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Adam Schmitt Nov 7
What lines,
Scope and everbirth,
dwell within
corkscrewed graves
Of my ancestors'
passion projects?
We are all pawns of something bigger than ourselves.
To the flawlessly
And the perfectly
The sharply
The saddest
The complicated
The loudest
We would be so lost
Finding you
Variety. Someones flaws are beautiful to others
I S A A C Dec 2021
I hate u
at least I think I do
memories of your flaws I say goodbye to
our relationship was a war, filled with love bombing, high walls, and gore
our relationship was a chore, never effortless always depressing when
I remember your rejection better than anything
when you dropped my hand, the way you shifted sands
around different people, I really believed you
but our love met the grim reaper
you kept yourself like a secret and I was a thrill-seeker
you were scared, I was fearless
I held you dear, you were tearless
so I hate u
at least I think I do
memories of your flaws I am haunted by
memories of all the times, I wished for, I deserved more
I outpoured just to no remorse
you were always ready to drop me to protect you
you were always ready to knock me to suggest you
were little Mr. Perfect and that this was worth it
but you weren't worth these hands, these tears, my heart
you weren't worth it from the ending, middle, or start
it is reflected in my art
that I hate u
Brumous Oct 2021
Oh, why must this be!
In this pretend society,
it proceeds to drown me in
insecurities, frustration, envy.

We are our very own droplets of the universe,
each person with uncharted galaxies
that not all people can descry

Most of us are prone to ire,
a single remark
can spark a fire

Fearing to be seen as imperfect,
we change the pure essence
of ourselves,
that very

Do I even know me?

I started to think
if there was even a calm
before the storm,
our minds frantic,
I'm concerned
Life is a dance, never-ending!
A game of musical chairs,
with a sole chair for all of we

Unaware about the
hundreds of seats
surrounding it;

All this negativity
just because of a flaw
—played with a sudden increase of force.
—used as a direction in music usually for special emphasis of a note, chord, or short phrase.
—abbreviation rf or rfz.


a little lonely...
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