rejection is redirection
This three words make everything sense to me.
Sye 1d
I’m going to lend you my shoulder,
to let your head lean on my shoulder,
let those thoughts that burden you fade away for a second.

I’m going to lend you my back,
to let you share all the burdens that you’ve been carrying this whole time.

I’m going to lend you my fingers,
to let your fingers interlock with mine as I say,
“Everything will be okay. I am so proud of you, you did a good job as always.”

I’m going to lend you my thighs,
to let your head lie on them as my fingers run through your hair,
let you sleep for a little while after you let out your deep and long sigh.

If you ever feel like you want to give up,
remember that I'll always be here,
reminding you that everything will always be fine.
I say again –
Fear has a vital function.
Without it our ancestors would have been eaten
By lions or sabre-toothed tigers.
We need it so survive
A terror attack
Or any physical threat.

Yet in modern days even mild anxiety
Has little use:
Filling us with Cortisol and Stress.
We are like rabbits in headlights,
Paralysed with worry
Over those exams and other tasks.

We must not Fear or fret.
As Frank Herbert said in “Dune”
We have to face our fears
And let them pass over and through.
For only we will remain.
We must stay Mindful
Of the here and now
And let the future take care of itself.

So I will not do Fear
Of any kind
Unless that thug or terrorist appears
And even then
I will try my best
To keep my cool.

Be clinical
Rather than angry
For Anger is the cousin of Fear
And only any use
When you rationally decide
To attack.

In short
Do not Do Fear
Or Anger
Unless you really have to.

Paul Butters

© PB 18\6\2018.
Never Fear.
A poem a day is all I need,
To blog with friends is an inspirational leave.
I am uplifted physically as I read
uuup, and breath
A poem a day, brings my nights to life,
illuminating the vacant space in the darkest nights
a sweet escape from the life I lead
Please grant me access, so I may proceed.

A poem a day is all I need!
First live poem, I hope you can vibe with it!
Mikko 4d
A man wakes up get up and get dressed

To go outside is what this man had in mind

To see all the beauty this world come around

To pursue a dream to see all beauty in this world

But then he wakes up realizing it was all a dream
He cant get up stand up and get dressed
Because he already saw what the world is
It's cruel violent forgetful and full of greed
No motivation to move around
No motivation to go outside
He does not care about himself anymore
He cried inside
For he thinks there's no hope anymore

Because to get up stand up and get dressed
Is the most difficult thing to do
It's about a guy who wants to make a difference about himself but ends up that he cant do it alone
T 4d
From days down low, to days up high.
To days where you just want to die.
Just remember, that you'll survive.

Time is an illusion, often causing confusion.
Your personality, you might consider an abnormality.
Just remember, everyone's living the same reality.

Everyone is in the same race.
Yet we pretend we're different, just to save face.
We place importance upon others discordance.
Others are a bonus, don't let them be your source of lowness.

Surrounded yourself, with those that thrive.
Distance yourself, with those that deprive.
Love yourself, the rest will follow.
That's the key to not feeling hollow.

We all have scars, just read anyone's memoirs.  
We can't change the past, so don't let it last.
Go forth with steadfast, and forget the past.
Use it as a lesson which will always last.

I believe, in that which you may not be able to conceive.
Just give it time.
Trust me, you'll be fine.
from the maze of lybrinth I rise..
from the graves of darkness I rise..
from the abyss called failure I rise...

Oh life you push me back and back
gift me heartbreak after heartbreak,
shatter every dream and hope
push me back to the brink of despair
But it aint curtains yet,
from clutches of despair I rise...

Life kicked me in the gut,
knocked me down to ground,
World wrote me off,
sang the goodbye song..
But surprise motherf**ker!!!
I aint staying down...

From the ground I will always rise..

O phoenix !
O my precious phoenix...
From the ashes of your own flesh you rise..

Torch me down haters...
Strip me of every hope
From the ashes of my own
Like you I will still rise...
I had been a captive of my own thoughts
A loser of the fights I once fought
Yet,I'm a survivor of yesterday
And that's a reason to remain grateful everyday.
This is a motivation for y'all feel hopeless and anxious. Always remember that you are a conqueror of yesterday and Every breath is a gift,Every heartbeat is a present and Each pulpitation is a daily reminder to keep on fighting.
Give me a reason.

One poem a day; that is my goal.
I must write something each night or day and show you my soul.
My collection of written words will never be whole,
For it is constantly expanding, as I continue to grow old.

I hope I am worthy of doing this well,
For my poetry is my love and I have many stories to tell.
I will speak of fantasy worlds I dream up inside my mind
And speak the truth whenever necessary, to make the words rhyme.

If you like what I write, then give me some encouragement;
If you have apathy to my poetry,
Then seek another to give your mind its nourishment.
If you take offence at something I have written,
Then I apologise.  That is not what I meant,
To do; all I wanted was to show you how I feel,
About that particular subject and now my vessel is spent.

Each poem is unique and should be judged by its own content,
Not compared to another and held up in judgment.
I shall forever write poetry,
For I shall forever seek and gain enlightenment.

I am love, I am fallen,
I am many faces of many men.
I am man, I am woman,
I am myself and many others.
I am right, I am wrong,
I am the son of my mother.
I could end up becoming your lover,
But I shall never proclaim to be anything more than I am; my reader.

You are a part of my life now; you have peered into my mind
And I do hope you have had a nice time reading my lines.
I must find a way of getting my mind and body to conspire;
So I set myself goals to strive for, to keep me inspired.

I motivate myself to continue to write,
By wishing to improve all the time and searching for that next line.
It’s hidden in my mind somewhere,
I just have to find it.
My next goal is to write my thousandth poem
And I have my eye on it.

This will feed me the fuel I need to write another poem
And to each of you I shall continue showing,
How I feel at the moment the poem is created.
My thoughts shall forever evolve,
But my lust for writing shall never be sated.
Only seventy five to go now to reach my next goal.
One poem at a time, I am getting closer to satisfying my ego.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I have a
10 thousand words
Rambling inside
my nerves
I don’t know
They are
a blessing
Or a curse
I know I am
not a poet
Or a writer
But I have
packed my bags
And I’m
ready to face
The universe
You can come
with me
Or we shall
Rather disperse
For, I am going
to pour
Out my emotions
Be it for good
Or for worse.
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