Every Step you take is a stride towards your dreams
Every heartbeat is an echo of your love.
Every breath you take is a sign of a new start to life.

With every visit from dawn
there comes a new chance to make a difference,
To lose yourself in your vital role to service humanity,
To embrace new smiles, and ideas together

With every rising of the moon,
You have a new chance to
whisper inspiration to a broken heart
with the wind's breeze,
and wash away your sins with your blessed tears.

Shall we celebrate life before we cross the bridge to eternity?
or shall we go to sleep with the dead souls before time?

Let's take off the mask of despair, and put on faces that exude happiness,
Remember to exchange good conversation, share a joke,
Start every day with purpose, share a cup of coffee and let your inner soul awaken.

Hussein Dekmak
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
Oh !!! My love  -Anne Arthur-
I was ashamed cuz you were blind.
I doubted your chastity.
I abandoned you & hardly did care..
I cheated on you for her,
And she cheated on me for him.
I am damned,from smoke to smother.
Its too late to seek thy absolution...
" Dear John
       I was not born blind like you,
       I could no longer see you crib..
       you yearned to see this world,
      So I decided to fulfill your wish.
      I had visualized a happy us..
     But, you gave me a rude shock,
     After you learned I was blind.
     Anyways,you got her im happy
      None shall stop by me to care,
        my love remember
I wish I read this before you left,
I wish you never jumped off that cliff,
I wish I still had you in my arms.
I was blind at heart & not in eyes.
I shall follow you to eternity,
We shall be glued by the spirit gum,
Off the cliff, hear I come..
Nandini 1d
Under this starry sky
With eyes wide and bright
Let me get lost for a while

Under your warm breathe
With my unsteady steps
Let me dance for a while

Under this dark sky
With a gleam of hope in my heart
Let me breath for a while

For one last time
Let our love live
Before we bury it alive

Just one last time
Before we say goodbye
Let the Echo of your humanity become an eternal song.

Hussein Dekmak
Aidan Mays Feb 16
When shadow, what ruins the glint of light on dew,
does cast a moment in all of what can't be,
the wait for what is there, but seen by few,
starts search for those who find they cannot see.

But even the lost can hear the song of love,
and even the broken can feel the warmth of joy,
but time, what seems to stop but for the mourning dove,
must take a dream of love to then destroy.

Then when time slows its pace to give us breath,
and together we find our dream that lacks in strife,
eternal our love will be with no found death,
and in all things, we'll find a love of life.

Now and always, my love, we'll see things through.
Now and always, the one I love is you.
Mystic Ink Feb 16
A sacred hope
On one faithful day
Heard, Songs in harmony        
Seeking the same essence,  
A piece of silence
A walk close in the parallel lines
Eternal, no sound of foot steps
Anchored all roots of a souls
Melted into the grace
Muse of the flowless Ink
One will feel it till the spirit
Gateway to the doors.
SelinaSharday Feb 12
by SelinaShardaye
Run! God help Me I'm Running fast as I can....
I can hear the wind rush past my ears.
Heart beats very clear racing with thunderous boom.
So fast are my feet a crash to the cement is my treat.
Fear grinding through me.
a bad scrape and tear to my knee.
No ones in sight to rescue me.
I arise up quickly and keep running pleeasee
Don't let them catch me..
Somebody open a front door, a car door,
a business door, somebody who can see me rescue me.
Reaching a friend's home nobody's home.
I break my way inside.. I can feel them inside
too searching for me. I hide in a closet breathing
recklessly fear griping repeatedly.
The urge to hide with out a sense of
security or safety for me.
I then can see an escape and sneak out and away.
I'm running fast scared fearful I need
a place that can hold me hide me.
Why doesn't such a place exist for me.
Because any where I find to hide
they seem to catch up to me.
I manage to find a family to mingle and blend
in with telling them quick call the police.
Some things after me.
Who they ask what they inquire where?
The danger I knew it was real. There my life to steal.
The chase was real. No place is safe here still.
I only got a moment to chill. They will be here.
Bringing all the fear. I gotta go as
I began to seek a hiding place in alleys
and dark shacks passing houses
and homes I'm all alone.
My heart almost bursting thackity thack
whack whack pulse beating sweat pouring.
I raise up, with all this dread to find I'm in bed.
I was only dreaming. I'm dreaming,
My body up believing danger was pursuing.
Mind thankful my gosh I'm only dreaming.
I escaped the demons howling they're chasing
me in nightmarish dreams. I am glad wiping
sweat for I was only dreaming!
Help, fear, danger, unsafe feelings
Eric Fraley Feb 7
Set me aside
Just set me aside
Leave me behind
Hung out to dry

Set me aside
Just set me aside
Do not shed a tear
Do not cry
You know I'll be fine
Keep peace of mind

Set me aside
Just set me aside
If it's the end of our era
If it’s the end of our time in your eyes

Set me aside
Just set me aside
Left in the dark
Without you I'm blind
Without you I’m dying
But as long as you still feel alive
As long as you find the light
I’ll keep saying I'm fine

Set me aside
Just set me aside
I will go willing
I will not fight
I was wrong
So, you were right
To set me aside

You set me aside
Yet even still
When it all goes awry
If you start falling
Call on me
And I will arise

A place in my heart
I've set inside
If your world starts crumbling
I’ll swallow my pride
Call on me
And I will arise

If you’re lost in the dark
I've been here awhile
So, I’ll be your guide
Call on me
And I will arise
When your wings are broken
I’ll be your angel
I’ll help you fly
Call on me
And I will arise

It was not a lie
When I told you I'd love you
Until the day that I die

If you call on me

I’ll set life aside

For you

I will arise
Thomas King Feb 7
Do not weep for me now,
For I am back in my mother’s arms

Do not morn another day,
For I walk in peace
with those who have been waiting in the light
To share their everlasting love

Do not be saddened,
For I have been blessed with your love
And carry it in my heart
To my new plain of existence

Do not be afraid,
For I am a part of the light that shines down upon you
And brightens your way towards your future

Do not feel lonely,
For I am the one who will watch over and protect you
Until we again walk hand in hand
To our eternal place of peace
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