I'll wear myself out
Carrying this load
The one I believed I must burden

Embedded in my mind
Long ago
To heed echoes of the more "knowledgeable" person

But I'm learning in time
All they exclaimed as what's best
Doesn't fit my mold, it only worsens

Disregarding their judgement
Abandoning expectations
Looking within to sculpt my greatest version

© JL Smith
I never knew strength until it's all I had left
Stripped of everyone and everything; a victim of theft

I never knew strength until I was visited by death
Pleaded with God until His hand helped me catch my breath

I never knew strength until I faced myself
Staring in the mirror, buried by emotions I felt

I never knew strength until I chose to move on
Acknowledging my future is brighter now that you're gone

I never knew strength until I loved thyself
Standing firm in my convictions while accepting help

I've witnessed my strength; I no longer doubt
But in time I'll learn, I'm capable of much more inside and out

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 15
If I called
Would you come running?

If I had one too many
Would you stop my world from spinning?

If I revealed my mess
Would you claim it as your own?

If I had lost my way
Would you save me from wandering alone?

If I needed to escape
Would you drive me for miles?

If my pain wouldn't cease
Would you incite a smile?

If I wanted to give up
Would you encourage me to endure?

If I felt uneasy and afraid
Would you protect and secure?

If I told you it's hard for me to trust
Would you risk a chance?

If I told you I'm a little hopelessly romantic
Would you tell me you fell in love at first glance?

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 14
This is for those of you who
Sit with me in silence

Or for those of you who
See within me the courage of a lion

This is for those loved ones who
Feel pride observing my journey

And for those of you who
Extend a hand when my waters turn murky

This is for your loyalty
After everyone walks away

Or for your persistence
When I push, but you choose to stay

This is for those of you who
Lift my spirit and inspire laughter

And for those who
Answer my questions before I can ask them

I'm grateful for these moments
And your acceptance that I'm human

Yet, somehow you still believe I'm super
Maybe these boots and cape aren't an illusion

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 13
I may not make much money,
But I make myself proud

My IQ isn't ranked genius,
But I can captivate a crowd

Neck and wrists don't shine with diamonds
Yet, my beauty radiates all the same

My tongue often twists and stutters,
But my script puts the best to shame

I seek solitude for peace,
But my loyalty is fierce

I may not know my destination,
But my faith is letting Him steer

© JL Smith
When night falls to roost I go
In faith of better morrows
but uncertain of rising with the sun
To behold the next day's glory

I hate the life I live
I hate the world I'm born in

this world that gives Us nothing less but pain and hatred and shame

sometimes I wonder why great we opt to be
If greatness might we can't tame

but I have come to realize it's life
we came to live what we see
but not to change what it is
IT'S LIFE, and we must live..
It life
Mystic Ink Apr 6
Everyday I’m inspired
I have to pay someone royalty for
inspiring me.

I would have
ask for royalty
in return.

Let's make it,
Get it,
Genre: eXperimental
Theme: Mutual understanding
Misfired Apr 6
Inspiration is found a thousand times over every day
And yet still there are those who struggle to find inspiration to get up in the morning
We have the power to find inspiration
And the responsibility to inspire
Which makes a heart heavy with despair
Making the holder of a heart not be able to find the way out of bed
Hearts are lost in the maze of anxiety and depression
And those who make it out of the maze must inspire those still in bed.
even if it doesn’t inspire anyone I tried
JL Smith Apr 6
You and I have similar hearts
Different stories forming its parts,
But what I feel you've felt before
An outside smile while inside waging war

You gathered it quickly
How I'll invite you in with me
Your patience and listening
Unconditional love, persisting

You don't sugarcoat the truth
Yet, you protect and soothe
Walking beside me, I don't need to be carried
Allowing independence and growth, not burying

You see something of yourself within me
Maybe secretly praying I don't flee,
But let me share with you what I'm thinking
I'm beginning to trust you as you save me from sinking

© JL Smith
nurtured in the arms of another's.
birthed in homes inside their minds,
and told to stay low
told we have wings -
not told to use them.
because they might fail us.

our dreams might fail us.

so our sight blocked, to only the
array of sunset.
we sleep through sunrise
- at least they do.

        but see we,
we await, we wait until the
sun breaks way,
swallow the waves
eat another into oblivion.
whisked together as the sun turns to us
when she tires from her previous scene
she livens at us.

            do not anticipate until she bares full.
do not hesitate until she kisses your iris to black.
fly out to her
and see if wings dissolve like we were told they would.
see if you are dreaming
discover if you are awake.

feel how close to death you are
taste it, but swallow your presence.
when she begins to melt you.
remember that they told you that burns will kill.
who told you the sun will murder our home, when her end comes.

fear not. fear is your friend.
the sun  knows she can impale you so
deep with radiance.
but do not fear,

because last night was when you dreamt of the sun -
and now is when she killed you.
because you were too near.

to the dream.
to follow them will thrill.
and kill once you love them
but what won't kill.

so visit the sun if you dream of her
let your dreams burn you.
end you
because at least you tasted them.
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