Poetic T Aug 12

Beyond repair
              they said.

But I saw more.

So I wove gold
        within the cracks
sealing heartache

to make your

Imperfections are elegant.

Brooke P Aug 12

I’m damaged goods, baby
Or did you forget?
Loose-leaf paper crumpled and discarded,
Like every poem I couldn’t bring myself to finish.

This girl comes with a lifetime guarantee
of cynicism and constant apologies
and selfish laziness.
For a low price of only commitment and patience,
you can become proudly entangled in my dysfunction and  constant need for reassurance.

You didn’t receive me shiny and brand new
I have mileage, and I’m not afraid to admit
That most of it is self-inflicted.
I have scars that tell stories
and a schema that has been shaped
by 22 years of poor judgment
and never feeling good enough.

And I can’t help but wonder,
what it would be like if I was stable and motivated.
Would you still get frustrated
when I lay in bed until 3 in the afternoon?
Would I be able to accomplish
all of the seemingly simple tasks
that always feel larger-than-life to this pint-sized girl?
Would you love me more?

I’m jaded, baby
and I think sometimes you forget
that when I’m putting on a face
and trying to be less of a disappointment,
I’m still made of fragmented parts
that have been glued back together
one too many times.

Brooke P Aug 11

My flaws are not pretty.

My imperfections are not endearing,
my vices are not quirky,
and my regrets are not intriguing and elusive.
They’re ugly and unsettling;
better off buried in the catacomb that is my memory.
better off dormant, hibernating through all four seasons.
They destroy and ravage anything
that they can get their hands on.
They spread like wildfire through any self-respect
that might be living inside me.
Burning up every last trace of my dignity
until all that’s left
is a shower of ash and things I wish I could forget.
They don’t add character or substance
and leave me blinded by contempt.
They whisper to me that I don’t deserve to be happy.
And I listen to them.
They’re angry and want revenge.

Samruddhi Aug 8

If I showed you all my flaws
and our love gets a pause
would you still stay?
If we were on the opposite sides of the earth
and we feel our love has no worth
would you still stay?
If one day I just lost it all
and I be at my lowest when I fall
would you still stay?
If I tell you to keep my darkest secrets tied to your heart
and never ever let us fall apart
would you still stay?
If for one time I could not be brave
and my love never reaches you wave by wave
would you still stay?
If someday I do not show affection
and you might feel we have no strong connection
would you still stay?
If someday I get so wrong
and you have choice to stay the night or for forever long
would you still stay?
If the world hate me and want me dead
and I lay in my last hours on our bed
would you still stay?


yes, you read right.


i don’t know if
is a poetic thing
to say.
but i don’t care.

i’ll say it
a thousand times


these three letters
that stand for
human frustration.

these three letters
that symbolize
a journey that will end
in a triumphant


because if there is defeat, then there is also victory.
© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías

Once you learn the epitome of being a model,
you will either compare your perfections or flaws,
despite what you wish you had,
a skinny and petite body,
a healthy and fit body,
being taller,
being shorter,
having a thigh gap,
having no thigh gap,
one should not be immune to practice self-love,
because loving yourself is the best you can do to your body.

Tay Jul 11

My work of art
How I have labored over it
Sculpting and shaping
Painting by the sweat of my brow
Thus not giving up
For at the end of each tunnel is light
But for you to pass through the tunnel
But Thither is not that far

Hence it is only a arm's length away
Creativity is what powers making art
Out of the dark and into the light
But some get stuck in the dark
And become wanderers endlessy

Trying to get out and having to avoid the truth
Thy is stuck
And feverishly trying to get out
But after trial and failure
We can find the way into the light

......Maybe being in the tunnel is part of what kind of inspires us
And The darkness is what leads us to the light
Rights Reserved Taylor Riley

Dark is what sometimes shows us the light
Marsha A Jun 29

I notice everything,
All of them.
All of the details of you,
I love every single one of them.
I really want you.

I want to love all of you.
Your smile, your tears, your laughter,
Your flaws, your scars, your tempers;
And I still want you.

“When you share hidden parts of yourself
with someone else,” one said,
“You’re trusting that person to hold the
secret sections of your heart,
and to love the bits you thought
were unlovable.”

Ana Jun 18

Bags under your eyes,
Red marks on your cheeks,
They make you, you.
You close your eyes in front of the mirror like every bit of it disappears when your eyes are shut.
Honey, you are art.
Go open your eyes and see.
You let yourself touch your flaws
But you never let yourself absorb your beauty.
Not even the ugliest parts of life can ever overpower the beauty you have inside you.
Your long lashes and brown eyes,
Your smile and your heart of gold,
You are beautiful even with those bags under your eyes and red marks on your cheeks.
You're real, you're human and no one is ever perfect, but you are you and that's what makes you beautiful.

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