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Grab education
Be the best in your nation
You have it in you
Receive your commendation
Bright stars
Enlighten the sensation
Move forward on your path
And build your foundation
If strength comes from within
Then take the world by storm
Reach for greater heights
Always be on the horn
Have a can-do attitude
Just make your world shine
Be bold, be legendary
Be willing to sharpen your mind
While gallery sitting
amidst colorful paintings,
jeweled and sculpted objects
I chatted with fellow artist,
Jeff Filipski

Always on the edge, raw, bleeding
and alive!
Jeff does not mince words, tells it honestly
like it is...
beneath the dark blue rumblings
brilliant electric flashes of intuition
a loving Soul flowers on the
world pond

During a rare glimpse of the Truth
not given to many
Jeff's words struck my Soul

As he lay in the verdant arms of Nature,
gentle currents caressing his spirit,
swooning under the vast blue kiss
of the sky

His heart cracked open
gazing upward
with a raspy voice, tears streaming,
and a choir of infinite echoes
he declared:

When will we
walk again
my Love
by the turquoise sea
under a blue rose sky

Starfish weep, dolphins sob
on the rotting dead sea shores
of Florida

All the sea Gods are angry
with bloodshot eyes
they throw their tridents down deep

The fathomless bitter tears
and red tide

Always work for it
Go through the grind
Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations
There are many good things to find
Put your heart and soul into everything
Be willing to have that power source
Rise up through the air
And strike with a tender force
Action and determination
Will get you places
You have the power
In order to make your cases
It all starts with one step
Go forward and conquer
Let the battle challenge you
And make you wiser
We walked in beauty at daybreak
a cool breeze blew through our arms
like long feathered eagle spirit wings

Sky pressed its cobalt palms
together in prayer and
bowed to the four directions

Stopping to commune with
the new baby across the street
round, gurgling Buddha face radiant
as the sun glittering above us

His mother expressed concern
over a recent viral infection he'd
just gotten over, her greenish gray
eyes beaming with maternal devotion
in the morningstar light

We continued our beauteous trek
I paused just off of Island street
to take a pine blossom bath
Thanking the noble, handsome pine
I immersed myself in the aura cleansing
prickly, tickling pine needles

A dark blue car ambled slowly pass me
wondering, "What the heck?!"

Laughing, I wandered on...
singing to the sun dancing higher in the heavens
showering the earth and all my
brothers and sisters
in Golden Beauty
Each day we start a new
We are the authors of our lives
Another chance to learn and grow
And strengthen our minds
Everything is taken in stride
We cross the rivers and the oceans
Let nature take its course
As everyone has the notion
The petals of a rose
are a soft kiss from ***

Droplets of rapture
dark honey
fall quietly

Inside suffering and joy
behold so much beauty
we emerge from our pain
amidst love's first blush

Skintight, crushed crepe
buds unfold
tiny white tombs crinkle open
cashmere flutter of a billion butterflies
kiss the sky, kiss the day, kiss the universe

We pause in the expanding bliss and ananda
falling deeper and deeper in Love
Continue to write
And express yourself
Give the readers a chance to think
And also to educate themselves
Help them open their minds
Everyone needs clarity
Remove from those clouds
That are filled with obscurity
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