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Hands of Love
Hands of Understanding
Hands of Compassion

Ears that hear
Eyes that understand
A heart of wisdom & knowing

Unwavering & supporting
Without blame
Without shame.
Never a criticism given

You heard me.
You held me.
You helped me
Move through Grief
Toward a measure of Serenity.

My dear love
How could I ever repay you?
When someone we love dies, the saddest thing I have experienced is no one there for support. Maybe they did not know how or were lost in their own processes. It was not until now, at 63, that I have felt this unwavering love and support.
Soumia 2d
Your words are sharper than a knife,
your fists are harder than stone's.

I'm breaking slowly, but you don't notice,
I'm dying slowly, but you don't care.

I'm sorry, I'm giving up slowly.
Donna Bella Oct 10
Tick tock tick tock
If a tick and a tock was a motion
That’s the motion I feel with him
Up down up down
As time wraps around me every night
It caters to me
It calms me during the darkest of days
Somehow with time I feel invincible
I wake up to time everyday
Time touches me as it kisses my heart
These motions I want to last forever
Mark Oct 9
I know that’s my country girl  
Discovered like an oyster, oh what a pearl
And she is naturally kinda dope
One day I will marry her, I hope
My mama always said
Don’t wait, for rebound ones, instead
But, by playing the field is fun, I guess
Dealing with so many, without any progress  
Will lose the thoughts, the heart once desired
Before you know it, still single and almost retired
So, pull your finger out, get up the guts
Ask her out, check her out, no buts.
Soumia Oct 8
Big eyes that look at me,
eyes that feel like home.

Green eyes that cries about me,
when I'm not around.

Green eyes that I miss,
when you decided to close your eyes.
Donna Bella Oct 7
I took a different route, a route I didn’t know was curved or straight.
But I knew I had to take that route, I knew that the journey that was presented to me was the journey that was paved for me.
So as I look into the eyes of my journey every night, and I touch the intricate details of the journeys palm, I continue to go further into my journey, and I won’t be turning around until I’m at a dead end.
Robert Ippaso Sep 27
When she’s sick I’m so in trouble
Rocks my world, bursts my bubble,
All at once my head is spinning,
Forehead aching, hair fast thinning.

I’m not trained to handle chores,
Clean the house, go to stores,
Cook the meals, feed the kids,
My existence on the skids.

Give me patience, show me how
She won’t quickly disavow
This poor man she claimed to love
And not give him one huge shove.

I’ll do better, I’ll learn fast,
Even try to make it last,
Wash the sheets, make the bed,
Just the thought fills me with dread.

Shoulders back, chin protruding,
Smile so wide, no more brooding,
‘Yes, My Dear’ the sure answer,
Float on air like a tap dancer.

Read her cues as if an actor
Whatever challenge not a factor,
Learn each job just like a pro,
Then recount it blow by blow.

I adore this girl so much,
There’s truly nothing I won’t touch,
Clean or fix around the house
To be that perfect loving spouse.

But God I pray with all my soul
That soon you make her fully whole,
Please start now and make it fast
As for sure I won’t long last.
Donna Sep 1
What I love about
my man is the way he makes
me laugh out loud
Love my husband Dean ,  my rock always x ❤️
Stephen James Aug 18
as i join
my life
with yours

i'm vowing
to be more
than what i've
been before

i vow that
as your husband
the one that
you put your trust in

your thoughts
and feelings
will find

in the depths
of this heart
that keeps beating
for you

i'm vowing
to be your

as daylight dies
and the night
grows cold

you will
find warmth
in these arms
meant to hold

i vow
to be
the shoulder
you need to cry

i vow
to be
the friend
you can rely

i vow
to be
the rock
you can lean

i vow
to be
the foundation
you can build

i pray
this day
we may
in honesty

in unity
a new song
in perfect

and with
a determined

i vow
to love you
a poem
Caitlin Aug 14
You call yourself an island boy
Though you've barely left the shore.
Still, I can see the resemblance
Because your eyes shine like stars on the water
And you're as steadfast as the cliffs
Buffeted by heaving tides.
Your arms are as warm as the summer sand
And I forget to breath when I watch you sleep
So I feel the peace of drowning
As I'm pulled into the depths of utter devotion
To you.
Happy eighth anniversery honey. I love you.
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