Ignite and enlight
Be the one who inspires
Never give up hope
Climb so you can reach even higher
Be in a state of felicity
Have self-determination
Let nothing stand in your way
Always possess pure motivation

Focus on your books
And be a better student
Raise those grades
Just put your mind to it
Time is slowly drifting away
Move towards the right track
Put your best foot forward
That my friends is a fact

ronnie 2d

"I had to be alone to be free"

Focus on positive thoughts
That will take you far
Be about your business
In order to be that stellar star
Spread the cheer of elation
Have an affable demeanor
Possess a great heart
That would be much sweeter

Just go for it
Utilize your mind
Reach for the gold
Remember to be gentle and kind
It is all in you
You have the knowledge
Apply yourself accordingly
Have strength and courage

We lift and inspire
Teach the kids to reach higher
Be the one who empowers
With every passing hour
Give them words of encouragement
Along with moral support
Encourage them to do their best
And to put themselves to the test

You sent a spark to my heart
and set a fire in my soul.
With you I'm not afraid of shattering
like the relationships of old.

Around you, the inspiration fills me up
like a candy dish before Halloween.
For once in my entire life
I feel like someone is the person for me.

Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff

(c) Ryan Kane 2017

You may have fallen
But, you can rise again
Just dust yourself off
Continue on my friend
Let the battle build your strength
Have a great heart
Move forward in a positive light
Be the one who provides a valuable spark

let me remind you:
know that i am the scream
i am the protest
i am the revolution
i am the awakening
of every black leader
every protester
every revolutionist
every poet
every writer
that has breathed and lived and paved paths
and immortalized and cut scathing with their art
that has cut swaths through rivers
that have tunneled through caves
that have smeared wet earth on their faces
that have picked through the foliage on mountains
know that i am every woman who has bled for her child
know that i am every foreign tongue that has unbound us
know that i am every unshackled and raised fist
know that i am a woman
know that i am a black woman
i am every black queen
i am not a display
i am not an object
i am not something to be coveted
you have no right to salivate over me
you have no right to stitch lust into my skin
you have no right
let me remind you:
i am a black woman
soft, wild, and free

I changed this a bit from what it was before. I ended up revising the capitalized "I" and making them all lowercase for the sake of cohesion. This is meant to be an empowering piece. It's old. At the time I wrote it I was reading Warsan Shire. Like me and so many other 1st-generation children from immigrants who are also artists or self-proclaimed or "budding," her work at some point deals with the topic of immigration, having immigrant parents, and also it deals with being a woman who is black. It deals with womanhood too.

A lot of my work is very romantic, dark, I would say cutting in some spaces. It has some macabre imagery, a lot of it is intentionally repetitious. A vast majority of it is also deeply personal. They are individual poetic narratives and I think poetry should first and foremost be about that poet's personal experience. Maybe I will write a poem that can be collectively about my race's experience, until then, what ever comes out, will come out.

This is, like Warsan's work, applicable to any other black woman. We quietly feel the need to assert and remind others of our worth, we quietly remind ourselves of our worth, we have to take part in a bodily, mental, spiritual, and emotional evolution to love ourselves in a society that does not and has not historically loved us. It still doesn't.

This poem comes from that part inside of me that has felt this way. I've had partners most of whom were not of my race, most of them Caucasian, and some were fascinated with my being 1st-generation "somethingsomething" or "Caribbean."

I'm proud of my heritage and I always maintained and will maintain that. However, despite having been with accepting partners, accepting men and friends, there were some men that I felt liked me just because of my blackness or demeaned it (one did or attempted to). But this isn't just for me, it's for any woman who has felt or feels this way.

It's a reminder: you matter, you are black, you are fucking beautiful, but you are more than that outer beauty. No man can just be allowed to claim you ONLY for that.

This is my gift to every little black girl and woman
A gift from one black woman to another.
Enjoy. Xoxo.

Also, here's a link to info about Warsan Shire. I would highly recommend checking out some of her work. She's simply put, amazing.


Have a strong mind
As nature takes its course
Times will be tough
Be a positive motivating force
You can get through the maze
Learn to stand up tall
Find your inner strength
And do not ever fall

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