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Bethie 4d
I don't know what to think
I don't know what to say
I never thought it'd happen
But it happened just today

I've liked him all these years
I watched and loved and prayed
He never, ever noticed me
So I lingered, quite dismayed

But now the tide had changed
And pulled me right along
So here I document the change
In this poem, my heart's song

It seems he saw me watching
It seems he sensed my love
It seems an even greater one
Heard my praying from above

So I don't know what to think
And I don't know what to say
I never thought it'd happen
Yet it happened just today
He asked me out, he really did
Liam 5d
Thank you Mom, thank you pop
You raised me to be strong, you taught me to be kind
Thank you Aunty, thank you Uncle
You encouraged a young boy’s inquisitive mind
And thank you no one, for from you I learned the rest
For when it’s only you, you’re put to a grueling test
Left alone I realized that God was not for me
But that I longed for a people, my own community.
In a space so dominated by what you all thought,
I wasn’t supposed to be.
A small boy full of fun and creativity
A young man full of angst and anxiety
A creature who just longs to be free
So thank you school, you told me I could be anything
It’s a shame you lied to me
I achieved by myself, a personality
Incomplete but full of joy that was slowly robbed from me
An adult with only ideas of what he should even be
No concrete facts just examples and advice
“Get a solid job, then everything will work out”
Well isn’t that nice…
So to cope I found a vice
A bottle then a pipe
I rolled the dice
And still, I could use some advice
So thank no one
For the nothing that I’ve figured out in life
Lily Jan 11
~If I had my whole lifetime and another, I could not even begin to thank you for all of the good you have done in my life~
Ashari Ty Jan 5
This is not a poem, or so I say
Let your minds see the rhymes in me
But you all made my day, so

Thank you
That's all I can say
I cannot possibly express my gratefulness enough for y'all in a finite conjuration, for this little moment will be in my memories until eternity halts.

Also there are alot of you to thank to so I thought "why not post it on HePo" hahahaha xD
gabrielle Jan 3
i shouted, "i love you"
and you answered me, "who are you"
dear, i felt that
the possibility of loving me is really just a lonely dot.

i was hurt
but i treated that a dirt.
but one taught me to be grateful for everything.
and i'll just thank you even if you did nothing.

i'll just thank you -
even if i was hurting,
even if you don't know me.
i'll just thank you -
even if you don't love me.
reminded me of a poem by michael faudet on winter of summers :
" if you're in a toxic relationship, don't just walk away. run. "
difference is he doesn't know me, what more to be in a relationship. so i'll just run.
Sammy Jan 3
THANK YOU for...
the lessons
the heart break
the faith I had in you that became disappointment and loss
the waiting I did to receive one text
the happiness you gave me in the moment then briskly took it away
      for days
the hope you gave me for the future that you knew would never
     happen... but I thought it would
teaching me to be not so naive

because now I am beginning to love again and it would not be the same if you hadn't hurt me.

Thank you, sincerely,
     the one who could have been yours truly.
eli Jan 2
at first, I didn't want to date you
although I liked you so much

I had a good reason though
from what I know
People. Always. Leave.

its inevitable
but you made it seem like you weren't going anywhere

thanks for showing me I was always right
Leo Janowick Dec 2018
Where the doubts are born
Where the destination is twisted
Where the exit closes
Where the light goes off
Where the road ends
That's where you find out who your true friends are

It's here
... next to you
... next to mine
... thank you for exist

Happy 2019 all my friends... I don't say names because I'm sure I'd miss some and I don't want
Karijinbba Dec 2018
Your photo in a place of honor
by my bedside.
Pardon the way that I stare!
There's nothing else to compare
Can't Take My Eyes Off You.
You'd be like heaven to touch.
I wanted to hold you so much.
all through these years past!
At long last love did arrive
Lord universe i thank thee
for the intimate secrets of you.

seeing the magic of you.
yet couldn't have your name.
couldn't bridge this chasm
I can't take my eyes off of you.
The sight of you leaves me weak
the love you gave regained my strength, the hidden real me awakened and true.
i can't take my eyes off you.
O pretty baby i so loved you!

i need your love to warm my lonely nights trust in me when
I say precious darling mine
don't bring me down, i pray
wild bird of paradise you
cutie pie, you brew my wine!
come on find me stay
and let me love you.
My morning rocket to space
all mine,
you be my breakfast in bed
i so longed tobe glued together
true love my baby boy!
I knew you, to be real.
Can't take my eyes off of you,
"Looking at you
is like making love, to you"

Through the miles apart
You still like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much.
At long last, love did arrive.
And I thank heaven i am alife
Oh precious baby don't bring me down I pray
Oh sweetheart darling come on
and find me stay, and let me love you.
Pardon the way that i stare
your are like heaven to touch
the sight of you leaves me week!
  Heaven vibrates in me  
but only with a guru sage twinflame like you twinoak.
You are the bridge your portal to heaven you said twas me
Pardon the way that I stare.
can't take my eyes of off you.
Sorry you burned all of me;
pictures, book statues, mansion
all burried treasures forfitted,
so many more dreams went unfulfilled.
yet I love you still
R.I.P. my old true love.

By: Karijinbba and Lauryn Hill
All tight Reserved.
Your picture sits in a place of honor among the babes of family members along with Joseph Mary and child
post card on a Christmas theme.
&other memorabilia of yours.
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