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David J May 11
I keep a dream in my shoe…
Its tucked in-between my sock
So when I’m feeling blue
And rain begins to talk

I reach down in
And dreams begin to flock
Forgetting where I’ve been
Just means the next steps always new
Writing for the sake of writing. Found a fun idea and built on it. Might come back to it :)
David J Apr 30
Now I close my eyes
While a twilight veil floods over me
I fall through my surroundings
Thinking of where I want to be

Casting, scenes, and wardrobe
I must be entertained
Something new, bright, and upside down
I don't want them tamed

Why dream if its not dreamy
So thats just what I’ll do
When wandering through rooms of thought
Theres always something new
Zywa Mar 30
I'm dreaming my life

in a parallel world, it's --

a roller-coaster.
In response to Esther Gerritsen's lack of critical imagination in describing the mental rollercoaster in her novel "Gebied 19" ("Area 19", part of the visual cortex in the brain, 2023, Esther Gerritsen), with a reference from me to the story "De achtbaan" ("The roller-coaster", 1953, Belcampo)

Collection "Held/True"
Kenshō Mar 10
Peering down from a terrestial heap,
contemplating the debate at the seams,
exposing dim lights and the ones asleep.

I sat awake, in solitude, lost like a sheep.
Per(re?)ceiving all the secrets in ones dreams;
beneath the veil, and the ones that we keep.

What the bars in ones mind are made of are cheap:
confining and containing what one can gleam
from the empty gaps and the mental leaps.

I hope those objects and night-lights help you sleep;
Plato's shadowy projections move with moonbeams,
the brimful moon ebbing causes the shadows to creep.

The farside is bare, in twilight;
the mind becomes a maverick:
turning fireflies to winking sprights.

Can you regard all that I see
when you dream with eyes-closed?
And In your dream do people speak in poem or prose?

Are you transmitting dimensions of three
or are you given your dreams?

Do you wonder who contains those moments
and where they are received?

If heaven is dreaming nigh
I wonder what we would be

If God sent a message
what might be the presage;
And what might be the conveyance?

When you're dreaming Angels touch the ground,
revealing all that is bound.
~dancing with the beyond~
And (angels) evaporate in the dawn, or atleast seeming..

Let your eyes unlock~
Quick! The Gates are sealing
Run to recapture all that they've been stealing:
From all those who wish to lower your cieling.


A gypsy is whistling who's been up all night.
The dreams of many slip into hidden spaces:
Closets and under the bed; spirits dissipate.

As morning's light eminates
What do you see?
sorry for any errrors. enjoy
I dream of you /
As I slumber /
Knowing that sequestration /
Is not the eternal fate of this starry-eyed vagrant. /

I believe, in the power of love, /
I know that faith is my redeemer; /
Therefore, I beseech the aethers, /
That you will one day be by my side. /

In the light of love, we are made intemerate, /
We are, like a baptistery, washed clean, /
Anointed in this hallowed elixir /
I do not relinquish my hope. /

(—Se’ lah)
Zywa Oct 2023
On the peak I dream

of La Vie Parisienne --

in Tijuana.
"Desolation Angels" (1965, Jack Kerouac), chapter 1-1-25 (Jack Kerouac spends two months in de lookout shack on Desolation Peak, near Ross Lake in Washington)

Collection "MistI"
Nabi Sep 2023
Falling sound asleep
Your fingers tickle me
I look at you with glassy eyes
You look at me with fire

Soft murmurs carry me
Up into the clouds
And so myself starts to wonder—
Could this really be love?
playing mine by the 1975 while i watch you doze off into your dreams
irinia Aug 2023
the sea fills me up till there is no more space for dying
thoughts turn themselves into a boundless edge
the wind tells me there is only wonder
seashells have forgotten the stories of the depth
my hands want  to rediscover their dreaming
wild birds try the geometry of the sky
and whispers they become
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