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Hammad 4d
We all come across
a bridge
at some point
In our lives
When we find ourselves
at the end of the road,
on the egde of a cliff...
Not knowing that
The tides can be turned
if we take
a leap of faith
and trust Almighty..
In the world of evil amd doubts
- It's the faith
that splits the sea
and moves the mountains
When she looked
at her reflection
all she could do
was poke and ****
pick apart her
she couldn't help
but stare
at the vast
to her
the beauty was hidden
beneath a mask
of doubts
and anxiety
I wrote a note with your name mentioned
But deleted every word within a second
The feeling is long and drawn out
But it’s nothing aside the bigger picture
And much like a small city on this planet
It’s only feels larger when inside of it
I quite like this one
Maria Mitea Sep 4
Only me,
looking at the blue sky,
and the blue looking at me,
No doubts,

Only me,
lying on lavish grass and breathing
the smell of wet earth after rain,  
No doubts,

Only me,
and my sweet pain reflecting
into each other’s eyes,
No doubts,

Only me,
and you kissing the
droplets of hidden desire,
No doubts,
Anais Vionet Sep 3
The conversation
takes an crushy turn - so my
brain starts making quips.

My experience is
that my amorous impulses
are unreliable.

With my friends, my flawed,
carnivalesque attempts
at romance are legend.

Unless I'm starved
for embarrassment's grief
which I seldom am.

I will dodge, slither,
obfuscate and stall attempts
at intimacy.

What if I’m the
Kind of girl that guys can’t
just fall in love with?
romance - in the age of pandemic - can we restrict the field any more??
Spadille Aug 27
I envy those who have found there passion
I envy those who are drunk with passion
It makes me wander into space
As uncertainty circles around me
As I grow sceptical about achieving it
Kyra Embers Aug 26
Stranger behind this digital veil,
I am assuming this is another one of
Cupid’s play
Tell me, it’s one other summer fling
Or do I anticipate it to be a real thing?

Will you detest my individuality
And try castigating my intellect?
Would you be the supportive Prince Charming
Only heard of?

Would I hear guitar strings strum,
As love crawls in to find its way,
Even then,
Would it, be love?

Could we possibly Make up to the distance?
The warmth, the fireworks of each other’s presence
Amidst the epidemic that has interfered

Would we  Rave endlessly?
Talking all night,
Choosing each other
Over Morpheous’s arms.
Obsessing over little that are suddenly cute

Would we look deranged, with a constant smile?
Hushed voices, muffled giggles,
Lost, chuckling into our phones.
The very type I’ve always made fun of.

Would it be a Disney movie?
Say, a tad more magical?
Could I really judge you,
with a mere photo?

It could be the a summer drizzle
Or go down the drain.
Farce and adherence
Have been my metier
Assuring amazement
To be mundane.

Dear new immigrant,
Enrolling for my heart,
Hoping you’re the yin,
To my yang.
one other poem
Agata Ewa Jul 15
sings hollow in my ears
my every attempt at breath
i come up
crawl towards the shore
find silence again
submerged my mind freezes
time stops
hands shake
it will be okay
if you ever hear from him again
Agata Ewa Jun 29
can you try too hard
too much
too strong
too fast
I cannot stop my thoughts
they circle and circle
and find you again
am I falling?
how can I, if I cannot recall your face
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