Your eyes swaddle me and keep me warm. They’re a warm ocean I dive into and when i emerge i’m saturated in your satisfying and nurturing love. Oh i love how your hugs make me feel protected from the apocalypse, as if God himself is the one and only thing that can rip me from your grasp. You’re warm soft fingers intertwined with mine remind me that i’m apart of something bigger than myself, bigger than this universe. I’m apart of your life and every time you speak my name a chill goes down my spine, lifts my body, and enhances all my senses so that I may feel, touch, taste, hear, and even smell the radiating adoration you have for me. Just to know that I’m something that crosses your mind is a privilege, a gift, and a blessing. I am so lucky. I don’t know why you share your animal crackers with me, but know that i will push you on the swing whenever your arm is broken. Know that whenever you get a cut i will always place a band aid on the bruise and kiss it to make it feel better. I will be your teddy bear and comfort you when the thoughts in your head get too much to handle. All because you shared your animal crackers. The animal crackers you’ll never get back, the ones you can never give to anyone else, the crackers that give you dangerous ownership of my heart but ownership you treat with respect. I’m a flower that you watered with your tears and you have full permission to pick me out of the ground at anytime but instead you choose to just watch me grow and admire my plump petals.

Our overwhelming love will last for eternity. All because you shared your animal crackers.

This is about love. Not a certain love in particular just love itself. The foundation and strength of it and what makes it what it is and so invigorating.

He stood in front of her nude,
He was in an extremely rude mood,
But she wasn't paying any attention
Because Jen was a bit of a prude.

When she finally noticed,
Jen started a miniature protest,
"James put on some clothes; at least cover up those" (she said pointing at his testicles).

James swayed his body side-to-side,
He felt he had nothing to hide,
He walked towards her (a masculine stride)...
Jen blushed and covered her eyes.

"James, it's not very funny
To come running towards me"
and Jen whisked off in a flurry (of anger).

James saw his reflection
and poked his midsection,
"Maybe she's right, if my stomach was tight
Jen might not have had an objection"

He sighs and puts a top on.

Ari Jan 4

I wonder why you never came
When I needed you.
I wondered why you never cared
When I  was broken.
I wondered why I’m wasnt enough
To make you happy.
I wondered why I loved you
And why you said you loved me  too


Ari Jan 1

I spent my first Christmas without you
Gently rocking in my lazy boy.
My childhood pup
Resting his weary body at my feet.

Not one mean word was said to me.
I never had the urge to cry.
It was just me and my old pal;
Best Christmas I’ve had in years.

You were but a passing thought
Like a lost wanderer
Passing through the Forrest’s
Of my ever growing mind.

Dear Ex-Husband..
Today is a whole new year.
I  am finally happy now.
I hope you are too.


Jackie Mead Dec 2017

I want to write a poem, pretty as can be
Using words to paint a picture for everyone to see
I would throw in words of beauty, strength, loyalty, faith, and respect
Add in Fun, adventurous too now the picture is beginning to look a lot like you.
On the canvas, I would draw my heart, wrap the words around it, tie it with a big red bow.
Hand you the package marked handle with care
Treat me gently sweetheart and you can take me anywhere

Max Alexander Dec 2017

At 9 pm,
When we go to bed,
I kiss him goodnight-
Won't go without it.

At 11 pm,
When he shifts next to me,
I wrap him tighter in my arms,
And smile when he hums.

At 1 am,
When he leaves for a drink,
I shift to use his pillow for the moments that he's gone,
And breathe him in.

At 3 am,
I press myself to his chest,
To hear his heart beat, his life,
Right there.

At 5 am,
He wonders why I get up,
Instead of letting him sneak out,
And I think,

Because I miss you,
I love you,
I want to see you,
Even at 5 am.

Because I'm scared you won't come back,
And our last kiss will have been last night at 9.

rachel huberty Dec 2017

what were you thinking as
you walked into that lake
with your pockets full of
rocks and a letter for your
husband on the kitchen table?
your mind ate you alive
and there was nothing
anyone could do to stop it
- how i wish i could have stopped it

based off of one of my heroes, virginia woolf.
YieShawn Scutt Nov 2017

I just want someone to
Love me
Look me in the eyes
See my pain
Hug me
I just want someone to
Hear me
Listen to my tears
Help me conquer all my fears
Don't conceal me
Tell me all the good and bad
Don't care if it makes me sad
Feel me
I just want someone to
Acknowledge me
Realize there's more than meets the eye
See I'm standing in disguise
Understand the analogies
I just want someone to
Pray with me
Help me strive for more
Open every hidden door
Save me
I just want someone to
Embrace me
Kiss me on my knicks and knacks
Call them pretty
Claim it's facts
Don't degrade me
I just want someone to
Lift some weight off my shoulders
My problems eat too many carbs
Sucking on emotional shards
Train my mental soldiers
I just want someone to
Memories my iris
My clothing's not important
Try not to be abhorrent
Don't care if I'm not stylish
I just want someone to
Ignite me
Pull me from my deepest dreams
these mazes are not what they seem
Excite me
I won't settle for less

Matthew Harlovic Nov 2017

a child becomes an early heir
when a husband hates himself.
she sits alone blinded by despair,
wishing it was someone else.

© Matthew Harlovic

David M Harry Nov 2017

I was around fifteen
when I first imagined
myself as your husband
and I distinctly remember
Laughing and tearing up,
just a little,
because I didn’t think it
was possible
for someone like you
to love someone like me.
I did not know how to love...
but there we were
genuinely happy
and in love,
adrift in the aether of
my teenage imagination,
your face was hidden from me.
I return the comfort
of that fantasy and
conjure scenes of our life together.
Spending time with you
comforts me and give me peace.
Wherever you are, please
know that I love you
and that I am looking for you.
Darling, you are literally my fantasy
and will not rest until
our love is our reality.    
I cannot wait to meet you.
Have a great day, Love.  
I can’t wait to hear about it!

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