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Sleep takes me;
a gentle creature, but insistent, tugging at my hand until I have no choice
but to retreat to the earth
and rest.
But you,
you are a creature of air,
of light and shadow
and the rushing wind,
and you only follow in my dreams.
The whole world is on fire and I can only think about you. My mind re-wired to forget what my worst desires have brought me into.

The attraction of strangers eye"s should make me feel un-comfortable but instead it soothed. Somehow they all disappear and I am only looking at you.

I never dreamed I would dream of you. Black and white ambience encloses like a fogg around the room.

One moment I am miles away and the very next moment I am right next to you. I have so much to say but I then remember I will never see you again, so what good would that do?

If I knew what love was darling, I wouldn't have hurt you. If I knew what forever was, I would still be with you. Only foolish people hate the truth. But this isn't about me, this is about you.

Dreamers dream what reality couldn't do. Weavers weave a stranded connection between the two. Believers believe that somehow they can carry on living like they do.

I know that I cannot and I am lost without you. My hearts desire is to reach you across the chaos and somehow convince you.

I was listening to; Wicked Game by: Chris Issak.
While writing this poem.
Your voice settles on my skin;
words like drops of liquid light
that I try to grasp in the dark
before they slip away,
evaporating like dew in the dawn.
My floating state of mind
As skipping stones and
Making notes

Wandering about,
Keeping this boat afloat

I wish to have company,
For I have been stranded for far too long

Accompany me please,
Let's light this ocean of dust

Reminiscing of waves that were,
The tides of love that made us burn

For together we danced
In a state of trance

Under this sky filled Ash,
And we merged together,
Our love into amber.

You mustn't wander too far
You're the only thing keeping this boat together

For my heavy heart, it seems
Will only sink it deeper

But you will leave if you may,
These dreams of mine can only pray

Of an ending,
That leaves this heart depending,
On more.
but not there
At night,
when I close my eyes,
The Dream Workers come.

And in the morning,
when I open them,
The Dream Workers leave.

But one day,
they never left.
The end might not make sense unless you really think about the title.
I saw you,
daydreaming yourself into a world
that is kinder than the one we live in.
Good for you,
that kind of peace
is hard to find.
Zywa 6d
Love is a tree full
of hearts in love
to live in

and to sing together there
to sing together forever
even if it is not yet so

and you are in bed, lazy
... spun in yourself
... being who you are

and to be or not to be
... happy together
... is no question

because you are warm
and the world is turning
with the tree full of hearts

and there is no one
who can stop that
Collection "Take a picture, quick"
Umi 7d
The sky is so blue, yet so very sorrowful,
Here in my prison, these thoughts just won't fade,
Exiled from a holy world into a lonesome, somber lunacy,
This painful day, the dream of a better, hopeful tomorrow,
Are truly the light of my fading consciousness in this ****,
So I went to count the days till judgement deems me pure again, until I may become whole once more from these broken shards of the past,
Budding sprouts begin to bloom quietly, as the timeless seasons rush by and vanish into the bittersweet remembrance of ones memories,
"Stay, even if you're weak, dear conscious" I wispered to myself as then my tired eyes got distracted for a brief moment,
Time already had come to an inevitable halt, so at least my pocketwatch told me after letting out one last, delicate ticking sound,
With that, the phantoms of my past had laid down to rest, as the coming dawn greeted me by displaying the fading stars of the sky,
This is truly a repeated tale I endure in this pitiful isolation,
But if my painful past were to be erased, the last brilliance of my life would be deemed lost, for the darkest moments truly are a gift from above, helping us to determine moments of joy, bliss and purest love,
So I hope that one day, this body of mine will swift into prayers, hopefully in the beauty of an unclouded light, filled with moonlight,
Maybe then, I can finally move on, leave this lunacy far behind me,
Deep inside these puzzled eyes give me courage,
Despite being sealed away I shall discard everything and challenge this unmerciful fate of mine,
Then I can reach that sky, where my ideals are displayed,
Surely freedom awaits the border of consciousness, at least I hope,
Love blooms on the waters surface, filled with countless tears
And with this newfound freedom I can withdraw myself in this wonderful, pure holy world I waited for so long!
Despite it being distant a fantasy,
I dream of a hopeful tomorrow,
Here, in my exile.

~ Umi
This didn't look remotely this long when I wrote it on paper first, sorry
The figures in my dreams must be angels,
Speaking in words I can’t hear when awake,
That beauty surrounding me is angels,
Their silent love beyond what I can make.

There’s no love like being loved by angels,
Whose embrace is welcomed by resting hearts,
My most intimate dreams are of angels,
Their love is timeless without ends or starts.

Feelings I feel in dreams come from angels,
Who kiss me with lips that form perfect smiles,
Releasing my soul to dance with angels,
In romantic step down flowered aisles.

I dream to dream once again of angels,
With mystic fingers soft as nothing’s touch,
To once again lie down with the angels,
And dream of angels who love me so much.
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