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Andy 3d
A spark. A flame.
The crackling of fire on wood, whispering your name.
The fire inside me calling out.
Leaving no room for any doubt.
I am sure of what I want.

I want the world to remember me.
I want to live on in people's memory.
This makes me happy.
My heart was set aflame.
This isn't just a hobby.

If you sense my fire about to die out,
Would you grab a candle
To help keep my light?
At least, for another night.
I may be bound to a life of darkness, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
I've been losing motivation to write, but the  people who support me always keep the fire in me alive.
Breathe in slow, let the mind start flowing
You are one of a kind
A one in a gazillion as it's known
So cheer up, do not cry
Listen to life's lullaby
And keep your head held high
Your future may just blow your mind
So please, continue on - seize the day
Become the master of your own mind

And don't just survive in hell
What can I say about Queen?
A band who superseded The Beatles
And maybe even bettered them.
That Voice of Super Freddie
The Sun King indeed.
Brian May’s soaring guitar
Backed up by the typically quiet Bass Man
John Deacon
With Roger Taylor
Pounding those drums.

They were the complete package.
Even their lyrics were great.
Songs ranging from hard rock
To slow songs that ****** the soul.
Songs that will live forever.
Some that make me cry
And others that later make me
Get up and shadow-box
A heavier version of Freddie himself.

For Freddie Mercury was larger than life,
So cruelly taken from us
Too soon,
As John Lennon was.
And Elvis of course.
Too many bite the dust.

Bee dop bop bee dee bop
Bee bop, bee bop
Dee da day
With these immortal words
Freddie sends us
On our way.

Paul Butters

© PB 23\5\2020.
The Champions ?!!
There he is!
Twinkle toes
Shining in the garden
dancing over the Surinam cherries
and Starfruit,
Clipping fragrant gardenia blossoms
And voluptuous red roses

My Bright Star of David
I love you!
O Baba!
Your healing breezes
rustle through the palm fronds
In our front yard
I breathe them in
and my wings flutter
gossamer feathers
under your soft caress
a song stirs
and the sun rises
in my *****
I dance through a
field of stars
shimmering on the ground
Your name
eternally on my lips
Pink spoonbills surprise our eyes
gliding through the blue yonder
Rarely, we see them
so they are a welcome sight

Pink plumes dipped in
colors of love
With a fancy flourish
they soar
penning love letters
across the airy, alpine scrolls
Air thins
and so do I
as i wait for
His starry breath
to carry me aloft

my eyes swirling
milky way pools
have lost their boundaries
Ocean rushes
through my veins
while dolphins and sea lions
leap and laugh

Sun has left bits of
its splendor
I shoot across the
night sky in a flash

There is no you or I
lines blur
with soft pink hues
of the heart
and we melt into
each others arms
Francois May 16
Aim high reach for the star and sky
Shun your laziness and fear
Stride in the right path with head held high
This is a short inspirational poem
Tiny shiny white
Crystals tumble from the sky
Icy diamonds from heaven
Swirl around the trees
In our backyard
With love and affection

These trees
Once filled with leaves
Are fully perfected
By the immeasurable
Beauty of snowflakes
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