He's the devil;
reincarnated in a teasing smile.
He's hell running around
with the taste of caution
on his lips.
His sinful eyes, and
coward touch  
overrule a thousand kingdoms
in paradise.
He's my only eternity,
the only pair of eyes I want
to remember when I'm stranded
in that sweltering darkness
everyone fears so much.
Hes a million sunsets giving life to an
eternal moonlight, though his
sunrises will never be mine to own,
his fickle moon sets will
always guide me back to


When you travel in the car and the journey is too far...
Fill the cabinet with all the required stuffs,
It will be more exciting when you travel with a group.
Raise the woofers up ,
And eat the tasty stuffs.
Just Play the jolly tune,
It'll make your lazy mood.
When you see something unique,
Stop a while and take a click.
Still the destination is too far,
You're feeling tired and so is your car…

It’s time for a short break,
stretch your body and take a breathe,

When your body gets re-energised,
It’s tym to resume your lovely drive,
Destination is not always necessary to take,
Sometimes the road trip is what we want to make…
Because most of the time you'll spend ib travelling so just make each and ever drive beautiful and memorable. Because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.
Ayush Gangwar Aug 10
When I met you first , N i saw your cherishing smile … My heart Whispered to me that ,,

You are mine …

Every morning when the sun shines , it remind me
Your presence because,,

You are mine…

The good time we share , the promises we made , the stories we created , even a book is not enough for you to describe, bcz

You are mine…

The day I need you most , n you come , hold my hand and made me realise that,
whatever the situation will come but ,

You are mine…

I want you for my whole life , you are the one who know me more than anyone in this sphere,
It’s a relationship that i promise to you i never betray , want to hear the same with your so pure n melodious voice,.
Just get me a promise that,,,

You are forever mine…
rob kistner Aug 10

piercing the vast void
beckoning from beyond
their strange fire and light
incandesce my essence
burn deep my soul
stir my spirit
unsettle my being
ignite my wonder

they whet my seeker's vessel
with need to be filled full

at once familiar
yet exotically foreign

strangely boxed
but exquisitely wrapped
in longing
and infinitely more

they reach to a hidden place
deep within
echoing a past
awakening a myth
exposing that which I embrace
in the moment
as truth

stirring my pain
my loneliness
my hope

offering just enough answer
that I combust with questions
sacred uncertainties

suspended in inquiry
in memories of neverwas
recognition of evermore
enrapt in blissful cognizance
of that which is not known

I am transfixed by mystery
elevated by insight
impaled by vision
consumed by ecstacy



rob kistner © 2018
An ecstatic poem of mystical contemplation.
MicMag Aug 8
I'll remember our love
When I forget all else
You'll surely never fade

When all light's extinguished
Our love will still shine
Turning night to day

When everything ends
Nothing more remains
But this imprint of you and I

I'll one day rest in peace
But this love will live on
Long after the day I die
V Exeter Aug 6
In the glass
is the ass
as the mountain of ash
the bipedal
nuclear tank
with an empty bank,
eternally here
after strapped for cash
on the white style
colonial dash.

Dreaming of nothing but
complete erasure of stress
and the meaning of happiness,
hopefully long before
my hopefully
permanently preventable death,
meanwhile subconsciously
cemented into my single bed.
Is it subconscious
if I've identified it as a real problem,
Don't ask me.
RBWhite Aug 3
Will I make you see?
Will you belong to me?
Rest in my embrace,
Feel my need for change,
And I'll be your only place...
Where you'll rest in sleep,
When you come to me,
I'll be whatever you need,
I'll be the fall, catching you from the depths of despair,It won't matter, for whatever it takes,
I'll be there,
I'll be the sadness,the kiss in your tears, mending every fear,
Is my promise to make,
I'll be there,
In the light and the dark,
The warrior of your love, creating truth with my sword,
And I swear, you'll be okay,
Because I'll be there.
Originally written to be a song...
For my beloved Grace.
I've always been alone
I have been lonely
But that isn't the fullness of my aloneness
Without family
Without friends
Without love
I would have sacrificed everything for those things
My heart was devoted to having those things.
But loneliness is just a small part of being alone
A part that I have long since discarded
I have since had those things
But I treasure being alone over those things
Precisely because those are things
Objects, people, and concepts are all the same
They are just things
Not eternal, lasting, or truly meaningful
But my aloneness is forever
Has, is, and will always be
I am not lonely for others
I am not lonely for myself
I am not lonely for meaning
My loneliness is without a boundary
It comes from somewhere deep within
An unreasonable feeling
If I quiet myself
Focus in deep
I can hear the whispers
Of eternal things
Vivian g Jul 28
the sun and stars are beginning to remember
and the moon became my bride who was afraid
when i kissed her she said
i know that you cannot be forgiven
but still she forgave
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