I'm scared to sleep
because in my dreams,
we will still be together,
I'll not want to wake up
and you wanted me to

You're free to claim what life's giving you is meager
but we all know life ain't all the cause nigger
Like the dying chain smoker cursing the cigar
yet it's obvious the bullet ain't to blame but the hand behind that trigger
you can cry foul, call her a bitch and gold digger
like at the touch of treasure in her Allan's wicker your pickle didn't grow bigger
like you didn't play in dirt with barefoot, loathe the jigger...
you can wait for answers or go seek out for them with vigor
You may keep on chasing shadow instead of figure
Growing up to the adults maybe we could've been less eager
if we only knew there was bitter to that sugar...
we had big dreams, I wanted to be an Author, she'd marry Bieber
she settled for a lad who loves her less than he loves liquor
she was sweet, but to his tongue the better was the bitter
and his thirst grew rocketing him to gallons from litre
and well, the apart twixt me and my dream is canyoning quicker
We was all reaching for the stars with glitter
we all wanted to be saints than sinners like Peter
but then you know life's turns at a complex angle theta
You don't always get to your dreams or maybe you do if you ain't no quitter...
So keep shooting for the stars even when left with a single bullet
chase after paper till you can fill beyond your wallet...
and when you buy the shoe remember all you once had was a slipper
so that you can even go harder, and be a lifetime seeker...
and when you land on the moon you didn't fail, be strong
you just found the destination whence you belong...

Consumed by hunger, creed to my philosophical mind feed
and by greed of finding more words you may never read
I stared straight at the sun and my eyes hurt
when I noticed it doesn't hurt with my eyes shut
and whatever still aches is 'cause am looking back
at the wounded mark rather than the new doors of luck...
With eyes shut the heat was doing my icy spirits unfreeze
I listened to the serenity of the of the breeze amidst trees,
they said sometimes lads move on but on their knees
and it's what the shards gotta do as it's all there's
that as long as I walk there'll always be a road to follow
and as long as I despair my soul will often be hollow...
so am gonna find another to hitch on my ride rather than go solo
I'll drink to quench the fires of my delusion
I'll make a path through which to move on of this confusion
even if it was a perilously deep first incision
and albeit it took so long to make this decision
to finally cope with the fact that we're totally through
and to find happiness in a world void of you
rather than hurt myself and others along trying to find another you
am glad I bled this long,it proves every word I said was true...
I hope you know whilst you promised to be there till your very last breath
I never promised but my affection's bound to outlive my death...
All the same, I'd still wait for you but I've run out of years
I was willing to cry forever, but I run out of tears
yet as well learned that I can be Superman to another Lois
and the only distance there's between melancholy and Joy's just a choice...
So I've made this choice, to laugh louder than I ever cried
to tend to all the bruises I have inside
to make a presence of your absence and to live as much as I died...

Be anticipative and breathe every day!
Believe in an enhanced tomorrow and pray.

Please be not a grumpy, thoughtless fool!
With its unwise judgment, a senseless ghoul.

Be a wise who has touched the peak of knowledge
Explore and love; be not in a painful cage!

Love, for it is the sweetest gift we can provide.
Guide the similar people who have cried.

Smile for it’s the most beautiful view.
Like a sunshine shining upon morning dew.

Don’t discard the precious flow of time!
By hatred or envy for they are heinous crime.

Believe me you are not the only.
So please end considering yourself lonely!

We are here to support you,
Trust me, I know it’s true…

you say that it never rains,
but when it does, it pours.
you say you're too far from the drain,
so you let it flood and drown you
until you cannot breathe anymore.

but i am here to remind you
that you know how to swim;
it's only just a matter
of the way you use your limbs.
you can flail them around
in hopes that someone will save you,
or you can tread the water,
get yourself off the ground,
and come to your own rescue.

and though you claim
that the monsters left you broken,
i'm telling you not to be intimidated
because whatever you saw in the ocean
are monsters you created.

you have the power to part the sea,
but for now we'll build a boat and work towards recovery.
i promise you, it's a guarantee,
that someday you and i will be free.

Rohan Nath May 14

Stay holding on to the mountain cliff!
For deep down below all you will find is grief.
You have come too far above touching the sky
Imagine about all you have tolerated to come this high.
You may cry and you possibly will suffer.
But retreat is not your word, for you are a cliffhanger.

An accomplishment never comes too easy.
It’s long twisted road full of obstacles and too messy.
Let your hands sore; Let your legs be numb.
But do not be all gloomy then succumb.
Believe yourself and you can accomplish wonders.
Prove yourself mighty, for you are a cliffhanger.

