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Priya Gaikwad Sep 2019
I’ve humored your stupidity,
I’ve cuddled with your weaknesses,
I’ve worshipped your lies,
I’ve shattered my heart waiting for you,
I’ve marred my soul believing you,
And what have you done?



**** it until it kills you
Marcelina Apr 2019
Please don´t beat yourself up when things don´t go as planned
Please let yourself cry when things go wrong
And smile whenever you want to
Do not suppress you're being into somebody you´re not
Or fear that you will never be loved
You don´t need someone to tell you that you´re good enough
Please remember why you got a word inked into your skin
Don´t die on me when I need you the most
You´re everything to me, with all the flaws you consider weaknesses
But I love you for them. It makes you, you, authentic and real
We have so much to explore and feel in this world
Just breathe and hold on, I want to open your eyes and see the horizon full of
the stars, you don´t want to be among them just yet
Once your time comes you will, but now it's not your time
So please just breathe, and take a moment at a time
Let the compass lead you, to wherever it desires to be
Adina Alvarez Apr 2019
sitting at a corner
being filled with anxieties
trying to put up borders
just to unsee the reality

it's not that I fear what is there for me
it's just that I fear what will be the outcome of me being there

i fear the unknown
the unknown that can also set me free
but only if i choose to undergo the pain it is with

i'm scared
i'm scared to take a step
guided by a rope that i, maybe can lose a grip
that after that i fall and wounds and scars are back again
unrecovered from the alleviating pain
scars that are made, that will forever stay

but after all it's just acceptance
having the confidence to put resistance on hand
maybe, just maybe, i will experience happiness
i will experience the fullness of life
and maybe after all, it could be worth it
it's just that it's inevitable that someone experience the pain of the unknown and that is what i fear
Naomie Sep 2018
These nights, I hate
Tonight is one of those nights
I have tears flowing out of my eyes
Instead of closed eyelids
When you're ruling like a little tyrant
When your little adorable self is nowhere in sight
And I'm managing the worst emotion

These nights are a test of my patience
They are a measure of my ability to stay focused
They are a test of my ability to stay sane
In the midst of the madness
That is my overwhelming emotions
They are a test of my ability to put you first
Not that I do have another choice
At times I can control it
Other times it gets too much
Sometimes I cry too much
Other times I just stare at you blankly
I want to ask you why you can't just let me
Get this precious thing I've waited all day to have
But I can't. Because you can't.

Then after several minutes, or hours
Of a mixture of self control and overreaction
I get what I wanted
I guess when you have to do things alone
You learn to wade through the mud that is your emotions
You learn to be strong in your weakness
You learn to give yourself a pat
You learn to encourage and admonish yourself
Because only you, can make yourself better
Or worse
And tonight, I choose better.
Some nights, making me a stronger person
Rahama May 2018
You will discover -
Your strengths and weaknesses;
Just look within.
Thank you for reading ♥
Acina Joy May 2018
We're valuable things, you and I, that contradicts our own existence.
When we strive to become successful, we raise demons in our haste.
When we try to love others for who they are, we resent ourselves for our flaws and our imperfection.
We try to be kind to others, but we let the demons inside of our heads torture us.
When we suffer the pain, we take it in, but do not allow others to suffer their own.

We are valuable things, you and I, and I've learned from how we destroy each other.

We must pay tribute to the monsters who make us learn.
Michael Pham Jan 2018
i think about what happens if
someone really special
came into my life.
maybe not just someone special, but,
making friends as well.

we might have a small connection,
whether it would be similar
hobbies, tastes, interests,
whatever, same thing,
and we would be really comfortable
with each other.
we would just have a good time
talking to one another.

but there would always be a time
where i would get too comfortable.
a bit too personal.

i would keep bringing up my insecurities,
a bit of my past,
my bad habits,
and the fears that i have
that relate to the world we all live in.
i guess you can say that
turning just a regular conversation
to a therapy session
would be one of my bad habits.

but thinking about it,
i forget that everyone
has their own weaknesses,
and there's going to be a point in time
where we're going to
open up to them about it.
yes, i understand that some people
would like to hide certain problems to themselves
which i still have a hard time trying to do,
but at the end of the day,
we're going to show other people
our weakness at some point.

and once i tell the other person
my weaknesses, my demons,
i would always beat myself up
and punish myself
that i had lost another opportunity
of making a new friend.
but really, it's them to decide
whether they want to accept
my flaws or not.

you either stay friends with me
and accept me,
no matter what mistake i make,
or leave and go meet someone new.
that is all up to you.
your choice.
a life lesson that i can't please anybody and that i will always find people that can love me for me.
TheModernHippie Sep 2017
Face not the version of yourself
That begs you to melt into the molds
of inactivity and content
Face not the man in the mirror
who beckons you
"Time is enough, time will let be"

These are faces of you
That I clearly bear too
And these versions of me tell
Of a clear blue well
Of reflections with a face
And versions I need to chase

The same man of fires blazing
The same man of passions razing
Weaknesses and twin demons
That if I let be, will raise legions
Of more neglections of me
Those I do not wish to ever see

Strip the shell that covers the strength
Time is a length well traveled, see
We seem we're baffled by how much we try
But if you look closely at you and you
It might be clear and finally true
The timely definition
Of I
"I will write my deliverance"
Sally A Bayan Nov 2016 a shames me,
my weaknesses, are on the surface
needing, rises this misty evening.
this cold, cold night, further emphasizes,
i need God...His Light and Shadow, to
reassure me, when gray, covers blue skies
my loved ones are my inspirations
they feed my need to write
yet, they have their own concerns...

i humbly accept.....i am not my own island...

there's this urge to race with gusty winds,
arrive fast, at my desired destination,
.......but, i am halted...always reminded...
...i listen to two soft voices within is guiding...the other, almost rebelling...
i feel the chill from this empty space next to me
i'm a mix of want........and fear....for,
i need you this moment of twilight,
...and each long night that i stay awake
floating, in this expanse of darkness...
my conflicted soul...sends out signals  of fear..
do my fears make me a craven coward?

the evening breeze makes its presence known
i weep in a hush, from thoughts of sailing...alone,
................ on life's lengthy moonlit bays........

..after enunciation
...of my true voice, my conscience
i could use some company, i need you now help me make it,
...................through this night of exile...


Copyright September 19, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
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