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R Nov 2021
cant catch sleep
lungs want to breathe your air
one more time
trapped in a house
summons destructive thoughts
black mass around my eyes
blank dreams and quiet endings
yet my darling, i will close my eyes
with you by my side.
make me feel safe again soon
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
I'm not one to judge.
Hard to hold a grudge.
I promise,  anything you want to say
Will be safe with me.
I know it's hard to trust.
They left you in the dust.
But don't let that stop you
From trying one more time.
Grey Dec 2019
I don't know your name,
your face,
your smile,
your persona,
your personality.

I've never laughed with you,
talked with you,
or seen you face to face.

I know your
your needs,
your losses,
your loves.
Your whispered secrets,
your dying voice,
your silent screams for help.

I know that I'll always save you,
reach out a hand,
and squeeze you so tight you can hardly breathe.
I'll always listen when you need me,
hurt when you hurt,
worry when you're silent.

You know me not by name,
but we've spoken once or twice.

I consider you a friend, and I hope you consider me one, too.
I just wish I could tell you how much you mean to me.
I wish you would believe me when I say that you are
Perfect in all of your flaws.
For a friend. Alas, even if they read this, they'll never know who it's about.. I just wish they understood that despite everything, I'll be there..
angele Feb 2019
i am powerless in the way of your pain-
which drives me to a place of insanity.
since i am impotent-i will promise you instead.

i promise to help you smile on your darkest days.
i promise to be your light where all the goodness has vanished.
i promise to find the words when your tongue has been removed.
i promise to stand when your knees give out.
i promise to be your music when your fingers break.
i promise to be the warm body holding you during a nightmare.
i promise to be your heart when yours is shattered.
i promise to be yours.
i promise.
well i tried to write something happy.
how’d it go?
Brad Tuck Jan 2016
I drove past the place where we first met today.
I felt cold and fragile. I guess nothing has changed.
The discomfort overwhelmed my basic senses, and I couldn't see straight.
I pulled over to gather myself, I found it difficult to breathe
The past eight months has been denial personified, a constant false assurance that everything is alright and that I'm happy for you.
Happy that you're comfortable in life, but I'm still running away from mine.
I'm happy.
Shyanna Ashcraft Dec 2014
It's days like these,
You're blind
You shiver,
And you hurt on the inside.
It's days like these,
This one right here.
Feeling the things,
Maybe it's been a year.
Or maybe a month or so.
You've fought,
You've crawled along.
You stand up on two feet.
You know that you're still hurting,
But you can carry on.
Because it's days like this.
These are the ones we live for.
Written 12-2-14
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
And now...

I have come to realize how truly strong a person you are. Stronger than anyone I have ever met. To keep a secret like that, and never tell without crumbling.

And now...

I have come to realize what a selfish, self-centered ***** I really am to be so caught up in my own dumb mind with my own worthless problems that are NOTHING compared to what you withheld. I won't dwell too long on what an awful unsupportive friend and person I have been because that would once again be drawing attention back to me the selfish way I have been doing, but I feel like I have to say it at least once: I am so. so. incredibly. sorry. I never noticed or asked how you were or saw that something was wrong. I'm so so sorry I wallowed in that pathetic self-pity for so long just over my stupid issues that are so miniscule compared to yours, I basically want to whack myself in the head with my guitar I'm so ****** at myself. I am SO SORRY I wasn't there and I'm SO SO SO SORRY I surrounded you with my own dumb unnecessary negativity when you had enough of your own. I'm so sorry. I cried for nearly an hour last night out of anger with myself for not being a good friend and out of sorrow for your troubles and the pain you must be going through. You can almost always tell when I am upset somehow but that is like your odd supernatural inexplicable talent and I don’t have it. I wish I did, but I can tell when someone likes another person somehow almost always accurately but what use is that? I’m just so sorry from the bottom of my heart and I promise that beginning NOW and today I swear I am going to be here for you. I am so sorry for not being there. Okay, I’m going to stop going on about it now.
And now…
I can see everything I didn’t pick up on when I needed to so clearly.
And now…
I just want you to be okay. I JUST want you not to be in pain. I don’t know how to fix you but I’ll do anything I can to try.
And now…
I want you to know how brave you are, to go at it alone.
And now…
I want you to know, two years ago, we agreed “No Secrets”. Well, since then we have kept multiple secrets from one another. All of us. Since then that agreement has become less and less realistic. There will always be secrets and that is just a part of life.  I understand why you didn’t tell me sooner and I just want you to know that I am always prepared to drop literally everything of mine, physical, mental, and emotional to listen to you and care more about your problems than mine because yours are always and have always been far greater than any of my pitiful woes. I will always understand why you keep things from me, but when you choose to share it, in your own time, then I will always be there to listen and understand.
And now…*
I will never abandon you in this.

-Love Ember
I'm sorry and I promise you this.
Erin Hankemeier May 2014
Please help me to say good-bye,
It's okay to feel hurt, It's okay to cry.

I promise I will not be in pain anymore
I promise that my promises will be sure.

It hurts like hell,
But this is my last farewell.

My soul is now in Heaven
So lay me down in that wooden coffin.

Hold my hand, then let me go
You look at me, then walk away slow

Oh, How I wish I could hold you,
To tell you that my love is still true.

I want to speak and see your face
I long to be held once more in your arms of grace.

A single tear rolls down your cheek,
You can not form the words you want to speak.

You remember the past six years,
The smiles, laughs, even the tears.

I know it will be hard to do,
But promise me you will find a girl just for you.

I have moved on to bigger things,
I received my halo and my wings.

I believe there is a reason for everything,  
Even if we didn't get our spring wedding.

Now I will help you to say good-bye,
It's okay to hurt, it's okay to cry.

I promise I will hold you close in my heart,
There, we will never be apart.

*I promise to keep my promises, my love
This was written in the spur of the moment. I just wrote what I felt and a bit more.
This piece is about a man and a woman who have been together for six years. She is dead, but she is watching over him. She wants to tell him that it is okay if he finds a new love, just not ever to forget her. She promises to keep him close to her heart, and she promises to keep her promises.


— The End —