Zan Balmore Apr 20

This is how we go
how it goes where
it goes, why, though?
Why, though?

Could be any reason.
Smoke all day.
Could be, could be.
Weed keeps thought
coming open on it
honest in a beautiful
way. Could be any
reason. Then what of
the stressed breath
exhalation, my others?
What of the imprint
apathy? I alone live in
fear, with so many
fearful near. It must be
most of us but if it's only
some, then where's the
map to you, lonely? Puff
and cough and deliver
words we want in ear at
the close of any day. I
could picture myself dying
every night, go from dance
to stand to sit, to bone from
clay to sand from grasping
in embrace with you.

This is how we go
how it goes where
it goes, why, though?
Why, though?

Could be any reason.
Could be, could be.

Zan Balmore Apr 20

Miriam Marcus struggles up out of bed. She's caught up in blankets and clothing, stuck with a foot in the sheets. Coffee smell. Pungent, slightly sweet, it pulls her by her shoulders, with its body to the door. Then, sharp and deep, scents of a trashcan floating chicken in its own juice punch her in the nose. In the hall, lights flicker. In front, on the couches, bodies pile up, pile over the room. Get caffeine. Dodge the food spoiling happy on tables, counters, and do what you do as you do. Every day.

What's wrong?
Short. Succinct. Acute.
I never even wanted
this picture.
(You did!)
First smell is a fragrance
soft to my nose.
(Sour cream.)
Will I be number 6 in
this two bedroom
forever? Will I
lose my job?
What's wrong?
Short. Succinct. Acute.
I never even wanted
this picture.
(You did!)

You wanted this medication,
baby. You can't tell me different,
though you could try. Bitch,
why you gonna waste my time?
I'm waiting for you, waiting
for you to catch up. While you
play twenties in your thirties
I urge your image using only
raw throated screams, always
unseen behind your head in
floating, incorporeal code!
And it kills that I can't know
(Pour coffee.)
if she'll catch up!
(Ignore it.)
I'll chew her heart into chunks,
(Work day.)
just let me!
I'll eviscerate her, devour her
and shit her out
into a self made five mile hole
in the lonely woods!
Just let me.


From your very first
Breathe till my last I will for-
Ever love you both

To my boys
Zan Balmore Apr 19

Lactose. She got lactose
poisoning the third time.
You can eat only so many
day old, tepid spoonfuls
of ice cream until weakly,
your insides cry out.
Perpetual abuse. She's
got abuse for herself saved
for every occasion. Nightly
stumbles down ill lit alleys
that seem too much like
her home. What does
medication do when it is
over prescribed? Better
yet she thought caught in
a sweat under wet sheets
What does medication do
when not taken?
Feelings like needles
all over the body, memory
as present as present day.
Pills rattle the porcelain.
The last pained, solemn
echo of song before the
chords rest and leave her

Zan Balmore Apr 18

Words meant to hear
now float in aether.
The taut bowstring
of progress murders
growth. Did I speak right?
I'm interfaced. No words
were misspoken.

Analog dreams
sink below radio
active energies.
A face for a name,
a name to a face.
Several worlds await
my input.

I wear more faces
that I own by proxy
than I show my own.
If the skin doesn't fit,
I have other names
and more skin.
I'm interfaced.

Wendell A Brown Apr 16

Every time I bring forth Your image
From deep within the well of my mind
My heart begins shedding joyous tears
For Your beautiful love that’s mine

I can never escape feeling the emotions
As they easily overwhelm me each day
Just like the first time You embraced me
The raging passion of my love will stay

I was blessed the day You forgave me
That first moment You became my friend
And ever since Your spirit held me close
My life changed as I was born again

You have never forsaken me a single day
Of all the spiritual things in life I need
And I love those very special moments
When together Your living word we read

While I lift up my song of sweet love to You
Your pure life showers of heaven’s joy begin
As I humbly thank You for shedding your blood
A perfect sacrifice forgiving all of our sins.

Happy Easter to all!
Mara W Kayh Apr 16

And today
Let us remember
That of all the illusions
Death is the deepest

This is almost a repost of an earlier shorter version which simply read "Of All the illusions, death is the deepest" . Today, to celebrate Easter, this is what I have to say :)
Jamadhi Verse Apr 12

The Beloved came
in a hundred different ways this day.
Whispering, “Stay with me.”

I felt its enormous love taking up space
behind me on the back of the bus:
electric, portal of cosmic dust.
Guardian of infinite, vibrating eyes
along with me for the everyday ride.
My heart couldn’t help, but laugh with love.

Out the window on a rough, jagged street corner
I locked eyes just a moment with a stranger:
dark skin, chapped lips
shoving fruit slices between his teeth --
far too big for his mouth to eat.
The juices were running out.
The Beloved there within his eyes
as a mischievous twinkling,
winking as we drove by.
“Enjoy these fruits with me.”

Beloved behind me cries:
“There! There! Down near the ships!”
as we drove slowly over the bridge.
Beloved there disguised, liquefied
as the shifting canal water,
waving at me excitedly over and over.
“Allow composure and join the flow!”

On the bus up near the front row
was the tired old man crumpled in his seat,
a plastic cast sheathed upon his foot.
Milky eyed, vacant look as he twitched
a small smile into the empty space.
Beloved shone within his face,
“You need not see to know this place.”

Beloved was the tangerines spilling
from the woman’s large flower purse.
Colorful, orange, bouncing bursts
rolling joyfully across the floor
like scores of scattering, brilliant suns.
Beloved cackling,
“There’s enough of me for everyone!”

