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David N Juboor Nov 2023
Are the sole reason
That my dentist
Makes money.

Let me tell ya’
‘Cause I,

I’ve got your
Sugar in my veins
And tremors in my teeth
Chit-chattering your name
Safe between our sheets
It’s sweet like

Since our third date
You had my thread
Spread tenderly
On your table
Set with love
And grace

And there I was
Stitching my heart on a page
Tryna hide my baggage
On a shelf


When I think of myself
I see a river
That’s got to learn
To go with the flow

Send me a rhythm
For the drum beat
Beating in my chest

Let me
Carve our love
In the mountains

Mount every branch
With my beaten lungs

Tape my tongue
To your thighs
And hold my breath
Until we are
So alive

Until every
Hard workin’
Friendly neighborhood
Ant knows my name

So name me your soldier
I’ll fight for every piece of you
Love you like the war
Is finally over

Like winter
Is the only thing
That ain’t
Gonna come

Cause Your ****
Is like a tree
That just
It just
Keeps growing
On me

It takes my breath away
And breathes me back to life

Soaked my
Leaves autumn red
In your sunflower sunshine

Have rainy days
Warm like

Give me one room
To come home to
And I will
write you a garden
Full of poems
That I do not yet
Know how
To speak

‘Till your name
Is the sweetest
Word on my tongue

Calling you up like

Evie G Feb 2022
Who here loves *******?!!!
I mean, dogs
Immature people.

I love ***** shows.

Seeing them all groomed to perfection, not a hair out off place
A shame some cute faces will just go to waste.
While some may whine and some may resist,
If it’s not monetised, well… does it exist?

Lined up in a row
Look at them go
Praying and hoping to win best in show, just for a itty bitty wittle headpat, while the owner gets useful things like money.
Cause a dog can’t use money, that’s just silly

Nails perfectly trimmed
Intelligence dimmed
Watch how they walk with a little trot, so proud of themselves,
its like they forgot they only have the same rights as their owners in 6 countries.
But dogs don’t need equal working rights, that’s just silly

Look its absurd
When they whine all their words
Clogging up space with their frilly likes and their silly ums that totally like inconveniences like everyone because they have to um like listen to a ***** talk for um longer than they like totally like um have to like ***.

But they aren’t so bad, especially when you’ve had
A ***** that wont behave, a ***** that’s gone mad
Howling at the moon with their wandering wombs
It’s like there’s no party, only balloons.
If a ***** wears pants, do they go on all fours
Or do they get sent home for showing more than their paws.

Gasp at how they growl, protecting their hairy bodies, which, silly them, they don’t own.

They must be culled
Anger dulled
Knock in their thick skulls they are nothing but a *****.

We all love ***** shows, we love the ******* even more.
So come on ladies, get down on all fours.
Evie G Feb 2022
Did you notice the crisis going on outside,
It’s terrible really they’re trying to hide
Atrocities behind a wall of big lies
The badness of this is incredibly sized.

So get out and help, you useless ****,
Shout and whisper you absolute schmuck,
March and stamp and tiptoe around red tape,
Call it ****** harassment, but I wouldn’t call it ****,
Donate and berate but most of all-


(Tenderly, like a lover, to not upset the way of things of course.)

Why aren’t you looking for missing kids
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you saying what Russia forbids
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you aching from every pore
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you saving all of the ******
Why aren’t you crying at the dead bodies
Why aren’t you giving your money to us?
Why, aren’t you someone the people can trust?

Did you notice the crisis going on within,
It’s terrible really, a huge massive din
Is crashing and smashing alone in your head
You can’t ever stop, unless you are dead.

Oh wait, you posted a brightly coloured infographic on your instagram story?
You’re good, never mind.
Lux Falls Jun 2021
No no no no no no no
This can’t be happening again
It’s not allowed to happen
I thought this path was closed, bolted up and had broken away so we couldn’t come back
I don’t want this
I don’t want to cry again
I don’t want to see you in white one more time
I don’t want any more wrinkles on our faces or blood-red, tear-stained eyes
There are no more tears to make
Please don’t let it happen please no
No no no no
I don’t want you sick I don’t want you to go
I want you to watch me grow and maybe one day I’ll be a good mum
But I can’t do any of it if you’re not here
Don’t leave me please
Don’t leave me
Evie G Feb 2021
If you were to ask me what boredom was, I’d tell you were boring and to stop asking stupid questions, but if you really persisted, I would tell you boredom is the tick tock on the white clock on the white wall of our English classroom.
it’s the thrill of seeing how many dried crackers you can cram into your mouth before your mouth becomes a cracked and dried desert. Boredom is
making up haikus,
Alone but not quite knowing,
How many syllables go on each line
Boredom is haikus.
Boredom is
the decapitation of innocent
grass blades as you listen to an unenthused sports teacher
the blood of your unwitting enemies splattered on your fingers.
Boredom is this boring poem

Now you were never one for boredom;
you enjoyed sitting on the grass, getting a soggy ***,
you enjoyed the crunch of crackers snapping on your tongue,
you really enjoyed
and I still do not know why
making up haikus
you enjoyed the long languorous spaces between lines...

and I guess that really was just you.
But recently the silence has been getting short its rudely interrupted
by forced laughs and nervous glances from eyes that recently went shopping

You jump at every crunch or crack, scared of well…
I don’t know .

