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Make adjustments
And always give it your best
You have just one life
Just put yourself to the test
Get those accomplishments
Shift yourself into a higher gear
Reach for greater heights
Conquer your fears
I know,
Someone has walked past me
Silently invisibly.
I know him,
I can sense his presence,
There is seen his mark upon the air
That now moves about briskly
Around me.
He could not have walked alone,
No one does,
He could never be alone
Unless his thoughts had deserted him;
His thoughts were for me.
His thoughts are for me alone
I know,
I can never be alone,
Did I walk with him past where I stood?
Just reach inside yourself
And find your inner strength
It is more clear
That the answer is there within
You are the total sum
The brightness is there
Go forward and strive for the gold
Just shine that light everywhere
Midge 1d
Sometimes I wonder why I came to decide
To end my life with suicide
But this idea should be set aside
For life is worthwhile with the Lord as my guide

All my fears and my despair
I thought they were beyond compare
But when I turned to face defeat
My Lord was there to save and all was in peace

I always doubt why He picked me
Resentfully sinned and troubled with anxiety
But when I’m praying on my knees
His unconditional love is all I can see

My soul was broken, my heart has been bound
My mind was ripped and my hope is nowhere to be found
I lost my everything, this is the end
Wait, have you forgotten?

You still have the Lord,
your Father and your Friend
john 1d
your worth
cannot be defined
by those who judge you.

only you can define
your self worth.

sometimes people cloud your vision,
but you are worth everything.

You are the narrator of your own life!
The little children need a mentor
Just always be there
Be the sunlight that they need
In order to take flight and persevere
Show them that they can excel
Be that positive motivating force
Teach them to have a strong will
In order to rise above an obstacle course
Esther Krenzin Jul 2018
The ocean booms and rages
And something inside me stirs
at the wild beauty,
ancient power,
and feeling,
that calls my name.

The warm salty breeze caresses
my face,
and as the sun slips into the sky
silhouettes of birds winging their way
amidst the glowing darkness
enter my mortal vision.

I lay in the soft sand,
and pull some into my open palm.
Are we like sand?
Soft and pretty at first,
but once rain falls
and the world throws hardship
at us,
we become harsh
and gritty.

If so, we must learn to
accept that there will
always be rain,
And learn to soften into the
person we are
deep down.

and yet still soft enough to
experience life's joys.
-Esther Krenzin-
You are strong. But it is okay to feel. It is okay to have strength that does not bow and does not break.
Think of those moments that you wasted
When you should have been getting ahead
Time is passing you by
And you are falling behind instead
Always study harder
Get your momentum back
Just pull yourself together
Move towards the right track
Life was meant for you to live
Just do not throw it all away
You have a great chance to achieve
Do not ever be lead astray
You have the ability in you
Get out there and make it happen
Put your two feet to the ground
It is your chance to enlighten
Surya Lights the blazing candle in the sky
and our day begins
on a pillow of clouds my spirit
bows at His vast blue altar

In fact, gods, goddesses, earthlings
and all the inhabitants of the Cosmos
kneel and prostrate at His glorious, life giving Feet

Today Lord Surya ascends to His northernmost
temple in the heavens
Courtly tablas boom, traditional Indian trumpets blare

Sweet sticky aroma and flavors of
sesame and jaggery confection
overflow in banquet halls on earth and in Kailasa

Colorful kites, bits of starry confetti
drift downward from the celestial celebration

David and I, our hands folded in prayer
stand on the front lawn offering our salutations
to the Golden Lord

By Serendipitous good fortune, my brother Chris just happens
to pass by at this moment and stops to join
us in our Sun worship

Happy Makar Sankranti
May Surya Deva's auspicious saffron rays
bless you with Peace, Love and Prosperity
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