Seema Jul 2

A blown candle
Still ignites
A tangled mind
Strives to fights
The darkness within
And that of sight
Lingers to consume
Using my plight
I breath to sustain
To have conscious mind
Stumbling in the dark
Even myself, I can't find
Bumped and knocked
But no one came
I kept moving
As if a player in a game
Eyes wide, vision blind
Locating the matches
Fiddling around here
Searched all over
While diverting my fear
The little smoke of the candle
Lifted my dying hope
I know now how to handle
I've learnt how to cope
My hands picked up a packet
That of, what I thought
I lit the candle once more
To see what I am not...


Seema Jun 25

My glow wouldn't last, throughout the night
As I face the coming of my dear end
Along out of your teary sight
A painful smoke, I shall leave behind

Candle, I am...
Yet I tear down to
But, my glow radiants the dark
And forever attains to comfort you

Every night, I listen to you in silence
Your stories of life and living
Then you embrace my gentleness
And give my silence a meaning

Candle, I am...
With a purpose to shine
Not only in the darkness
But within your soul, empowering a shrine...


These flames licked up the best of me,
Turmoil excluded me from happiness,
Heat melted my candle wax of a heart.
I say candle wax because steel can be penetrated and stitches rot.
Candle wax was never supposed to burn without the wick but here we are.
Here I am.
That campfire of an unworldly place made me scared to proceed in life as well as to love.
Should I be afraid? 
I don't know.
Can I trust this world and what it has to offer?
I don't know what it hides.
I'm trusting you,
I'm trusting your world,
I'm trusting in your faith.
Love me unconditionally please,
Building my heart once again out of the soft candle wax to hopefully have your hands mend it into something more primitive,
I trust you.

Maybe trying again might be okay.
Oskar Erikson Jun 18

alone in the rain
Snuffed out
simmering in shame.

Shalyn Jun 11

I am the non-luminous flame,
Trembling with destruction.

I flicker at the uncertainty
of what lies ahead,
weaken with every
breezy thoughts and murmurs.

I linger for a bit more,
glowing dimly in still air
and through the long lonely night
in search for more.

As the wick starts to burn bit by bit
and the wax melts away,

The darkness slowly gathers,
Enveloping the once
so brightly lighted flame,

It is only time that
I am finally free to go.

We were nothing then
but now it's quite sad
to think about.
A classic case of
talking till 3
then for three hours
then 3 minutes.
Then the one outing we had
that left me head over heels
and yearning for more,
meant nothing, yet everything,
and died off with the last of the
wick of a candle dipped in
promise and hope
and burned in a bonfire blaze
before my sight,
the words,"WHAT NOW,"
set in the smoke above.
Leaving me to ask,
what now?

I'm back ;)
Rebecca Kinga Apr 27

My eyes they dried as I stepped forward
Maybe there I died before being coward
I wasn't brave, was too afraid to be scared
Wanted to mend, too late for first aid
I couldn't face it, and could not run away
Maybe if I did now I was lost on the way
Who could've thought candles can drown
Inside their own tears that were around
Each door that I touched it was locked
Without reaching somewhere I only walked
I burnt and I drowned just like a candle
Were so many things I couldn't handle
Dreamland was wrecked before it was built
Innocence was lost there we found the guilt
I'm ready to face it, ready to face it all
If this is the last time I will lose it all...

Ready to die and lose it all..

So I'll light this candle
and I'll remember you

I'll open up my window
and see you in the moon

I would ask you to come back here
and iluminate my room
but I know you're somewhere out there
with much better things to do

So I'll light this candle
and I'll remember you.

Shofi Ahmed May 28

A new Prometheus breaks through
with the light not taken from the sun
but from an unknown forgotten one.
Not up from the sky nor from down
the bottom of ocean, rose from the null!
The witty one then shows up
like a candle, flame on the mirror!
Everything around it starts fading
except the flame in front of the mirror.
More and more eyeballs look
on it only to be sure
anything like it was never seen before!
By now the world woken up at the first light
perhaps except the one who could tell the truth
what was that looking in the mirror?
Everyone's guess was as good as other's

Your are my candle
Your warm glow casts my shadow
And beckons my soul

Late night writing. There's certainly something intoxicating about the glow of a candle.
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