam poetry assignment in my English class...
Sep 2015 · 814
I do not deserve you.
Shyanna Ashcraft Sep 2015
Leaving your mark upon me,
Kissing my shaking hand,
Keeping my dreams above me,
Loving me despite high demand,

I do not deserve you.

Calming my nervous thought,
Holding me in your arms,
Helping me through fights fought,
Standing beside me despite alarms,

I do not deserve you.

Ignoring the unnecessary struggles I cause,
Embracing my love, although I might be annoying,
Loving me despite all my flaws,
Accepting all that comes from me, and all that is adjoining,

*And I do not deserve you.
Apr 2015 · 1.3k
Look To Me
Shyanna Ashcraft Apr 2015
If ever there is no light in the shadows of your world,
I will be the candle that guides you back to your path.
I said this to my friend on accident and fell in love with it.. (I was trying to give her advice and help her etc..)
Mar 2015 · 642
My Life
Shyanna Ashcraft Mar 2015
Such potential for catastrophe,
God couldn't resist the flipping of my reality,
The idea of such a beautiful chaos,
It was a temptation too much,
So he submitted to the Irony calling him,
And tipped it into tragedy.
Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2015
Listening to Music,
Slipping between the notes,
Letting myself get lost in the feeling-
The emotion- and stealing
Back the last bit of sanity.
The bit that I had been using
As a tug-o-war rope
Between me and the people
Who can't really see.

Letting the thoughts flow
Through me as I dream of
Something soothing,
And creating something
Great to share with others.
Something maybe they
Can relate to,
But it's okay if they can't,
Because to be honest it was meant
More for self-healing than
For others' need to critique.

All aspects,
From drawing to painting
To molding and crafting or knitting.
Something to paint the scene
That's in my head,
The one that I can't see dead.
A form of venting,
But also of sharing a view.
Casting to canvas,
Or whatever else you'd use,
The beauty of the world,
Or the painful bits,
You choose.

Escapes from my reality,
A cruise around the world,
A chance to see my dreams
In actuality,
Instead of forgetting them too soon.
A chance to chase my pain away,
To feel a little less bruised.
A moment to breathe with ease
At least, and it's never a moment to soon.
Feb 2015 · 592
The Farther We'll Go
Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2015
This is for the people,
For the bullies,
For the Monsters,
For the ones who want me to fall,
To scrape my knees,
Or crash my car.
This is a promise
That I swear to keep.
A message to the evil ones,
Or to the ones who just don't believe.
This is the song
The one I'll continue to sing,
The one that means everything.
This is the poem of my people,
Of this generation.
This is the one that'll speak for thousands,
And have a different meaning for every one.
This is the artwork that has every color,
The one splashed on every cover,
The one you'll always remember,
Because it's the one the strong ones recite.
These are the words that speak to your heart,
The ones that are already there,
Even if you don't yet know.
This is our motto,
This is our war cry,
Our victory chant,
Our promise,
Our dream,
Our secret,
Our scream,
These are the words of the unappreciated.
This is a vow to always succeed.
To all the bad,
The cruel,
The evil.
The farther you push us,
The farther we'll go.
You'll be our ladder to success.
You'll be our motivation.
You'll be our dreams' creator,
And also its creation.
You are only making me win,
When all you want is for me to lose.
You every action is a contradiction,
Because they're the opposite of every word you choose.
You will degrade me,
And hurt me,
And try to make me cry,
But no matter what I'll just keep rising,
And you'll still be below me,
Trying to tear down the Eiffel Tower,
With not but your hands.
And from our perch in the clouds,
We'll laugh as we shout down,
*"The farther you push us,
The farther we'll go."
Just a little something. I'd thought of the phrase "The farther you push me, The farther I'll go" earlier today when thinking of how every word a bully says makes me just want to prove them wrong. They'll try push you off a cliff, and into a downward spiral, But you can win by moving forward. The farther they push you toward the cliff, the farther you're actually moving toward success. The more discouragements they sling, the more you'll want to prove them wrong by reaching your dream.
Dec 2014 · 785
A Paper Something
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Is there anything as beautiful
As a piece of paper?
There it lies,
Waiting patiently,
For your pen to mark it,
For the very first time.
A metaphor?
A metaphor.
A great one,
For the way our lives all go.
We'll start each day,
Like a sheet of brand new paper.
The turn of the notebook page,
Signifying the dawn of a new day.
The start of a new notebook,
Being the start of a new chapter in our lives.
They come together to make a book,
Which we may title with our name.
And we're just one of many,
But still unique in our own way.
The paper shows how we start fresh,
Clean, if you may,
And sometimes there'll be a marks that
Are predetermined,
But we learn to live with them.
And in the end,
The paper can be both
A mess to some,
And beautiful to others.
But it's still
Our story,
And when our life ends,
When the last notebook is filled,
It will come to be all we have,
And all we've ever had.
Our story can go on,
Leading to great things,
Being reused to aid in someone else's,
Or perhaps forgotten all together.
But it's still there,
And it's still us,
And parts of it,
Will be featured in another's story.
Because life is like a sheet of paper,
And we are both the pen,
And the sheet we write on.
Other people's pens will sometimes mark us,
And we will sometimes mark theirs.
But in the end,
Our blank paper
Will have become something,
Something more complex.
Something grand,
Something meek,
Something strong,
And something weak,
Something beautiful,
Something ugly,
Something painful,
Something happy,
Something true,
And something fiction,
Something old,
And something new.
Written 12-24-14
Dec 2014 · 2.1k
Giving Up is Not an Option
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Creativity is a weapon.
Giving up is not an option.
Imagination is a strength.
Knowing your flaws is not a weakness.
Knowing you have them is a strength.
Pride is important,
But too much pride is deadly.
Love is key,
And hate is the beginning of the end.
Death is an adventure,
But life is as well.
Perseverance is admirable.
Crying is okay to do.
Taking a break,
Catching your breath,
That's okay.
But with all the things working for you,
Giving up is not an option.
Written 12-24-14
Dec 2014 · 8.1k
The Greatest Mystery
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
It's said to be the greatest mystery.
That no human has ever truly been there,
And been able to come back to tell of it.
That may be true,
But Death is not the greatest mystery.

