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Why hurry
When was the finish line made
When was it all capable of coming to an end
Was it the silver strings that grew amongst the black youth
Or was it the timely pain that came against knees and joints
What was it ?
That made you loose track of your path
Did your mistakes pulled you away
Or was it your doubts that missed flights on its way
To opportunities.
Why did you hurry away ?
Estelline Jun 7
I hate falling
Because when I hear you calling
My heart’s all in…
But my head gets tossed into a sick bed
Because like before
I know it could end
And I know I couldn’t take the pain

It’s such a bittersweet feeling
Am I just dreaming?
Would I wake and feel nothing
Or am I awake now?
And would I feel it like a sting to the heart
And be left in the dark

But what’s love without taking a chance...
So for now we’ll dance in the light
Of some gleaming fireflies
While we feel the warmth of a fire
Burning inside of us.
Sarasi Rivina May 22
The word itself seems so vague.
A curse: A cure: by many names, it is known.
It all seems nothing in the eye, who failed at love,
But in the other, it seems divine.
When God created such a feeling, was it meant to be released to the world of humans?  Or vice versa?
Was it meant to have two sides?
The side that cuts your heart like a poisoned knife,
And the other which heals you like a heavenly medicine.
Was it for the happiness of beings who strive for happiness?
Or was it for them to suffer more?
Love, for some, is happiness and for some, it’s a curse…
And who is the decider of who gets what?
Is it god? Is it fate?
Or does it depend on oneself?
So many questions, yet to be answered
Can we incriminate god for keeping us in such a dark?
Or should we grind to find the light ourselves?
Was god so incogitant or was it all for us to discover?
All these questions burn within
Someone who waits a hopeless wait
To have a go once more            
At the love that they lost.
is it okay to miss someone so bad,
even if you don't want them in your life anymore?
is it okay to cry over memories of you two together,
even if you hate all those past moments?
is it okay to love him again,
even if he broke all the pieces of my heart?
but is it really okay
Peris Wambui Apr 22
✨I fear the unknown

I'm walking down the aisle,
Looking all beautiful and elegant,
Maybe all this to impress the man standing infront of the altar, waiting for me.
But it doesn't feel right,
Something's missing.
Unlike other brides,
I'm not that happy.
Maybe that's what it feels like,
The congregation seem happy for me, for us, but my heart ain't,
Its frowning, I'd have thought its jealousy 'cause someone else gonna share it, but no, it's a strong feeling, tag war between the heart and mind, instincts and the 'love' I think is there.

I'm closer to the altar,
He's ready to take my hand and lead me to the journey fate planned for us,
But ****, my mind is strolling on a different lonely path,
A lane of no return, of looking back, a lane that...
I'm worried now,
With questions in my heart,
Maybe this is normal, or maybe I'm too nervous, but where is this trust I claimed to have,
Where is this love?
Is this a mistake?did we rush things on such a short notice?
Am I really lucky like my girlfriends say?

We are already here,
My dad is handing me over to him,
Instead of being elated, I'm feeling scared,
Is this the right thing to do?
Am I really on the right path?
Why am I so insecure?why do I think he's gonna forget all this, and see me as a nobody someday?
Why do I feel he's gonna fall out of love,  and no longer treasure what we have?
Why am I too engrossed to the thoughts that he's gonna hurt me, he's not gonna show me respect even infront of our kids,
****, talking of kids, what if he leaves us, what if he finds a perfect lady and think all that we have, the family, is all a mistake?
What if I confront him someday and he decides that its over for us, what if he raises his hands on me,
Will I take all that?
Am I really ready for this man, for this new phase for me?

The ring is already on my finger,
Now I'm not just the girl they used to know,
I already have his second name,
He owns me now,
There's nothing like looking back, escaping this,
I've owned up to it,
So maybe, just maybe, I should shun these thoughts away,
And be happy, or that's what I think,
Let me laugh, smile, love while it lasts,
Cause the future is uncertain, not even my insticts can define it or predict what will happen,
So I'm looking back at this man, I smile,
My heart praying and hoping, this is the best decision I've ever made!

Jess Carroll Mar 27
Everything seems better
Everyday seems brighter
Everyone seems happier
Even the air seems lighter,

But what about him?

Well, maybe he won't notice
The pain hidden away in the back of my mind
Maybe if he does, he'll ignore it
For his own good
And mine

Won't he still love you?

I hope so
He better not have lied
But I won't really know
Until I reach the place where I truly understand
The place after I have died

How will you know then?

He probably has things hidden away
Just like me,
Things he wants to keep away
Only to protect me
And maybe that knowledge should be enough
But it isn't

So why are you writing this poem then, if everything is okay?

You must have misunderstood.
The things I say seem to pass right through him
So perhaps he isn't the ghost I thought he was...
In reality
I'm the illusion?
I really hope you can find some way of relating to this. I couldn't seem to get the words to flow right, and the rhythm seemed a little too forced, but whatever.
Yenson Mar 21
I have been hoping
that the visible invisibles
of Keystone Solidarity Republican
will soon come and tether a black horse
in front of my front door
to put their famous Doubt in my mind
that I am actually a horse
and not a human being
Why this simple act is taking so long
baffles me given they are specialists
in formatting doubts
perhaps they doubt horses have our legs
as I have three legs myself
though the middle leg
is not usually used for trotting
jia Feb 28
"do you love me?" i asked with utmost uncertainty
he looked at me as he said, "sometimes."
unsettled, unsecured and in limbo, "no guarantee."
he repeated, "no guarantee... at all times."
low poetry Dec 2020
Full of doubts,
making the decision.
Ignoring taunts,
implement the vision.

civilisation is going to die.
ask yourself question - why?
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