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Fragile fragments fade forever
As heart is erased
Emotions won't budge
Forgotten never
Wishes were a waste

Harmony hardened
Harmful haste
Hate the way time twisted our thoughts
You don't even remember the taste
Of tongues tied into knots

Why thoughts of us remain
Though you've disappeared
Is a burden I can't ascertain
Reason is unclear

Stubbornly clinging to pieces of the past
Remnants of love both once knew
Cannot comprehend we didn't last
Everything we have been through

As icicles decorating roof outside
Melt as snow slowly thaws
Water droplets fall like tears cried
For each one you are the cause

Directing chills up and down my spinal cord
Could shoulder makes me shake
Shiver in shadows as I am ignored
Never thought I would be the one you forsake

I hear words said long ago
Yet too significant to forget
You loved me and begged me not to go
Your adoration somehow reset

The death of our unique connection
Left me with nothing but grief
Cannot accept this is really the end of our intersection
Obsession arouses disbelief

So many years now washed down the drain
Like you vanished into thin air
Loneliness steadily drives brain insane
Can't help but miss you despite the despair
I know I shouldn't, but I do...
Nikita Dec 2020
You would shout
And belt.

With each word
You drove a sword through
My child mind

Thank you for the wounds
Thank you for the insults

Without your fierce
Sad and insecure stabs

I’d never be so determined
To be the exact opposite
Of who you think I am.
Ileana Amara Jun 2020
life is paradoxically beautiful and cruel,
but happiness and discontentment is just a mental duel,
there are so many reasons to be happy
despite having landed rock bottom,
despite regrets,
despite pain,
despite loss,
despite grief,
despite hell.

life's too short to let your demons dance your own stage,
to let pain and death tremble you as your misery's wage,
life won't ever be out to get you, so smile at that,
you're not born in demand to have your whole life mapped;
write, compose, maybe shout what you feel,
paint art in abstractions, in lines with zeal,
listen to the kind of music that would wrap your soul safe & sound
laugh at the misery, because as tough as it is, you can't be dragged down.

Irakli Beria Mar 2020
I know it's a difficult time,
Understand that you are characteristic
And so on -
- Despite being characteristically
You are still excellent ...

As for my current mood,
It is very similar to the last minutes of the apocalypse
Feel the love.
Liz Jan 2020
Despite me
I am loved
Despite me
I am forgiven

Despite me
Jesus came from above
Despite me
Eternal life was given

Despite me
I was shown real love
Despite me
My whole life, I'll give him
stopdoopy Dec 2019

How long it's been
since you've said your goodbyes

I think of you still
even though I don't wish to

I know
you don't regret it

And I know
I always will, even if just a little

Because despite myself
I was truly, utterly devoted to you

How strange it is
To have been cut out of your life

By your own hands
So final, and definite your judgement

But despite these feelings
I still want you to be buried beneath the snow this winter

Even though I loved you
You've done me wrong, and that I can't forgive

Anastasia Jul 2019
What is it you want
Despite what I try to think
I know it's not me
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