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Hi I’m back and I’m -

So cryptic. So embarrassing, but it feels so relieving.

What’s funny is you’ll take a peak inside, feel mortified by what you see, but you’ll never see the full picture.

It’s a lot but there’s no option other than to stay on the path and pick my feet up.

I guess ill continue walking till I’m bruised and bleeding, teary eyed, barely breathing,  satisfied with myself when all my demons are defeated.

It’s misleading, people teach me love and pain and say they love me then deceive me?

That’s demeaning, it’s been a nightmare lately and this lack of sleep is getting to me.

Everything is getting to me.

I’m sick of all the drug abusing, dumb excuses, acting like I’m ******* useless.

             ?Acting dummy, ditsy, clueless.

All these lies that just abuse me.

Look inside, you think I want to stay here much longer? Would you choose pain if you felt that your pain had provided you comfort? Because it’s easy and you’ve got a little food in the cupboard?

That’s a tough one, huh.

Yeah that’s what’s been my personal struggle.

But lately I’ve been getting tired of these lack of views.

The windowless prison walls, the being stupid - act confused.

That’s weak as hell. Im finished with this and yes, I know I’ve said those words at least a million times.

I’ve always meant it when I did, it’s been a  treacherous climb.

If any of y’all relate feel free to reach out some time. Life’s struggles don’t need to be a lonely experience.

Everybody goes through things, and listen man I know that you’re hearing this.

Just follow me, let’s put down our vices and take a walk.

There’s no need to be fearing this.
Sanya singh May 14
10 years and here we are
Human race still exists.

But we know better don’t we
Cause the nature seem to agree

We assaulted nature
And saw karma
Now we know how to live in peace

Those who lived, those who didn’t die
The nature’s kids are those who survived

We thank , we pray , we care
For the nature giving all of us another shot.

We don’t hurt her with axes
We don’t feed her polythenes
We don’t **** her children anymore

We know we made mistakes
We know we didn’t do our part right
But she is Mother Nature
there is love even in her fright

She let us go
She forgave
She let us live
For the good human sake.

So we did
We promised
To make up to our mother
We be better kids
Because we don’t want
Another pandemic time out.
we are humans aren't we ,
we change
and sometimes even for the good.
My Dear Poet May 13
I wasn’t much of anything
until I heard you say my name
One day I woke up. I woke up to the reality that the life as I once knew was shedding and I will never be the same.....

I can not speak for everybody, but I can speak for myself. One day I woke up to the fact that I did not want to keep singing the same classic blues of a troubled past. That I no longer wanted dance to a beat of another heartbreak, that I no longer wanted to fight for my worth and that I belong in this world. That I wanted to be in the moment and  acceptance of being.
You might ask,  what does that have to do with suppressed emotions? For me that I suppressed how much that I was hurting. That I had to keep on a mask to show I was worthy. That I had to pretend to much that I was ok, when I wasn't. That as I begin to wake up, If my actions were that impactful while hurting.. Lets thinks about how impactful they are if I am healed.
They say there are three sides of a story. Your truth, their Truth and The Truth. Well My truth is what I can walk in. And If the past was just that painful what are ways I can change the story to become impactful...

-Janielle Green
Have society  become obsessed with living in pain. The addiction is real.. hope one day we can heal.
Paras Bajaj Apr 23
No, we are not fine on our own,
and that's why we leave
for reasons unknown.
Melody Mann Apr 19
illusive incantations illustrate iridescent impermanence,
inspiring intellectual integrations past impartial intentions,
interdependent identities ingrained in innocence improve infrastructural spaces,
invite implausible involvement to instantly inform change.
An alliteration of the works, power to the voices of the underrepresented. Spark change in the institutions that you occupy and make your stance clear!
Oka Mar 28
Dream on!
Cause legends were fools who never ceased to stop
and nobodies were sages who hesitated to take a step
Let's say it's bardic inspiration
SiouxF Mar 27
No amount of darkness
Can hide a tiny light.
Having faith enables you to
Shine forth,
Radiate your essence,
Share your brilliance,
Inspire others
Along this journey called life,
For there is nothing
The devil can do to you
When you truly believe.
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