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Chloe 4d
You were the first man to ever break my heart.
I think I was five.
I always looked at you like you had stars in your eyes.
You looked so tough, you acted so cool.
When I grew up I wanted to be just like you.
Then I got older and the stars in your eyes were dull.
You always smelled like cigarettes and your pupils were always huge.
I didn't know what that meant but I still wanted to be just like you.
I wanted to smell like cigarettes,
and I wanted a skull tattoo,
and when I got older, I wanted to be in a rock star.
Anything to impress you.
You were always gone.
I always wondered why you never wanted to stay with me.
As I got older, I slowly understood.
You had another love, and boy, did she treat you good.
I spent so many nights crying.
Wishing that you would stay.
Asking myself what did I do to make you go away.
So, I looked for you in other men,
and I promised myself that I wouldn't let those men break my heart,
and it didn't really matter what they did to me because I was too high on drugs to care;
and I thought that that was love.
Only because you were never there.
Where were you when my cuts kept getting deeper?
Where were you when I was face to face with the grim reaper?
Why do you only come around when you want to give me another empty promise?
I would respect you more if you were just honest.
Thanks for the talk.
Can't wait to hear from you in another year.
Don't waste your breath.
I wont be here.
I'm trying to get into slam poetry so please be kind to me because I have no clue what the **** I'm doing.
You are the ocean and although I've never been a bad swimmer, I am ******* drowning in your waves.
Each time I get my head above the water and gasp for the air I need to survive, you pull me back under your blue waters.
Others have swam out so far and tried to pull me back to the shore, but as soon as my feet hit the sandy and safe shore, I lie on the ground and let the rough waves take me back out again.
My biggest fear is not that I will die from drowning in your wake,
but that I will never know what the bottom of your ocean floor looks like.
You keep me exactly where you'd like me- just deep enough to keep me from getting the precious air I need,
but close enough to the sky that I can never really see the beauty that lies beneath the surface of your water.
I fear I will stay here forever, because

I'm a good swimmer, I swear. But you never give me the chance to prove it.
JermBoogz Oct 3
I ask for a full glass of the elixir I asked you for before.
Something inside me cries, more then it did before.
Or ever actually
Weeks, and days, turn to hours, minutes, seconds, but still ripple of moments.
Moments that find me back here ******* for the poison that becoming, so becoming.
Maybe im here cause my father craved this chair.
Maybe im here cause he’s seeing my day become D-day, and not just today but everyday, all day and probably tomorrow too.
13 years old, crying for help,
a little boy appeared at his meadow of wisdom,
and all he says is  “have a drink with me”
So I drink, I drink some more, and I drink enough that now the foot of my bed
has become this wooden armrest where I meet a new neighbor by the hour,
My bed pillows have become this poison,
the only feeling that lays my head to rest, battles caged and blurred in routine, battles with the child inside me,
the man now, and everything in-between.
Elizabeth C Oct 1
I was never expecting this.
You came out of nowhere and now my life will never be the same because of you.
I didn’t think I’d ever let a person have this much effect on me.
Sometimes I think I fell for you too hard.
But I don’t regret a thing. I never will.
I can’t imagine myself with anyone else.
I don’t want anyone else but you.
Even now I notice every detail of your face. Of your actions.
You made me believe in love.
I never want you to leave my life.
I miss you every day you’re not with me.
I can’t think about anybody but you.
I long for your touch. To feel the heat of your body pressed up against mine. To feel our fingers and legs intertwined.
I want you to keep tickling my ear with sweet nothings.
I want you to tell me about your day no matter how boring it was just so I can hear your voice.
I want you to come over to return that thing I purposefully left at your place so that I can see you.
I want you to hug me close so I that can hear the beat of your heart instead of goodbye.
Every time I imagine a perfect future, you’re in it.
I’ll never meet anyone else like you.
I’ll never find another love like yours.
I don’t want to ever let you go.
I will always love you.
Wrote this a while ago after I realized I've literally thought all of these things both after a breakup and after falling in love. Inspired by "14 Lines From Love Letters or Suicide Notes" by Doc Luben
Names, titles, a useless scar
Sending us back as we've come so far
Names, titles, and pretty words
Burn the skin and split hearts into thirds
And you still think it's all for fun

Gazes, looks, an unnatural feeling
As though, with your eyes, skin is peeling
Gazes, looks, and repetitive lies
To only one skin in this town has ties
Let's see you stand as one

Worries, hate, a recurring joke
A bigger fire in heart this'll stoke
Worries, hate filled with apathy
All of them so care free, but too blind to see
Because you are at no place to shun

Fair, just, a distanced claim
Look behind eyes, and tell me the same
Fair, just, something we know
But when it comes we refuse to show
When you have only walked the shoes of one

Words, phrases, wasted air
To something so wonderful, only to tear
Words, phrases, a shot in the dark
To something so close it'll leave a mark
So take your walk back then o majority son
And I'll sit here, majority one
James Khan Sep 29
Poetry dead as the eyes of Zapruder,

