The Dream,
The relenting call,
Here I,

I want to believe those fleeting dreams,
To move on and be,

I am beguiled by the seas of everything I wanted to be,
Adrift on the forever of it all.

Writing the lines forming before me, ultimately trapped in time,
A relentless mind running blind in the wilds of what I will never become.

Yet I am young.

I follow the beating drums of a different tune,
A strange mind,
Waltz to the curious muze.

~Robert van Lingen
Every sunset narrates a story
About the day that passed by beautifully or had some worry

As the sun decides to set
The sky above just rets
To look like beautiful pallete with a mix of all hues
A little bit of pink,  white,  orange, yellow and blue.

The radiant beauty which cannot be looked upon at noon
Soothes your eyes now just like a festoon

The dim golden light drives all the species to their nest
Making them a little tired and urging to take rest
So that they are ready for the next day,
To fulfill the duties that comes their way.

Always smile at this orange beauty when it is disappearing from the sky,
Coz it indicates that you my friend survived another day without a wry!!

~Taniya Mishra
You're always growing and getting strong
But you need to let it out if something's going wrong
Don't be rooted down by problems
The Montreal Prize, of course
Or instead the Griffin's (only slightly smaller) purse
Mayhap a new verse form could bear my moniker
Or have Andrew Motion become my chronicler

Coin a word or phrase for Websters or the O.E.D
Become the (still yet unknown) British Laureate Nominee
Impossibly, from beyond the grave a couplet of praise from Heaney
Improbably, ten thousand likes & loves & Suns on Hello Poetry

My journey of a thousand poems is each single word I lay
Seeking just a little nudge ... with Poem of the Day?
I tattoo my thoughts to paper
Hoping that someday somebody will read a line that will change there mind
Help them grow and add new direction to there life
But sadly all my poems aren't joyful and happy
In ten years time I want to look back
And realise I survived the times I thought were darkest
I just want People to realise there not alone  
it's more common than you know
And Evey hurdle is there to be conquered
Just take the time and analyse
In the deepest breaths you'll find a way around
Not written, but discovered––
words are hiding in your heart.
Hear your own eternity
as soon you provoke love’s song.

Forget past contact with the pen.
Listen to experience.
Involuntary melancholy
need no longer choke your voice.

Life takes your breath and gives it back:
inspiration means “breathe in!”
A heart like yours can hold the world,
waiting at your fingertips.
Having a million
Stories to tell
But lacking the
Proper words

Having a
Brilliant vision
But unable to
Paint it

Wanting nothing
More than to create
But the motivation
Is absent

But we try
And we try
When you have nothing left.

It is imminent that you create your own peace of mind with every direction.
Take some time out and evaluate.
Make peace with the things which we control, and the things we cannot.
In time it replenishes the pieces of ourselves that we constantly give without putting back which we give Placing ourselves as priority over any given situation.
It's not so much the appearance of how these things work.
But the inner workings.
There's much strength there.
In finding the key to abundance
“Why does she write poetry?”
“She must be in love...”
“I wonder who she’s writing about.”

My words are more
than mindless infatuation,
though they lend themselves
to this tendency.
For instance, I wrote this
in less that 5 minutes,
because “love” isn’t the only
motivation to my poetry.
Don’t underestimate
the intention of my inspiration.

The poem speaks for itself, or, at least I hope it does.....
Amanda 6d
You are the reason I keep moving forward
Even when life won't let me rest
Each step I take brings me closer
To the day we both are not as stressed
I wish the forces of the universe would just give me a break every once in awhile.
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