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you don't have to say "i love you" to express your feelings
let the kiss and touch speak
risking everything is the most real thing of love in action
never give up on the right person for immortality of love

develops feelings doesn't have to be emotionally beautiful
it can grow slowly and painfully
the emotion of love has the heart to feel what it feels
it can tear up so easily
one mistake, one heartbreak
and you are done

let your action speak
the meaning of love doesn't have to be romantic
it doesn't have to be roses and a ring
eternal love?
love someone with action
action is real and strong
and you have your eternal
Once i saw your mellifluous smile
I feel like the felicity burst inside
I feel the euphoria inside of my soul
Your internal beauty is ineffable

Your mellifluous smile was pure solace for me
Since i saw your smile i really wanted to protect and cherish.
My feelings will be forever sealed eternal
The liquidity of rage, swoons like a red ocean.

It is a tidal fury that rises, rises, rises.

Within its climatic ascension, exist an anxious torture.

Thoughts rush in, pacing on what conclusions will come.

These waves have come before, the carnage is extreme.

And while the destruction strikes the shore, the bastions will stand.

Ruin though, shall come, and each storm stands testament to that reality.

The walls will fall, and all will breathe a final sigh of relief, at the end.
This continuum of cosmic enormity
scares the flimsy streak of life inside me
What is this ruse of light and shadows?
sometimes being eclipsed by my own

I feel suspended in an excited state
witnessing a multiple strip-tease
the more I know the more there is to know
What is the secret I’m being kept from?

I feel I’m being made to run aimlessly
In the marrows forced against my skin
and pressed against a giant sheath of contraception
lest I conceive of the grand hidden agenda!
Realizing my time is short but my love is deeply engaged, in owning only sadness will be made.
The eternal struggle, my love was real, to her it was fun, a folly not to keep and feel.
When I am not present draw her near, I've come to the conclusion of my time here.
I hope you realize
how beautiful
and timeless
is the now.

You shouldn't dwell
too much
on tomorrow
and yesterday.

I hope you know
that today
is eternal.
Live, gracefully so.

There is no
stopping to the
flow of time
inside you.
Wickus 6d
Twenty twenty
The world is sick
Locked in my room
And trapped in my head

My thoughts
My eternal prison cell
Screaming at four walls
Your tresses are not smooth and silky have got grey hair!!
Your skin is breaking
There are lines on your forehead.
Why you are so skinny?
Don't you eat well...

You don't seem pristine,
Just look at your ravishing friend.

Yes...i do agree to the above delineation
But don't know many facts.

That I was wide-awake uncountable nights
for my little ones,
Be it the school project or making that perfect attire for my princess's fancy dress
Or those sleepless nights with ear ache , fever or growing pains.

I have sometimes heard you talking about me from behind.
But have that golden heart to come and know my plight....
I would share with you the story of my pale visage
As  I have always loved my family more before self.

Ageing is a natural phenomena
Come to me I will guide you
Know that those lines and silver strands are signs of my eternal beauty,
But I can't blame your ignorance,as it is known by few.

Bina Mukherjee
Keiya Tasire Apr 24
The sun, shined warmly this morning.
Yet by noon the rain clouds rolled in.
We donned our sweaters and hats.
Yet off they came and the clouds parted
And the sun began to shine.   

Facing the sun
It warmed our cheeks
Lifted our souls.
Our hearts understood
Even when it rains
The sun continues to shine
Above and between the clouds.

COVID-19 is just like a little rain
In the larger scheme of Life.
When trouble comes
We don our coats
And remove them
The sun shines  hot upon us.

Day after day,
Season after season
Year after year
Looking between the clouds
Lifting our eyes to the Light
Noticing the wheels
Within the wheels
And cycles within cycles

It is the same within
As is above.
The sun in its orbit
With the Earth revolving
And turning upon itself
Inward around the sun.
Season after season
Circling, around
The evolving celestial paths.
Until this too is but a memory of long ago
When the COVID viruses used to roam the earth.
And this too shall one day pass into history. For there is a part of us that will always remain eternal and never die.
Valentin May 18
You are an eternal ****** to me
A forever sunshine inside my chest
And the symphony of the soft waves at low tide
When there is a violent storm in my mind
I love you
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