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sidra Sep 26
what can a flickering candle say to
a blazing sun?
Your gleam steadily brightens my world
Poetic T Sep 24
What can I say I'm cheap,
I couldn't afford a 69 so I went
for the cheaper 59, 10% off.
                      Ye off the end result.

She was like tongue me deeper,
                    and she blew me.

Not like a vacuum hose,
more like blowing a birthday
                        candle out.

I'm moaning, she's coming.
Then a gust of wind in my face.

What can I say, she called me cheap!
And you get what you paid for,
I don't know why but my ***** are singed.....

To realistic for my liking that *******.
Candle, candle, where you breathe,                                  
may this light of yours succeed.
Candle, candle, bright and pure,                                      
from the flames of hell return.
Candle, candle, where you breathe,                                  
may this flame of yours succeed,
Candle, candle, wise and strong,                                    
bring forth your heavenly perfumes,
cease the wars, cease the injustice,
vanish at once the filth of sinners.
Candle, candle, where you are,                                        
bring forth your light, let it increase.
Candle, candle, bright and strong,                                  
from the depths of hell return,
place the jewels of Heaven on the mouths of all sinners.
Candle, candle, deep allure,                                                  
may the flames of hell adorn,                                            
with the light of Heaven glows,                                        
with the piercing brightness flow.
Samtoy Sep 16
Inorder for someone to live
Someone needs to die
For life it can achieve
It needs to sacrifice
But even though gradually
They both fade away
Slow as it takes
This life of a candle
Nothing is permanent in this world
Elizabeth Sep 13
I will wait up for the happiness that once belonged to me. I will kiss the robins in the early morning and the fall leaves right outside my window. The books waiting to be read, I will read them, to pass the time, some a better read than others, but I will read them anyway. The darkness will go away soon as long as I light the candle each night. I will hug the flames, feeling the fire enter my body. I will glow like never before. I will be the light until the happiness that once belonged to me returns.
I want to be the flames
A candle is nothing without fire
Angel never exist if the world has no devil
Star BG Aug 31
It is with one match
the darkness of room is lit.
One intention to recall who one is
to expand consciousness for peace.
One song of breath to sing out
and pass an awakening spark,
with compassionate smile.
One moment to change the world.

Be the match you are
to burn inside your great light.
It is why you are here.
It’s with the power of your own light
that God’s spark lives.
It is the light that cannot be extinguished.
The catalyst that makes one see
as they integrate the dark
into rainbows.

One bright candle of self held in a darken room
vibrates to gobble up the dark.
To awaken the sleeping.
To carry the soul to feel empowered by
rays of God within.
By your essence of love present.

One bright candle of self
in a moment of day or night
vibrates to a song of ones divinity
meant to be seen.
To move inside life’s dance.
To ****** go to touch many
feeling everyday the celebration
of a candle of love we are.

Let the light sail into you.
let your own candle burn bright.
Do, Ray, Me. All notes within. :)
Svode Jul 31
I used to have an obsession with candles.
Their soft yellow glow shimmering in the air,
Their heat melting the surrounding wax,
Their wicks, a lengthy fuse waiting to be terminated;
Their glow shining upon the surrounding area.

They comforted me, like a distressed mother
Holding tight to her kin during a hostile tempest.

They flicker so,
In the still air moving to and fro.
Lit a candle in my chest,
Then snuffed it out and put it to rest.
You killed the light fast enough,
For the darkness to catch up.

You're the angel that lied to god,
Sold your soul to save yourself.
YusufKudsi Jul 5
He sits by the window
Talks to the stars
He is a dreamer
Who waits for his dreams to be reality
He lights a candle hoping someone would see him
But the candle was just a notch in the city of lights
He wanted to shine like a north start
But he was just another dot in the middle of thousands.
He sits by the window hoping for the stars to talk to him.
But the room was quite like a windless ocean

He opened the window,
Shouted as loud as he ever could do
But the wind took his words and left him speechless
Despite his loud head the room was silent yet again
He looked up, hoping for the stars to talk to him.
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