What I thought I saw yesterday,
Is not who I am, the man of today.
The sun came and
Shined a pathway to heavens gates.
It would indeed be a blessing to
Touch God's beautifully crafted key,
And feel
The presence of the Lord's grace
Calling on me,
Guiding me,
Inspiring me,
To become A Man Of Change.
Lately I've been feeling like I'm going in the wrong direction by the decisions and thw consequences that follow after. I pray that lord keeps me on the right track and keeps me from evil. I want to be what god shapes me to be. I believe he is shaping me to be an inspiration to change.
Thomas EG 22h
How could one yearn so badly
Yet not strive for said desire ?

My purchases are less of a luxury
But more of a dependency

And my heart is set on a necessity
So, as much as I will cry in wait,

I will need assistance in motivation
Please help me save (for) myself
We all need help sometimes
I sing to you my words;
I dance for you my feelings;
I painted you in my world—-
You make life worth living.
‘Don’t marry the nightmare while you sleep with your dreams
Just a thought
Life might be too hard on us, as we always think. We always complain for the things we have to face and overcome, for the dissatisfaction and the things we can't always have. But, I guess it's just trying to teach us something important. I've just realize that the easier things to achieve the complicated our life might be. You see, if we will never learn how to push ourselves, to get out of our comfort zone, to make sacrifice, to believe and have faith or to do something we thought we can't but we did, we will never learn the value of something. It might be the value of someone to us, the value of their efforts, the things they do to get wherever they are right now, the importance of time we have while we're living or simply the value of life.

We will never learn how to be stronger, to be wiser. We might never have the chance of meeting the better version of us if everything was easy. And most importantly, if everything will be easy for us to get then everything will also be easy to be taken away from us. Life wants us to grow and learn every single time it throws us challenges or opportunity rather. An opportunity to extend ourselves and learn  or think more out of the box.

Be brave, be kind and always look forward to the good things. We never lose. If you made it, it will be an achievement and if you fail, consider it as a lesson that you have learned along the process. Sometimes we just need to learn things in a hard way, we will never fully understand the ways of life. But whatever it is, it's always about the choice that we make today that will lead us to where we will be tomorrow.

The most important lesson that I have learned is "The best part of learning is not when we are being taught, instead it is when we start to discover"

And wow, just like that, look how growth finally say hi to me.
I want to be this MAN called
Motivation !
Lace up my shoe strings filled, with inspiration.
Adversity is crushed on by the soles beneath my feet
This man has a strong voice,
One that makes the ears bleed !
One lesson from his story,
Will give power and confidence.
He was guided by the lost, humble to the found
I want this man
To go the full 12 rounds
They said this man shoes were too big.
Keep on walking motivation !
It shall be filled.
Look up to the crowd
And you will be surprised how many eyes will follow.
This man you say ?
Will be a step closer,
If you focus on a better tommorow.

Some of the best smiles happen at the most random moment.
Coming quick, fast.
Out of the blue.
Our lips burst and expose this wonderful happening.
Motivation to take the next step of all we carry.
The things we keep hidden.
It often comes effortless, a sort of spoken word expressed only by face.
A sensual proverb foretold by kings and queens.
Humble by nature.
The clouds pass without strife.
Forever inspired by what sets their soul a blaze in the remedy of patience.
Inherited by the same spontaneous moment we smile.
The sun isn't always dictated with an upward look.
Sometimes it just happens to be where you are.
At the part of your lips.
Unconditionally given
Abhishek Dey Aug 6
The moment we take birth, hands come and take us into their arm with great love and affection.

It is the hands of our parents.
AS Aug 6
I've found one of the greatest joys
In life,
Is finding ourselves and pursuing
Opportunities that seemed IMPOSSIBLE

The aftermath and the struggle in
These revelations stings and throws
Life temporarily through utter

But isn't that how true growth

This is how we learn to conquer,
Creating a future safety to enthuse
Your whole with resilience and

The mindset to question
Even most importantly OURSELVES.

A path which sets us on a course to
With a lifetime of satisfaction.

© 2018

Abigail Sheard
More of a long winded statement, than a poem.
Rick Adams Aug 6
thirty years, it has been
thirty years of pain
thirty years of wondering
thirty years of questioning
thirty years of not knowing
thirty years of crap
just plain old crap
the same crap
and over
and over
and over

thirty years

thirty years
of feeling
I don't
belong here
belong there
belong anywhere

I'm smart, I've been told
I'm nerdy, I've been told
I have goals, I've been told
I know what I want in life, I've been told

those things I've been told
as if they are bad things
negative things
the wrong things

as if to say
"no, no, no,
you're not cool
unless you're a
lazy unmotivated

that's not me
never was me
never will be me

so to those
who told me
those things,
the hell
with them

their attitude
stinks worse
than a beer fart
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