Because that would be life.
It would be to live.
Because no human knows what the future holds for them,
And while in death they may get their answers,
In life they never will.
Written 12-21-14
Random free-verse thing. Weird maybe, idk.
Dec 2014 · 527
The Angels Cry
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
My daddy has a job,
And it makes the Angels cry.
It isn't really supposed to,
He doesn't even try.

He always watches over me,
And tries to help me fly,
But he can never hold me,
And that makes the Angels cry.

My daddy always loved me,
He said it everyday.
I know that he still does,
Even though he cannot say.

My daddy watches over me,
Until the day I die,
'Till then he cannot hold me,
And the Angels will still cry.
Written 7-21-13
I Illustrated it on 3-9-14
It was written for both my step father who had raised me from six months old until I was seven. He died in a car accident.
And also a man who was like my father, who died due to a heart attack almost two years ago.
I love you both with all my heart, Rest in Peace.
Dec 2014 · 499
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Wake up.
Written 12-17-14
Dec 2014 · 314
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Terrified. I'm terrified,
Of the future,
Of what it holds for me.
It's torture,
To sit here and endure this.
My mind claws,
At the many possibilities.
My mind crawls,
Slowly like a small baby,
Through them.
The shelves of books,
All containing my fears, my hopes,
Tower above my weary looks.
How am I supposed to live?
Shall I be a creative artist?
Maybe a musician?
A grand guitarist?
Am I good enough?
Good enough to reach my goals?
Am I able to succeed?
Or will success slip from my hands like milk from cracked bowls?
Never fear,
For I will try.
Though I must worry,
And sometimes cry.
My heart clenches,
With my every fear,
I brace myself carefully,
Readied for the next year.
I'm not certain of the date this was written, but I know it was sometime in the month/week that my first year of high school began. I'd been thinking of the future and it had made me begin worrying.
Thus, I vented through poetry.
Dec 2014 · 767
Things Got Better
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Her are open wide,
As you kiss her tonight.
The fear you try to hide,
Clearly glows out bright.

She shakes her head so slow.
You reach for her,
Though you already know,
Tears begin to stir.

"Don't leave," you say.
"Don't go," you plead.
She ignores your pain, it's plain as day.
Her car moves on, always gaining speed.

You're left alone,
Heart in hand,
Slashed to the bone,
Barely able to stand.

Getting better is hard,
Worse than that, really.
People all send you cards,
"I'm fine," you say, "really."

Things do get better,
Your smile gets fixed,
You're warm in life's sweater,
Your emotions aren't mixed.

And when she's back on your step,
When you hear, "I miss you, I'm back."
It's your smile that you kept,
Because your will doesn't crack.

