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Should I try harder?
Who can tell me this?
I got doubts and doubts got me
Should I try to kiss?
Tell me...
Jac Apr 6
he carried the ocean in his eyes
it had never been flooded
till that one day
it spilled, flooding his mind
drowning his views
making him lost
until he would one day find,
the eye of the storm
Steve Page Apr 3
The certainty that gives
the clarity to see
a path lies beneath
the current uncertainty
Uncertain times cry out for some base line certainty
Midge Apr 1
What ifs and some buts
Anxiety in my mind
Are you fooling me?
Cempaka El Mar 31
I want to walk and just walk,
Without knowing where to go,
Without knowing the consequences,
And without any concern.

They said you could reach everything you want,
But within a second,
They doubt your dreams,
Asking so many why.

Having backbones to support is great,
But what if they're the ones who broke your spirit?
I definitely knew they want the best of me if possible,
But have they ever wonder I am the one who hurts more than them?
Please tell me what it's like to be needed than wanted.
Poetress2 Mar 31
Some profess they can't hear God,
that He's not there at all;
Perhaps they're much too busy,
to hear Him when He calls?
Others claim God's never been,
and the Bible's full of flaws;
That man evolved from Apes because,
our hands look like their paws.
Still some doubt He doth ecxist,
that He's just a Fairytale;
They even doubt and disbelieve,
that there's such a place as ****.
I once was just like all of them,
so blinded to the truth;
I chose to live in darkness,
always searching for some proof.
Then one day, some troubles came,
thus I cried out for some help;
Although my pleas were genuine,
I was only afraid for myself.
I decided to reach out to God,
so I knelt down on my knees;
Asking Him if He was real,
needing so much to believe.
Then I heard a still, small voice,
gently calling out to me;
I listened quite intently,
wondering who it could be.
"My child, you still have doubts,
of the things you cannot see;
Just trust that I'm the great, "I AM,"
on this you must believe.
All that you have been through,
I've also been there too;
Mistrust, betrayal, and cruelty,
I've felt them just like you.
I breathed in you the breath of life,
and watched you as you grew;
I long for you to believe in Me,
as I have believed in you!"
I sat in awesome wonderment,
not sure of what to say;
So I simply asked Him in my heart,
to become my Savior that day.
Then a peace I've ne'er felt before,
flooded my heart and soul;
My doubts and worries went away,
knowing God was in control.
Now I believe and have no doubts,
when I witness for my Lord;
I tell everyone what He can do,
as I go from door to door.
I write my mistakes in cursive          
   They're more beautiful that way
Otherwise they'd be a curse if        
   They were muttered into the vast grey
Of the dusty, dingy city streets          
   Where my ****** up thoughts stay
Stuck to the ground, like ash beneath my feet        
   In the place where devilish words hold sway.
I try to bottle this gift called love          
   In the hopes its solace brightens your day
But as the sun sets and clouds form above          
   I fear my storm will blow you away.
NinEveria Mar 24
I haven't even started and I already gave up.
I haven't even decided and I'm already afraid.
I haven't even said it and I already doubt it.
Sometimes is **** in my head.
And I can't stop it.
Carmen Jane Mar 23
No one  knows me when I enter this chamber
Eyes are looking, in them, I see traces of ember
That brighten my very  own yellow brick floor
Where not even one millisecond ‘s a bore

Persistent glances of a bloodthirsty mosquito
Don't even faze me, since I’m dressed incognito
But as I get in the middle of this palatial room,
Nostrils inhale a demential perfume
That urges me to tear off my cloak
Eyebrows were raised, but nobody spoke.

I remained unfazed, as I unlaced my doubts,
I kicked off my moans, out of my thoughts,
They were dipped in my sorrows,
Now they are here, to be borrowed.
I peeled the cloth, that draped my heart
My bones know this is my journey's real start
To breath, I unbuckled the fear off my waist,
And already felt the joy through my chest.
I undressed these rags with holes in my knees
From kneeling down, so I don't  ever displease,
I undress my soul in this charming chamber
Like poets write their deep thoughts on paper
I feel my rebirth , my first breath’s sweet pain
And I know I'll renter this chamber again
Fie Tarp Mar 1
I thought it was a thing
I thought it was special

Now this happened and it’s all crumbling
My mind goes crazy
Is it me or is it you?
I said stop, but you didn’t listened
The pain, the feeling
Can I forgive you?

It’s all coming back, again and again
My heart is broken
I can’t find the pieces
Do you really know, what you’ve done
Or is it all just for fun?

The word from your mouth
It feels like it’s on repeat every time I see you
One word, five letters, that’s all
But it’s not enough for me
I can’t forgive without the time and a remarkable reason

I thought it was a thing
I thought it was special
Can I heal?
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