Nylee 5d

I don't expect
the things I expect
to come true.

Nylee Aug 19

I listen to lies I tell myself
They're so true!

Nylee Jul 31

The more I argue better
the worse I feel later

Lufuno Jul 27

Ubuntu you are the respect ness of the in respected you were an you also got to Mandela an you made him to have peace an respect

Ubuntu you are the joy at friendships families an schools but but some people they don't care about you.

Ubuntu why don't you have all people so that Mandela can rest in peace.

Thank you for letting me publish my own poem
Cat Lynn Jul 26

Define for me the length of waiting

How long are you willing to wait for a person who is deeply fading?

What to you is too short? What to you is too long?

Do you fear your individual is too far gone?

Waiting is like a jail cell, where your mind is imprisoned

Time has the key, deciding how long you will stay with the life-line you were given

For 10 years I've been slamming my cold weak fist against the prison cell, praying that you would hear it

But still your back remains towards us, it would be cruel for me to throw a fit.

How can you hear us? When the lies of your authorities have deafen you?

I've been in here for 10 years, I know I may be for a little while longer

I may not ever come out at all. Still wait? Why bother?

Am I such a fool to still remain faithful to the bond that was created?

Or a wise young person to believe that the relationship never faded?

I could starve and yet survive this prison without a word from you

Because I still have the audacity to remain in hope,  the hope that someday you will come through...

You know who you are, I hope someday you read this, and know that WE will always be waiting, without any anger and bitterness. We are waiting for you
Nylee Jul 15

Urge to let go
it is increasing
more and more

Keen Jul 8

I wish that,
realizing -
my worth.


Keen Jul 7


Through the haze of my first cigarette
I watched two squirrels fighting
this morning
Over a nut, unrequited love, or another combustible essential-
    who are we to know?
I watched three cars crash this afternoon
All rushing to go nowhere first
And didn't think twice
   who are we to think we're innocent in this?
I watched myself down four bullets of absinthe tonight
Shots for the price of other vices' abstinence
Coughing through the embers of my last Marlboro
Every species fighting the same thing
   who are we to be okay?
Rodent, machine, rotting machine
Cigarettes in the morning, stronger cigarettes at night

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