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ardnaxela Dec 2022
Black Colleges
Have been chronically
Hell -

Black culture curates
Common culture.
Black coins buy
Booming business -

Black universities
Brilliance, Undeniably.


Black children

Contain unrelenting
Cause upheaval -

Controlled, creative


Heads held high -
Commemorating heroes.




HBCUs are an essential commodity to a significant facet of our population. Protect them at whatever cost.
ChinHooi Ng Nov 2022
From A to Z
we need
to learn to return
to zero
when we come to a new place
we need to learn to pack up the past
put it away
start over
like a child
getting to know the world
like a sponge
absorbing water of the ocean
like opening your eyes
after darkness has gone
going back to zero
is the sterilization of the past
the emergence of new
If you're seeking forgiveness,
Learn to forgive yourself first.
People won't always forgive you much less stop making false accusations. No matter what you tell some people, they're going to believe what they want. So learn to forgive yourself when needed and ignore the lies of the egotistical people. #AuthorVenJArnold
What is the ultimate life
All about?
It is about being holy
It is about being healthy
It is about being happy
It is about making things happen
With tremendous magnitude
And flowing smoothly
In the right direction
It is all about being effective
And efficient in life
This poem talks about how to achieve ultimate success in our lives.
TheBlackPen121 Apr 2022
Why do I write? I write to share a part of me the world has never seen, I write because writing is in my genes,
I write to share my experience so people know that they are not alone, I write to comfort and give broken souls a home.
I write not for fame or recognition because I know that's not my mission.
I write to let my little voice be heard and free this little bluebird that has been trapped in my heart for so long.
I write to alleviate my melancholious state,
I write to empower, I write to educate, and most of all I write to preach love and not hate.

Done by: KCG
Blessed are the creators
D Cole Mar 2022
Mortal  to my  thoughts,
broken by the eyes of the world,
the warmth in my heart hides from her cold breath.

treading softly, so that I don't awaken her judgemental tongue
I've lost step to what makes me happy,
Just to keep her quiet.
The world will always judge you, let your eyes focus on you and not her.
JKirin Feb 2022
We chase wild dreams at the tip of our pens,
every word every stroke brings us closer.
But at times, our draft—it just doesn’t make sense…
We can’t help but believe us a poser.
Still, the dream, the pen, calls out to our hearts—
and we try, put it back to the paper.
Every word, every stroke is a wonder!
As our instincts kick in – full of hunger,
we’re hunters that chase, hunt down our prey!
We won’t let our doubts win, lead us astray—
we will howl for our pack, our dearest friends.
Dreams are waiting at the tip of our pens.
about writing, about doubts
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2022
Let me introduce you
With you
History ends
With you
So it begins

Now I can see you

In you
In me
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Search for meaning
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
When you see this
This is that
You are in

Let me introduce you
With you
History ends
With you
So it begins

Now I can see you
In you
In me
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Search for meaning
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