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The voices are killing me.
pleasant, but
they're incessant

They tell me He's
changed His walk,
the way He talks...

I tell myself I do not care
but I listen intently
filling my soul

       with despair.
It has been such a long time since I've written a poem let alone published one on here!
I wrote this real quick in class today. I was inspired by one of Rupi Kaur's poems.
Famani 6d
It would be nice If I were somebody's husband
to have a beautiful and strong woman of my own
to be home and already have someone who's waiting for me
to have a person who prepare food for me daily.

I don't need to remember her birthday ,
she will remind me
I don't need to show how much she means to me
she don't ask for it
I don't really need to give her attention
she'll never leave me.

Like an army that have been serve devotedly to a country
after a while I want to be a normal citizen
For once,  I want to receive love and affection
and not only offer it like I usually did.

But we're women
we always be there for our man no matter what
Despite his ignorant and ego we'll always stay by his side
because that's what we women do,
we love and care even though you've been cruel.
Because we love you. Always …
Terry Collett Sep 27
Funny how things
turn out that way,
he'd say, if he
in his dark mood
slapped you one
or blacked an eye
or broke a tooth.

Funny how things
turn out that way,
he'd say, if he
took your last
bank note or coin
for his ***** or smoke.

Funny how things
turn out that way,
he'd say, when baby
died in your ****
and you were broken up
and he secretly
glad or relieved.

Or when your mother died
and you had no one
left to tell( your father
having walked out when
you were a young girl.)

Or he'd say it when you
were diagnosed
with cancer
and the doctors
had no answer.

But when you stabbed him
in the back as he sat
at the breakfast table,
and he was lost for words,
you said, funny how things
turn out that way,
which that time
he didn't say.
MrsFootePoems Sep 22
You tell me you love me
And I want to believe
But how could this be
When everything I do to help you
Seems to punish me?
I'll never be good enough.
I've known this my whole life.
But I thought maybe at changed
The day you made me your wife.
But I'm still alone.
Sitting in an empty house
Waiting for you to come home.
Let's see what we shout about now.

Our love has been broken
And I want to mend it
But every time I try
We just both get defensive.
I'm at a loss
I really don't know what to do.
How can I show you my love
When you don't even want me to?
My heart hurts daily
And I dont share it anymore.
I see the light in your eyes die
As soon as you walk through the door.

If it's me that's stolen your shine
Please tell me
You are the brightest of all the stars
And no one deserves to take that.
Have I been trying too hard?
And I've just made it worse.
I dont want to watch our love fade
Or roll away in a hearse.
I need us to be us again,
For the sake of being in love.
But how do we do that
When we fight so hard to be unloved?
I'm going through a tough time, emotionally.
Outside Words Sep 21
On a gusty autumn night
Another husband was swept,
Somber under the porch light,
Abigail watched and wept.

No men were happy,
As they dealt with poor Abby –
Day in and day out,
So miserable and naggy.

Nine is such a tender age
For a father to leave his daughter,
In horror, Abby waved,
Her mind underwater.

Crimes of parents, what a shame
Those with good ones count your blessings,
Lest we forget little Abby’s pain
And teach our children similar lessons.
Noni Winters Sep 19
He does not see me.
He does not see the good in me.
He does not see my pain.
He does not see my sad or
see my happy.
I'm good to him.
I'm kind, even when he's cruel.
I see him.
I see his hurt, his struggles, his needs. And when I see, I serve.
He throws me away.
I stand before him, handing him my best, and he crumples it up, with disgust on his face and tells me it is not good enough.
I hang my head and turn away.
Then, he'll let just enough time pass, to tell me he loves me and needs me.  
I need to be needed, and no one else wants me.
So I stay, hurt, sad and alone.
I stay.
He needs me.
An excerpt from an email I sent

It's an unintentional poem
Terry Collett Sep 13
Close the door,
Netanya said,
keep other ears
from hearing,
and don't stand there
with a face like death.

I closed the door
with a gentle click
and stood behind her
at the dressing table.

What is it?

Who was she
who gave you
a lift home from work?

Just a girl
from soft furnishings.

She began
to apply lipstick
gazing at me
in the mirror.

Why you?

Why me what?

Why did she
give you a lift?

I sat on the bed behind
and watched her.

She said she was
going my way.

How does she
know your way?

She put down
her lipstick
and began to pluck
her brows.

Must have seen me
I guess.

What do you
do with her
in soft furnishings?

I watched her pluck
and saw how curved
her body was.

Nothing except walk
through it now and then.

Bet she has you
try out those beds.

She glanced at me
behind her on the bed.

Of course not
she's too busy for that.

She finished plucking.

Brush my hair for me.

I stood up
and she handed me
the brush and I began.

Bet she fancies you.

Her hair was brown
and fine.

She's pregnant.

She frowns.
Yours, is it?

I steady her head
and brush.

No if course not.

Bet you had her
after work.

She gazed at me
in the mirror
as I brushed.

the TV blared.

You know I wouldn't.

Do I?

I finished brushing
and handed her
the brush.

She said no more.

Just her look
and deadly hush.
anon Sep 13
as a young girl
I told my mother
I would never get married
and I stuck by that
for years

I got a boyfriend
but I knew
I was never
going to
marry him

but as time goes on
and I get older
and people around me
are getting married
and starting lives
I keep listening to love songs
and noticing
what I want
in a husband

and I am not one
to settle
or settle down
but I made a
google doc
devoted to songs
I want played at my wedding
even though
I've never wanted
a wedding

my loneliness keeps creeping
watching me
I've finally
succumbed to it
and I want
to make it go away

and for the first time
in my ever expanding
I want to stop being alone
and can't stop pondering
dream wedding

Inday Sep 11
If I were to write it would be about the women next door,
Or the child who sits alone in the school corridor.

If I were to write it would be about my dear friend
Whose secrets I know, whose heart knows no end.

If I were to write it would be about my mother
Her soft words of optimism, oh how I love her.

If I were to write it would be about my baby son.
As he grows, he will grow to learn the man he'll become.

I would write of my sister
Her brave face, her calm grace. In the dark she shines lighter.

I would write of my husband
The way we love and fight like a boat in a storm.
I wish he could keep me in his arms.

If I were to write I would write about heartbreak,
Because I know it too well and the sound that it makes.

If I were to write I would write about hope,
Because the boy left with nothing has to find ways to cope.

If I were to write It would be about goodbyes,
The walls people build, but you can see it in their eyes.

If I were to write, I'd try to write about what out loud I can't say.  

Even though I fear I won't put it into words properly.

I know life evolves but I stay still anyway,

And I'm scared  that my mind is eroding away.
Bexis Aug 30
Commitment to another so commonly thrown away.
For what? So you can still live like a college student.
Dedicated years of your life to one person.
Just to decide after making it official.
This wasn't what you wanted.

While one heart is broken and trying to move forward.
You party, dance, drink, take happy selfies.
No one knows what happened.
Just it did.
To someone who did their best to make you happy.

You turn around and throw it back.
You love the center stage.
I wonder if there will be regrets.
I sure do hope so.
When it's too late.
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