"I'm sorry, no," you said,
As you closed your door.
Before you went to bed,
You managed to smile a little more.
Written 7-11-14
And ex of mine had hurt me, and I managed to get over it after a while. I learned to say no to her. This was written to show that.
Dec 2014 · 2.0k
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Have  Survived.
Am  Surviving.
Will  Survive.­

Because I
Have been Strong.
Am  Strong.
Will be Strong.

And I
Have been Determined.
Am  Determined.
Will be **Determined.
Written 12-15-14
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
So maybe I've broken you,
And baby I'm sorry,
But honey I couldn't continue,
With the lies I told myself,
Because it wasn't fair to you,
Or to anybody else.

And maybe I should focus on,
The pain that I was feeling,
Or the things I'm struggling on.
It wasn't easy for me either,
But I couldn't just go on,
With trying to convince myself.

And really, I was in denial.
"You love her, you're crazy.
Just walk the line single-file"
When really, the love I held for you,
Was different, by a mile.
But really it wasn't that either.

At one point what I thought I felt, I did.
I used to really feel,
I fell head over heals for you I swear I did.
But It left,
Like a dead-beat dad leaves their kid.
And I'm sorry for that.

And so maybe I've broken you,
And baby I know I'm sorry.
But truly I'm broken, too,
And I have no right to be.
Because baby I've really broken you,
And it's broken me to know it was me who hurt you.
Written 12-14-14
Because she was just starting to be happy, and I think I ruined that.
Was it the right thing to do? To not lead her on? To break up with her the second I realized how truly we didn't fit? That she deserved better?
I believe so. But that doesn't make it hurt any less. It doesn't make the guilt go away. And right now she's a broken mess, and it's my fault. I may not want that kind of relationship, but I still freaking care.
Dec 2014 · 632
The Thing About Silence
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
That's the thing about Silence,
It's not quietly peaceful.
It's cold,
And it's haunting,
And truly deceitful.

The thing about Silence,
Is that it's painful,
And overbearing.
It gives you room to think,
About the things that aren't so joyful.

The thing about Silence,
Is that it isn't really silent.
Your thoughts scream out loudly,
Demanding that you hear them,
Uncontrollably Defiant.

The thing about Silence,
Is that it's quietly violent.
Hurting you,
Breaking you,
Always destroying your will to be vibrant.

The thing about Silence,
Is that it isn't great at all.
It causes more destruction.
It sneaks inside and plants the hate and doubt,
It breaks through your shielding walls.

That's the thing about Silence.
It slowly kills me.
With the self-deprecation,
And the memories.
*That's the thing about Silence, you see.
Written 12-12-14
Dec 2014 · 403
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Everybody's telling me that these shoes are too big to fill,
But I'm not filling any shoes.
*I'm walking in my own.
Written 12-11-14
Dec 2014 · 586
I'm Sorry
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
"I'm sorry..."
I feel a pause,
As I hear myself say the words.
Were they meant for *me

Or someone else?
Written 12-10-14
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Pain and sorrow lace my chest,
I'm sorry that I must do this.
I can't aid you in your heart's quest,
Although I'll always think fondly of our first kiss.
The tears I cry will surely end,
But that doesn't mean that I'll stop caring.
You'll always be my forever-friend;
Though I'm sad to say it's no longer my heart that yours is snaring.
Tonight this poem has been finished,
But it's lines will be forever writ,
And although, like this poem, our lines together are finished,
A brand new stanza has just been fit.
Dedicated to Makayla Stewart. Our relationship may be over, but I couldn't stop loving you even if I tried.
I'm sorry that things weren't meant to be, but I look forward to being friends until the end of time.
Written 12-10-14
Dec 2014 · 768
Music Is My Safe Place.
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
                                          listen when i-
                                        n many moods
                                      bec-                 ­ a-
                                     use-                  it
                                     he-                  lps
                                      to­               clear
                                       m-       y mind.
                                        music alway-
                                   s makes thin-
                               gs better. I-
                        t lets me e-   s-
                 cape my t-           o-
             rtured r-                   e-
          ality. T-                       he calm it br-
        ings                    makes me feel safe, and t-
        he st-              rength          i-             t gives
         me h-            elps                m-              e to st-
           and               tall.               It               helps
              me                   ke-             e-            p my
                    hea-                               d         held
                             high, even when my h-
                                    eart is breaking.
                                                       ­      It
                                  it                          ­ai-
                           ds me in e-                   x-
                        pressing my-                 se-
                         lf. It                          ke-
                              eps­ me sane. Music
                                      is my safe
Written 12-9-14
Dec 2014 · 587
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014

        *Away my breath.
Written 12-7-14
Dec 2014 · 5.2k
Kiss Me
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Kiss me* like the world depends on it.
Kiss me like your heart might break.
Kiss me like it'll start a riot.
Kiss me like the ground might shake.

