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I loved you until death do we part
And then some

And she loved you,
Every moment of every day,
All the days.

Star BG 2d
I AM...
the one the world has been waiting for.
A sage carrying wisdom so others
find their own portal of light.

I AM...
the you in me, and me in you.
A savant who shares thread of ***
inside creative vortex.

I AM...
eternal borrowing human costume to dance.
An avatar traveler, from distant galaxies.
Here to celebrate inside energies of love.
One of three I Am poems.
Inspired byRJ and Lori Jones McCaffery  Thanks
Rust-hued sparks rise
from love fueled pain forge
into cloudless night,
merging with distant stars.

And my heart’s dreams follow
as white silky smoke.
Climbing ever higher
in search for eternal happiness.
Have dreams and embrace them. Even if they seem out of reach.
Mdieaj 3d
With every breath I can feel your essence
It showers over me like fresh summer rain
Hitting the sidewalk and floating back into the air as steamy humidity
Making it difficult to catch my breath
It feels like you're stealing my life
Oh my how I want it to be yours
Let me live eternally in your soul
He knocks
                                                          ­                                        She is hesitant
He hums a melody
                                                          ­    She peers through the hole to look
He smiles
                                                          ­                                               She smiles
He tilts his head like a puppy
                                                           ­                                             She laughs
He stands calmly
                                                          ­                     She creeks open the door
He holds out his palms
                                                           ­                          She sees they are bare
He looks at her
                                                             ­                                 She looks at him
He allows her the time she needs
                                                           ­                              She is grateful for it
He waits patiently
                                                       ­                                           She is nervous
He says nothing
                                                         ­                                         She is shaking
He sheds a tear
                                                            ­                                         She is crying
He knows exactly why
                                                             ­                              She shuts the door
He waits outside like the loyal puppy he is
                                                              ­     She leaves a rose while he sleeps

For even though her chamber had been violated before
By hands tainted with ****
This new loyal companion never forces
Never asks
Only respects
And waits patiently
Outside the doors to her sacred chamber

Even if she never opened the door
He would wait outside for an eternity
Because he loves her
With an undying loyalty
Grounded at the core of true love lies loyalty.
She held flowers to her chest
as she falls asleep.
She prayed and wished for her death
And the universe sadly granted it.

She started fading away
As she closed her eyes.
All the noises and pain—
It was gone along with her life.

Everyone wondered
As to why she ever did it—
Killing herself with a blade
Leaving her wrist with a slit.

They said she was a sad girl,
The kind of which who always cry.
But none of them ever saw her
With a tear falling from her eye.

They felt sorry for the girl
As they watched her lie.
But she was more beautiful in death
Than she was when she's alive.

A dark pool of people
Was shredding tears on her grave
Little do they know
Of how long she's been so brave.
n-khrennikov Sep 23
I take a deep breath to feel your soul filled in my heart.
n-khrennikov ©
ZenOfferings Nov 12
Why do you see death?
Winter is but the absence;
The mother of life
SelinaSharday Nov 12
Get! Past Face..
Take a time out.
Ta get into meh..
Get inside my head..
Before you get into my heart.
Doing it backwards don't make me not depart.
Know me!                      

How do I really feel
How do I sort this out.
Getting to know you.
Do You really give me that opportunity.

Trynna feel like I am close to you.
Do you make me feel welcomed inside of you.
I'm feeling a come on lets get it let's go.
Sweeping me off my pillow.
When I'm ready to relax and chat.
Telling me it's time to go.
So I hang up and just go.

You haven't spread the right ingredients on the table.
Give me a festive meal I can recieve I'm capable.
I feel I've just been given the page with introductions.
And excerpts from chapter one.

And you say I'm the One.

I'm here with my time willing to give gentle speeches.
But I feel no reaches.
Reach out, reach in, see blindness isn't gonna bring a win.
What do I do for you,,
Do I feel like I've known ya a lifetime.
I'm left feelin rushed and outta time.
Me to chapter two.
Don't assume I'm who..you want me to be.
History provides deeper clues.
People's heart and minds make life changing adjustments.
I'm spiritual, clever and ready for better assignments.

Patience in my shoes.
Get, Ta Know, Who walking in these shoes.
Having paid a lotta dues
I'm easy to love..
Easy to Love..Fun to love..Worth it to Love.
...She's a reach deeper above.
What your viewing on her surface.
Its just the face.
SelinSharday Rose.. S.A.M ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2018
You feel you know me, I feel hurried by you.. get past the surface..get past the face..give me time I need.
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