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Let me be your motivation
As we jump into this sea of persuasion
Swim together freely in a deeper exploration
Let this be our secret, a spontaneous vacation
I feel a spark when you touch me, what is this weird sensation?
“Falling in love” seems appropriate, can we celebrate this occasion?
Let’s get carried away and fly with our imaginations
Hoping that they will lead us to secret destinations
Baby, can these moments alone be our salvation?
As we become enthralled with each other’s inclinations?
Kiss me quick, make it last, my lips are ravished with anticipation
Take my hand and follow me so we can have endless conversations
This is probably one of my favorite things I've written so far! I haven't written a rhyming poem in a while, so it felt good to go back to my beginnings.

All feedback, CC and comments are welcomed
Unwittingly I let you fall
and hid you in a verse,
and now I'm still searching for you
throughout the universe.
i have never believed in ***,
the bible is a series of stanzas,
which i could never translate into meaning.

it is poetry which never made my spine tremble,
usually i can feel when words piece together the fragments of my heart,
like tectonic plates making love underneath the earth's sheets.

and if it doesn't remind me that my body is not just an instrument for respiration,
it is not poetry to me.

if it does not remind me of the first time someone made a church out of my lips,
or the last time someone threw rocks at the stained glass windows of my soul.

if it does not replicate the sensation of falling to my death,
and then being resurrected
as the feeling of adrenaline baptizes my body.

i don't want to hear it.
somehow the prophets have only reminded me of the home where my childhood is buried in the backyard.
a breeding space for loneliness.

i have always wished on stars,
and prayed to the moon,
because at least for eight hours of the day,  i can see them.

at least i know they're actually there,
my life has been a series of conversations with walls,
i've been on hold for twenty years.

this life has showed me enough of building walls,
and how to make graveyards
and abandoned buildings out of my own bones.

i've spent enough time sipping wine,
and breaking apart my insides,
and somehow still making it look like a celebration,
isn't that what people do at church anyway?

instead i construct stanzas out of my pain,
i architect the universe into a church because
rain and holy water taste the same to me,
except the rain does not taste like my ex-lovers lies burning the back of my throat.

i refuse to let more strangers into my life,
just to remind me that my voice has never been loud enough,
that a scream is just a sound when no one is listening.

what kind of *** sacrifices his own son,
my father sacrificed his daughter's sanity for the bottle,
and there isn't a scripture
that can make that story hurt any less.

there isn't a *** that can precipitate the salt from my wounds,
but the moon is a streetlight in a darkened alleyway,
it is a lighthouse in a turbulent sea of sorrow.

so yes i worship the stars.
because all these years they still remind me that,
there is beauty in burning,
that i do not have to wait around to be saved,

and the moon is the only *** i will ever need because
it reminds me that i have already saved myself,
every day.
Truckaduk Dec 8
Touch my body
Writing’s my feel
Take a good look
Close, and then seal

I just want
To not ***** up
Give me a pen
Achievements, yep

Touch my soul
Writing feels good
Pen and paper
Nothing else could

People say
I should get a life
Writing is it
No need for a wife

Writing this poem
Anytime that I want
I can do this
All day or all night

Touch my heart
Writing is sharp
Sharper than a knife
Man, words cut hard

Actions speak
Louder than words
But if you write a letter
Those actions are words

Touch my life
Writing you have
I feel good
Ay, thanks for that

I was down
But now I’m up
I feel like I could smile
****, I’ma take a trip

Find a pet or
I don’t know
Just as long as I’m writing
My life will grow

Touch my body
Writing’s my feel
Take a good look
Close, and then seal
Enzo Dec 7
keep up the soul,
drown down your doubts,
fill it with happy thoughts.
and with your spirit,
there won't be a retreat
so dream on dreamer!

keep writing, keep scribbling,
with no tears left to cry
ideas and words will never be dry,

dear writer,
you still have phrases to do
language to know,
an art to make,
a love to define,
a struggle to narrate,
and a story to live

dictate the stars, own the future
with pen in hand, take us to new lands
motivating all writers
Rohit Goyal Dec 6
If it kills you, it kills you. Something someday definitely will. But until it does, until it gets so hard that breathing in and out seems impossible, that the thought of waking up keeps you from sleeping at night, that the thought of not being able to sleep another night gets so heavy that you'd rather drown yourself than try to swim across the **** ocean that everyone else is swimming in, maybe a little closer to the shore, maybe a little further to the other side, you better live and make sure that it's worth the death that you've been dreading for so long!
MarvelMe Dec 4
Stay strong and carry on
Hopefully your life is long

Some days might be bright
Others will be filled with blight
Just don't give up the fight

No one great had no sacrifice
I know you can do great this life

You're amazing and I'm glad I know you
Just don't let the world get you blue
Push and you'll always make it through
motivation to keep going!
What happens
Take it with grace

You are born strong
Strong enough to stand
Strong enough to move
Strong enough to shine

What matters is
A mindset
Burn your passion
Flex your mind
Flex your dreams
Having done this
A day is not too far
You will,
Stand, more stable
Move, farther
Shine, brighter

Make it happen
Nothing stops
Genre: Inspirational
Allan Mzyece Dec 4
Do not let your story conclude without you achieving your wildest dreams!
many people are unhappy because they did not put their goals first!
You have to set high standards for yourself in life!
you only get one chance to do it!
and one mistake can have your plan ruinned!
stop sleeping it's time to work your magic!
Don’t you give up, don’t you give in
Don’t you lose faith, you’re due for a win
No matter the struggle, no matter the fail
Continue to be Great & you shall prevail
The Beginning & End is all in his hands
the trouble along the way, you may not understand
Every day won’t be great, every day won’t be bad
pick yourself up, dust yourself off, & get in your bag
Don’t be overwhelmed by hurt, don’t be let down by pain
learn from your hardships & let it motivate your reign
Your star will shine, your struggle will progress, you will have your time
with ***’s grace, you’ll reach the finish line

-Poetic Venom
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