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10 years
Seems like a landmark
A traumatising reality
The cold clasp of death
It grips at the starless night
And the moon, oh, the moon
How she screams
Oh how those noises swallow me whole
DM00 Apr 11
so often used against me
are a new superpower.

A tight shirt,
maybe a skirt,
and I’ll have you thinking

what might it feel like?
To touch my lotioned skin,
or the bumps on my not-so-smooth legs?

I no longer think
that I have to say
“I don't like other girls,”

Or that I need a lot of guy friends.
I love my girlfriends
the way no man ever could.
not my best
Carmen Jane Mar 25
Here weeps again, my Willow tree,
You cut its branches 1, 2, 3,
The ones, that touched the power lines
You cut the 4th and 5th long vines

It grows so fast, you'll come again,
You'll cut 6, 7 ,8 ,9 ,10,
But, when you climb down your cherry picker,
You'll see, I made them, each, a pricker

I'll carry them to the nameless lake,
I'll plant them for my Willow's sake,
I'll wait for their first spring leaves
Those ones, in late fall, my eyes will please!
Feelin' Lucky Mar 23
It wasn't ****
Because I said yes
To you
I'm writing a small poem every day about how I feel or the world around me. This is #10
Feelin' Lucky Mar 17
If you're looking for a reason not to **** yourself tonight, this can be it.

Sometimes, we feel as if nothing matters.
We all do.
So i made a list of a few of my own reasons,
13 Reasons Why
I'm still alive.
And hopefully you'll change your mind.
Those moments you feel happy, and nothing but lucky.
And you wish nothing will ever change.
I will try my best.

Reason 10, The faded memories of a long remembered time.
These things are getting darker every time. So do I. Wishing This wouldn't be just the past, faded memories of times we want to remember. But I can't. These moments may have destroyed me, I still want to remember. Who I was, what drove me into this, and who I never want to become again. These memories are fading, my life is turning into a perfect one. I'm slowly suffocating. Why won't you let me be imperfect, And accept my past. We were young, And all we had was a city. But I don't mind. Will you please let me go back to the times love still existed here, The thoughts of getting out. You can let me go for once, And we'll still be okay.
gabrielle Mar 17
t o m o r r o w   i t   i s
i   w a n t   t o   d o   s o m e t h i n g
b u t   i   s h o u l d n ' t

w h a t e v e r   h a p p e n s
k e e p   t h e   s t o r y   a l i v e .
k e e p   t h e   l e g e n d
w i t h i n   y o u r   h e a r t
Soliel Feb 18
10 years from now I’d regret it if:
I find you in someone else’s arms,
You find your home through someone else’s eyes,
And that someone else is never I.

10 years ago
I never know,
I’ll never have a clue,
For I was never there,
That very 10 years ago.

4 years ago,
I think I was robbed
Of jokes, I tried hard not to laugh
Of the presence in the room
With a loud voice
and a young heart I avoid.

4 years ago,
I was robbed by his wild heart
His delinquent ways and acts
Him standing in the pavement,
That look in his face he doesn’t have a clue of!
My god, I think I’d have a heart attack!

4 years ago,
I was robbed
Not knowing I’d loved that man
Not knowing that I can.
it isn't what I feel now, but I can't say its never considered love just because I forgot how it felt now. As they say, It is love for what we knew love to be.
acacia Jan 2
the christmas lights
but through the sheet of snow that blanketed the ground,
the sky, my windows
though, i didn't need to see any because
i saw you
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