Kelli 5h

You stopped saying goodnight,
so I stopped sleeping.

You stopped saying sweet dreams,
so I stopped dreaming.

And I don't know why
But over and over
I've watched this show

Yet over and over
I never get tired of it

I know the jokes

I know when they're coming

But that doesn't stop me
From loving every minute

And call me crazy
But I almost wish
I could be like that


Acting like I'm so close
To everyone around

Acting like I always know
Exactly what to say

Acting like the bad
Gets better before the end
Of a thirty minute show

And I really want you
To see that I
Am thinking
About how

If I
Could only

Like them

I could act
Like we were more
Than what we are

And I could act
That when I've had a bad day
I don't need a hug
To tell me it's okay

But I can't promise that to myself

Because I think I can act
I've always wanted to act

I want to be an actress

I want people
To remember my name

I want to be
That actress
That little girls
And even boys

And they want to be




But I know
That I can't brush everything aside
To make room for a mirage
That everyone sees
But me

I know
That's all I am
When I act

A mirage
That I can't see

But there is still
That spark
That burns through the night
That tells me to act
To smile
And laugh
Like everything is peachy

So I wave
I smile
I grin a lot
And beg myself to act

And even though
I want to know
If I can make it or not
I'll never

No never

Let my dream rot
I'll never

No never

Act like everything
Is A-okay
Because it's not


And I'm rambling
I just want to tell you
At this hour of night
You were on my mind
And I missed you

So when the couple onscreen
Made up
And kissed
And hugged
And cheered

I just wished that was us

And in my rambling mind
I acted like
It really was us
Because that's how much
I want you
Even more
Than I want
To care for myself

Because I'm secondary

A sad girl
Who looks at a screen
And dreams of tomorrow

Hoping I can be
And we can be
And I won't need



Constantly watching the birds
They seem so care-free
I wanna lose my mind too
Every morning whistling in the trees

I wanna become one of them
Every day fly on the air wawes
There are things pulling me down
I'm trying to loose these heavy chains

I’m dreaming
Of going into space
Explore the vast cosmos
And all its darkness

Going from place to place
Visiting faraway galaxies
Distant lands of wonder
And exploding supernovas

I’m dreaming
Of going into space
Together with my friend
And all her darkness

Going from place to place
Giving light to the endless shadows
Helping with one’s problems
And stopping the anxiety

Healing her mind

Beneath a darkened sun,
A man stands on a hilltop looking for his dream,
His heart wondering, where she is?

All his life he stood under a rainy sky,
Looking for her,
In every dream, he sings,

My princess, my queen,
I love you.
Where are you?

Under a brighter blue sky,
A man kneels in a field of daisies,
Holding a white rose and silver ring,

Singing to his queen,
You are more beautiful than anything,

I love you,
Will you take this ring and marry me?

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

[MV] 4MEN _ Propose Song

i want to mount you
and i know on so many levels
that it's wrong

but you make time slow its ticking

every time i catch a glimpse of your smile
and my bones start quivering
beneath my muscles

every time i remove my skin,
i'm terrified

and as i tremble softly
between my knees
i feel a loss of control
and the thoughts get tangled
into so many knots
i don't even know where one end

i gently remove bits
of layers
of my skin

only showing you a little sliver
as i try to hide my grin

i am much too ashamed
and unhappy
to share the parts of me
i am most afraid of

MP Martinez Sep 1

she stared at the blank canvas
unknown what to do
what she got on her hands
was a brush soaked in blue
blue, the epitome of tranquility and calmness
but for her it’s all about solitude and sadness

she keeps on staring until she sigh
and with a single stroke
she started painting a blue brook
a blue cloudless sky
a jar filled with blue dye
a blue forget-me-not
and a blue knitted hat

all were beautiful yet so sad
what she painted was her dreams
coated in sorrowful hue
like how her heart do so

she keeps on painting
a blue shining marble
a blue painted ball
and a large blueberry field
that’s all she did

everything blue that she knew
in the world, she all drew
her brush keeps moving
until her white walls filled with her paintings
of her dreams in the shade of blue

I'm just feeling blue right now...
joey Aug 31

silence on a Tuesday morning warm  black  tea with a hint of honey
chatter from the tv I sit
down to relax just enjoy my time alone
my favorite show is on
some is knocking on the door
I walk up open the door I hearing this sweet sounding voice
I must be dreaming no one so
sweet speaks to me i usally sit in sweet silence if this keeps on going
if I see you again take me out to
dinner some time
you could be my sweet pea
I hope I see you sometime soon
the next morning i get out of bed start my day something so sweet can't be
true after all i love
to live alone

Nashoba Aug 25

Red lighting so brilliant against the black sky. White lighting dance before my eyes.
Explosive in the storm waiting to break this warmth. Bringing fear to many, while captivating more.
Reminds me of reminiscent times as a young care free child waiting for the storms. The smell of the ionized air, the smells of the desert alive as lightning

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