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"The sea complains upon a thousand shores"

Yet, I miss your current

passing through me

infinitely I tread this water

in the hopes you will soon awaken

like new horizon

"my precious, the sea will never rest"

Inspired by the poem from John Edward Smallshaw:
to wake up is a chance
at what you want out of this
don't treat it with haste,
don't let it go to waste.

to breathe is to be present,
here, in the trenches of today.
don't let outside voices stay,
don't listen to what they say.
live for today,
live it out your own way.
Ohhhh I can smell

Hints of mint, rose and
verdant notes

Little birds and buds
beginning to open
their petals, unfold
their newborn wings

Sky, blue skinned
celestial Goddess
wrapped in whirling
gossamer gowns

On the barren tree
of my heart
flowers are blossoming

Here is one
especially for You!
we are all open books written in an old language
waiting for someone to come and translate
our story
our words.
be patient
the translator is coming.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i was always an open book
just written in a dead language.
all the translators were wrong,
time and time again
until you came along.
i liked this theme so i wrote two
My thoughts are trapped in a cage
Sometimes full of rage

Wounded on the inside where no one can see
The hurt and pain inside of me

Not being able to express my inner self
I am trapped in need of help

A place where I am trapped in time
A place that is not truly mines

Going over one hurdle after another
The light becomes dimmer why bother

But not far away
I live to see another day

A fresh day that is beautiful and pure
A day when I know there is a cure

Where my thoughts can finally escape
Where the cage opens on time, not late

My heart opens with love
I set aside the rage because of what is above

The comfort that I get when I look into the clouds
Makes me feel good and I say out loud

You can't hold me back rage, you see
My thoughts are pure now and I am finally free

I am free
I am free
I am free
Poem based on negative feelings that turn into positive thoughts
Descovia Feb 17
You can stay in dreamland all you want.

What is the next big step?  

Your story will not write itself!

Your story. Is incomplete.

Michael Feb 6
If a pen was shaper than
a sword that's made of steel,
would we understand,
or use that pen to ****?
If a word could shatter bone
as it could break a heart,
would we leave that word alone,
or carve those cursed marks?
If a war was fought for peace
that none could ever win,
would the crows all share a feast
on another day again?
If a mind was brighter than
a brain designed to ****,
could a heart be stronger then
the power of its will?
If a pen was sharper than
a sword that's made of steel,
would we understand,
and use that pen to heal?
Yeah life happens...
Things that are out of our control take place.
Sometimes the pressure builds up like the magma under a volcano.
And the more we let it simmer and turn into lava, the build up is stronger... The eruption is bigger.

But we've got to remember even if we forget.
That things happen for a reason, each lesson it brings you'll never forget.
It teaches you to be stronger, resilient and makes you stand stronger.
You've just got to remember, that in life you're still blessed.
Blessed in the little things that bring you joy.
Blessed in the souls that give you love and appreciation.

No matter how much life knocks you down, never give up, get up and always show up.
Just remember it's all just one big ride.
It's up to you to get off or enjoy the ride of your life.
Fragile being look up to the skies...
The stars aligned, seek brightness in your haunted eyes.

Lost in a world of your own creation, unable to distinguish the truth and reality from the fog that resides in your head.

Fragile being... Give yourself up to the highest power.
The divine universe will carry away the energy you don't require.

Never surrender to the dark thoughts that swirl in your brain. Just look to the skies, believe and have faith.
Kara Shirlene Jan 22
Though you are both gone
From this Earth;
There's a gift you gave me
At my birth.

It fills a place
In my heart.
I felt it there
From the start.

You passed to me
Your wisdom, kindness, honesty.
And the passion
For writing poetry.
I cannot tell you
Just what that means.

The flutter of a Butterfly
Will always be
A beautiful sight
And the symbol of your memory
In my soul and in my mind.

In my heart
I will always feel you there,
Because a Grandmother's Love
Is the everlasting gift you shared.

Thank you for your examples & legacy.
Thank you for inspiring me.
Thank you both for sharing your life
Through written words and poetry.
And thank you both for your
Grandmother's Love you left with me.

©KSS 1/22/2021
{written in memory of my grandmothers: The two beautiful women who inspired me to begin writing poetry at a very young age. You are in my heart, always.}
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