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a piece of my heart will always belong to him, no matter what.
I am not bitter.
I am not upset.
He loved me the way he knew how to love,
and isnt that beautiful?
People call me talented…

But if only the art from my hands could
Play violin
instead of reliving sad memories and

Holding my breathe in
While the words try and

Try to create something
That makes more sense than

Someone with delicate hands
Playing a violin
Leah Carr Jun 25
fury surges up
on the brink of overflowing
this isn't fair

enlighten me, please
why should I be under a restrictive care order
when I have never hurt myself in my life?

and why should I be watched
every second of every day, invasively
when I have never done anything to warrant that?

I know it's not her fault for being unwell
but sometimes
I just can't bear dealing with the consequences of someone elses actions

fury surges
about to overflow
this isn't fair...
When you've been burned by an old flame
You'll never treat the next the same

Less affectionate
Less intimate

Decathect and fear that I'll end like the last
So you don't try as hard and go rotten from the past

I'm scared to love you the way I loved him
You're the best I've ever had though my psyche is grim

My soul cries to stay but my mind pays the price
Why after it all burns down does the heart become ice
i hate being sober when you're not around
sometimes I question my sobriety
even in the absence
of such distant memories
were they real
or just nightmares and daydreams

now I'm turning 20
and you're not here
i hate being sober
i know on my birthday
I'll just be invisible to you
i hate being sober
i want to turn back time
i hate being sober
i want to be able to see the warning sign
the sign i missed
it was red
like the blood i would bleed for you
but yet we move
i thrive without you
somehow i manage

still, i must confess
i miss you
Void Feb 4
If only they could see the dreams that I see
Maybe they'd support me
I'm writing a book
A concept from 2016
Its a beautiful story
Yet my family and friends are not there for me
Its disheartening to be so passionate about something and feel like it is all for not
That is the curse of a dreamer
That is the curse of a leader
As my dream begins to fade, I won't give in under the pressure this time
This book, I've invested too much time into
This book to me is perfect
I just have to help them see that it's worth it
MuseumofSoph Nov 2021
Soulmate heartbreak
I wish we never met

Wait I take that back
I wish we never looked each other in the eye
So I could forget

You caught my interest
But I didn’t catch yours
I guess that’s how life goes
And when it rains it pours

You said you loved me
But you didn’t mean it
Lost and confused

I thought we were the perfect fit

You were my everything
But I was nothing

I saw you
And you saw
Too much loving
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