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Traveler Sep 28
Vaguely I recall
Shiny little eyes
My precious baby girl
Feedings in the nights
Heart beat to heart
Now but a stain on all my art
Two small boy and a baby in toll
Three years of the single parent roll
The rest well, most of us know
The pain of losing everything
Even our own soul's
So many the years
I let the pain
Take the wheel
And steer
In my dreams
I still hold my baby dear
A tinny fragment
A tear drop of ink
Brokenness runs deep
In all my poetry
Until my demon sleep
A stumbling block in my serenity
This emptiness bleeding me
Traveler Tim
Rane 6d
Some believe that their love for each other faded the longer they were apart. In fact, it was quite the opposite, being apart strengthened it. They began to cherish the moments they spent together before they separated. After numerous years of loving each other from miles away, they devised a plan. Every so often they will reunite, whether during the day or night, and during these reunions, they'll catch up with one another and reminisce. Unknowingly, they create one of the most popular phenomena on Earth, eclipses. Their children gather to watch, brought together by their eternal love for the other.

yes i know the title to this poem is the title to a panic! at the disco song but i think it fits the poem very well
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 7/11/2018

The spring outside the window smells of first rain,
And though autumn has colored hair with gray
- I love you still.

We won't leave by the same train,
Because it wasn't written in the Book of Fate,
- I still love you.

The words of hope which into the poem I compose,
Throw on my grave and remember, Dear,
- I love you as before.

Although into the Unknown carried by momentum's force
Maybe I will meet you in the endless blue one day
- And love I will.

Copyright © by Wieslaw Musialowski 08/2012
The poem is addressed to the wife of the poet - Irena Musialowska.
Nylee Oct 4
Punching the numbers
I get the feeling of being lost
In the sequence of the memories
I feel my feet touch the ground
So when I open my bag
There is emotional side of me
Flickering in the dark.

Down in the pitch black
I look for the tiny spark
In the stories of old age
I look forward to happy times
And then I pull up myself
Found that I can stand
for a while more for a start.

The dark clouds clear and move
The sun makes the way
When mountains stand in path
From a valley it shines
And I know in truth
Darkness guides to
The road of eternal light
When no other lamps make you sway
Sarah Sep 29
oh, how you make my heart soar!
i never knew such a love could exist
much less that i should be do lucky to possess it
promise me that we can be permanent
for you already make me feel eternal
Shadows on the grass
Tails untold
Music in the clouds

I lost something close to me
Most go an eternity and never come close to its warm embrace
I felt it’s lips
Caressed it’s skin
And with every kiss t'avais promis
With every smile t'avais promis
Every tier t'avais promis
You were mine
You were uncompromising
Sharp and precise in what you wanted
And I like a babe dove trying to fly
Blowing up a storm

But age is like time is fleeting
what stands true is always within grasp
time waits for no man and age cares not for your level of wisdom.

Be the man
Be a man
Are you a man

It will not wait for you to understand the value of her
It will not converse on your behalf to turn back time.
Get it right the first time
Try hard
Try harder
Try even harder

sweet yet better
True yet fickle
Has no mercy for those who cannot be true
Not willing to embrace her with both arms
She will scorn you for your misdeeds
You are in training
And at some point you’ll get a second chance
don’t let it go
stick to the Promise, t'avais promis
Don’t let its eternal warmth fade
be true.

BFFF ***
She was perfect
I was flawed
We were great
A life untold
Caitlin Sep 27
While your eyes are closed, I trace your nose, while you’re fast asleep I sometimes gently weep because the beauty I see beneath the flesh I want to bask in with every breath I have until I take my last.

And when I do, I beg of you, trace my nose and bask in the beauty once contained by my flesh and remember it is you who knows it best. Never will it change. When you need me call my name and I'll be there, my dying promise, to you this I swear because my love for you is completely bare. Without boarders, without flesh.

Whenever wherever know that I’m already right there, my final resting place is not a casket below ground but in your heart I so admired. I’m already there.
For my twin flame
One contested definition of a circle is:
A polygon with an infinite number of sides...

- A woman in a pretty skirt walks to work at night aware of the stares she receives, ashamed to quietly be thankful for the attention.
- An old man looks at the crystal ball in his hand, glimmering and shiny, and suddenly understands mortality
- A young boy examines the body of his best friend, cries for hours, then places the dog’s collar around his wrist.
- An old lady suffers, unable to meet her own needs, and wonders where the children she ignored have gone.

- A young man finds his soul mate but loses himself in her.
- Forty-five teenagers wage war on Friday night, their screams of triumph pierce the night air, yet Saturday feels empty and tastes of despair.
- A middle-aged father of three hunts a fresh rose in the moonlight, unaware his wilted rose no longer has thorns.
- A woman in a business suit bangs against the glass, thick and heavy, and shudders when it fails to crack.

- A squinty-eyed man makes good on his debt after years of being gone, then walks off the roof of a forty-story building.
- A child of twelve is ignored by haggard-looking parents, yet cries go out when he, in turn, ignores a drowning victim.
- A wealthy entrepreneur, of sour looks, enjoys a fine meal by the shore, yet wonders why as the tide rolls in he still feels insatiably hungry.
- The drummer in a metal band sees his father’s face in the cowhide, yet each night after the show he still needs ****** to numb the pain.

Pythagoreans thought the universe Eternally Recurs, and we know human life has infinite potential.

If it's true that human lives eternally recur and are filled with infinite potential

Why are we all still in pain?
High Concept Sh*t
Faizel Farzee Sep 17
Running slowly to catch my breath,
It alludes me, everytime I see your angelic face.

Your lips as sweet as nectar
Takes my soul higher every time I have but a little taste.

Drunk on your intoxicating love
For your touch, I'm scrambling to pull ahead of the race.

I'm floating among the clouds
Holding on to your smile, if not,
I'll get lost in space.

You extract the best part of me from me, for you,
I notion I will always be willing to chase

This a mere mortals words,
written in bliss, forever
sealed, with an angel's kiss.
Love is amazing, it makes float on clouds,
I look in your eyes,
I know eternally our souls are bound
A match made in heaven
My earthly angel I found.
Fact is, in this ocean of love,
We both willingly drown.
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