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I was on a journey to the kitchen.
Then I heard,
my falling In a pool of water.
Red scratches all over.
Hand trying to touch the scratches
But didn’t seem to locate it.
Water from my eye
Almost filling up a cup of tea
But can’t be drank
Even by someone who can drink
The fullest of a tank
Body swinging
To continue medicating
But red scratches still all over
And pain felt everywhere
That seemed like reality
Just then,
The morning sun
Gave me a slap
Making me realize that
It was all a dream.
She dreams of a world
With cotton candy swirls
For skies
Bubble gum beaches
And hellos
Without the goodbyes
Eva 5d
I've been searching
for what seems to be nothing.

I've been dreaming
for what seems to be unrealistic

I've been waiting
for who seems to be missing.
dycarus May 22
she was his cloud
& he was her world
she was
perfect, yet
he was once
in her arms
"i'm dreaming"
he said

Never more clear to me, than when the  rusted gate,
swung open  did I see the  great fullness, in the value
of choice  to suffer oneself into a place of substance--
forces pulling at me, unfelt.. realms crossed over into,

When she opened up her heart to me..
all Hell, broke loose

and I cant help, but wonder  if I was dreaming
Sleep tight my love
for tomorrow is a new day
Sleep tight my love
wrapped in this willow's grave

Cry not my darling
we are finally safe
Cry not my darling
tomorrow today will be erased

Look and see
Look and see
Gold as tangible
as the breeze

Look and see
Look and see
sleeping, dreaming
by the sea

Danger lurks in every corner
safe and sound you are in bed
snoozing 'neath the Willow Tree
rest your tiny head
good night, good morning, good afternoon
LightToBurn May 7
Robed-guest, I've turned in
Hide daylight's discern to prank
Pixilated eyes
a senryu
I am a white speck in a sea of black
A nail that hasn't been ******* in
A young woman that seems to lack
The gravity to stay on the ground.

Here I am standing, bathing in light
With a microphone close to my lips
The piano plays softly tonight
My only guide at this moment.

I close my eyes and wait for my cue
Soft twinkles from the piano
Electrifies the dark room
I feel the pulling of heartstrings.

A second later, I hear it
I breathe, and start to sing
My voice dips and splits
The roof of the theater above.

That's when I know,
I am on top of the world.
silvervi Apr 27
I don't know how to express it yet, not really.
But I do feel love coming my way,
As from that fresh air outside today,
To the moment where I might just say...
That I love you.

I just really want to experience that,
Sitting beside the fire,
I'll never forget,
Looking at the sky
With you,
I am smiling,
And you, too.

Your eyes depict the stars for me,
The sky is open, full of blessings,
Just like the feeling that I get
When you are holding me.

Don't you regret whatever thoughts may make you,
But be here with me, my butterfly,
My sun at the night sky,
And my fire fly
Of delight.

You are the highlight to my light,
Sharing these deep moments
With you,
Means so so much.
I literally always miss your touch.

Although I am at peace with me,
Or trying to be,
I love to share moments of love with thee.
This poem is about the connection with our  loved ones,
And about how we are all connected with nature as one whole universe-miracle.
Let's thank that we have all that. Even alone we are never alone.
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