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YOU'RE not only who has problems here,
RISE above your grief.....
Look up,
SKY have SCARS too!!!!
Turns colourfull, Burns his BLUE ......
coffeegirl Apr 27
I Run in place of those who can't.
I Run in spite of those who won't.

I Live in place of those who can't.
I Live in spite of those who won't.

I Thrive in place of those who can't.
I Thrive in spite of those who won't.

I Run.
My mantra this month. Live your life to the fullest because some weren't given the opportunity, and some won't take it.
If you're right, write
Even if you're wrong, write
If you're free, write
Even if you're  busy, find time to write

Write cos it's your right
Write cos you need no rite to write
Write cos you have the ability to write
And that's enough to begin to write

Write when it's boring
Write when it's interesting
Write when it's indescribable
So in any situation, just write

Write the past
Write the future
Write the real
Write your imagination

What you write will remind you
What you write may inspire you

So I write...
Just write
Wrote this for a poet friend who waits for the right moment to write a piece though having a lot of beautiful ideas but a little number of pieces.
I say, just write any idea that comes to mind as far as it hurts no one or is criminal. At times, by that moment you call the "right time" comes, you may even forget what you wish to write about.
Daivik Apr 14
हमेशा हार थोरे ही सकते हो
कभी तोह जीतोगे ही।
Daivik Apr 14
मै नावक हु इस कश्ती का
जीवन जिसका नाम हैं
मै पालक हु इस धरती का
यही मेरा प्रधान हैं
गायक हु उस गीत का
जो तम में लाता प्रकाश हैं ।

में न रुकूँगा
न झुकूंगा
न ठहरूंगा
में लहरूँगा
चलते रहूंगा जब तक
सामने कोई राह हैं।
सामने कोई राह हैं।
m lang Mar 16
you can’t be stagnant
when there’s an ocean
outside your door.
Leaves fell
amidst snow's descent
Leaves grew
under sun's ascent
Times changed
and memories faded
Times changed
and I grew jaded

I was always concerned
am I left behind
will I yet grow more
is the deadline due
when will she get here
I am so **** late
I am so fed up
there's so much on my plate

I blew a fuse
my bell was rung
my clock ran out
there loads the gun
but before I go
I ask of time
what is your name
what have I done?

A gentle touch
an eve of peace
a staircase looms
a wreath of fleece
adorns me now
I make a vow
to see what waits
'pon yonder bow
it held my hand
and took me hence
to arid peak
to distant land
and there I saw them
low and weary
stooping dreary

I said can't they see!
They need but wait
for their sorrows will end
by time it will be sate
and satan's hold
his clutch will loose
they shall be free
like airborne goose
but I saw myself then
like roast on the table
Thanksgiving dinner
feast for the sinner
of course they're broken
of course they don't know
because time waits for no man
man waits for time...

Another journey
to far-flung ages
where machines roam free
and lords are sages
people commune
in a peace distilled
from forgotten wars
from absence of pills
I saw them congregate
like ants in a colony
working in unison
for each other's grace
and there was a feeling
like waking from dreaming
how timeless it all was
where peace was manifest

But just like that
I was pulled from the panacea
from the vision of victory
from the dawn of destiny
a saw pain as prophecy
I saw pleasure as peasantry
I saw passion as poetry
I saw power as illusion
I saw my struggles as choice
I saw my misery as vice
I saw my vices as voices
voting down my ambitions
undermining my plans
I then strove for strength
I then fought for freedom
I then stood for salvation
I found the purpose I'd always run from
and it was then
that I heard the voice of time

It said you are my name
and you shall wait no longer
for you wait for no man
you are man no more
you are an agent of change
and the future is yours!
I'll just leave it there.
Felt some peace from that write.
I hope you all felt it, too.


Limem Ali Mar 25

I'm the sun,
I'm the light
that lives in and within
and stretch every corner
I step in
and let it shine

I'm the wind
I'm the sound of the whistle,
that crosses the universe space
and brings on the beautiful melodies
anyone would ever listen or hear

I'm the rain
I'm the rainbow with all its chords
that drops to color everybody's life
with joy and gladness

I'm the clear blue sky
I'm the calm deep ocean
that sends everyone over
with only and just only
high positive vibes
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