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You were supposed to love me til death do us apart.
But Then you let go and decided to trample my heart.
You've turned love into a lie and made heartbreak a work of art.
It was something I should have seen coming from the very start.
I was so foolish. Choosing someone like you wasn't at all very smart.

I fell in love with you because I knew your heart and knew who you were.
Now everything good about you has been wiped away, now a blur.
When I told you I loved you I meant it. I didn't stutter nor slur.
Now, after all is said and done I wish this charade had never occurred.

My heart, soul, time and tears were all taken advantage of.
Oh, how you lied to me because what you offered was never love.
In spite of the suffering I went through by you, I still considered you sent from above.
You disregard the times I treated you like a queen, when you were my white dove.
When my heart utterly melted for you. When your beauty was my treasure trove.

Now that its all over, you've given love a bad name.
Now that its over, I'll never look at it the same.
Love is no longer beautiful. Its a disgrace, a pity, a game.
Because of you Ill probably never find true love and that's a real shame.
However, I do hope someday I can find another that'll light my heart aflame.
But for now its a darkness a void. Because of you that's what love has became.
I had been writing nothing but dark and depressing types of poems and wanted to switch it up. My ex wife did me ***** and apparently just "stopped loving me." That's just a garbage thing to say. So she just turned her back on me and abandoned me. This poem is what I now think of the "love" she used to have for me.
Aubrey Jones Sep 24
I feel like I'm drowning
not drowning
drowning comes with resistance.
I am sinking to the bottom of the ocean
my every thought is a stone in my pocket
my mind treads ever forward though it knows I will not float
it doesn't care
It is only after my head dips below the surface that I start to realize the severity of what I cannot undo
I open my mouth to ask for help
but instead, my regurgitated words bubble out of my lungs and float away
and I'm distracted by the beauty of the scene
isn't that so like a poet?
so engulfed in the romanticization of my death that I pick up the shovel
and I dig the grave myself
so distracted with the view
I can't force out the words I need
I won't betray those stones in my pocket,
Can't give them away
But then again, what have they ever done for me?
Isabella Sep 21
My trembling fingers are losing grip
Any moment now they’d slip
But what’s the point in holding on
If my heart isn’t quite that strong

My broken eyes can hardly see
The shaking ground right beneath me
But what’s the point in waiting more
If the ending’s just the same as before
just a second longer, perhaps it will be worth it after all
CarolineSD Sep 2
So many voices yelling and echoing and cluttering up
Every heartbeat with dissonant commands;
Discordant rhythms
That give chase, pulse racing wildly ahead,
But I can never escape because the speaker is


Who taught me these monologues of doubt?

I’m trying to find some dark corner to crawl into
And hide
From all of the should be’s
And didn’t you’s
And what if’s
And why aren’t you good enough to
And why can’t you just fix everything
And why aren’t you strong enough
To just live
And not break at every streak of light
Surmounting the dregs of night when the morning returns again
And still there is a feeling of falling
And not knowing if you should reach out and hold onto something,
Or not?

And so you just grip your coffee cup as if it were
A solitary rock
In the middle of
A storm-whipped sea
And I really just need to wrap myself around
Something that is made of clay
And dirt,

Drag my spirit through the veins of the earth,
Where the cut-banked canyons rise into a
Reddened western sky  
And release the broad-winged birds to flight.

And everything is quiet

And I know my worth:

No more or less than the brush along the shore.
No more or less than the darting shapes across the river’s floor.
No more or less than the dusk,
Than a gentle touch across my face,

Than love;

No more or less than love

And how it spills like water over rocks
And moves like music through the blood

And how the morning becomes quiet
And I am
Singing softly to my children,

I won’t give up.
Cassandra Aug 20
Resting your head on the side of the bathtub,
Half-hoping you won't fall asleep and slip under the water.

Walking into the street without looking both ways,
Half-hoping you won't be hit by a car or some other vehicle.

Running down the stairs, taking them two at a time,
Half-hoping you won't trip and fall all the way, all the way down.

Turning off the oven after cooking your dinner,
Half-hoping the gas hasn't leaked and isn't filling your entire house.

Leaving a candle lit for a moment as you leave the room,
Half-hoping it won't fall over and set your bookshelf ablaze.

Doing any number of seemingly monotonous chores,
And half-hoping your mind won't hope for the dreadful way it could

I'm half-hoping once again
CarolineSD Jun 20
The great arms of the cottonwoods release fragments of
Themselves across the evening sky,
As if the edges of clouds could
Lift from the flutter of leaves
And drift out and away,
As if giving up fragments of oneself
Is soft and easy,
Like the bend of the river
Around the greening banks
On a gentle summer day.

Like giving up is not brutal
Or bones cracked on the cold tile of the
Bathroom floor
When you can’t even do this anymore
And there are tears laid around you like bright
Flowers of pain
Spilled and wilted and dried up again
And you curl into yourself
And simply wait for
The end.

There is a giving up in that roughness and there is a giving up in
The radiance of the sun
Emanating from the warm rocks at the edge of the cliffs,
Lifted off the backs of the verdant hills,
And there is a giving up that is a gift
And not an acquiescence.

And thus it is,
Like the river’s edge,
I give up this familiar space
To the flooding of the rains;

Take the banks of all I know
And allow their swift erosion
Down to the vulnerability
Of my soul.

I give up the strongholds
Of dread
And cast these crafted layers to the edges of the stars

And I won’t give up the openness of my heart,

Or the way I can see so far
Across this wild, limitless wilderness
Of hope,

Or how it grows
Within the shelter of your hands.
And just like them old stars
I see that you've come so far
To be right where you are
How old is your soul?
Well, I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up
Broken Echo Jun 16
It was in the days of loneliness
i felt the pain most.
Reaching for something that was no longer there
Grasping at my chest
Fighting for air
Memories of you
Of us
Haunted my soul
Nightmares were getting old
Isolated in my own head
Please help ill do anything

I beg

Giving up is all i could do
Nothing mattered after i lost you...
Reflecting on a very dark time in my life
I gave up
I got up
Raven Jun 1
Can’t take it easy, not this time
Watch, I am covered in all this grime
Wish it was easy, just this time
Hear, I am wheezing a mournful whine

I think I will let myself fall
The way down is not so long
I never reached your height, never was tall
I never was as strong and now I’m gone

In the end
I wish I could see
But there is nothing to mend
And no reason to flee

In the end
I wish I could feel
There is no reason to stand
Or even to kneel

In the end
We all die alone
To death we bend
Lost without a home

Now it seems so easy to me
I let myself glide through the wind
This is my only chance to be free
When the branches are weary
And the leaves could only
Helplessly fall on the ground,
The birds sigh in unison.

When the clouds are in deep burden—
They try to hold it in for quite a while
Until a sudden downpour occurs,
And nostalgia creeps into every person.

As you watch all these happen,
You come to realize that sometimes
It's okay to just give in to the universe,
Because beauty isn't always in holding on.
Mr Tendy May 21
Depressed , sadness , emotional pain, giving up hunger, hopeless sene, helpless times.

Are this what we feel at every given time.

Am I right?

Then tell me why am feel so about you right now please?

I thought you were just one of those things but it ends up that I was wrong,

You got a better grip on me than I gave you space too.

Now all of you is what I want and take it from me,

Am not giving up until you see me not ready to be giving up on.
Things are not aways  the picture we think they are until we understand them.
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