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Sam Oct 8
I'd like to think precisely
about my goals.
How I could reach it
or how I could do it.
But there are these doubts
living inside of  me.
Saying I can't,
I shouldn't,
I'd lose it.
I hate it this way.
Having a query with myself
and getting confused over
a simple silly thing.

21, Copyright © 2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
This is the 2nd piece from my poem collection called 21. It's already published in wattpad app. My user is @SAM-DLR. Feel free to read it there if you want.
rai Sep 27
I'm a prisoner of doubt,
Is there a purpose to the journey?

At last I found you...again.
Raindrop Sep 23
please let me in.
let me get close to you.
help me understand you better.
if you want to save us,
open your heart to me.
just please trust me.
trying to save a dying relationship
Sylph Aug 21
Im to point to where
i have to make choices
BIG ones
That could change my little teenage life

What high school do i want to go?
Should i break up with him?
What do i even want to do with my life?
Are they someone i want to keep around me?
Am i to the point of needing help?
Where should i work?
Should i start saving now for a car?

Then theres those questions that have no reason for existing
Will i make it?
Am i good enough to be here?
Do i deserve this?
Can i even do that?
Will i ever be able to do that?
Is that possible for someone like me?

These questions eat
like worm eating a apple
Eating to my core
my center
When i started and where im going to end
The main part of who i am
And it eats and eats till theres almost nothing left
Of what little i had
Surely, though our story is to be found amongst the rooms and walls and shelves  within the library of Babel...

Each letter perfectly paired to the next, and every space in its rightful place.
Periods and commas punctuating every moment exactly as they should.

...That room has yet to be illuminated, The walls therein unseen, It’s shelves have been left unenumerated.
And the book is yet unnamed...

Lost is the certainty,
the written account,
existing within the infinite possibilities of algorithmic and mathematical clout.

...Leaving us to marvel and worry only armed with faith and good reason, through all of life’s seasons and its many unmeasurable miserable doubts.
Kinda at a crossroads with relationships and work... I found a website called the library of Babel where a guy basically came up with a way to get every possible combination of the 26 letters in the English language, plus periods, commas and space. Making it possible to find a perfect written account of your birth/life/death and everything in between... if you just knew the location within its infinite volumes of seemingly endless babble.
Writer's block raids through my heart
Disappointments of not providing  
Sadness of words fallen
"Am I a poet ?"
Recites within my mind
"Am I good at what I love ?"
"Am I worthy of such endeavors in this life ?"
Am I ?

Advocacy I question
For what its worth
It feeds my soul
Am I, In need of such
As a
Permission to do good .

Many stand firm in symphonies
Of faith and prayers
Giving relief to thoughts of denial
And amplified patience pays off in due time
But how outreached do I question such patience.
As I feel belittled by the man in charge.
Oh God I ask of you
Am I?

Never neglecting time as the leader
I take note of my dotage span
Amongst my fellow dwellers  
And ask repeatedly
"Am I a Poet?"
Carmen Jane Jul 24
Unpainted colors dilute on my brain
They swell in rivers when it starts to rain
To travel them ,at first, I am afraid
As from my fears, I can't evade

On those rivers, with a faithful heart,
Full of desires, I decide to embark
And I land in a swamp, in a blink of an eye
"My own fear risen dough "- to myself, said I

Helpless, motionless,I remain for a while
Yet, hope can save me from this agonising trial!
Drop by drop, is collecting from a new blessed rain,
Behold me- adventurous, traveling again!

Once again I'm held back, by a strong wind
Breathed by bad mouths, my eyesight is dimmed,
Holding my breath, avoiding  such virulent  air mass,
I hold my chest strong, I know it for certain that it will pass!

I stay strong and see where it takes me
This river of unpainted colors- 't will save me?
Is it too late for me?- I wonder while I stomp
And I find myself again in the .. swamp.
Kaede Jul 13
One day, you will find yourself standing alone on the same street you were standing with him few months ago and it will hurt less this time. And you will realize that he wasn't even there with you in the first place.
You think you were happy with him, but when he left you, you realize that the happiness you felt wasn't authentic. Now, all you are mandate to remember are all the nights he sent mixed signals and all the nights you doubted if what you had will work out. But no, it didn't.

That is why I am here, writing this excerpt.
Like a pine tree
Standing firm and free
On a windy mountain top
For all to see
Such is the feel of wealth

Like a sunrise
Filling mountain skies
Causing doubts to calmly drop
And hopes to rise
Such is the feel of wealth

Like a good friend
On whom you depend
Helping untamed fears to stop
Until you mend
Such is the feel of wealth
This is Prosperity Poem 39 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
OpenWorldView Jun 21
blazing moon rises
darkness chases frightened soul
fleeing own shadow
You are your own worst enemy.
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