I'm an opened book
on a typical Saturday.
Beside me sits
a cup of coffee.
Barely sits I can say,
but say we are not
in the mood saying
"good morning" on today.

Yet what is love
with no flaws?
It is a mere fairy tale
of our bedtime story,
distracting us from
weary, scary yesterday.

Maxx 2d

thoughts are billowy clouds of
sky blue mind
spots of cumulus and cirrus drifts
cast gentle shadow
my mind gets lost
in cloud-storm
pierced by your
radiant presence
sky blue mind returns
you are clear river
perfect mirror
reflecting my clouds
unto me
you turn my sky blue
you are the place
in my forest of dreams
where i rest my clouds

clouds, like thoughts pass by most peacefully when observed without judgment

Without flaws
perfection would mean nothing
That's why I admire your ability to show me your flaws and insecurity

You act as if you aren't the root of the statements you deliberately claim.
As if telling me my character is flawed and I am everything to blame.

As if stating that I can not form a sentence without shaking and stuttering is bound to take over my life, crash, and fail.
As if hypocritically saying that I'll end up pregnant with an abusive boyfriend flipping burgers to make ends meet is how my life will sail.

Granted that I'm not even able to make anyone stay with me.
A torment of words in the prison of my home, I feel I'll never be free.  

Let me tell you something, fucker.
I was doing much better until you came into my life, stole my mother's heart and fucked her.

Grabbed my hair in the intention to afflict pain and make me cry
Threw us in a cardboard box and you demanded we don't question why.

Moved us into a house for the reason being you wanted to be closer to your workplace.
No consideration of us, you just expected us to put a smile on our face.

Stole the only memories, childhood, and friends I have ever made.
Left in this empty home with my sad thoughts and the pill cabinet to raid.

Only my razor blades and the silence and my head spinning in a whirl.
You talk so high and mighty for a 40 something year old always picking on a melancholic teenage girl.

Like your bitch of a mother, like a bitch of a son.
You can't even handle the consequences when your deed has been done.

You do what your mother does, and take what I hate and use it to hurt me.
It is me that I hate, and you know how much it stings more than a bee.

Brainwashed my mother to be a replica of you.
It's so sad when I see my own mom break my heart in two.

Always said that she'll protect us first.
Until you came along and made that ideation of hers burst.

The inequality of your ethics is completely noticeable.
I'm not a fucking animal, I'm a person you caged in a bubble.

You wonder why I'm the way I am: so emotional, so sad, so problematic.
Even though I'm far from the stereotypical high school teenager statistics.

As much as you've claimed you have done so much good for this family,
You've also broken me too many times for me to count, the irreversible cracks in my brain and heart's anatomy.

You need to stop attacking my very presence.
As much as I hate myself, I'm also my own essence.

Let me get better without tearing me down.
Grow the fuck up and stop making yourself look like an immature clown.

I know you'll never see this or even try to listen.
Just know everything comes back around, but until then,

I hope you realize your words are damaging to my very soul.
I hope you fix your shit and bury your insensitivity 6 feet down a hole.

Wanted to vent out about the shit my mom's boyfriend does. I'm just tired of being hurt by the very people that are supposed to take care of me.
FoolCard Dec 2016

I'm content with indifference; surrounded by radical stardust,
So empty; my body frozen wary of any kind of warmth,
a pilot of this darkmoon specter

To find something out of place;
negative eyes amplify my face,
don't waste your time  

I'm not worth the risk;
paper charms drown in salty tears,
spear pierces my chest with drip drop fears

Interminable; wormhole where my bloody heart should beat,
Hazardous battlefield;
I speak in enigmas, galaxys gone in the black sea.

abiu Oct 8

Would someone love me
Embrace my imperfections
Look beyond my flaws

Please accept all of me.
Irene Poole Oct 8

Do you ever feel like you're in a fantasy land?

Like the sky is just a bit too blue
The grass is too green
The clouds are too perfect
And the shadow of that lamp-post 
Falls at the exact angle so that 
Everything seems painted on, if only for a second? 

Then you look around
See little imperfections upon the passersby
a wrinkle
a cough
a lop-sided grin

These little flaws make us real
Make us human.

And so the fantasy land flickers and fades
bringing you back to the beautiful reality. 

You are here.

Sometimes the world seems so beautiful it can't be real, but it is! So take a minute to appreciate your surroundings.

Time, ticking  life away
Soon it'll leave us old and grey
Silenced and cold in the grave

"Flaws, flaws, flaws" they said
And the little child tried to be flawless
"Perfect" rang in her head
Screamed in her veins
Boiled in her blood

As she stood there soaked in the rain
Trying to become flawless
Like a siren
Eating up the brain mass
Licking her body
While she screamed

Time, ticking life away
It left her old and grey
Silenced and cold in the grave

Time took her
The wind blew her away
Left was all the water from her once so beautiful eyes
A sarcastic comment from her once so clever mind
And a sad song in her once so beautiful voice
And she never smiled
Once she had been perfect

Written as a song
Anomaly Sep 22

People tell us when we're wrong,
point out our flaws,
make us feel un-normal.
But what is right?
What is normal?
All this- this hatred... and what for?

- Can't we just help one another?

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