would what that be junior? senior? sophomore?

since this brother in law rarely emails,
     ye may scrunch countenance puzzled,
     or on verge of emitting flatulence,
     that if a ripper got let loose (by Jack),

     would possibly find ja propelled,
     thru Edgar Allan Poe's churchly
     sepulchral tintinnabulation
     (where for greater effect

     yukon envision imagistic ravenous bats
     in belfry resonating air,
or perhaps blasted back
     to the House of the rising sun),

     BUT...gnome hatter,
     no win tent may starkly appear
explaining inexplicable reasonable rhyme,
     why aye dash communique

    minus virtual trumpeting blare
(sorry, but in the interest
     of belated birthday cheer,
without computer generated imagery)

     rendered hoop fully readable,
     sans black and white Scottish matted pixels
constituting beloved appellation
     unsure how to address ye perfectly clear

while sitting atop padded office chair,
pondering as already writ,
     how to acknowledge thee, whither with dear...
meanwhile, this scribe experiences

     comfortably numb derriere,
now scrambling, resorting, and toying
     to fetch acceptable, catchy light hearted endear
mint, that seems tolerably acceptable

     (of course) with flair
acutely perceptive, though NOT overboard with glare
ring obeisance, NOR USE ALL CAPS
     TO SCREAM so ye kin hear  

soap hull ease excuse this incurable
     Harris scribe with thinning heir
yes...oye gevalt, infantile regression finds me
     burrowed in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania lair

still emotionally inchoate, though grown a mere
speck within the flotsam and jetsam near
to boyhood Collegeville abode NOT saved by a prayer
re: home companion bachelor Norwegian farmer

replaced instead by vinyl city
     all in the name of progress
which (once a pawn a time)
     open farmland did dis app pear

so...a gam bulling gambit
     to avoid moseying down Level Road...
may NOT seem queer
for insufferable sadness

     with eyes bursting with many a tear...
(gulp) tis best to veer
away from topic uh viz er rated razed homestead,
     and mainly wish ye another birth year!

adieu...from math tha hue
Star Stuff Apr 18
He was back from work
And I was excited than ever
I just hugged him and we kissed.

I couldn't tell him but
I loved him more than ever
We stood long with a hug.

He looked into my eyes
And he was beautiful than ever
He asked me "what was it?''.I smiled.

We were on bed with the lights off.
I took him over my chest
And I said ''Listen to it''.

He said he heard my heartbeat
And I asked, "Don't you hear double heartbeats?"
It was dark, I felt his tears on my chest.

The night stayed long
And we were happier than ever
We were now 'Three heartbeats!'
I look at you the same way people admire art;
your quirky ways captured both my eyes and my heart,
and still you are a masterpiece – beautiful and captivating,
and everything you say or do, I find most fascinating.
Richie Apr 5
From the very first day that we met, I knew you were the one for me. We were engaged for a very short period of time. We got married right at an instant just like a fast-paced bullet, a speedy train and in a most unprecedented way.

You were there all the time to hear me out, you were there to hear all the pains that I had in the past and made sure that these are just specks in life that can be fixed with you beside me.

We've made it through the years and fought to keep each other strong. We were able to overcome obstacles that only by God’s grace we have survived. God has given us the greatest gift in life and blessed us with 2-little angels. You allowed me to pick a name for them (Kirsten and Aamira).

Yes, I admit it was too difficult for me to utter these 3-magical words "I-LOVE-YOU". But God knows, every second of every minute never did I fail to show it to you in a manner that only you understood. As they say, "Actions speak louder than words".
Last year, 2016 had been a roller-coaster of emotion. And I thought, that would be the dreadest year that I would have. I even remembered you asking me to get back to the real me as you can't go on with LIFE without me. With a great 'hurrah', we were able to surpass this 'bump'.

Here's comes the new year, 2017 full of hopes, telling each other that this would be the greatest year that we "could" have in our marriage. I was even too ignorant to book a flight but been asking my friends to help me. But, these were all useless, worthless, pointless....

I didn't know that you were sick; it all happened so fast. Death has climbed in through our windows. My Dearest Darling. I am not as strong as I thought I was. Since you have been gone, I sit and cry all night long. But, I know you're in a better place. Though, I may no longer be able to see your face I know you're smiling down there, cheering on me and telling me that everything's okay.
No Goodbyes just ‘SEE YOU SOON’…
AnnaRae Apr 3
If I believed all I’ve been told
I’d think myself a whore.
For I kissed a woman
Just the night before.

