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s y kalindara Jun 17
How do I go about shedding the shells
that earned me a pat on the head and a "good girl"?

I was the parent's dream,
a blue-ribbon giftee
of civility,
the picture of obedience,
​and oh so mature!
The 'quiet child' cachet was my only allure.

This caged bird didn't sing
of sentiments and other sinful things,
but spent decades nesting feelings.

When all alternatives felt illicit,
I reserved my torments for exclusive exhibitions,
where I held the only ticket.
Those showcased, glass displays are my poems now,
I've stuffed them with secrets I can't talk about,
but can write down.

Do the people who raised me deserve an applause?
I've got songs dancing in my head and they're the cause
of my closet of flaws.
Would I even have it in me if I was a happy child,
bold and wild?
They say art is for those who've lived in the rain;
Well, I've had my cup of it
and I guess, this is my exchange.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
I think part 1 and 2 say it all, I've got nothing left to explain.
They don't do it regularly
They do it occasionally
It's a different matter
Occasion comes regularly
They aren't habitual technically
They live life practically
Define terms, define laws
There always remain
Technical flaws
On technicalities
Law fails
They escape going to jail
Natalie Apr 13
Skin dislodged
A bone in the wrong place
Just the wrong size
Can't we see what's underneath?

Cold, empty air
Wind winds through the tunnels
And here and there and there
You can see the ****** funnels
Dee Apr 12
I know my flaws,
I've accepted them.
You drown in yours.
David Jan 18

As if I’d open up

Cause if I did
No one would give a f*ck

There’s too many flaws
To my hurtful falls

Even if I told you
Would it comprehend?

Or would I be left alone
Yet again...

I don’t trust you,

It’s just the plain truth.
Amanda Hawk Jan 6
I will not repent
My daily sins
To an antiquated verse
Or bind myself
To a definition
I do not acknowledge
To be a sinner, as you say
To be the villain
Before I have my own story
To wear guilt and shame
As constant wardrobe
I don’t buy it
Give me my flaws,faults
And misdeeds
Tattoo them to my skin
I will build an epic origin tale
Layers upon my body
Until my soul bleeds
And the words from my mouth
Will be sonnets for misfits
Gathering into bonfires
My smirk, dancing sparks
And trouble, a forte
To be sinner, as you say
And plaster your prayers
As hollow blessings
To cure me
To iron out my wrinkles
Tuck me safely into a social norm
I don't buy it
Fray the edges
Pull myself off the frame
Not all butterflies will be pinned
Pluck the pins of expectations
Use those antiquated words
To set fire
To every criticism you used
To create this prison
Repent, you say
For being myself
And I will tell you
Inspired by Lady Gaga song "Sinner's Prayer"
Juju Jan 4
I found perfection
In every flaws you possessed
In every faults
And every little mistakes you did

I found peace
Within your chaos
In your storm
And a passageway
Of love
In the cracks of your broken heart

- Juju
Lazarus Bertsch Dec 2020
Nobody on this earth is perfect.
Everybody has their flaws.
Everybody has their dark secrets and vices.
Quote of the night #2
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