Her hunger for knowledge
Was as insatiable,
As the bounds of the universe
Were immeasurable.

Inspired by #MadVerse Prompt

Spread your wings
And learn to fly high
Take control of your destiny
Just reach for the sky
Greatness is within you
Set the standard of excellence
Find your inner strength
Rise up and stay blessed

To live the life of a rootless tree
to submit to the will
of a cold
dead Earth
and manifest inside oneself
every way of thought
Never assisted in stages of growth
With what little roots left are not of direct creation
or present upon birth
must be painful

Imagine swaying here and there
without the anchors of the love in the purest form
that the oldest and largest roots of a tree's’ existence give
Knowing one breeze
just one small
unsought touch from external life
can rustle the leaves and bend its own branches
must be painful

Imagine being planted, summoned to life
into a location you chose not for your own
only to be used by another and then
learning the ways of existence alone
without the guidance of roots
the ones who created you
the ones who created the environment in which you grow
must be painful

Roots of a tree are the lifeblood
connecting old and new
past and future
They have the ability to reach out and connect
to those around them
to touch them
to lean on them and if needed
exist on them
To be a tree with half the roots
that every tree on Earth has the opportunity to possess
yet it doesn't
without choice
must be painful

One might say a tree should be grateful
that light may land upon them
and life may blow and flow through them
but one might not understand
being rootless
For even though the tree has roots that are firmly in place
by a choice of the other
which is love
the large and substantial roots, the ones that matter
the ones that you sit upon and ponder days
the ones that young lovers scratch their moment into
Without such roots a tree is rootless
and that
and rightfully
must be painful

Written to a friend in pain over the childhood sufferings of an absent drug addicted mother and the abandonment. Also influenced by her song for strength "Rootless Tree" by Damien Rice.

Go through the adventure
And better yourself completely
Embrace the maze that you are in
Build your world immensely
Believe that you can
Just rise above those pitfalls
Find your inner strength
Learn to stand up tall

Encourage and motivate
Show the children that you care
Teach them the way
Just always be there
Set the best example
Find a way to lift them up
Enlighten them a great deal
So they can reach the top

If you can see it
Then you can be it
Just believe
Put your mind to it and achieve
Take that step
And enjoy the journey
Set your standards high
Just reach for the sky

When you see an opportunity
Reach out and grab it
Work hard towards your goal
Be effective and efficient
It is simply up to you
To sharpen your mind
Do your very best
Be the one to inspire and shine

Try a little harder
You can be a success
Fill your heart with happiness
And stay blessed
Set your mind on a dream
You can achieve
Get right to it
Take courage and believe

Girl, when we kiss one another
We both feel the heat and passion
We take each other higher
There is nothing but pure satisfaction
Nothing but a tingling sensation
To brighten the atmosphere
When we are together
We zoom towards the stratosphere

EM MacKenzie May 19

For those who need to hear it.
Life is not easy. It's never easy, actually.

And when it rains, it truly does pour.

Sometimes you feel as if you are drowning,
or that you're surrounded by literal shit.

Then it rains, and it pours, and the shit is soaking wet.
But, it's up to you with what to do with that shit.

You can either step in it and complain in disgust...
or you can grab a shovel, a rake, maybe some seeds,
and maybe, just maybe,
you can it turn the shit into something beautiful.

Just an outlook to always try and stay positive, no matter what you're facing. No one ever said life would be easy, just that it's worth it, and that life really is what you make it.
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