If I believed all I’ve heard
I’d hate everything I am.
For with that very woman
I also kissed her man.

If I believed all I’ve been told
I’d want my heart to die.
But I have learned enough
To know people lie.

If I believed all I’ve heard
I’d know not the remedy
For my beaten mind and soul
Two kind hearts would give me.

There's sanity in watching you sleep at night
My anxiety sometimes doesn't let me
but watching and listening to you breath
  breath after breath
slow and soft and unconscious breathing
it's enough to melt everything else away for a while
  it's enough to make me sane again
I don't get to see it often
only when my house is closer to point A than yours
or I ask you to come keep me company
But I know soon point B will always be our apartment
We feel so lost right now
  trying to find a place to call home
But I believe we'll find it
It'll be overpriced and small
I don't know where we'll put all your shoes
  or all my camera equipment
I imagine our clothes will be packed in our suitcases forever
  because there won't be any closet space
We'll be too close to the freeway and the trucks will keep us up at night
and our upstairs neighbors will be breakdancers or something
  and they'll always be on the wrong timezone
but none of that will matter
as long as you hold me
and as long as every night
  I get to hear your breathing
I've searched my whole life
In the darkest crevices
At the tallest heights
In the most hidden of shadows
And under the heaviest rocks
But I can't seem to find you anywhere
And when they say you'll find the one
I begin to doubt them
They said that first love is forever — that it sticks with you for life and fuses itself into your very existence — for our memories are the strongest when we experience something for the first time.

I mean, who could forget the excitement of feeling butterflies all over in our stomach for the first time? Or the exhilaration of going on a first date? Or that feeling of electricity sparking on our skin when we first hold hands?

You see,
I'm one of the lucky ones.

I have the luxury of marrying my first love; the one that I've been patiently waiting for, for exactly 19 years of my life.

I have the luxury of recalling one name, and only one, that's embellished and rooted so deeply within my mind when I'm asked or think about love.

I have the luxury of having him as both my first love and my partner for life, and I'm glad for that.

I'm glad I could remember every detail of our journey pitch perfectly — every thing we've done, every moment we've shared, every hardship we've gone through, every challenge we've faced, every fight we've started, every apology we've initiated, every word we've exchanged, every song we've sung, every ode we've whispered, every undying love we've professed — no matter how little.

I'm glad that it's him.

Him — the only pair of hands I've ever hold, the only pair of lips I've ever kissed, the only pair of eyes I've ever looked at oh so deeply, the only person whose breath I've ever inhaled, the only crook of neck I've ever buried my face in, the only chest I've ever drowned myself in, the only human being I've ever allowed my body in its utmost vulnerable state to.

Him — my first, and only, in everything.

And truthfully, I'd be more than grateful to have the luxury of making him my last too.
February 23rd, 2018

On that day at 1:35 P.M. Alfin Kurnia Bagaskara and Detara Nabila Prastyphylia have officially been commended as husband and wife.

'Til death do us part.
It all happened when my husband grounded my son,
As punishment he disconnected the WIFI for a month,
Oops!I got pregnant.
My pregnancy made me super lazy,
I even got an award,
I sent my husband to collect it.
As my pregnancy proceeded,
My house became a clutter,
My husband called his mum to help,
Now, it is an army barrack,
Everything runs on schedule.
Being pregnant,I don't like watching T.V,
So I read an encyclopedia everyday,
My husband has put his set for sale,
His excuse,"You know everything."
I always look on the bright side of life,
Though I am with a fourth child,
I am very happy,
My husband has not as yet become a philosopher,
That means I am still a good wife.
Disconnecting  the WIFI led to many things
Ek Feb 24
It was 8:45 after my bathe
I dried my bod and put my favorite moisturizer
Looking at my reflection I’m feeling sexy
So I put red lipstick on and decided to wear my flesh color see-through lingerie

I went to distract my husband playing virtual game, PUBG specifically
He drew attention to me — his hand is caressing my face, you’re gorgeous he said
He then pressed his lips against mine and started talking...
Talking back to his playmates about what strategy are they going to use
So I went to bed to write this lol
It’s the funny reality of being married. It was his last game for the night so I decided to eat chocolate while waiting. Haha just love!
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