Kiss me while the sky is falling.
Kiss me while the world is ending.
Kiss me while my heart starts stalling.
Kiss me while our minds are blending.

Kiss me at the peak of a mountain.
Kiss me at the ocean shore.
Kiss me at the drinking fountain.
Kiss me at the prison door.

Kiss me everywhere,
In any place,
Kiss me anywhere,
Not just my face.

Kiss me now,
Or kiss me tomorrow,
I don't care how,
It removes all sorrow.

Just kiss me here,
And kiss me forever.
I need you dear,
To kiss me however.
Written 12-7-14
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
My Shining Star
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Never* give up,
'Cause that's not who you are.

I hope you never fall,
'Cause you're my shining star,

Please just kiss me soundly,
And never let me go.

Because without you I'd be lost,
Of this, I'm sure I *know.
Written 12-6-14
Dec 2014 · 388
10w of a poetic truth
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
What I
   Is An
     From My Own
Written 12-6-14
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
Happiness (Challenge)
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
What is it really?
It's you,
It's me,
It's acting silly.

Isn't forced or bought,
It's what you love,
It's where you go,
It's what you've got.

Is a soldier come home,
A wife who's with child,
A dream come true,
A trip to Rome.

Is a person's smile,
A heart unbroken,
Music that speaks to you,
Artistic style.

For me,
Is my girlfriend's smile,
And the way she holds my hand.
It's the feelings I get when she looks at me.

Is looking towards the sky,
Smiling at my future,
Being at peace with my past,
And not stopping to ask myself why.

Is living life the way I want,
And smiling in the dark.
Laughing at the meaner people,
'Cause they can't torture me with daunt.
Written 12-6-14
Dec 2014 · 465
My Little Things
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
A wish,
A dream,
A hope,
A kiss.
It's all these things,
That I would miss.
If I should die sometime today,
And someone asked me,
"What'll it be; Come on and say,
The things you'd miss,
The things you'll need?"
I'd bow my head,
And look below,
And sadly state,
"You'll never know,
The extent of the love I have in me,
For all the little things,
You see.
My heart belongs,
It longs for these.
I'll forever miss my little things."
Written 12-5-14
Dec 2014 · 459
One Last Goodbye
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
Maybe tonight will be the night,
Just before we say goodbye,
We can lay and rest our heads,
Looking up at an ancient sky,

I could hold you closely,
If only for one last time,
And forget to think,
Unless that thought's a rhyme.

Perhaps you'll let me kiss you,
And dream of better days.
The days where things weren't bitter-sweet,
And the future wasn't a haze.

We'll be together; You'll never leave.
Except when daylight breaks,
I'll give up on deluded lies,
As my heart shatters, and the earth shakes.

I'll wake alone,
In a flowery field,
And after only a moment's denial,
My brain and heart will yield.
Written 11-10-14
Dec 2014 · 843
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014

Maybe* she won't cry today,
And maybe he won't lie today,
And maybe life goes on today,
But maybe I'll be wrong today.

Maybe I'll be strong today,
And maybe tears won't fall today,
But maybe he'll break down today,
maybe she won't die today.

Maybe things get better today,
And maybe I'll write the letter today,
Maybe I'll sign my name in ink,
But maybe that's a permanent link.

Maybe that's too much for me,
Maybe "attached" is something I don't wanna be,
And maybe it'd be painful to watch,
Over the years; Death's painful march.

And maybe she'll go down today,
And maybe things won't be okay,
And maybe he'll give up and say,
That maybe he'll just run away.

But maybe I'll just cry today,
Maybe that's a better way.
Maybe that's my job today,
Maybe I'll just try to be okay.

Because maybe it's important to grieve,
And maybe it's okay to leave,
A little room to be left for me,
A little time to simply breath.

Maybe I should put myself first,
And maybe it wouldn't be the worst,
To maybe just take care of me,
Instead of being the one in lead.

Written 12-2-14
Dec 2014 · 480
This Is What We Live For
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
It's days like these,
You're blind
You shiver,
And you hurt on the inside.
It's days like these,
This one right here.
Feeling the things,
Maybe it's been a year.
Or maybe a month or so.
You've fought,
You've crawled along.
You stand up on two feet.
You know that you're still hurting,
But you can carry on.
Because it's days like this.
These are the ones we live for.
Written 12-2-14
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