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Nothang but only happiness, joy to my life, she would be my wife my knife, I'd be her knight protect her all through the night and day long. Sing her the sweetest song. Believe me you mean the world to me, and I really want you for me, yes for only me, myself and I. Loving you till I die.
aslı Mar 25
What are you up to?
- I am watching movie on mubi with the cat on my belly.
- That means you are in the mood for love.
- My  eternal mood is love.
aceladka Mar 14
if there has to be a god,
then i am godless; making it necessary
in my "belief" system
for you to be godless too.

for me to accept my eternal fate,
i must know god's eternal fate for his follies.
i am not and must not be
a fleeting plaything, put to test.

i will not meet my maker
because i have no intention of doing just that.
my maker must stoop to my level,
i will not be the first to ask.

i am owed a visiting card.
what must i do while i wait
for something
that must not arrive now and ever?

my pain is that i must bide my time.
that's it. that is all there is to it.
time is why i suffer,
i am why i mustn't.

in a vacation of
living in the timeless,
god holds no judgement
over pain he has not experienced.

must god exist?
one should hope not.
therefore, he hides.
Henriette Mar 14
This life does not taste alive
Like a body without an owner
Pain dances over my bitter life
Does life feel like death?

You, the only gift in my life
We met at the wrong time
However, it didn't matter
Time is transitory
We are both immortal

The Universe seems to be challenging us
Are you sure we can change destiny in the end?

I want to sleep in your eyes
Hope the sun doesn't show itself.
At least, until I close my eyes.
inspired by "The Hymn of Death"
Flowers decorated the riverbed.
We sat together taking in the view before us.
Each stroke of grass hand painted
by the gods themselves.

The monsters that always came after us
never felt so far away.
The rocks that decorated the river shined
like shimmering diamonds.

I still think of that day
It felt like an eternity.
if I could stay I would but now
Living without you everyday feels like an eternity too.

And my world will always eternally be incomplete for as long as I live without you by my side.

elle Apr 20
even through the eternal equilibrium of detachment i cannot seem to escape,

you see me.
she sees right through me
Payton Feb 24
Suspended in one beautifully, eternal moment.
The wind didn't blow, and world stood still.
The only way we could measure time was through our heartbeats.
You smashed your mouth to mine with a lust you couldn't hide, even
if you tried.
And your intentions became quite clear, then.
You were falling for me just as I was falling for you.
If only it was more than a dream.
This poem was written in 2016.
Amber Feb 6
I don’t need gifts to make me happy, my happiness is there in your arms...I just need you to love me with honesty and truthfulness.

Three little words from you
Makes my day and when you hold my hand, my soul starts to fly,
One look from you makes me blush and my heart skip a beat...
You are my love,
In this life...
And forever.
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