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Her mouth
Enveloped me
Saturated this intimate glow
Inside of me
Touched every corner
Traced the lines
That I let no one see

Her mouth kissed
The bruised
Bandaged the wires
Defused the misfired

Her lips
I stare
For hours

She was the missing piece
Inspire each other!
Pieces of the heart:
Right and left atrium
A set of ventricles
Separated by a septum
The aorta and blood vessels, too
Working together
Pumping life through this body,
But every day
I give bits of it away
As appreciation,
As an "I love you."

© JL Smith
City lights
Divided highways
Lead foot
Chasing midnight
Accelerated thoughts
Crisp breeze
Rear view mirror hindsight
You deserve better
Than a runaway
Trusting only
Her headlights

© JL Smith
Eric 4d
Orange is a color to be recognized.
It is the color of a pumpkin with a demon surprise.
On Halloween it is all carved out with jagged teeth.
Take the pumpkin it is all carved out, a top, and a candle underneath

Orange is the color of Autumn.
When the leaves turn color is it not awesome?
They fall to the ground, a plucked feather.
The season of Autumn, what time could be better?

It is also the color of a basketball.
The seasons usually start in autumn as well.
Dribble and pass, drive, or shoot, your choice
When the buzzer beater is made the fans show their voice.

Orange is the color of a citrus fruit known by the same name.
It is also part of breakfast if you drink you could rise to fame.
Because of the old saying of “early to bed..”.
Can make you in the morning quick to lift your head.

Orange is also the color of a campfire;
With the provoked embers ready to inspire;
The tails that are scary;
With monsters that seem a little too hairy.

As you can see the color orange can inspire a great many things.
When you think of it I hope it inspires dreams.
Orange is the color for your creation.
Wherever you live no condemnation.
Some who've witnessed death
Often fear seeing ghosts,
But if you pass before me,
Courageously, I'll hope it is I
You haunt the most...

© JL Smith
At times, I long for
Drops of rain instead of sun
Gardens full of green
Rather than concrete paths to run

Sometimes summer's absence
Of winter's frosted flakes
Leaves me desiring blankets of snow
In place of sweltering rays seeking shaded breaks

After witnessing so many dusks
Of painted, sunset skies
For once, I lust after the dawn
Wondering how morning colors reflect my eyes

But mostly, I covet the luminosity of stars
Among the night throughout my day
Yet, when darkness arrives, I miss you most
Yearning for warmth while you're away

© JL Smith
The mastery over self is the ability to reboot.
It is an act to be human when the vibe of indifference exists.
Steps to be followed:

- Think of the innocence smile, someone beyond your family
- Think of the reason, last time you had soulful smile
- Think of that person whom you made smile
- Think of the persons whose smile you could preserve
- Think of an idea, sure to trigger smile

Now close your eyes
Remember the last photograph, you got a nice smile

If abled, rebooting completed
Now you are certified

If it doesn’t make change
Repeat the process
Reboot again
Genre: Beyond Poetry
Theme: Self discovery, Truth of life
What I desire
Is no more
Than you revealing
What's inside
Your head

But alas,
Pulling teeth,
Extracting nails--
Comes so much easier

© JL Smith
arvy lee Sep 14
your eyes bore into mine and I swear I can do this all day long.
"are you asleep?"
"I am, inside your heart."
your eyes with black irises, the gleaming happiness that can be seen inside them. you couldn't express yourself with words too well, but when I'm looking at you like this, I know you don't have to. I can read you all too well like this.
"are you sleepy?"
"I am not, not when the sound of my heartbeat is louder than silence in this moment."
you stare with hollowness, half lidded eyes that speak so much: I love you, I miss you, I want you, I need you -
"are you asleep?"
"yes. I'm full of you."
JL Smith Sep 13
It's worth letting you
Borrow my heart
So, you can feel
What it's like
To love yourself
The way I do

© JL Smith
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