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What the world doesn't know is
You sometimes linger in my head
What happened taught me more than you could imagine
I cried over that war of pain, I thank you for my brand new me.
sometimes acceptance is key
The world doesn't owe you a **** thing. Hard work doesn't entitle you to a better life, neither does lineage, money or otherwise.

You aren't entitled to ANYthing.
Some people get more than they "deserve".
Other people get less.

"Deserving" is a manufactured concept to allow us to pity ourselves when we acquire less of a good thing or more of a bad thing than we expected.

When something bad happens to you, you didn't deserve it.
When something amazing happens to you, you didn't deserve it.

Our very existence is a gift, and saying we deserve anything more than to be alive is purely arrogant. Be thankful for every drop of water, every grain of sand, and every speck of dust you have because one day, you may not have those anymore. So cherish the ones who you love, because one day, they may no longer be there either.
Seanathon Oct 4
No monument of me be made
Or carving placed once I am gone
But please instead
Let my borrowed words be but a memory of mine
And if you should find yourself compelled by them
And must appreciate them based on a similarity of mind
Letit be done so, quickly, quietly, personally
Don't ***** out a single stanza in the name of me
Thank you
I'd appreciate it most greatly
Please & Thank You
You probably didn't expect a poem from me,
Did you?
Well, I just wanted to say thanks.
Do you remember that one English class, where you read some of my poetry? You almost cried.
I wanted to quit writing at that point.
You made me realise that I had a 'Talent'
No, it was more of an 'undeveloped skill'
If it wasn't for you,
I probably wouldn't have been writing now.
And I'm glad I'm still writing,
Because it saved my life.
So, uh, yeah. Thank you
Makes no sense yee yee
Nicole Sep 27
In this moment I know of the lingering touch of humanity

Through the urgency of a voice flowing so effortlessly through the rafters

Of a basement,

Reminding me that my bones hold more than just

Disease riddled nerves.

And a small thank you would always suffice

To people who help you

Help yourself

Become whole.
Bede Sep 23
Summer leaves
Falls arriving.
I knew that my
Thoughts were right.

I still love her
But she cares for another
And I couldn't imagine
The fading cries.

I was a lone
But now I'm troubled.
I wish that I had
Made her smile.

My kiss, electric,
To her, it's nothing.
I am truly glad
I found this out.

I wish for nothing
Besides the better.
I want to sing
My heart's true song.
I could be alone
I could be sad
I could cry myself to sleep
But I don't
I walk through cemeteries
And have panic attacks
And fall in love
Far too often
I guess that's just a side effect
Of deciding to live
This is honestly messing with my head. Is this what living is? Have I ever done it before?
When did things change? Did I really make that decision, or was it made for me?
No, I don't think it was. Other people decided to keep me alive, but I was the one who decided I wanted to live.
I'm glad too.
Lost Soul Sep 19
I wanted to thank you all for reading, commenting and enjoying my poems. This site mean the absolute world to me. A year ago ago today, I was told to deal with my metal illness myself. I decided to sign up for this website Hello Poetry. I sent in a crabby poem (My Friend Fear) and within hours I was accepted. I then wrote Depression is my Soulmate ( on my mothers birthday.... Happy Birthday Mom) That was the first poem I wrote just for this site. I thought it was too sad and went to delete it. To my surprise it trended and had so many amazing comment. Now that poem is at 8.5k views! Although that sad depressed little girl had no idea how worse things would get. You all helped me build myself back up.
Through my eating disorder or suicide note you all have given me so much love and support. Thank you!!
I cant forget "It" I wrote that while having a panic attack outside of a store that my mind wouldnt let me go in. To have that poem reach so many people makes me tear up ...just thank you.

I couldn't write this without mentioning the greatest part of my Hello Poetry experience.
I met my rock, my other half, my favorite person, my bestest of friends.... Jules
You will here this whole speech all over again because its soon our one year anniversary too. Thank you Hello Poetry for letting me met the best person I've ever known. I couldn't have survived last year without all of you... thank you!!!
Ainnoot Sep 15
I wanted to kiss you goodbye,
but you’re such a light sleeper.
You were dancing with the angels, I could tell.
You were smiling with no worries,
I know life can be hell.
Couldn’t disturb your peace,
when you make my pain ease.
I wanted to hug you goodbye, your arms feel safe.
You are my haven, but I’ll tell you at my pace.
I will repay my debt.
You gave me all the right things,
when I had nothing left.
Anyone can be a mother, but you earned that title. I was leaving and wanted to dismiss myself, but you had a long night.

You became a mom to me and I thank you for it.
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