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Alienpoet May 10
In the nightmare
we lose ourselves
not wishing to look in each other’s eyes
left versus right
only millionaires and billionaires can afford to fight
male versus female
drop the hate to relate
life sold cheaply over internet wars
our nation
a nation of locked doors
and hate driven speaking drivel
I love you all but your minds locked into
Facebook culture wars
media ******
ratings soar
go viral be the virus
or inspire us
it’s your choice
war is afforded to the rich
if your poor dig your grave or ditch.
Ken Pepiton Apr 19
Upright, bipedal, con-fi, see, come saw
I saw thee under the mulberry tree,
when the wind stirred
the upper branchings
one who strives with truth in life's wild way,
rests - while watching, waiting for next
if I may, the past-tenseness of guiled, is guilt.
Hold no shame, having to do, and suffering so
painless, once used, patience always workd.
No guile, we waited for the point to go. Dotdotdot
-speak of that daemon and who should appear,
the daysman on duty, Mercutio's nearkin,
- was he one told to come and see?
a stranger in whom is no trick,
a confident man, selling his wares, for worth
to the buyer made ware by chance, lost in thought.

Something seems off when a person
knows with whom he agrees,
but I do not, ah, poorer in knowledge accrual, am I

So I, learn if I am as well agreeable,
does this trek into familiar detail seem allusive,
or useful, universal,
state of un-been-guiled, once too many times.
Bogus Science, and Ponzi Economics,
we climbed the dung hill, and found it comfy, warm.
- some sense from bovine ilk, Rumi-nated
- clover over rye, a pre-ference, cud-wise.
- The after taste, time to think,
- why do we use so many nursing cattle?
- What have we become, now that we can
- drink dead milk.
-back to the quest for a we for today-

Frankfurt determines that ******* is speech intended to persuade without regard for truth. The liar cares about the truth and attempts to hide it; the bullshitter doesn't care if what they say is true or false, but cares only whether the listener is persuaded.[1]

From <>

Where I was reared, nobody tells you
of a tattoo
on their back,
beneath covering clothes.
- but now, the layer of cool, coming on
- after all psy-sci-psi sense converged
Some folks do, for some unspoken reason,
- see, I wish you could see raw me, the art.
- forcing me to keep this skin.
- Possesion first, first right to claim, I know.
- BTDT- an imp experiencing samsara for me.
now, where were we, like like likest…
A person is presenting purpose,
proposing we have lost our links
to recovered tattoos - meaning hidden
not on your face, intending to make you see
Salience, a leaping roe, perhaps, saying see me,
perhaps saying I can leap the hedge row,
or it seems
so so salient, as if coming to attention,
tuned to the whole, boom
- lackachuma-fuma
salience the word is said again, by the fellow
with the deeply meaningful ta-toos
- a silly syllable enabling- bling
to which my attention attracts, salience
catches my at- tension, hooks me,
pulls me in, gnosis whispers know me,
deceive your grip,
accept my hand co-mand-astory manual labor,
I snap my fingers, we
receive my salient happenstance

fool me once, sell me an invisible tattoo,

a tool used to mean something,
meaning- full fashion affectations,
- as when a law is fulfilled -
put it there, where ladies show their spots.

Imagine we know it means something
distracting to the winds in- twisting my senses
sh, shush
shushing soothing, as might a 4-H kid,
nurse a stolen calf, and learn the price of knowing.
Live and learn, grands in a country school.
With that

You move me
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Gravity
Aindri Jan 30
I'm just sitting,
Hoping for a day,
I don't have to face,
A blank page.
Any tips for inspiration?
If those mountains could talk, they would
If those sculpture could talk, they would
If your walls could talk, they would
If the mirrors could talk, they would

They are there
To witness
To console
To listen
To reflect

They thrive
In silence

So do you
Genre: Observational
Theme: The Purpose
Author's Note:
To be aware
Of every thing
Is the best gift of life

To be unaware
Of anything
The second best

If any
Beautiful thing
Doesn't inspire you

It doesn't make sense
Genre: Observational
Theme: Biased
Author's Note: Senseless I'm not but observant I'm.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
One will
Only be lost
Where one
Don't belong
When you see this
This is that
You are in

The way
Towards humanness
One may witness
Visible darkness
Invisible light
Chaotic freedom
Peaceful restraint
Offline mellow
Online chains
Masked happiness
Pleasure in pain
Raw truth
Camouflage lies
Losing hope
Searching fate

A sense of self
Cerebral hue
Shades of
Grey and white
Follow the light
This is a way
Genre: Abstract
Theme: The blank frame
Author's Note: Defiance all dogma, norms and disciplines, for the greater good, let the understanding begin. One gain insight from their life experience, some from inner conflict, and some other from philosophy, to survive and thrive. Everyday, we are exposed to thousands of vibrations, the wisdom of cultivation soothing vibes is a new science, a gift of time. Peace and love.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2021
A full moon
In the dark night
Stayed around the fire

Did nothing
Thought nothing
Her winter's blue
Uplifting her spirit
Hide and seek

Gone too far
As if
No one realizes
Genre: Observational
Theme: The Muse
Author's Note: Now one can see her from everywhere
Rainswood Sep 2021
I know that I **** you-
Just a little bit every time.

I hear the slight whimper escape your lips
Like a baby thirsting for milk.

Torturing you
With the blueness in my eyes.

Perhaps it’s cruel,
nurturing this tension
For my own aspirations.

Keeping you within fingertips distance
Then abandoning you again.

But you make me feel like art,
and that is lovely.
Desire inspires me. What makes your ink flow?
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
In a world of your imagination, who do you see? What do you see? Could it be..
.a paradise untouched by man?
A place you can escape?
Dare I say it, a place you could feel safe?
In a world of your imagination,
are there any wars?
Have you opened all the doors?
Do you have somebody to love?
Don't be afraid to share!
We may never get to see it in person.
But that's never stopped us before!
And if Rowling or king are any indication,
a world of your imagination
could inspire a generation.
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