Renee 2d

You and I are different now,
The ties are not the same.
The elevator's awkward now.
You never say my name.
You promised we'd go back to
How we were before the fact;
It isn't so. I should've known
That there's no going back.

Megan May 8

The First: A ceremony,
a mayday dance with paper flowers and smiles all round,
we love the island, we love the island,
we love everything that’s new to us.
You and I in the field-dance of my dreams.

The Second: A house of mirrors,
someone I know sat at a table as I stand on glass;
glass everywhere – glass, glass, and me
in my bare feet
dancing around the shards.
Something stabs my leg, and I do not hate it.
I hate myself.

The Third: A ship,
A Titanic from my nightmares.
Not sinking, but not sailing;
not waving, but not drowning
and me, watching it go,
me, the drowning,
me, the drowned.
I don’t remember this one too well,
I don’t remember what’s real anymore.

The Fourth: An acknowledgement,
“these are all dreams”
I dream an acknowledgement of the chaos I call familiarity.
I am dreaming my dreams –
aren’t I mad? How mad am I? How many levels of self-deception can I exist on?

The Fifth: A death I can’t quite remember,
somebody kissed the soil of this island goodbye,
somebody knelt in the dust and the ashes of the paper flowers
(when did we burn them, you and I?)
somebody left, and it was not me.

The Sixth: An end,
waking up from a coma to an insufferable hospital bed,
the shattering of a dream within a dream
a reality I created coming cascading down from the night sky;
and you, the snowfall,
you, the cold shooting stars,
you, the glance into the night sky; the beg for it to swallow me whole.
You, the one who swallows me whole.

You are the crying at work,
you are the strawberry flavoured water,
you are the angel in my dream-nightmares.

And when everything melts away,
as the dreams sink with the ship, and the flowers burn, and the glass shatters,
you are there, always there, solid in a field of cold shooting stars.

You are the only thing I wake up to.

Mostly based on some dreams I've had in the past few weeks.
Renee 6d

I cannot be any clearer

I cannot launch myself any harder
in your direction

I cannot spend another night wondering if you are
thinking of me
or her

While I’m over here
   feeling every lovely feeling for you
   full of beautiful words for you
   wanting you in a way I have never wanted another human being

I have to wonder if you’re even sleeping alone

Aaron LA Lux May 11

Stuck to the clean screen,
like a little feign queen,
in this collective dream being,
sending smoke signals through green screens,

“What are you doing?”,

well to make a long story short I’m dreaming...

From The HH Trilogy Vol. 2;

available worldwide:

What I Feel May 10

The night is swiftly drawing near.  
Within my heart a stroke of fear.
What world awaits me when I sleep?
What gorgeous terrors my mind keeps
From me until I close my eyes
And leave the waking world behind!

In dreams a false reality:
What gives me strength to let me fly
Past crescent moons, through airy lakes,
And watch the heav’nly light rays break
Through clouds of cotton soaring high
Above the fields of warm July?

This realm I pray to never leave;
It’s absence I so sorely grieve
When, more and more, I seem to find
The inner fabric of my mind
Distorting into something base:
My dreams now seem to wear your face.

For no amount of light can ease
The pain from dreams that will not cease.
In sleep, or wakening, I know
Your Devil’s face will always show,
For like a sunset in the East,
You’re like a never-dying Beast.

MU May 8

Writing poetry
Happening now when sleeping
Dreaming while dreaming

Next to the really sharp dreams, I've also started to write poems while dreaming. If poetry is dreaming but when you are awake, then doing poetry while dreaming is a dream inside a dream, but a nice one.

i remember going to a museum
which was also the end of a movie.
it was eleven floors tall, blue outside,
windows placed throughout swirling hallways

i don’t remember most of the floors,
but at the top there were animals;
we began observing little birds at first,
who seemed to be out of their cages

(all of the animals were out of their cages)

written 2.12.2016
13 May 5

Let’s not even get to the heart of the matter.
Let’s dabble on the fringes of this childlike fascination.
That overgrown ball of imagination, the undisputed love and wonder,
The fear and reverence, the visual squalor.
Infinite eyes, Infinite lies.
Brushed aside for the sake of absolutely nothing.
Meticulous strokes across an endless canvas—
Ripples of beauty in the mind’s eye.
Wish that it lasts forever.
Wish that you never die.

Posted on April 26, 2015
Joan Huggins May 4

There you found her
A child asleep among the stars
No one can touch her
No one can hear her moving parts
Her beaten heart

Here you have her
She cracks open dreaming eyes
Stars fall around her
Her ears awake to distant cries
Her heart's demise

And there you'll leave her
A now sentient, helpless being
No one to feed her
No one to sing her into the deep
Go back to sleep

Go back to sleep.

These were originally written to music as song lyrics but I never really finished the song, so I felt they were more fitting this way :)
MU Apr 23

In my mind,
I am sadly crumbled on the floor
And then you come
Bringing me comfort

In my mind,
I’m deeply lost in a dark wood
Then you appear
Pointing directions

In my mind,
I’m drowning unconsciously in a pond
And then you jump in
Saving my life

In my mind,
Am having bad fevers with dreams
That you are gone
And then you wake me up

In my mind,
I’m writing you difficult poems
But then you smile
And make it easy.

In my mind,
I’m not sure what I exactly should say
And you just nod

In my mind,
My heart is gasping desperately for love
Your deepest sigh...
Full of compassion…

In my mind,
No calmness, comfort, and no thoughts
Only the fact
That I am lost…
                                            ...without you.

Wishful thinking and realisations
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