Pyrrha 6d
Is it better to have a father who judges you from the moment your eyes open to the moment they shut
Or not to have a father at all?

Is it better to have a husband who makes you out to be a villain to your children
Or to just get a divorce?

To me these questions are a thin line between anger, frustration, saddness, and a bright beautiful life
The answers are obvious
If only they were to everyone else

He walks in the door and carries a storm
For no reason other than he can
Every detail is wrong
Your every joy is his to rebuke
Every second he has something negative to say

Everything about you begins to feel wrong somewhere along the way
Until you no longer love what used to make you smile
Until you can no longer see yourself as you
Rather you see a complete mess of imperfection and expectations you can't meet

It's tiring to hear the fighting
Its sickening to hear the verbal abuse aimed at the children
Its sad when your children long to hear the words 'divorce'
It's repulsive to hear the derogatory words he says to the woman the ring on his finger claims he loves
And theres nothing you can do
Its just as haunting when its aimed toward you

They can't see you are trying your best
When you try harder its still not enough
They are too busy deciding where to place the blame
When you need motivation or inspiration the most
They let you down
They bring you down
You sink when you should float
And its heavy

You know what it is, but when does it end?
I have a very spiteful relationship with my stepfather, I've never thought of writing a poem about it until today.
Cyndi Marie Jul 14
You ask me who you are
and I am left speechless
Because words will never describe
The you that I see.

You are someone who asks questions
You boldly go where no man has gone
You are a person who stands up for the right
But keep an open mind about what that may be.

You love with all your heart
but you still keep it guarded
You have a laugh that fills a room
Because it is boisterous and beautiful.

You feel deeply and stronger
than anyone I have ever known
Yet you still have the ability
to help others when they need you.

You are human
but the most extraordinary.
You don't pretend or strive to be perfect.
You are you.

And though you have not accepted it yet:

You are beautiful
You are wonderful
You have a soul that glows brighter than the sun
You are hilarious
You are loving
You are kind
You are smart
You are selfless
You are beyond loved

But the thing above everything else that you won't let yourself see...

                                     YOU ARE IMPORTANT
Some people need the reminder. Especially that person I love more than anything.
Tyler Soth Jul 13
your voice
fills empty spaces
these spaces
belong to me
they echo
filling up
every room
i am whole
I had put on weight,
I enjoyed life
I  was optimist
I was my children's  number one,
My husband had not left me,
Though my beauty was receding,
Didn't have time for beauty parlours.
I decided to sum up myself in the mirror.
Looked at my curves,
None at all,
Looked at my face,
Slight traces of beauty left,
Needed a face lift,
Smile still sexy and beautiful,
Hair, high time I went to a good hairstylist.
I turned this way and that way,
I was no more stylish,
I was fading,
Tears welled up in my eyes,
I heard a chorus from behind me,
My three children and husband
gathered around me for a family hug,
We love you as you are,
Nothing More Nothing Less.
I love your hands
So beautiful
So strong
The way your fingers dance
upon the fretboard
as you play a song
The tenderness in your fingers
as they caress my cheek
something you always do
before drifting off to sleep
The warmth
of your hand
as I take yours in mine
As we stroll through the bush
birds singing
the weather fine
How gentle they are
As you hold
our grandbaby in your arms
full of love
and always so calm
Playing the guitar
made your hands strong
I love their beautiful shape
your loving fingers long
Never was into hands until I met my husband
Aa Harvey Jun 20
Mr. and Mrs. Misery

Mrs. Misery, I’m hating this.
Mr. Misery, I’m faking it.
Mrs. Misery, for the sake of the kids,
Can we just not put an end to this?

Mrs. Misery, you’re just like me; admit it.
Can we just end our misery and escape from this pit?
Just for the sake of a little bliss,
Can we not just put an end to this world of misery?

Tear the baby from the Devil’s grip,
Save yourself before you get used to it.
You don’t want to live your life like this,
Wallowing alone in your own self-pity.

Speak the truth to someone else
And you will begin to see.
They are not all bad, it is true;
They are just a little crazy.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Geanna Jun 20
You're the love of my life, my good luck charm, my one and only, hopefully my future husband.
You can never understand how I feel about you, about us.
I never want us to end. You hold a very special place in my heart.

                            Forever and always, my lover
~ G.P.O
an other
Dirk Salimus May 29
You're unbelievably gorgeous and perfect the way you are
How charming that each eyes of yours remind me of stars
That is inevitably captivating and I keep on querulous
That after all those years,I was so oblivious

Naive that there is such a wonderful creation like you
I should've searched for you back then, than doing ado's
You are so perfect and yet we are made for each other
Making me the happiest man alive,The most grateful lover

It's funny how things started unexpectedly,
You and me are bonded by God rigorously
Slew of prayers and mourns is what it tooks for me to find you,and for you to find me
And with that being said,You are mine and I am yours and forever that'll be

You are perfect for me.
Kim Essary May 24
I will stand by your side because I always want you to stand by mine. I will try my best to consider your feelings in hope you consider mine.  I will choose my words carefully if we disagree and hope you choose yours just as careful when speaking to me. Each memory of us I will hold in my heart, and hope you cherish them the same. I will be loyal, honest and love you with every breath that I take. As I Pray you do also in every decision you make  You are My Soul  Mate. My Love My Very Best Friend,  MY HUSBAND TO BE,  til death do we part, forever You and me!
I love you with all that I have
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