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My mind, madness
Overpowered by rhyme,
But no reason
Just emotions embedded
Beneath my surface
Exuding words
Written, not spoken
Dreaming in syllables
Replaying rhythm
Piecing poetry together
From what most keep hidden

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 15
And if your patience grows short
How winter's snow
Awaits fall's last leaf
How the blackbird's song
Serenades only after our sleep
And every flower blossoms
In its own time
When you least expect it
Love arrives

© JL Smith
Karisa Brown Jan 15
I couldn't fully understand
What was written underneath
Until her skin was aching for desire
And her frozen veins
became lit by fire
Karisa Brown Jan 15
Her thin unwritten beauty
Prevailed the sadness
Between her white eyes

Her beauty may have made
Her different
Her gifts she could not hide

What was now taken
Was fully once embraced
Her sound of the undertakers face
Scared off by her grace

The end.
JL Smith Jan 14
Your eyes exclaimed beauty
Witnessing my face
Behind its cosmetic mask
I didn't expect any attention,
But your admiration
Stopped this heart in its tracks

© JL Smith
No make-up necessary.
JL Smith Jan 13
I'm not familiar with
The meaning of pretend
For the truth is what I offer
Even if it's what you bend

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 10
Tie your laces
And watch your step
Don't fall for this heart
That hasn't healed yet

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 9
Maybe that's why my eyes stray to the skies
Toward the bird in flight
The rising sun's delight
The stars at night
The moon glowing bright
For my home is the Heavens
And one day I'll return
But for now, I'll relish nature's presence

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 8
I've forgotten
The kiss upon my lips
The way to let go and be held
I've forgotten
To accept unconditional love,
But I'm hopeful I'll remember how

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 7
Give me your eyes
For they're desperately sought by mine
My mind's diseased
Like a plague set before the Red Sea--
Distraught, a catastrophe
And a heavy heart
Anchored absently
Set ablaze for the crowds who gather
To fan the flames
Fueling in contemptuous laughter
My spirit pirouetting wildly
A cyclone spinning violently
But its eye--calm by design
Give me yours
For they're desperately sought by mine

© JL Smith
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