Megan 2d
I’m upset.

But the type of upset that has no words;
The type of upset that doesn’t feel like anything;
The type of upset that I should have known would come back.

I’m lost.

But the type of lost where I know where I am physically but not mentally;
The type of lost where I’m doing what I’m doing but I don’t know how I’m doing it;
The type of lost that keeps me from forgetting what I still know.

I’m angry.

But the type of angry that keeps me calm;
The type that leaves me speechless;
The type that helps me reign in my rampage.

I’m here-
And there-
And lost and scared.
Can’t breathe-
It’s just me.

It’s just me.
Bored in love ?
Waves crashing and smashing into the rickety boat
Hardly staying afloat it cracks and snaps under the pressure that wraps around it
Spinning swirling and twirling the water fills every crevice and nook
From the most overt cabinet down to the rustiest hook
The stormy outlook brings dread
And in his head he thinks of the waves that could leave him dead
Losing all control he can’t grab a hold of the wheel or the rope that could keep him remotely safe or help him cope with the lack of balance
It’s all done
As the sea swallows him like it does the morning sun
My mind races with memories torn up and scattered around with my tornado of destruction
Self-hate lingers in my veins and I fight for breath to fill my crumbling lungs with something other than sorrow
My body weighs heavy with emptiness and with bruises
I soak in continuous numbness
I feel nothing
I ache to feel something other than nothing
TheseRoots Jul 5
I hate when people ask me
Hannah, how are you feeling today?
Hannah, are you doing okay?
What are you doing today?
The answers are always the same
I feel upset today
I'm not doing okay
I'm doing the same thing I was, yesterday.
I'm not okay
I'm struggling, today.
And when they hear what I have to say
They run away.
Amanda Jul 3
It hurts to hear you say I am crazy
Although I know it is true
Love brings out lunacy in me
I am only like this when im with you

Thoughts of touch drive me mad
When gone wonder who you hold
If you would answer your phone
Some sanity I could uphold

Instead leave me in our cold bed
Choosing friends and fun over affection
I stay loyal by your side
Conflicting emotions pull me every direction

Was not psychotic when we met
Never have been the jealous type
Your behavioir has proved you're a traitor
Evidenced by tears I cobtinue to wipe

After many lies and stories
I am not sure what to believe
I lost my mind, paranoid
Obessessed over the way you deceive

If I could I would vanquish the sickness
Each morning bad weather we find
Want to calm impending storms
Can't reach your marvelous mind

Dreams of delusional lands far from here
Thoughts and ideas cannot be contained
I do not care if you are sane or not
These issues can all be maintained

I understand I am too much to handle
Want to save you from insanity
Afraid craziness will consume you as well
If you want, I invite you to explore this madness with me
We're all mad here
it's almost completely silent
in the bedroom we share
except the whirring of the fan
and the constant buzzing of your phone
anger sits stale in the air
my heart sinks with every text message you send
for it isn't your words calling out to me
asking me to just lay in bed for awhile
holding hands in silence
alexxa Jul 1
nobody is listening to me.
i'm in pain,
i tell them,
they say i'll be fine.
i want to die,
i say,
but they laugh it off.
god forbid i could be
guess what?
i'm not okay.
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