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Dear future husband,
It's with a great sense of urgency I write into the future.
Loving me won't be easy
Hailing from a broken home has taught me how love can be a double edge sword.
Therefore, I argue and talk back
I over think and analyse scenarios beyond imagination
I make up arguments before it even happens
I am an overthinker by default
Don't let this scare you.

Dear future husband,  
I'd want you to know I am a hopeless romantic with a wall as high as wall of China
But those can easily fall as that of jericho
With you, I'd want a love as white as snow on Christmas
I'd want a never ending friendship as the waters of Niagara falls.
I promise to never stop fighting my inner demons and insecurities
As long as you assure me how we are partners in this ship of ours

Dear future husband,  
It's with utmost sincerity that I write to you on this day, because I know I'm finally ready.
I have always hidden in my coven
I await your presence,
And would be welcoming you with open arms when we get to meet
So future habiby, what's the wait for?
I'm sure your ribs must ache enough from a missing piece.

An open letter to my future husband.
Jeremy Betts May 13
A fumblin, bumblin'
Waste of skin husband
No one's going with me,
I mean him,
As an option
*** happened?
A premature has been
Similar to the ******* situation
So I've heard people sayin'
Get the list of con's reigned in
A list of pro's has never been
Mention every sin in confession
But where to begin
Actually, here's a better question,
Would it even matter in the end?
Let's see what happens when I,
I mean he,
Begins to pretend
If faked long enough can it change the trend,
Or push it all beyond the mend?
Uhhhh, of course, you know,
I'm actually askin' for a friend...

Shley Mar 25
I never could've known the life we'd have
When we were young and drunk on discovery.

When you walked into my life like light flooding a room,
I never could've imagined what we'd build together.

As I hold the children you gave me in my arms,
The culmination of our intertwined hearts,
I feel so rich and full and satisfied.

I didn't know then, but I know now, just how beautiful it is to open your heart to another.
CarolineSD Mar 20
I love you more than the infinite Curvature of space and time
More than every star in the sky
More than all light combined,
As much as the auburn
Sunset of your eyes
Touches every corner of my soul
When   you    look    at    me.

I love you deeper than the rough-cut Canyons of the
Colorado River,
Deeper than the heated core at the
Center of the earth,
Farther than galaxies expanding,
E  n  d  l  e  s  s  l  y,
And more than every diamond
Deep in the ground

is worth

The universe and its natural elements
Are miraculous and magnificent,
Part of the mysteries we may never Understand,
And yet; somehow,
Something that feels stronger and
More beautiful
E  x  i  s  t s
In the small space between our hands,

Your fingertips interlaced with mine
Your enveloping warmth pressed
Against my skin,
Nothing but everything,
I fall into you tonight.
jǫrð Jan 7
Cast me into
Your inferno
I want to go
Where you're
I want to see
That flame, feel
It grow within
As a newborn
The History: As if I could truly love any lesser man.
SANA Dec 2023
Robert Ippaso Dec 2023
As a non-golfing husband I revel at tales
Of sunshine filled days chasing small *****,
Some in the rough others in sand,
All these brave girls fighting nature's pitfalls.

I hear of the times the flock of wild ducks
Hindered a drive that was perfectly hit,
And what of those trees that magically moved
With a subsequent shout 'I just want to quit'.

But then I'm regaled with feats of great skill
Such as the time a Birdie was made,
Out comes the flask, big glugs all around,
Magical moments that no-one would trade.

They say Golf's a passion a lifelong pursuit,
One day may be heaven the other pure hell,
Neither cool mornings nor that full midday heat,
Apparently stops that will to excel.

Yet there's one thing I notice each week,
Yes the real pleasure from playing the game
And what's not to like from those magical views
But without one's good friends the day's not the same.

So to all poor Golf widowers awoken by shrilling alarms,
Then never quite knowing what time we'll see our fair brides,
There's a much higher calling we can but embrace,
'Happy wife happy life' the true gift this pastime provides.
CarolineSD Nov 2023
You said you saw our baby last night,
The one we will never have;
Our dream baby.

I was holding her
Against my shoulder
Blanket pulled up around her little head
And I turned to you and said something banal,
Like grab the bottle from the fridge, darling.

And we have found each other beyond
The years of babies.
You have yours and I have mine, already,
And they have all reached the far side  
Of dog-tired  
Midnight dream feeds
In a cedar rocking chair.

You and I have both already been

This continent we will never walk together.

But I feel her now,
Our dream baby,
In everything.

She rests there in the gentle way you caress my face
As starlight plays across the blankets.
She clings close to your laughter,
Curled inside your fervent and unrelenting
Belief in me.

And in the mirrored chambers of your hazel eyes,
When I am laid beside you and softly
Humming my mother’s
It is there, I can feel her smile,
Our dream baby,

A love beyond ages,
A sacred creation
Between your soul and mine.
A dream my husband had the other night. We won't have our baby, but we have created, so entirely, something sacred.
Secret-Author Jan 2023
Look at you, you stupid b*tch,
Hanging from the rafters,
Despite being cold youre still
So fat, one too many afters.

If I had to list all the ways
That you so let me down,
The first one would be long ago
That you refused to drown.

Look at you, you're so fat,
And don't you blame the baby,
It's been eleven days since you
Had him, go on a diet maybe.

Look at you.
Just look at the state of you.
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