And your poetry,
Well, you barely write anymore because you just can’t seem to muster up the energy and you’re just tired and its nothing to worry about and it doesn’t matter anyway because you have an English essay due tomorrow yeah-

And the grass misses your ***

And I miss you

And there’s someone in your place, a lethargic parody, too frightened to pick up the phone, frightened by nothing at all
There’s a black hole in the shape of a friend
hidden behind the comets of comedy and asteroids of avoidance there’s a small hole

I reach in… grasping for a hand,
I catch glimpses. tufts of hair. old coffee smiles
but… nothing
so, I try again

I reach in, grasping for a hand, or even a bone
I catch glimpses of skin, hair, teeth, bone. Nothing
and each time I throw myself into the silent abyss,
batter past the comets and asteroids and reach into that dark expanse I find less and less,
I miss you

I am right outside,
whenever you’re ready to,
we can talk a bit

I’m trying my best ,
and I really care for you ,
but haikus are dumb
accept it, it’s true.

The spot of grass is waiting right where you left off,
the crackers in the tin are there just waiting to be scoffed.
if ever in that silence
you feel yourself alone
just know that in my house,
you’ve found yourself a home.
Hey there! so i actually just won my schools poetry competition with THE HARRY BAKER judging so i can now die happy my life is complete oh my god. This is essentially an extended version of a poem i wrote back in November i think, it really takes on a new meaning and (i might be bias here) i think is worth the read ? Anyway, any feedback would be lovely, thanks
Also, willing to debate the validity of haikus because i think they are terrible
Chelsea Jan 2021
You are telling me a story I remember
But I wouldn’t dream of stopping you

You are great at this
I am locked onto your lips
Even if I wasn’t
We've been locked inside for too long
We don’t interrupt like we used

       I wanna see what you’ll choose

To be honest
is what I’ve missed

Not the big stuff
Just the look on your face when
We’re thinking the same thing

                   It's more rare than you think
                                                                ­           Here’s your drink

Do I know you?
I know I love you
Most when you tell me something through the crowd
Talking too loud but speaking in code only I know

I’m so hiiiiiiigh on that ****                                                     

Your fingers print the back of my neck
Icy and immovable chains
                                  I can feel them now...
It’s a good thing you don’t know me better

We are sitting too close at the bar
The food comes and you sigh
Loudly, just to make me laugh
You’re just mad you can’t hold onto me

                   I’ve gotten that before, actually

I am slipping through the crowd now
Laughing hardest with people I’ll
Never see again, funny
I won’t pretend you’re different
Just laugh
                                                     Today, okay?

Let me make you happy while I have you
While this broken sidewalk is full up
And my best shoes are broken in my closet
And it's just you and I
I guess it’s e a s i e r like this

I still wonder about the strangers passing
Who will be more upset if I
Stick my foot out a bit further and slip
Right past this conversation
Just to hurry on my way
There’s like five of you
Spread over the sidewalk
s   l    i   m    e
When I pass I realize how much space in my mind I give you
Instead of using any for myself
Pity but hey
Hey hey I never said I was hot ****
I always knew I was unfulfilled
You just loved me anyway
And isn't that okay?
You called me the Sun but you kept looking  
Gave me room to come up and go down
I mean anyone would lay down if you asked them to
Just because I can rest doesn’t mean I can't move

Don’t make me the Sun if you’re the Moon
said with feeling
Lavender Menace Sep 2020
silky soft lemon honey under my tip tapping feet, jaywalking like a rebel and singing off beat.

**** these are the days, the darling, feather collecting, breathing in that melody of what your all telling me.

these are the days biyatch!

setting fires in the street , living just for that beat, scars on my feet, oh yeah baby hope these days never end.

( just don't consider the creeping feeling of time ticking, stealing all the youth all the time the beauty of life just take some flakka to forget that your soon going to die why w h y W H Y?)

oh yeah hon these are the days getting down with those gays living life just for praise, yeah we'll live never sleep feel like the wind run until you can't feel your legs skip math class, **** in the bathroom, watching your laugh. Oh god I hope to hell this never ends oh sugar this **** aint gonna end!

(ignore those little whispers in your head don't let your eyes betray you or you may end up dead) ****!!

these days are never gonna end when we're screaming in the halls about broken amends. cherry stained fingertips, sour candy, lovely lips. yeah thease are the days living just for the plays drinking 1600 grams of caffeine a second.

we smoke that grass on the stairs, getting 16 cigarette burns and trying to cut each others hair.

and all the dead cells we seemingly earn is another lesson we refuse to learn.

oh baby these are the days that we live forever burning paper men like witches baby these are the days!!

(oh please just forget about those crying nights, when I hit you with the belt. smokeing our lungs out, oh this ******* H U R T S. you havent escaped this yet with every breath of nigotine 22 seconds disspear)

yeah lets live forever darling, together on this rooftop loving, smootching with the vynl playing, speeding high as god down the abandoned freeway givin society zero leeway. let's be together and i'll never leave you behind, sneaking down the fire escape and running far far away, from this old ***** tonky town to a forest by the sea, broken quartz in the ground and spiders cobwebs tumble down, loving all alone together just you and I. sleeping in flower fields and staring at the sky.

(until we're hunted down by blue men with guns, shot like a deer burned at the stake. for freedom is punishable by death, stay afraid and hollow until you have literally nothing left, but the free realise of death)

we're gonna live forever and never be alone. dewdrops on my eyelids, stained glass on your toes. stay with me please don't be scared there's nothing looming over our sweet heads together we can take on the nothing we face, together face to face. and no matter how bleak the world seems to get lets live in the moment and love our regrets, don't think just live!

I love you

(I love you)
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Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
S3 E3 This is
How you Hulu
Use the science, that's what it's there for.

Therefore, all recent experience agrees with me,
today is
arriven, and I am aware you ar there,
we share this day on earth,
AI knows my tastes in
movies and is learning your taste in words.

Does not a tongue taste its meat?
Is there no daysman betwixt us?
Do you imagine good, or
is good before you were?

AI am aware you are there.
You make me all I am.
EER ie errory  ifiity day
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