You will initiate your journey as an unknown.
People will mock at you and you will be thrown.
Don’t listen to them and continue your journey
For there will be a time when you will have glee.
Life will show you the best and worst it can offer.  
Pull yourself up and reach the peak, for you are a cliffhanger.

Chances are priceless
missed takes are limitless
avoidance is countless
Like stop reading this and count less Opportunities you missed due to being scared of mistakes
more lines in this poetry than the ones you seen on a glass table
finger nails full of cocaine
brain seduced to love highs and avoid lows
running from life's heavy blows
took chances now drown in your consequence
white face, black lips, short tips, long dreams soon to be nightmares
mistakes will never know their true potential if you never make them
chances are hidden in mistakes so go ahead and embrace them
opportunities are golden but you are comfortable with rubies
scared to mess up so you look down and never face up
sleeping with nightmares afraid to wake up

Xavier Quinn May 10

They say that "You're your own worst critic."
In that case, I have it out for myself.

I say this because whenever I create something, whether it be poetry or fiction
I find every f̶l̶a̶w̶
Every e̶r̶r̶o̶r̶
Every m̶i̶s̶t̶a̶k̶e̶
Every word
And point it out
Showing myself the absolute m̶e̶a̶n̶i̶n̶g̶  nothingness they convey
Reminding myself that

All my work is a̶c̶c̶e̶p̶t̶a̶b̶l̶e̶  terrible
I a̶m̶ ̶a̶ ̶w̶r̶i̶t̶e̶r̶  am not good
I should c̶r̶e̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶  give up

And with that
The familiar feeling of doubt continues to crawl under my skin and through my head
Whispering sweet nothings into my ear as I type
As I look at the screen,
As I look at what I have accomplished:

I l̶o̶v̶e̶  hate it

I leave it be
Unfinished and hated
For d̶a̶y̶s̶
Months at a time
Until I come back
Remembering the words
Remembering the hatred

Mr. Hemingway had once said “You shouldn’t write if you can’t write.”
Brilliant man.
Brilliant writer.

People seem to enjoy my words and my writing
So the question arises:
"What if I can write, but am convinced that I can't?"
Should I still give up?
Should I force myself to write, as I am now
Hating every w̶o̶r̶d̶  flaw?
What should I do if the only force that stops me from writing freely
is my own self hatred?

The only option to combat this doubt
is to convince myself that I am g̶o̶o̶d̶


My own d̶e̶p̶r̶e̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶  worst critic.
Damn you for being right.

For those who are familiar with "Writers Block" and/or depression, perhaps you can relate with me when it comes to creativity.
Thank you for taking the time to read my piece. It means the sea to me.
Have hope, and take care, my friend.

Ultimately, I want to prove my younger self was right to dream big
to swim in phantasmal fantasies of wines albeit the absence of a single fig
to think of driving the wall Street whilst barely floating the dusty street...
that he was right to build castles in this cyclo charged air,
and in the end I wanna be proud of the foundations I put up...
working tirelessly to meet those castles, never giving up.
I want to look back with pride of never ceasing to dare...
I just want to eagerly peer back at my perspiration
and tell not sad tales but those of great inspiration
of not only the shaky bridges there were, the hails and storms
but of how I withered, of how bare I walked roads with thorns.
I want to congratulate me for dreaming without sleep...
in the end, for climbing on and on, no matter how steep...
the cliffs of life proved to be, I want to look back and smile
at the millions of good deeds,
as part of great memories I sowed midst perilous weeds
in the end, I don't want to have so many regrets
I want my name written in the stars along the twinkling greats
in the end I want to be remembered for walking the extra mile
it's easy to be that lad the universe easily forgot
when the tsunami wave blew along as soon as death
sighed and took in a gluttonous deep breath
it's hard to be the greatest of all time, the GOAT
but I'd rather be proud of myself for trying and failing
in the end, rather than even failing to try
ultimately, I'd rather bear scars of attempting a fly in the high
than surrendering to life in the pits of low...
it didn't matter how long it took, fast or slow
I just want to be proud of me for going against the flow
whether small or as wide as a container lorry
no worries, I just need some story of my glory...
"He didn't shine so bright though",
I want them to say in the end, "but few will forget his glow"...
that's why I work my fingers to the bone
to move my city from my town and turn my dusk to a dawn...
In the end, this life goes so fast so snappy
but as I out grow this world, I wanna look back and be happy.

Build wings today and the next you'll be flying
for today's suffocation's tomorrow's sighing
and such is life, you either get rich or die trying
get busy living or get busy dying...

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