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Rosie Jan 15
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
reflect the stranger within my soul.
Unveil my strength, my grace,
expose my scars and flaws and all.
I am a tapestry made from frayed threads of a fractured heart
Shadow Jun 2023
A reflection draws the attention
Of the normally hidden flaws
And the beauty that radiates
The one more focused on
Creates the biggest impact
Madeleine Jun 2023
My child
I see all your flaws
And that makes you perfect
Eloisa Jan 2023
Moving with the sea
Dancing with the waves
Letting the rhythm of the water wash my melancholic soul
All the ripples and surges
I beg
Cleanse me but see me beyond my flaws
Fianzy Jan 2023
I cannot fathom the fascination you have with being vulnerable,
Aren’t you more susceptible to deception?

Does it not allow for more frequent coming and going out of your life?
Out of your heart?

Where is the beauty in being who I am?
I am rough, raw and rigid.

Where is the beauty in stiffness? Besides the ability to withstand itself.
Maybe the mere fact that it does not tilt or shift for no one.
But who wants to love someone as stubborn as that?

There is no beauty in being vulnerable.

You cannot continue bleeding out ounces of yourself for people who cannot stand the sight of blood.
i hope you open yourself to love and all its flaws.
Adam Schmitt Nov 2022
What lines,
Scope and everbirth,
dwell within
corkscrewed graves
Of my ancestors'
passion projects?
We are all pawns of something bigger than ourselves.
To the flawlessly
And the perfectly
The sharply
The saddest
The complicated
The loudest
We would be so lost
Finding you
Variety. Someones flaws are beautiful to others
I S A A C Dec 2021
I hate u
at least I think I do
memories of your flaws I say goodbye to
our relationship was a war, filled with love bombing, high walls, and gore
our relationship was a chore, never effortless always depressing when
I remember your rejection better than anything
when you dropped my hand, the way you shifted sands
around different people, I really believed you
but our love met the grim reaper
you kept yourself like a secret and I was a thrill-seeker
you were scared, I was fearless
I held you dear, you were tearless
so I hate u
at least I think I do
memories of your flaws I am haunted by
memories of all the times, I wished for, I deserved more
I outpoured just to no remorse
you were always ready to drop me to protect you
you were always ready to knock me to suggest you
were little Mr. Perfect and that this was worth it
but you weren't worth these hands, these tears, my heart
you weren't worth it from the ending, middle, or start
it is reflected in my art
that I hate u
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