The girl walking across the street --
hair neatly half black, the other side pure white.
Beloved as yin and yang in plain daylight.
Just a twist of her head revealed a new side.
Beautifully dichotomized beneath the traffic light.
Beloved moving with her stride,
“Can’t have one without the other side!”

I pulled the chain and hopped off the bus
that hissed a sigh as it deposited us
onto the overcast and gloomy street
where Beloved grew abundantly
in pavement cracks trapped beneath
our negligent, trampling feet.
Returning its crushed petals and
shining greens into the earth silently.
“It’s okay! I always grow back.”
Beloved confided in me.

Beloved quietly moving along as the breeze,
wrapping itself tenderly around all things.
Peacefully whistling as it fondles
the leaves of the trees,
lifting the hood of my coat right off of me
in a sudden gasp of ecstasy.
“There is nothing you need to hide!”

I caught my reflection
in the oversized, unkind window pane.
My instinct was to grimace - it’s always the same,
but this time I did not avert my gaze
having finally awakened to see something else:
Beloved -- laughing and looking as me --
smiling with undying love
upon itself.

J.M. 2017

This was a true bus ride I experienced last week.
If you watch in silence everything that happens around you, allow it all to be what it is without judgment, allow yourself to feel a part of what is you hidden inside of every moment, every action, every person and being you ever witness.. it will open. It will all open and unfold itself in loving ecstasy right into your trembling arms.
Today is my one year HP anniversary. Thank you so much for the kindness, friendship, and home you have given me. Each of you has revealed to me such beautiful divinity.
Ma Cherie Apr 4

I hear the lovely kiss of Spring,
it comes to me a song he sing,
upon the lovely sacred wing,
the bird above amazes eye,
as I listen to his battle cry,
I raise a hand,
then softly sigh,
please do stay
not bid goodbye,

A screeching sound to take his kill,
a bird as this - astounding skill,
they try to fight but they lose the will,
morphing in an alien shape,
no mouse nor snake to yet escape,

It comes here now my bird of prey,
the hawks again they fly today,
magnificent- to take a breath,
swooping in to claim a death,

A single hawk now sits in view,
though sometimes twelve or maybe two,
this my bird
-a sign to see,
of what now comes-
an what will be,
a omen of my destiny,

a messenger from a god,
who's flight leave only feeling awed,
a spirit of my Father here,
to call again an draw me near,
I listen close with an open ear,

I knew this place was for me sure,
it is the place I find the cure,
leaving there of where we were,
the place to rest my restless feet,
and finally give my heart a seat,
life it hid- with much deceit,

A garden full and nightly meals,
my bird of prey- his quarry squeals,
I listen for the holy squawk,
I listen for my red tail hawk,
I watch him fly but I only gawk,

He came last year- enlightening
in visions sometimes frightening,
my sky of many, sky of one,
all together beneath the sun,

A guardian who came before,
who now protects my new front door,
a harbinger of good I know,
I'm sure my seeds this time to grow,
an we not die- in this I know,

His Spirit lives here in the spring,
on every bird on every wing,
in my every caution
and in every other thing,
he's every sound and every sight,
and every bird on every flight,
he's every morn' and every night,

He's everything I eat and cook,
in every word in every book,
in every face in every look,
he is my grandson's bouncing ball,
he is the leaves that died in fall,
he is my son- who grew so tall,

Returned to me in verdant love,
my greenest mount from up above,
painted here angelic hands,
a carpenter who had his plans,

To make this place-
God's country -
and so too then is mine,
my soul an spirit
-forever -
right here- they intertwine,
an I am ever grateful
for an understanding mind,

An so I do my sacred part -
to teach the children well,
I listen close to sacred hearts
in sadness I do not dwell,
in every fear to leave behind ,
so in his love- to you I tell,

We are more than just our flesh,
an every day is new an fresh,
listen to the birds of Spring,
tiny one or on a giant wing,
hear the song to listen

Knowing when the sun it sets,
to leave behind the past regret,
smiling souls will have no fret,
an face what we see as the dark,
to find a footlight in a tiny spark,

And even if my soul stayed here,
I'd live my life this way,
even if it ends right now,
If always I must
always, stay,

To live a life that's dignified,
but not of one consumed by pride,
a life that's been so worth the ride,
well I can say I really live,
I give in all I have to give,
I carry not no weight with me,
I will let it rest -I will just let it be,

But this is not to say
at times -
my heart does not feel sad,
for sorrow teaches to appreciate
the times when you feel glad,
an anger hurts only you I think,
so no use in being mad,
although I think we must at times,
if only just a tad,

Regardless of a promise made,
in a text or ancient writings,
I will take the message now
of my bird that I am sighting,

This is chance a time of change,
take a hold an grasp,
wear it in a locket near,
an tightly close the clasp,

Find a dream up in the sky
and draw it to your heart
this is the time in Spring it's true
to make a brand new start,

Go now-
an find your new life
beneath the springtime sun.

Ma Cherie © 2017

I saw an orb with my own two eyes in the middle of the day in my bathroom and I don't even know how I feel about that sort of thing but I caught it with my camera. Any thoughts? This Hawk the pictures are mind blowing see my page and picture yes he is back ; ) For my Father
love you all ❤❤❤

You are everywhere then why these doubts
why the heart asks your whereabouts

The soul simmers on the back burner
Why restlessness why such hangover

At this juncture Why do i rebound
Why feel so deeply why this bond

You are my yearning and my pine
When i am lost and nobody is mine

You are my longing and i am your part
I am always belonging to your heart

Take me in your arms and hold me close
Our love is eternal every day it grows

On love day 4th april
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