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Tizzop 1d
i trust in you and you love me
forever protected, the umbrella
maybe i'm scared, here and there
i, then, close my eyes and speak to you

you, then, answer me and calm me
we don't need any poetry, God
it's you and me, it's you and me...
YOUR SON, Mikey, Tizzop, Max

protect my mom and my dad,
my brothers and sisters
Elias, Christoph, Katharina, Chris,
Alin and Valerie, Andreas, Dennis

Nicholas, Eden, Beza, Milly, Janet,
Albin, Richard, Robin, Davis, Gisi

i do thank you from the bottom of
my heart and my soul.
forever yours, Mikey, Tizzop, Max
Ten years passed by in a moment
First Kiss.
The House We Bought.
Wedding Day Bliss.
I never dreamt that it would be like this

The days mould into one
I guess that's the science of love
All I see ahead of me is us

Ten years have passed by
I am still your wife
I will follow you into eternal life
He is all I could ever need
Sythin Voxe Oct 6
You'd think I was a fool
The way I mishandle myself
and come to every name you'll call me.

Blinded by the rules
hoping I am worthy enough
to be the same in which you saw me.

To call myself happy i'm afraid
is selling it far short.
I'm rooted on your porch like ivy.

To look at these webs we've made,
spiral out and distort,
Beam the importance of your place beside me.

You could crush me into dust
but I'd still crawl to your lips.
If only to fight you one last war.

You could ****** me just
but when they brush off my ribs
the only fingerprints on my heart will be yours.

I'm sewn into your flesh
by God's own shaky hand.
His needle carved your name on my soul.

He didn't just make a guess
God gave me this man
Because he saw two halves that sought to be whole.

I will love you more
until the day I die
Until my heart has no balance or grace.

I will drown myself
in that Crimson eye,
Until there's nothing left to drown me but space.
I will love you forever.
Renee' Aug 31
Everything I want in life is unreachable,
Then you come along and life became unquestionable.
Leading me into depth,
Taking every inch of breath,
Holding the key to my heart,
Our spirit and soul will never part.
As I hear your sweet kind voice,
I began to melt with sweet serenity,
With your words of tranquility,
Realizing you are my one and only.
Jacqueline O Aug 17
You are like a well aged bottle of whiskey, your brilliance and charisma get better with the growing months.  Your body is a ocean I love to dive in, gentle waves guide me to bliss.
For my husband...beautiful and calm, mysterious and amazing.
Monique Matheson May 2018
I could draw the shape of your eyes over and over inside my head
The smooth curves of your lips
There's a softness that welcomes my long days.
I am willingly chained to your unblemished heart
My song, my sun, my God.
Chia Seeds Jun 27
The second hand of the clock
starts moving
anti clockwise.

The tears on my face
seep back
into my eyes.

I fly and spiral
a black hole.

The time
spins and warps
out of control.

I zoom by
all the places
that we’ve been to.

Right to the very
first moment
that I’ve met you.

.uoy teem ot eciN

And it all begins again.
soo doo nimim Jun 26
I dream of you in color
I see you, through all life's clutter
I dream of you in color
In all the shades
Of red and greens and blues
I dream of you in color
You make the world that much less duller
I see you in my dreams
And forget i'm in reality
I dream of you in color
You make the emptiness, that much fuller.
He’s asleep.
Tonight, I held him tighter
and kissed him longer.

I wish my kisses were enough.
Were enough to shield him.
To protect him.

From the people that can’t get past his beautiful chocolate skin - long enough to see how wonderfully incredible he is.

He is a man that will always give a helping hand without complaint.

He is a man that never fails to brighten my day.

He is a man with a beautiful mind and heart.

He is a man that is thoughtful.
When I first moved into my apartment, he watched me jumble with my keys trying to find the right one.
he went to the store and bought key covers so I knew which key went to which door.

Who thinks to do that?


He is a man that is patient, loving and chooses to see the good.

He is a man that is hard-working.

He is a man that will be an incredible father to our children someday.

He is so much more than just a black man.

It’s time the world sees that too.
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