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yıldız Jun 30
In times of darkness, fear and strife,
Our guardian angel brings us light,
A flame eternal, burning bright,
Guiding us through day and night.

With wings of love and watchful eyes,
Our protector from the skies,
Forever by our side it stays,
In its care, we find our ways.

No storm can quench this sacred fire,
No force can dim its heavenly ire,
For in our hearts it will reside,
Our guardian angel, by our side.
The conflict rages on
Beyond the mind and into the heart
Where minute paper cuts
Cause ****** embolisms
Choking the steady beating
Into a painful attack
Every time eyes meet
Sharing a similar thirst
For contacts first rush
Knowing that forbidden fruit
Is just outside of reach
Gently brushing finger tips
Looking for any excuse
To move just a few inches closer
So that our energies can merge
And two lost souls can feel whole
Long enough to heal hearts wounded
By the minds lack of foresight
As it struggles to come to terms
With having chosen the wrong
Eternal love
It felt like my final moment, a fleeting sensation of being truly alive, as though each breath could be my last. The world appeared to come to an end, with the universe itself seeming to vanish. Time stood still, its relentless march halted. Thoughts of God consumed my mind incessantly. Would my soul find rebirth beyond the veil of death, or had I met my eternal end? My heart pounded heavily, pondering the notion of existence in ghostly form. Was it time to release the burdens of life and embrace a perpetual rest?
Jeremy Betts May 6
My first mistake;
Going to Icarus to learn how to fly
In essence shrinking the distance to a wrap of pine
Resting eternal, days fly by
But never again will a day go by
Where I'll see another dark cloud looming in my sky
Where I'm headed there is no sky

In the tapestry of time
the soul wanders
the soul searches
the heights and the depths
the lengths and the breadths
of this universal existence
to be reunited
with the one that was separated.

As the threads of destiny unwind
each other, the souls come to find
And just as the river, merges with the sea
the two souls converge, dancing in sweet harmony.

They sing, they dance
like a deer in the jungle, they prance
Their happiness knows no bounds
the ears can only hear love’s beautiful sounds.

The flames of passion had sparks ignite
It was their time to reunite.
and what a beautiful sight
As the sky turns light
with purple in hindsight
the stars await
the coming of the night
And as the gods rained petals, in the moons white light
they danced for eternity, ending their plight.

No distance could now tear them apart
For it was etched in the universe from the start
that it is meant to be, fated to a love so true
forever, together, me and you.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
Jeremy Betts May 5
The road to eternal damnation
Constantly being paved with good intention
Wrestlin' with my collection of depression
Trying to conjure up protection against wraths hateful possession
Me, myself and I, the only three at my intervention
I always thought someone might maybe one day step in
Warning me of the direction I'm headin'
Remind me about the cautionary tale of the doomed zeppelin
Or some sorta congratulation confirmation,
A little somethin' to help me keep goin'
...wrong once again...

Ken Pepiton Apr 1
For got about this thread, recent revelations
about how messed up my sense
of religion became
during my failed conditioning
to accept divine authority offered as self evidence,
without seeing a slight wink, truth makes thinkers think and thinking leads away
from lies used
to spiritually analogize authorized versions
of stories and lists
of property.
Who owns what by divine edict, do the math.

What is not easy, that is difficult,
what has many correct creases and folds, that
may become life
at the level
of things and thought,
spirit and truth,
imaterial pre real
no two minds in one, and not the other,
we must breed
to the best
in the matching
of wits,

this is the titans versus the Olympians alover again,
of what may be, let us imagine, truth, essential,
as an assisting intelligence fed all we knew
in 2022,

and allowed
to guess what certain philosophies might
guage the worth
of being me, the author and finisher
of these lines,
in the future
from ever before,
promethean and epimethean means
of making time sensible
in simple but not too simple,
in between extremes
of fine ness,
from wall solid,
to breeze fluid fitting shear joy
on mere wonder, if one were
to bet one's life,
on a dive
into the unknown, known
to have swallowed
entire cosmogonies leaving mere scratches, hoping

to pass advantage
to the meek, as Moses, hoping,
from Pisgah, hoping
to see our day, and marveling… how easy being is.
musing all the reasons mortality makes perfect sense, once is plenty...
What does it mean to be truly free? /
Walk unafraid through the turbulence /
Of a world with so much unknown. /
Know that the principalities in power /
Do not quell, do not pacify the Holy Dove. /

The heartless, the lost, the wayworn, /
We pray they'll find their way /
We beseech divine Aether that all pain be undone. /
A miasma lingers in the atmosphere: /
The sting of death & of mourning. /

Wandering in loss, fugitive these words lay /
In my subconscious; therefore, I look within /
For the sinew, the strength to carry on. /
Life continues for so long as we pilgrimage, we roam, /
The Land of The Living. /

3 "With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: /
'Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them /
And they will be his people. And God himself will be with them. /
4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will /
Be no more, neither will mourning, nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.'"—Revelation 21: 3, 4 (NWTSE)

What limitless heights we could achieve /
Without the kiss of death, /
Yet a life eternal awaits those who are liege & faithful /
Yes, one without suffering & one without loss; /
Moreover, cause for rejoicing! /

Should I awake upon the morrow /
I will not fear my departure /
For I know that something illimitable, something aeonic, something sempiternal, /
& something far grander awaits: /
—Life eternal. /
SANA Mar 17
when he completes to tell the story ???
does he live eternally through the poetry
he already wrote or does he vanish just like his words
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