Lips sealed
Pain concealed
Heart still unhealed
Neither excitement
Nor enticement
No alignment

Glad outside
But what I hide
Eating from inside
Life seems useless
Nights sleepless
Days restless

No dialogues
Only monologues
Burdensome backlogs
The reminiscence
Killer silence
So dense!

Poetry lost
Mind has frost
Enough paid the cost
Want to release
Sleep at ease
At peace!

Sometimes the train of thoughts leads nowhere. Just takes the mental peace away. And gives sleepless nights.

Highs as prominent as the sky,
Creating lows to become pits of despair.
No return for rapture in this hollow evening.
Where thoughts are not allowed to be felt,
Yet my heart still aches for you.

Perri 6d

Give me the strength
to ignore
To escape his grasp
and lock the door
Give me the will to run
and hide
for 97 nights
I've laid and cried
How lonely he makes me
I stay for my pride
And I need the courage
To stop my love
With every force
I will shove
His cold soul away
Until the day
He is lead astray
Because my passionate soul
Deserves much more
And I am sick of feeling
Like his chore
So please Lord
Give me the strength
To ignore

I get upset at you
not because you do anything wrong
you make me feel loved
you listen to me when I've had a rough day and need to talk
you hold me when I just need to be held

I get upset at you
because I'm upset at myself
for letting you in
for letting you love me

I get upset at you
because I hate having something to lose
I hate feeling this much
I hate losing control

I get upset at you
because you make it impossible
for me to be upset at you

Brianna Sep 29

I'm sorry, but,  I think I lost the set of rules that said I wasn't allowed to pick up the phone and call you when I felt like It.
I'm sorry, but, I think I lost the rule book that said I was only allowed to text you every two days or so.

We are in the new.
We are the modern dating - the shit dating- the "I like you right now but maybe not tomorrow" dating.
We are in the "I think I'm in love with you but don't actually know you" dating.

Maybe I'm a little pessimistic and sad and a little pissed off.
Maybe I'm just tired of my heart getting destroyed.
Maybe I just want someone to really get to know me instead of asking to see my tits.

I'm sorry, but, maybe you didn't get it when I said I wanted something real- no games, no playing around.
I'm sorry, but, maybe you didn't hear me when I said I want to get to know you or maybe you just ignored that part.

We are the new.
We are the Modern.
We are the asshole "Millennials"  everyone talks shit about.

My head deceives me

You ask why I can't look you in the eye

Why I can't hug you

Why I can't kiss you

But to me

Everyone's watching they're always watching

They're after me

They're here

They're here for me

I know it sounds crazy

But it's not

I give you 3 second hugs because I am being recorded

They will come for me

You look at me, my heart races

Are you them too

Are you after me

Why are you put in my life?

Are you here to spy on me?

Are you here to capture me?

I know it sounds crazy,

But it's not

They're everywhere

In my bathroom

In my room

And if I act like I know,

They'll take me soon

So I don't check

I just know
When I'm standing high and tall

I know they're behind me

I don't turn because they'll know.

I am being watched, always watched

I am not crazy

A day in the life of a schizophrenic
Lauren Leal Sep 19

God be mad that I'm disappointed
That it was you I appointed
To receive all of my guidance
Like that last dance
Anger in each step made
In the fantasy of other men to be laid
In one ear and right out the other
Chances? Really, another?
We'll see what you really are in time
If you are reborn or stuck in grime
That you secretly created
To help you seem so sated
But I know I am real
But there was a gap in the deal

Stitches previously sown
Once more; as the slandering rolls off your tongue, curated by your source.

I relapse.
A flash flood fills my cavities,
Unearthing a tremble; I crack

Your tasteless words
Cascading through deep cracks into my soul;
Like canyons of the heart

Silently drowning, I breathe

You were unhappy.
Did I make you happy?
You make me happy,
And you did.

Are you unhappy?
She makes you happy.
They make you happy,
But I don't.

I'm glad you're happy.
Did I make you happy?
You make me happy,
But you won't.


I got close to sleeping,
but stress has decided
on having a sleepover,

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