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Get up
Stand up
Don't give up the fight
Happiness is your right
Don't let your thoughts run you down
Persevere and receive the crown
Inspired by Bob Marley's song get up stand up.
I don’t want to be a, “Good Person”
Or rather,
Not if you have to tell me,
I’d rather die,
Then hear someone tell me I’m nice,
You’re so nice,
You’re a good guy,
Gratefully with twinges of gluttonous ego I accept,
In spite of myself,
Perhaps I’ve been groomed to act,
Act nice to be complimented,
Act as a good artisan to appease all.

Humans never cease to appall me,
With ways to be unwarrantedly wareful,
And secretly subconsciously submergent,
So I remain watchful of myself.
just like a seed,
i will continue to grow
tears will educate me
and sunshine-like people
will motivate me
to be a better person
i am today.
lol random
Maya 5d
if it appears that
my poems lack conviction,
it's because they do.

my words: white noise on
a radio brain, and i
can't change the station.
Roland 5d
It’s quite a common practice as many can testify
To be compared to our fellow no one can ever deny
Passed from one another either subconsciously or intentionally
It ought to bring out the best that a person is expected to be
They say it’s the driving force and it’s only for a good motive
And against every other person we have to be competitive
But what of the side effects of the act that are usually overlooked?
Within one’s self doubts, anxieties, and negativity end up getting hooked
Some overcome it although the inner scars will always show
And to others, it even takes a longer time to recover from its blow
Making ones light dim by the one who should be beholding
As hard as the butterfly that can’t even see the beauty of its wings
Being led to success is said to justify the act itself
But what of those who fall short and end up in oblivion's shelf?
With uncertainty eating away their own self worth
Indeed, it would seem miraculous if their confidence gets a rebirth
Tis not to say that the act no longer has any good to offer
It just needs to be aimed at something else to be seen clearer
No one else but to who or what someone was in their past
An almost surefire way to make the appreciation of it last
Realizing that one’s past shelf should be that which we must rise against
The right fuel in which the fire of betterment should be incensed
Remembering that like the sun and the moon shine according to their time
Refusing to yield to certain pressures isn’t always a crime
For each one there will always be that appointed moment
Which one sees their visions fulfilled like an act of bestowment
It may not be at the point on which it’s expected
The coming will always end up as something commemorated
Such thought is a reminder of the ever present good intention
When one finally knows how to best use comparison as motivation.
Put down your podcasts, pause all your shows
You've gained all the info you can from the pros
While Oprah is smart, and Jordan is wise
The words that they share are but words, not the prize
You can't be successful, or all that you dream
If you can't overlook all opinions mainstream
Some people will curse you, while others cast doubt
To be all you can be, you've got to crank out
Ignore all the fluff, get down to the work
Rise above all the slime and the dark muddy murk
First set the intention and just go from there
Your mind is a blessing with thoughts rather rare
To be all you can be, there is no more try
The doers will do and the others will sigh
You're destined for more, now this much I know
Just put in the time and you'll reap what you sow
I took a picture of myself
And when I looked into my eyes
All I saw was just a letter
I couldn't capitalize on my strengths,
Pushed so far I stopped
And under scored
But a point is still a point
So I picked myself back up,
Corrected my mistakes,
And continued running
Because that's how sentences are for me.
Thought about eye and I then this happened
Marsha 7d
your beauty
all kingdoms

and you'll have
entire world
at your feet
Believe me when I say you are beautiful.
Trust me when I say you are.
Believe me when I say the entire world will be at your feet.
Trust me when I say they will.
these days I'm not worried
about writing poetry all the time
and the happy result is
that life sings at me in rhyme
S Rose Oct 15
people see your skill

   and name it Talent

      in reality,

         Talent walked you to the door

            knocked twice,

               then disappeared

                  and you were left with Grit.
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