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Julia 6d
I'm addicted.
Addicted to the rush of joy that fills my heart
To the affection, the small touches
Addicted to the laughter and smiles
To the companionship, the connections
Addicted to the feeling of falling for you
To not knowing what happens next
Addicted to the butterflies that find their home in my heart
To catching my breath and the feeling of floating in the clouds
Addicted to the colors in your eyes,
The words in your mind,
The shape of your hands,
And every freckle, tan-line, and flaw that you think you see
Addicted to every second spent together
Each memory being filed away for safe keeping
Addicted to feeling weightless, worry-free and worth something
Feeling like everything may be falling into place, finally

But addictions have consequences, side effects
Disappointment, tears, broken hearts
Like the first drag off the cigarette, hitting your chest like bricks
Making your mind foggy and thoughts fade for just a moment
But you can’t help but go back for another
You can't help but think about when the next one will come around
Because addictions hit hard
Sometimes slowly making their way, sometimes in the blink of an eye

I'm hooked.
To the split second thoughts of pure, raw happiness
The kind that makes every other moment feel so dull
Addicted, knowing that Ill end up broken and burnt out
Letting my heart take the lead
Knowing it has no self-control and moves too fast
Knowing Ill put my guard down to anyone who might feed the addiction, hoping that this one will be different
Addicted to the chase, catch and learning to let go
I wish I could quit ya love, but I can't
I'm addicted.
to you.
Marcelina Apr 18
Please don´t beat yourself up when things don´t go as planned
Please let yourself cry when things go wrong
And smile whenever you want to
Do not suppress you're being into somebody you´re not
Or fear that you will never be loved
You don´t need someone to tell you that you´re good enough
Please remember why you got a word inked into your skin
Don´t die on me when I need you the most
You´re everything to me, with all the flaws you consider weaknesses
But I love you for them. It makes you, you, authentic and real
We have so much to explore and feel in this world
Just breathe and hold on, I want to open your eyes and see the horizon full of
the stars, you don´t want to be among them just yet
Once your time comes you will, but now it's not your time
So please just breathe, and take a moment at a time
Let the compass lead you, to wherever it desires to be
OpenWorldView Apr 16
Death should be certain
for time to ensure renewal
by pulling life's curtain.

Be fearful of what lives forever
as hubris clouds its mind
and terror will be its only lever.

We are delirious to fathom creation
of a god without its creators flaws.
Beware of this eternal aberration.
Madhumita Apr 12
Once upon a time,
my skin was skin,
as long as I kept it clean.

Now I’m told
by the TV, internet, and magazines,
my skin
needs plumping,
anti-wrinkle cream.

The mirror
used to show my reflection –
it served a purpose
like a toothbrush
used to maintain oral hygiene.

Now a mirror reflects
not just my visage
but judgement;
that need fixing.

Now I’m the clingy lover,
insecure, as I hover
two inches from the glass surface
that is less fragile
than my self-esteem sometimes.
NaPoWriMo Day 11
Poetry form: Free Verse
I will take the thunder,
the rain.
It might never come again.

I will take the sunset
and the dawn.
Someday it will all be gone.

I will take my flaws
and my mistakes.
And hope that they will only last
for today.
Because someday, they will all be gone. And so will we.
dani Apr 5
You dined off my demons
My flaws are what kept you afloat
You sipped on wine
As you absorbed all of the blood
Out of my raw corpse
You left me
Unsteady, powerless
On the cold, hard ground
Without me
You would have
As you move onto your next victim
I pray that you have an allergic reaction
To her blood
Whisperer Apr 4
I try not to write about you

But whenever these hands get hold of a pen

They start sketching your beauty and flaws
Empire Apr 2
Could you love me?
I'm so deeply flawed
My skin is covered in acne and scars
I have a thick roll of fat around my stomach
That only disappeared when I wouldn't eat
My face is not symmetrical
My hair is always a mess
I used to think I was smart,
But now I know I was just proud
An arrogant girl
Hoping for pain to provide wisdom
Endlessly confused
About everything that could matter
Unable to function because of sickness
Paralyzed by illness
Then while healing
Aching to return to infirmity
Never wanting anything real
Just wanting to find a way
To drift off in a daze
Almost willing to trade life for sensation
If I were honest with you
If I showed myself
You'd laugh and scream
And never love me.
A soul only a Father could love
Whisperer Apr 2
I thought writing after a heartbreak would be easier

But whenever I try to find the flaws to sketch ,

I'm met with a beauty more majestic
Empire Mar 26
I need someone
Someone who can just sit and hold me
When the panic strikes
Someone who can lay by my side
When everything in me is in agony
Someone who can kiss me
When I feel worthless and hopeless
Someone who cares enough
To love me in my flaws
Someone to ground me when I start to go crazy
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