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stopdoopy Dec 2019

How long it's been
since you've said your goodbyes

I think of you still
even though I don't wish to

I know
you don't regret it

And I know
I always will, even if just a little

Because despite myself
I was truly, utterly devoted to you

How strange it is
To have been cut out of your life

By your own hands
So final, and definite your judgement

But despite these feelings
I still want you to be buried beneath the snow this winter

Even though I loved you
You've done me wrong, and that I can't forgive

Anastasia Jul 2019
What is it you want
Despite what I try to think
I know it's not me
Johnny walker Feb 2019
I've seen sunshine and walked out In the rain
seen beautiful rainbows cast upon our skies but never did I think that I'd lose you my
I've lived a life out on the streets before I met you slept In bus shelters park benches In fields to the cliffs overlooking the sea, but I never that I'd lose you my
I spent days before I met you depressed and lock away In rooms with all the curtains closed and never allowing daylight In, but I never thought that I'd lose you my
I've spent days before I met you with suicidal thoughts and l came close  to making that decision several times Ive slashed my wrist several times  and came close to jumping a bridge but never once thought I'd lose you my love
Despite all thats happened In my life I never once did I think I'd lose you my love
He loves playing guitar even if he can't play the chords just right.
She loves words but she's a slow reader.
He loves the rain even though he's afraid of thunder.
She loves running, no matter the distance.

He hurts her; she loves him anyway.
Myrrdin Nov 2018
You were always loving me "despite"
I needed you to love me "because"
Kivanc Jun 2018
Breathe deeply and exhale.
See life again with all conditions,
Despite closing your eyes.
deliriumattic Jan 2018
a corrupt system
a corrupt society
being controlled by the media
our lack of questioning
our lack of creativity
our lack of thought
our lives
we live them like sheep
content with what we have
and terrified of change

the people we have become
we cannot overthrow those who have
controlled us for so long
we are so unused to
thinking for ourselves
that no one is able
to rule their minds

a reset button would be handy
but we will continue to make the same mistakes
over and over again
do not be content with what you have
always strive for more
question everything
your life will become
immensely more difficult
but at least you are learning
at least you are forming your own thoughts

the pack system is great for survival
but we no longer need to rely on each other
it is not a matter of life and death to think
relieve yourself of the pack mindset
and set your thoughts free
you have constricted them for so long
they no longer know how to function properly

in my use of words
i hope that someone will stop and listen
despite the crazy, almost radical mindset
that is portrayed as terrifyingly dangerous to society
i am but a child
with thoughts still roaming free
think carefully
and form your own opinion
Cat Lynn Jan 2018
The minutes tick down to a new year...
But so many lies and problems I know I'll hear...

So before 2017 ends... There is something I need to say everyone I know...

Despite all the times you may have lied and betrayed to me...
Despite all the times you may have tore me away from my friends and family...
Despite all the times you may have believed your sin would always be hidden
Despite all the times you may have said trust was fore bidden
Despite all the times you may have inflicted damage or harm
Despite all the times you may have accused me of alarm
Despite all the times you may have insulted me and pushed me aside
Despite all the times you may have ignored my words, and allowed my love to go dry
Despite the times you may have yelled and screamed to my face
Despite the anger you may feel towards me, and the bitterness you incase

and lastly... Despite Everything Single Thing You Have Done Wrong...

I Still Love You And Will Always Forgive You...

Despite and Regardless...
Thank You All For A Crazy Eye Opening 2017... Through the Dreams and Disasters, there was Beauty From Pain

12.31.2017 - 11:41
JayceeJellies Dec 2017
I want to hold on to you,
even if it burns me.
I want to be next to you,
despite how you've hurt me.
I hate not talking to you.
Devan McLain Sep 2017
I wish I knew how to feel ten times bigger than myself
but I get so lost in the swarm that is me, that is inside of me
this being and entity that I am sometimes too out of touch with
and sometimes I can't separate myself from
I need to feel you, I need to feel that you feel me and I need to know that you see me
but I can't even see myself
can't even fix myself

I get so lost in the sadness that comes from constant failure and I lose touch with all the love that surrounds me
animals who loves me, the man who loves me

I want a man who tells me he needs his girl
you always need your girl
I love you so much
I love you so much for wanting me
I feel like you love me despite of who I am, how I am, who I am, how I am....
what separates my actions from who I am as a person, as a partner?

I may forget everything else, but I will never forget my love for you
I will never forget the pain that comes from just the thought of losing you
I want this to work, I want to work, I want to make this work
I can't' lose myself, but I myself am lost
I can't lose this, I can't lose you
what am I to do?
Where will we be in ten years time, will we love each other still or will our frustrations stopped our hearts from feeling the love despite what we are together?
I want you to love me for who I am, I need you to love me for who I am
not despite who I am...
I need to love me for who I am
not despite who I am
despite myself I love you. I love you I live you
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