Died like a dog with a touch of Neruda,

Karma gone viral like digital Buddha,

Fashion takes heads like it's Henry of Tudor,

This psuedo-future

Tri-an-gulates like Ber-mu-da

With lies to delude ya,

The corp'rate computer

Gestalt as a flamin' sambuca

Pickin' off culture like Kennedy's shooter,

The hard-wirin' router,

The U to the K stealin' hope like a looter

Like Herod of Judah,

Now pray to the idols of plastic and pewter

And get out ya ***** for the system to neuter,

This state of emergency,

Moral uncertainty

Pavin' the way for a global insurgency,

First-degree ****** spree,

Hope needin' surgery,

Shot through the heart for embracin' diversity,

Pain leaves a stain so I scrape off the verdigris,

That's how I roll and I medicate herbally,

Umm.. kind of went off on a political rant at the end again. Sorry lol.
James Khan Sep 27
I won't have no part of this,
Heart of this martyrdom artifice,
Narcissists worshipped like Artemis,
Making up saints like they're Charteris,
Templars we ain't, we're just arborists
Lost in the treeline of darker mists,
What of the Marxists,
The artists demanding catharsis
They label as halfwits
Who stand there with scarred wrists,

No red carpets? I though not,
The Court got a whiff of the score
And they want what the poor got,
The sureshot sacrifice, keeping the door locked,
Making the floor rot
To fall right through

To the **** of contentious cement
Where the faithful repent
For a life misspent
On sacrament,
Saccharin sweet, the hierophant elegance,
The reverence
Armed like those six-hand elephants,
Eloquence lost to the fury,
The story retold and it's still got relevance,

Embellishments, pride, misogyny,
**** thinking logically,
Follow the words of the progeny,
The prodigy sent to extend ***'s apology,
**** you for ******, **** your equality,
Pass me my Ptolemy,
Might wanna follow me
Down to the underground pit of eschatology,

The horror genomes have grown
Into gilded thrones
Bones of contention, extension of loans
They secure on your soul which the House really owns
And they'll feed you the Kool-Aid, a la Jim Jones.




These thoughts keep swarming in my head.

Keep bringing me down.

Back to the

When will these thoughts end?

This constant pounding in my head.

Thinking things,

I shouldn't

Be. Thinking.

Gripping at the corners of my mind,

I try to pull away from the noise.

Unsuccessful am I,

To succumb to such madness.

Take me away from myself

And let me live among the stars.

At least then I'll know of

PrttyBrd Sep 16
I lick my lips

they still taste like you
and I bask in the remnants of a dream
that seems
close enough to smell
through laundered sheets
blood at the surface of yesterday leeches
into tomorrow

on badges of honor that hold no shame
igniting the flame
each in the shape of animal love
primal feasts of flesh
and I run moist in remembrance
a response I have yet to control

the thought of your voice or your breath on my skin
burns fire within
without ever being near
I feel your longing
chasing my own

my body screams in liquid silence
your voice walking the line
entwined in the root
of my evil
vibrating a symphony in prelude
carried on a laugh that growls
to the beast that howls
begging to be beaten into submission

I lick my lips
...they still taste like you
Specs Sep 16
I’ve been depressed all week
But she‘s been too.
She shares her coping methods
And she’s praised and supported.
I share mine and I get a single

I’m the one willing to take bullets
For those who can’t take five minutes
To make sure I haven’t drowned
While lifting others so they can breathe.

At this point it’s not even them.
I’m force-feeding words into their mouths
As I watch them go about their lives.

I know that
They’re busy.
They’re tired.
They’re taking a personal day.
They’re working on themselves.
And I understand that.

But whenever
I’m busy,
I’m tired,
I’m taking a personal day,
Or I’m working on myself,
I’m there at the drop of a hat.

I’m the one taking bullets
For those that can’t take five minutes
To realize that maybe, just maybe
I need help too.

The delayed introduction after the
“How have you beens?”
“Fine and yous?”
“I’ve been great, I have this story...”
Minutes pass before I’m even thought of,
And by then I’ve excused myself.

I’m the one that’s taking bullets
For those that can’t take five minutes.
I’m taking you out and bringing you in
But I can only take so much.

I’m so desperate to be important to someone
That I don’t know how to be important to myself.
Even the saying of “one is sliver and one is gold”
Is unintentionally excluding.
I’m surrounded friends and their golds
But there are so many golds there’s not room for bronze.

I’m the one taking bullets
For those that can’t take five minutes
To realize that I give more than I take
And that I’ve given away my soul.

A sick feeling in my stomach,
But if I bring it up,
I know you’ll have it worse.
So I swallow my bile
And stretch out a smile.

I’m the one taking bullets
For those who can’t take five minutes
To see that I’ve made it out
Of the burning building too.

I’ve laid myself out as a doormat.
So why do I complain when people wipe their feet?

I’m the one taking bullets
For those who can’t take five minutes
To see that I am
I’m tired of meaning nothing to everyone
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