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There are those who wear masks to hide,
Those who wear masks to show us what they stand for,
to inspire,
to unite,
to define,
to strike fear,
There are those who wear masks to protect themselves.
And there are those who wear masks to protect us all.
Which mask you wear?
I just met you but
you are cute
and you are sweet
I wish we could meet
I live here
you live there
but that is nowhere
I like the way you ask me things
like no one will care
when I talk to you its like I'm in space
but we don't each other face to face
Ito ang huling hapon ng mga alaala,
kupas na larawang sinikap maipinta
mga araw at gabing lipas na ng panahon
sa pag-indayog ng abo, at pagkaway ng damo
paalam sa mga nakaraang siphayo
paglubog ng araw, at ang buwan ng pag-ahon
sa hapon, at sa paglamon ng dilim sa liwanag
ang pagwaksi sa sariling naging duwag

Tapusin na ang dalita sa iyong gunita
Mga araw na unos ng paghihikahos
pagkapaos sa bigong pagsusumamo
sapagkat ito ang oras ng pag-agos
pagdaloy ng tubig, pagpawi sa kapos
sa agos, sa pagpaparaya, sa mga alaala

Bagamat tayo ay binuo ng mga pagsubok
at may mga lamat ng pagkapusok
alalahanin, tayo ay mga piraso
ng isang buong sining ng Maylikha
pagsamasamahin, tayo ay buo
magkakahiwalay man ay nabubuklod
hangaring mabuti ang maglingkod.

Michael Joseph Aguilar Tapit
I get up
I fail
I fall down
I cry
I get back up
I fail
I fail
and fail
and fail
I tried so hard
but failed
I look at you
and succeed
I try with you
I succeed
I lose you I fail
but you're back
I get you
you get me
I will never leave you
you are my fairytale
i love my bestfriend
Tiana Marie Oct 31
What is your inspiration?
Well, you see, there is no easy answer.
My poetry is not one thing
but everything put together.

When I befriend the darkness,
sad poetry occurs.
but when I am happy,
my poems have no trace of hurt.

When I am confused,
My problems are solved in verse.
It helps me stop and think
and not make the situation worse.

A tree can even inspire me,
for just look how each branch forms.
Each perfect little-crooked edge
and leaf falling to the floor.

Sometimes when in love
I'll write out all my feelings,
and then I'll just move on
and give someone else all the meanings.

Sometimes I just sit and write
and see what comes out.
Sometimes my poetry is a lie,
full of reasons and doubt.

I write of how I wish my life would be
or about a love I do not have,
and most of my inspiration comes
from what I want not what I have.
JL Smith Oct 30
For some time now
You've been watching
As I walk along the edge
Wondering if I'll fall blindly
Questioning if I'll trust again

You know well
How my heart split in two
Please don't subject its mending pieces
To experiencing déjà vu

I now sit upon the ledge
Feet dangling for your view
Will or won't you catch me
As I allow myself to be loved by you

© JL Smith
J L James Oct 26
Rejection is an earworm
Playing in your head
"Not here, not now."
Sharpen the pencil lead.
Rejection should inspire good, better, best.
you inspired me you always do,
I'm excited that I met you,
you make me smile,
you make me laugh,
thank you for being my other half.
To that destination
Where your wish is
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Wonder Lost
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