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The luxury of the imagination is the
dream without boundaries.

I am the keeper of time
The universe is my domain

Flying through time
is simply a thought manifested

You're mine again
You're here in my arms

I have total control
No broken hearts

Smiles and laughter abound
I can feel you again

Touch you again
Your spirit fills the room

Trying hard to hang on
Reality is the battle I'm fighting

If I let go, you're gone
If I hang on, I'm gone
Through a tunnel I walk.
Stumbling upon the demons I stalk.
Straining to understand their words.
Yet afraid of what their message may hold.
The walls and path are all ablur.
As further along I do blunder.
Stumbling and falling,
To rise once more.
Searching for a magical door.
To release me from this caliginous gambit.
Then the goblins and trepidation omit,
To deliver me anew to the suns bright glare.
And release me once more from the captivity of despair
irinia May 4
when the silence of leaves comes to me
I dream of continents of clouds, yes, don't be surprised
I dream for Grandma too, she never saw them
not today, not tomorrow, but sometimes, who knows,
when my hands would be continents for you
I'll lend you my skin just for a moment,
just long enough to feel it lift me up and I'll
jump off it like on a trampoline back into
my own burrow - the salty, marine wonder of
blinking thoughts without orbit

poetry, this dear wasting like an unheard music,
the dissolving mint of dreaming
in Nichita's horses' mane
all day long god seems to be combing
the clouds that overflow in cascade,
always ruffled, like the shadows of thoughts
Nichita refferes to Nichita Stanescu, a Romanian poet, one of my favorites
leolewin Apr 14
Looking into your eyes,
I see the stars shine.

Looking into your eyes,
Eases my tainted mind.

Looking into your eyes,
I see the love you have for mine.

Your eyes are looking into mine,
I’m loosing track of time.

These moments feel like forever,
I only wish they would be.

The notion that one day you won’t be gazing into my eyes, makes these moments all the more special.

Life moves fast. Enjoy the small moments. Nothing in this world, is made to last.

Ill be looking into your eyes, I hope that sight will be my very last.
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Dereaux Apr 12
I dreamt a poem in my sleep
with words so tantalizing deep
visions so vividly true they hurt
A masterpiece, a work of art.

In my dream, I saw a world
where love and peace seem unfurled
where people smiled and danced in glee
and life was sweet as it could be.

Words flowed like a gentle stream
every line was like a dream
the joy I felt I'd never known
as if I'd found a place called home.

But then I woke and found it gone
magic vanished with the dawn
the words, the visions, all were lost
leaving me to count the cost.

Yet still I dream, hope, and pray
that in future I'll find a way
to capture all that beauty bright
and bring it to the world's delight.

Dreams are seeds that we sow
and watch as they begin to grow
into a poem, which from the start
tries to touch a humans heart.
Zywa Mar 26
My perspective between the rusty leaves
is a dream house on the edge of the forest
picked up on the way, in the fall

Rich colours in the sun caress
the wooden skin flakes
of Mother Earth

and I am passing by
just a moment
a guest
For Jan Keijzer, after a picture he made

Collection "Ifless"
lua Mar 21
at midnight, i dreamt
that i became one with the earth
that my skin grew roots
buried myself deep into the soil
mingling with the wriggling of the worms
that each time i would breathe,
sprouts of my favourite flowers would bloom
emerging from the ground in thousands
of where i am buried

at midnight, i dreamt
that i became one with the sea
swimming into the depths with the whales
dragging myself across the seafloor
kicking up sand
that my bones became coral,
my hair swaying with the anemones
my eyes lighting up in bioluminescence
like bright blue stars in an empty galaxy of water

at midnight, i dreamt
that i became one with space
crumbling into stardust and space debris,
i would orbit the moon like saturn's rings
and fling myself across the milky way
becoming one with the stars,
just as i was
many, many years ago.
TPS Mar 9
drunk off nostalgia
warm, tanned skin
always hungry, ready to sin

smoke in our lungs
passion all over your tongue
all dressed up, the taste of ***

queen of spades, frozen lemonade
sad eyes and feeling strange
you say we got it made in the shade

nothing is ever as it seems
not you, not me
was it all a dream?

angry fists I no longer miss
not your grip, not your kiss
just drunk off nostalgia
hard not to reminisce
Gabrielle Feb 2
There are cats in all my dreams,
And I don't know why

Cause I don’t dream of tuna
Or mice or flies

They sit on windows,
Waltz through halls

Stare from the ground when I fly
Nudge my knees when I’m naked at the ball

Watch as I drown in honey
Paw at the bugs crawling up my arms

Sit on my lap as the plane goes down
Chirp along to the fire alarms

Do cats run out of dreams when they sleep?
And so wander into other people’s?

Is that why, when I wake up,
My cat always kisses my temples
rayma Jan 28
i dont want to sleep.
i want to keep chasing stardust on lips i'll never taste,
reaching for jupiter when she shines so brightly in the sky,
reminding me of all that could've been—
could still be.
never was.

god, these sleepless hours,
the way the stories chase themselves around my head,
louder than dreams too fleeting.

there's a silence here, in the night,
when everything is still.
a promise that everything could be okay.
could be.

and then the dawn puts stardust to bed,
and i'm left chasing something
i never even got a taste of.
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