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I just can’t do it,
Please don’t make me,
I don’t want to see it everywhere -
All the things I should be doing, everything I thought I’d be,
I want to lock myself up somewhere else,
Even if the light won’t get to me.

Don’t come close,
No, I told you so!
It’s dangerous here, maybe even deadly,
No matter whoever for it can’t be a good thing,
I don’t know if I think you’ll hurt me,
But please just stay away
I need to manage myself but you’re taking that away,
Not that I ever had it,
It seems I keep slipping,
Further, further, gone.

It’s okay now, it’s the end,
I’m done and
Won’t be coming back again.

You’ll see how much less misery,
You’ll have away from me.

This is over,
I’m sure I really give up this time,
This is me actually giving it up,
Saying goodbye to everything I once had hope in because I’m done.
elish Sep 21
just a little more,
I should wait.
just a little more,
I will strive.
just a little more,
I will fight.


just a little more,
I will stop.
just a little more,
I will give up.
just a little more,
I will die.

just a little more,
just a little more.
whatever hardships we face, there is always an end. we just have to go on, just a little more.
Alex Sep 18
I, once again, find myself barely hanging on,
Trying desperately not to sink in a crowd
Full of people who simply do not care.
I tried,
Until I snuck into the bathroom
And saw the blood trickling down my arm,
I felt at peace.
I tried,
Until even the people who made me happy
No longer brought me anything but despair
Simply because I was too scared to disappoint them.
I tried,
Until the bottle of pills was rattling in between my shaky fingers.
The tears would no longer come,
For the world I live in has let me seen too much horror
And now even death doesn’t scare me.
Still, I tried,
One final time I called out as I slipped away,
But there was no one left to help.
Nina Sep 8
I'm tired
I'm tired of faking my smiles
pretending to be happy
lying that I'm fine
I'm tired of being a disappointment
Being a mess
Being useless
I'm tired of dealing with toxic people
With a broken family
I'm tired of panic attacks
I'm tired of crying
I'm tired of everything
The Vault Sep 3
Trying to have something you never could
But still you try
Pushing yourself in the dirt
To just see the sunshine
For one taste of what it feels like to be free
You fight for it
Digging yourself out
Just to bury yourself in
One step forward and two back
You can't fight for forever
Growly Wolfus Aug 21
I was born into this, something I never wanted.  And all of my life, I've been running, hunted.  We're being tracked down and slaughtered, chased, by people with fire as their ally, their weapons made of silver or simply wooden stakes.  You've run us into a corner and murdered all of my kind out of fear, not a shred of their existence left behind, proclaiming it was for everyone's sake.  I am the sole survivor, the last of my race.  I have vowed not to fall victim to the same fate.

You've claimed me to be a monster, but what does that mean?  The only monster I see is you.  Murdering and spreading rumors of my kind, you don't understand what I've been through.  Saying I've slain many, but you've killed more than a few.  Stop speaking of such things; it's hurting me.  Stop lying to yourself.  Why can't you see? Are you ignoring it purposely?  Look at me, into my soul, and realize the devastation caused by your pursuit.  Why can't you understand?  Monsters have feelings too.

Though, it is too late to go back to peace.  The people can only see something unreal, a fake part of me.  And now, I will never be free.  I'm forever running from your conceit.  I have done nothing to bring you to this.  I've cut off my horns, my fangs, and my claws to try and be a part of your bliss.  I burnt my fur and scorched my skin, but all I've done has been dismissed.  I have to hide in caverns deep.  In the cold and damp, I sleep, afraid to be found in my cavern keep.

I could never fight you, that would only make things worse than before.  My skin is covered in my crimson blood and I'm in pain from the scars.  In anguish, I roar.  My gargantuan, curled ebony horns lay broken and cast aside; my thick, midnight blue fur reduced to patches and strewn across my stone lair; my calloused pads raw from running; my weary eyes tortured and worn.  I've given up on living any longer.  It's better to die and to be conquered than to be caged and grow weak from hunger; so I step out of the cave, crawling out on all four; and I lie down, exhausted, on the forest floor.
This is my first rhyming storyline.  It stemmed from a thought I had.  "Who are the real monsters in our world?"   let me know if you like it.  I don't know if I should finish it.
For the millionth time a deep mean gruff voice echoed from within
"I give up on you "
not realizing that there
were no one
left to perceive it.
It's better to be motherless
Than have you as a mother
It's better to be motherless
Than praise you as a woman
It's Better.

Your fertile ways of pretence
Has paved a hatred too strong for life
I'm disgust of my rights
For you have made me despise these sites.

It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
I'm at end with understanding of your crooked lies
Edging happiness with the sharpest of tools.

It's better to be motherless
For I care not what others say
Painting I, with ungratefulness
I'll take my stones as hard as they come
It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
Jaxey May 10
I was waiting for a happy ending
But now I'm just waiting for the end
hopelessness is a dark place
Darryl M May 8
Get her, my heart shouts.
How do I get her?
My heart won’t tell.

I love you like I’ve never loved any before.
I love you like I’ll never love any again.

Let me gaze upon your treasures, so I believe.
Your beauty is such a curse, it blesses me.

I still have your pictures.
I’m caught in this cycle.
Delete is just another recycle.

We won’t savor in the moment like the last spice.
I never got to share my love like the last slice.

I stopped thinking about you the day I told myself, we won’t happen.
I regret that decision, coz my fantasy is the only connection I had with you.
Completed: 05th January 2018 [22:02 PM]
Amateur Sonnet.
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