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Deep Jul 2022
Walk mildly,
slowly like an ascetic
Like you see the destination,
its shams and pretence,
Its momentary bliss
And the new destination again,

Walk like nothing excites you
Or worry you,
your gnawing past or
hungry present or
starving future,
Pay heed to none,

They will doubt you
Many will cast abusive looks
when you undertake a task
inconcievable by them,
Pay no attention
Move on like you are deaf
Speak not like you are dumb,

Many greats have walked this path
Deaf, Dumb and Blind,
So cut the noise
shut your eye,
This mediocre crowd
is not worthy of your attention.

Move on like an ascetic
Like you know your destination.
mark soltero Dec 2020
precision to
envision what i need
my wants
are very difficult to place
ritalin though
helps me
but i can’t imagine the continuation of what feels like a sin
wording is everything
i’ve only tried it ten times
******* pornographic depictions of your ******* fixations
fuel my motivation for more
to give you and i the world
and continue to love you my little *****
i shouldn’t say these things
but the nasty ways
we profess our love
are the most raw and beautiful displays
of human nature
Isabella Oct 2020
Your soul is worth saving
Your heart is worth shaping
Your legacy's changing
You're not worth erasing

I promise.
Whatever you may have done
No matter the person you think you've become
You're someone, worth waiting for, your story has only begun
Isabella Oct 2020
You Deserve
To be

You deserve
To feel every thrill of living
Because you are an individual that is unlike anyone else in the world
You deserve to realize
That your existence is a blessing

So do not settle for misery or dissatisfaction
Life has more to offer you than a broken soul
Mitch Prax Aug 2020
You are
still alive.
and you will thrive.
Just know that
this too shall pass
as you overcome
this impasse.
Akshita Aug 2020
There will be many nights
Where you see a starless sky

There will be days
When it pours and rains endlessly

There will be evenings
When you wish you were
Anywhere but here

There will be times when
All you want is to be rescued

However, know that these times
Are simply ephemeral
They will not last till an eternity
Heyaless May 2020
Auroral side of the moon could not last without the half wrapped in shadow. 
It intimate you to have endurance of all the heart aches .
Seize the lights in your soul ,
Sail to stay alive beyond simple existence
You must be more stubborn than the weaves . I am a glad I'm lost at sea!
Glory to the wind who guides me
For I can not see
Yet have shown me the sailor I am to be!
You are alone in this world , you have to survive no matter how much pain you feel , you have to stay alive and survive the best version of yourself
Argha Wadadar Apr 2020
Consent was trivial to you,
you thought, my flesh was ready for you.
you thought, me being friendly,
an invitation for you to violate me.

I was afraid, of the consequences,
you were groping your next prey.
I was afraid , of myself,
empty void nesting inside me.

I contemplate, did I do something wrong?
or was it you all alone,
the answer is obvious, yet
I scrutinise myself to sleep every night.

The wounds may heal,
but the trust is lost,
the shadows will scare me,
for the rest of my life.

I have decided to,
deem you insignificant,
at long last the woman in me rebelled,
overcoming the fear and shame.

I will speak out,
not in a whisper, but aloud,
vehemently, to end this injustice,
to end this torment within.

More Power to the survivors, fighting out there.
Thankyou for reading.
Argha Wadadar Apr 2020
Staring into the abyss,
I saw the demon,
that tormented me on many sleepless nights.
Now it's staring right at me,
what it wants? I not know,
the plethora of thoughts,
running down my mind.
For the time has come to,
dive deep into it.
The uncertainty frightens me,
it cripples me.
But, I know,
when, I will emerge at the other end,
I will be a changed man.
For now I have to,
dive deep down into the chasm.
a poem to conquer my demons.
Thank you for reading.
Its hard to let go!
Not right now I wanted us to grow!
But now I feel so slow
Because of your little show!
I thought this was gonna flow
But it’s all a big show

How can I forget the long years spent
You got me ******* bent
I can still smell your scent
Everyday we spend together is like the main event

I love you so much
I love your touch  
But you rather flush
For a big time crush
Let me just **** hush

I gotta let go!
I gotta let go!
I anit slow

Yes this is hard
I didn’t think this would happen from the start

I gotta let go!
I gotta let go!
My QUEEN You have to let go!
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