Daniela 2d
The king of nothing, the ruler of a desolate unrecognizable wasteland.
This place holds so many memories. Memories that I can see fading.
He sits above on his throne of shame and guilt. He had it all...now there's nothing.
All he has is lie,secrets, and a broken heart that used to live within him.

When I was "us" I never wanted this to change. The kingdom seemed happy and in order.
Until that day when she left and everything crumbled;I didn't understand. I was blind.
Now when I see the "king" I can't help but pity him, for not knowing how to keep his citizens happy.
For trapping them.
For using them.

When I walk out of these gates I will be free.
He won't be there.
But as I look back one last time all I see is someone who I used to call..
hannah Feb 13
Nobody really cares
If they cared then they would say someting
however they stay quite
and watch my slowly die inside
all they have ever said is that I could handle it
well guess what
hannah 2d
Would you notice
The people dying from hunger if they were on your doorstep
Would you notice
The broken and abused kids if the were sleeping in your bed
Would you notice
The neglected and hopeless pets if they were in your backyard
Would you notice
The hurt and unclean young girls if they were in your living room
Would you notice the people in need of help if they were right in front you face
Eve 5d
It has only been a couple days,
Quite frankly I just can’t get “away”,
Babe, you mean something to me.
With a feeling I can no longer grasp,
Memories and recollections slip from me,
I’m in over my head; your face still and appears on my mind.
I may cry myself to sleep just to cope with the longing for you,
But I’ll get through it as I always say;
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Nel 5d
It hurts my head
And fills me with dread
I wish it was dead

Don’t @ me taxes

Seriously don’t @ me
Amanda 7d
I have never wanted anything so bad
I've never felt this before
I would throw away everything else
If you would take me back once more

I promise I will make you happy
I swear I'll try my best
I will do whatever you say as long
As you let me rest my head on your chest

If you wrap your arms around me
I believe fear I can confront
No matter what it takes, I will be the girl
you need instead of one you don't want

The worst type of pain is the kind
that whispers "you'll never be the same."
Keeps you wide awake at night
Convinces you that you are to blame

If I could be more like you
Maybe you would love me like you did
See me for the person I am
Instead of a little kid

Part of me will always be
In love with who you were
My arms are open in case
You discover it's me you would prefer

I hope someday you realize
There are a lot of bitches out there
I'm not like other girls here
And you're going to find out that's rare

Right now I might be "immature",
Insecure, too easily upset
At least I don't give up on people
I love if they're not perfect yet.
It gives me chills to read this poem I wrote back in 2012 after my first serious boyfriend dumped me because now I am the person dishing out the hurt and it brings me pain to know I'm making someone I love feel the same way I felt.

From your words,
to your body language,
to your fucking presence.


I live day to day,
dreading talking to you.
I live day to day,
scorning you.

The only reason I tolerate you,
is because I have to.


I live day to day,
dreading waking up.
I live day to day,
shying away from mirrors.

elizabeth r Mar 4
it's hard to know who i am anymore. i guess part of me was tied to you, and when you left, that part did too. your lies and your leaving affected more than our relationship. they affected me as a whole. i feel like i'm constantly swimming in an endless ocean, and each time the tide brings me to the sand, it slips right out from under me. i'm always sent back into a deep, overwhelming pain. it never stops. i can't ever seem to find my footing. maybe i was naive or too trusting, maybe i fell too far into you. but i can't get out of this pit, and your moving on so fast makes it that much worse. they tell you to trust yourself, to know that you were enough, when you're cheated on. no matter how many times i recite those mantras in my mirror or write them on my wrists, i can't stop thinking that maybe, maybe i ignored the signs, maybe i didn't give you what you wanted, maybe it was my fault. i know, deep in my heart, that, in truth, you simply weren't enough for me. you didn't deserve all of my everlasting love. but the pain you caused is more than artificial- it cuts through the skin and bone, straight to my heart. and whenever i start growing, the gashes suddenly start bleeding again, and it is impossible to believe that i could've been what you wanted. i just don't know who i am anymore. a piece of me was rooted in the idea that you loved me and would never harm me, and once that piece was destroyed, everything fell off balance. i don't know how to pull myself out of this. i'm stuck under a  thick layer of snow, and it's impossible to blossom in the cold.
nicoarty Feb 28
Just one

Just one
But I refuse,
Just one, come on
If it helps you can’t lose,
Just one I say
Needing a release,
Just one I do;
One works a treat.

Just one I say,
One when I’m low,
Just one when I don’t know where I should go,

One when I’m crying
One when you frown
One when I know I’m not wanted around,
One for each argument
One for each ‘I need time’
One for each part of me I now wish weren’t mine.
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