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I reached here an hour ago.
I am waiting in the queue to reach the door.
I wished to see what had happened to me.
Requested to the angel; to watch my death.
I was startled to see my wife.
I never expected this, ever in my life.
Everyone had left my house.
I stared at my lonely spouse.
My funeral was greatly over.
I saw it from my new bower.
Suddenly she(alone)washed her face.
with a bottle of water, of ice.
She took her phone and made a call.
Slanting to the pillow near the wall.
She said,'' All that was a success'',
smiling; I realised my death was a process.
She poisoned me, in the bread.
A silent attack, poison all spread.
It was she a wise lass..
I'm the poor, innocent ***.
I was her best teacher,
She is my one and only traitor.
And that was her brave move.
I watched her so keenly
And she is cheating me cleanly.
Now she is with her secret lover
All the mystery is now over.
It was too late to understand her.
Time is out, to be judged
The images of her dodged.
I will not go to get her.
I almost forgot her
I'm no more a husband. Now
Her soul is sinking into new
True lovers, in this world are few.
An imagination.. Got inspired for a story written by my friend.
Door refers to the door for judgement in heaven.
(Alone) - The wife is alone in the room.
Dodged- the images that he was seeing was fading away
Red Brush Dec 7
Your tears, love, I'll trade you
For my smiles, if you permit.
I'll now and forever let you
Break my heart, if you keep it.
There were no lies In Helen, what saw Is to
what got, me the lucky
one who gained her
trust In doing so won
And "Oh how Helen loved with unbelievable passion true In every sense of the
word, to win her love was
truly special
So proud to have been her husband for those wonderful years, and to be the father of her child who she called her
Even though he's 20 years old but that's the wonderful thing about mothers their children never stop being their babies bless
Another tribute to beloved Helen wonder lady In every sense loved with an Incredible passion I won her love that made very proud and to father, Helen's child makes feel very honoured and privileged to have known her
Johnny walker Nov 24
Remembering the first time I started loving
Helen, the very first time
I laid eye's on her, to look upon her face and to feel
radiating warmth of her
love, eye's that could tell all with just glance, a voice
naughty but nice such a tease she could
But all done tastefully you'd be left with the feeling of just wanting more, but Helen's Incredible kindness to all
everybody loved
What you saw In her Is what you got, there were no lies to Helen, just a beautiful person to be and I had the privilege to be her husband and to have known such a wonderful lady the twenty years we
It was a privilege to be Helen husband she was an Incredible lady who loved by all unforgettable that she Is
Simra Sadaf Nov 23
every night, he comes home with a drunken rage
a new bruise entry on her 278th page
why does she suffer? she does not have to bear
but she is scared he will beat her with a chair

there is a picture on the nightstand
of them smiling and their bodies tanned
‘tis a happy memory that is now distant
unreal and alien, she questions its existence

against the wall last night, he smashed her face
her fate, her being, she wished to erase
there is a thin line between love and abuse
he crossed it, she endured it, both confused

entry number 340: it was a beautiful day
I brought him some tea and closed the door
hit him in the head with his crystal ashtray
holding his head he fell on the floor

I took the centrepiece, smashed it against his head
also smashed a bottle of brandy and stabbed his chest
his body trembled and I knew he was dead
a sigh of relief! now I can finally get some rest

the ashtray was a gift from me on our anniversary
your death is a gift to me despite all the adversity.
Donna Nov 12
Everyday my love
makes me laugh,  everyday I
thank my lucky stars
I love my Dean not a day passes where he don’t make me laugh xxxxxxxxx <3
Feeling very blessed xxxxxx
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