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Van Xuan May 30
I cared for you since day 1
You never knew me
Yet I gave everything I got
Just for you to be happy.

I am just waiting here
Ready to support you
Anytime you need me

But then you love someone else
An adversary that I'm helpless with
Time to give up

For the first time and the last time
I just want you to know
The only reminder I can give to you

"Usted siempre sera mi siempre"
"You will forever be my always"
Full version of the poetry Final words.
CarolineSD Aug 2021
Though she once,
At the moment of her birth,
Shone with immeasurable light, 
Unadulterated, unremitting, unashamed
Breaking the barriers of time and space
Wide-eyed emerging into that very first day
Unwrapping the shadowed arms of the other side

Though she proclaimed
I am here!
Like the brightest star,
Speaking with her spirit alone

Having not yet lost
The language of God

Though she was at that moment
Lifted into her place
Embraced by vast, light-laden arcs
Cast just right
A speck of hope within the wide
Galaxy of life

Though she emerged bright
And sure,

She fell

She plunged through a darkness that stole it all
Light years of cold
Voices that battered the
Stardust core
Of her soul

Until one day
At the edge of some endless abyss
She turned and tried to find her own star amongst the farthest
Reaches of the night sky,
Eyes seeking in the black,
And at last perceived the faintest glow,
A tiny spark from so many, many years ago,
A remnant of a little girl she once knew.

But the pain is just too far
And the cruel wind slaps at her reaching arms
And so she just steps back and lets herself fall

Away from the light.

Away from it all.
For my mom, for me, for all. How the darkness can carry us so far. Away. I still believe we were born of light, once.
Jenniff Hill Mar 2021
dear chaser,
you had only one goal and yet you failed,
after all the chasing, how could you
leave so easily?
emi-atal Mar 2021
Thank you To my teachers that never gave up on me
when I was thinking of giving up on myself
thank you for helping me realize that there are nice people out in the world.
Thank you for giving me hope in humanity.
Thank you for being there in my bad times and making me smile
Thank you for the hugs that you gave when words could not help.
Thank you for the wisdom you shared with me...
Thank you for noticing the fake smile on my face; even my friends did not.
Thank you for being yourself and teaching what you thought was important.
Thank you for teaching from your heart, not the textbooks.
Thank you for being my role model
but most importantly
thank you now; I have a dream I could go after
and that is to be like you.
Astrid Ember Dec 2020
I concede,
I yield,
I cave,
I give in.
My 2 weeks put themselves
in centuries ago.

I've fallen from my self-righteous high horse;
a stallion meant only for
those full of their own capability.

For so long
I've fought more than 'tooth and nail',
more than 'blood sweat and tears'.
Fought harder than 'life or death'.

I've fought to the diminishment
of my brazen,
furious soul.

Worn my own sharp
rapturous vigor for this life
down to a dull
dull syringe.

Even the most skilled,
determined ****** couldn't
tap a main line vien
with what now remains.
Felt like this was raw as ****. So, yeah. *Whoop there it is*
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Tick tock
  Tick tock
Throughout the years
   I've always thought
Of faith to be
  A clicking clock
With hands
So persistent
So determined
To never miss a single beat
  Nor stop

Throughout the years
  This faithful clock
Built up a longing in me
  My solid rock
Through which,
In times of trouble
I would pull
From my everlasting
  Love-filled stock

Brace yourselves,
My friends
  And do not
Let this coming news
Be some sort
  Of terrible shock
For the time is coming
  When this faithful clock's
Hands must,
  Inevitably stop

For you see -
The battery in me,
So to speak,
    Is nearly diminished
The continuation of
its intermittent
Clicking is
    Almost nearly finished
The gears within
This 'ol faithful clock,
Are most definitely
    Fatally blemished

I am so
   So very sorry
For this very moment
Marks the end
   Of my journey's story
I hate to say it,
But not every person
   Goes out in a blaze of glory






The clock has stopped
I feel like my faith is failing.
Jaicob Nov 2020
I have completely given out.
Nobody even cares anymore.
I should die without a shout.
Nobody even cares anymore.
I can't keep living life like this.
Nobody even cares anymore.
I feel like I'm falling through an endless abyss.
Nobody even cares anymore.
Joe Workman Nov 2020
I'm still here,
I think.
Therefore, I am
free to point out that punctuation is everything.
There is no guarantee of freedom of thought
when you've surrendered
your desire
Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
You were supposed to love me til death do us apart.
But Then you let go and decided to trample my heart.
You've turned love into a lie and made heartbreak a work of art.
It was something I should have seen coming from the very start.
I was so foolish. Choosing someone like you wasn't at all very smart.

I fell in love with you because I knew your heart and knew who you were.
Now everything good about you has been wiped away, now a blur.
When I told you I loved you I meant it. I didn't stutter nor slur.
Now, after all is said and done I wish this charade had never occurred.

My heart, soul, time and tears were all taken advantage of.
Oh, how you lied to me because what you offered was never love.
In spite of the suffering I went through by you, I still considered you sent from above.
You disregard the times I treated you like a queen, when you were my white dove.
When my heart utterly melted for you. When your beauty was my treasure trove.

Now that its all over, you've given love a bad name.
Now that its over, I'll never look at it the same.
Love is no longer beautiful. Its a disgrace, a pity, a game.
Because of you Ill probably never find true love and that's a real shame.
However, I do hope someday I can find another that'll light my heart aflame.
But for now its a darkness a void. Because of you that's what love has became.
I had been writing nothing but dark and depressing types of poems and wanted to switch it up. My ex wife did me ***** and apparently just "stopped loving me." That's just a garbage thing to say. So she just turned her back on me and abandoned me. This poem is what I now think of the "love" she used to have for me.
Aubrey Jones Sep 2020
I feel like I'm drowning
not drowning
drowning comes with resistance.
I am sinking to the bottom of the ocean
my every thought is a stone in my pocket
my mind treads ever forward though it knows I will not float
it doesn't care
It is only after my head dips below the surface that I start to realize the severity of what I cannot undo
I open my mouth to ask for help
but instead, my regurgitated words bubble out of my lungs and float away
and I'm distracted by the beauty of the scene
isn't that so like a poet?
so engulfed in the romanticization of my death that I pick up the shovel
and I dig the grave myself
so distracted with the view
I can't force out the words I need
I won't betray those stones in my pocket,
Can't give them away
But then again, what have they ever done for me?
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