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You hide the truth.
Everything you say to me
feels like glue.
I get stuck in it
and don't know what to do...
I always end up finding out the truth,
just not from you.
You lie to me, intentionally or not, you hide the truth. It shocks me like a broken wire, it makes me feel like I'm on fire. I don't know how to be around you and not feel used up.
Upset I am so often
So often you couldn't imagine
You would say
I shouldn't be upset
That would mean
I am insensitive
Extravagance upsets me
Ostentation upsets me
Wastage upsets me
Abject poverty
Mocked at by filthy affluence upsets me
Creepy behaviour of
Highly qualified intellectuals upsets me
Upset I am so much
When a pall of gloom
Corona uncontrollable
They mock at modern system of medicine
Speak against vaccines
Condemn and declare
Polio eradication, TB eradication programs
All useless and counter-productive
When they see conspiracy in everything
When a top doctor and Padamvibuhshan awardee
Endorses 1956 recommendation of an UK expert
Not to treat half a million
TB patients
Give better nutrition only
Half would have survived
Half would have died
And with that TB would have been eradicated
I am really upset
I ask him why the expert
Couldn't eradicate TB in his own country
Where even today more than 7000 people die of TB annually
He laughs at diabetes
Cites example where one
Without treating controlling high diabetes
Lived long life
Such attitudes really shocking
I am witness, I am victim
Side effect of adminstered steroids
Of uncontrolled diabetes
Escaped death narrowly
Due to diabetes induced heart attack
What should be done of such great men?
They deserve to be sent to a mental hospital
Upset I am really, really!
Of late, during this Corona pandemic, there's is a flood of spooky videos in social media. They aren't doing any public good. Please ignore them. Adhere to official instructions and guidance from Government.
Isa May 13
will my day change if the moon is out at 11:37 in the morning
and the sun at 1:02 at night?

will my feelings change with the wind or the waves?
the comparison is the same, and my feelings do not change
xavier thomas May 12
i’m not your supporter
that you can just mooch on
nor call to attend to your every need
We dreaded this day
When this clock finally struck
Words can't express this

Yet, I am happy
For all that we have became
A friend, a lover

No need for anger
We showed love and compassion
This was true romance

Take care of yourself
I'll think about you everyday
The best memory
Don’t upset the person who makes your food
Don’t be rude
They may have a mood
You never know
They might get upset on your food
See that speckle in your dough
It went bad a while ago
Ever wonder why service was so slow
You never know
Just some common sense, since some people still don't know how to treat the person who cooks for them..
Sophia May 3
Sometimes when I'm upset,
I cut my own hair.

It reminds me that
Everything changes.
But everything grows back over time.
Hidden Colour Mar 23
You enter my threshold,
We conversate,
A moment of connection, a moment of the yesterday days,
The moment passes as you pull your gaze away from mine.

We ****,
Not make love, not having ***,
Simply **** !

All I wanted was intimacy,
To be held and loved,

All I got was detachment
Aloof and distance

Disappointment clinging to the straps of my bra as I pull them on
Shame stained on my knicker as they slide back up

Heavy is my heart
Desperate is my soul
Deflated is my spirit

You leave, and take a part of me once more
My heart skips a beat every time I see your face
I wonder if you can hear it, as it jumps in place
My chest gets tight and my blood starts to race

If I saw you walking down the street
As quickly as I could I would pick up my feet
I want to catch up, but know to retreat

There are words I hear and things I say
That remind me of you every single day
You helped my life turn to color from gray

Every message I receive on my phone
I hope and I pray that it is you alone
To feel that joy I had once known

I miss you more with every passing moment
You will always be my friend, never my opponent
But it will never be so again, and I know it

Snakes to the left
Snakes to the right
They slither around
And they squeeze you tight
Venomous fangs
Mortal pangs
They slither around
And squeeze with all their might
Hidden in the grass
They grasp for the life they want
They slither around
Counting the ways to end what you have
An emotional emp
A not so beautiful disaster piece
They slither around
Snakes to the left
Snakes to the right
They want to squeeze you tight
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