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Kayla Simone Dec 2020
The narcissist cried abuse in shame of committing abuse
The narcissist cried depression when he's called out on his laziness
The narcissist insults, but can't take the truth
The narcissist appears to have strength by deliberately picking his supply, but really is the weakest man alive
The narcissist stare... when someone has the guts to call him out is a deadly pair, like Jesus and Lucifer
But the narcissist stare when he is picking his battle is all that is there
Because if someone were to pick apart his ways and throw them in his face he'll run away

The narc held on to HIS truth although others knew THE truth because he has too much e.g.o to admit his wrongs

The narcissist provokes those who can't defend themselves
The narcissist can't control the world so he hates life itself
Staying strong

Providing a listening ear

Even when fear is reinforced

Strength shines sunlight down on me

dries the tears.

Hope is  there.

The light at the end of my journey’s tunnel.

Through thick and thin

I never give up.

For, in life, we never stop trying…

Until death’s stalker’s follow

Mary Frances Sep 2018
You are the Sea - peaceful and soothing.
Your big waves are your strengths.
And the small ones, your charms.

I am your Shore - acccepting and silent.
Your weaknesses, I embraced.
Your failures, I welcomed.

Not many will understand and agree
But that's how a Shore loves her Sea.
Rahama May 2018
You will discover -
Your strengths and weaknesses;
Just look within.
Thank you for reading ♥
Juju Aug 2017
We talked.
No I was rude,
You talked at me.
I listened,
Pretending I didn't,
You knew.

But with that I got something better.
An essence,
One I'll use again and again.

You showed me my eyes made me who I am.
Your weakness define your strengths,
So should you really rush to erase your weaknesses?

Nay, I'd rather be wise:
Strengthen my strengths,
Acknowledge my weakness.
Then I won't trip over them.

I'll consciously work around them,
Casually get where I need to go.

It's a lot of work to fill your weaknesses,
Work I could put in becoming wise.

Thanks Wolf.
Mary-Eliz Apr 2017
Before I die I want to learn
to live in the moment
this very moment

I want to feel every breath

If the sun is shining I want
to let it go through me
enlivening every cell

If it rains I want to try
to count the droplets
sense the life in them

I want to learn to replace worry
with wonder
regret with wisdom

letting go of past traumas
real or imagined

I want to learn who I am
how to be true to that

I want to learn
my strengths
to forgive my shortcomings
to absolutely know myself

I want to learn a thousand-thousand
new words

I want to learn to fly
if only
in my dreams

before I die
I want to learn to live!
Alan S Bailey Jul 2016
The question is asked again and again,
Where do we come from? Who are we?
All throughout life men and women great
And foolish have attempted to explain this,
"In a moment all will be explained,"
"If you pay more money you will be cleansed,"
"Not worshipping is the realm of the insane,"
"With these soft spoken incantations you will mend,"
So where do we come from? What is all this?
From rushing water, breath of air, no need for
Recognition, it's all miles away in some deserted
Forest, to be left for later generations to forget,
Let this be an answer, why are we here? I shall
Obtain eternal life if I just hold this vile
Closer to my heart, a work of vain art,
This isn't life, this is the illusion of life,
The answer nestled in a small cave,
The birth of a newborn bird, a ripple in a pond
From a rock that fell during an earthquake,
A vague reflection of a deer in it's surface gleam,
All of this and more, the darkness of night,
Cloaking terrors real or imagined, what is this?
Maybe one day we will know? This is how fools
Are born, clinging to this or that, a drop of water
From a vile, an answer from a simple written text
That proves it's all happened thus far. This is why
Fools are born of this, opportunists, blinded by dust,
The great way of those who gather to take advantage,
This is where the greatest numbers of fools gather.
Far away, the beautiful forest, I may not know what brought
This all to life, but I do know what is worth saving
And what only fools shall save for themselves...
I'll delete this crap soon enough. Sorry to offend thine Christian eyes, all...
Enola Cabrera May 2016
Vicious black rage enveloped his eyes
Electric hate cycled through him
Naturally he resorted to the action he knew best
Graphically and meticulously he planned his revenge  
Enhancing his weaknesses into strengths
Forward he went, ready for bloodshed
Undoubtedly he went for is first five on the list  
Letting his cold vexation take over

Ana S Apr 2016
Sometimes stuff is not gonna go the way you want.
Sometimes the world with explode under your feet.
Sometimes love will be just out of your grasp.
Sometimes people will be back stabbers.
Sometimes you'll bleed to death.
Sometimes you'll just have to sit there listening to angry music by Eminem to feel okay.
Sometimes you'll never be okay.
But that's okay.
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