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I remember on a night out,
the butterflies and a genuine smile,
every song to another brushes off my doubts,
unconsciously engraving into my soul;
the beat, the words, the melody,
my fragile heart seems to understand the language of music.

a playlist of beginning and throughout,
will always hurt more than
a playlist played on the ending,
because to remember the good times and weep is a sweet misery.

Iléana Amara May 14
what I used to love,
but now wince at the mere sound,
mere sight, and mere thought of it.

i'm very afraid
of death

and i don't
want to drown

but when you look at me
with those eyes...

perhaps i can make
an exception.
i actually have no idea what this is. but i really miss you, blue eyes.

Everybody's learning how to wash their hands now,
C'mon baby do the Covid Motion
It's about as easy as a certain dance now
C'mon baby, do the Covid Motion
My little baby sister can do it with ease
It's easier than learning your A B C's
So c'mon,  c'mon, do the Covid Motion with me


You scrub your finger tips, c'mon baby
Now front, now back
Well now I think you got the knack...whoa whoa

Remember when you do it, leave some space now
C'mon baby do the Covid Motion
And you must make certain you don't touch your face now
C'mon baby do the Covid Motion
Wash for twenty seconds babe, that's all you'll need
Some soap, and water and I know you'll succeed
So come on, come on, do the Covid Motion with me


Yeah yeah yeah, do the Covid Motion
C'mon baby do the Covid Motion
When you wash your hands, it's the Covid Motion
Standing still and dancing like the locomotion
It's the way to do it, just listen to me
Do the Covid Motion now 1-2-3
So c'mon , c'mon and do the Covid Motion with me


C'mon baby do the Covid Motion
C'mon baby do the Covid Motion
C'mon baby do the Covid Motion
C'mon baby do the Locomotion

fade out
sung to The Locomotion by Carole King
I can't afford getting ignored
What I wish already drowned
I can't watch myself alone
I want as we were before
I can't see you losing your interest
It's better let's follow the truth
I can't even accept the reality
It will became painfully deadliest forever
Pie Apr 19
I read a quote somewhere that said,
"I don't know how many times I survived myself without telling anyone else."
And I felt it so deep, that it went through my every single nerve.
I wonder how many times how many experienced so...

How many nights we fought off the suicidal thoughts, the urge to cut the purge to run away and be all alone after stopping for bothering our friends and family.

How many nights we were searching for glory, how many times we suffered through the darkness, learning how to bury the sadness behind the pain.

People like us win battles & no one can ever know about it & also we don't let them.
I've fought myself many dark nights which kinda appeared darker for me, where no one cared neither noticed nor even bothered by the closed ones.

For those who can truly relate, I can guarantee that after every painful dark night there comes a beautiful morning for which we just have to be a little patient. Many of you already know it and for those who don't..... Ask for help anyone whom you may have misconstrued over their past personality.

I never could tell someone all these so I wrote it for whoever is reading this, so that you can help someone or you could may be you'll get stronger to survive further battles.

This is kinda big, it was just a feel for which i wanted others to have a glimpse of. Please don't judge anyone if you can't relate or you didn't knew what the situation was.  Keep smiling everyone
drum of my life
I met you
1, 2, 3, ...5
My beat is erratic
My rhythm off
I liked your song
Or maybe just being part of the verse
but our harmony's gone
I can't remember my song before you came
123... 3? 4? 12?
you stopped
my song
so I must remember
on my own
and dance
It's hard for me to trust others, so I let someone in I shouldn't have, and they threw off my groove. ha, kuzco reference, see what I did there?
Poetoftheway Apr 9

~ “Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life's consequences.”~
Proverbs 4:23)

these days, good advice overnight trebles in value,
no one I’m sure has consulted Proverbs today,
not me, not you, not anybody, but these words
came to we, the confined, lonely hearted prisoners, we who

are needy to reflect, we raggedy people in solitary.

tonight, some of us will recall an exodus to free,
an escape from slavery, how we put at risk
our bodies in a sea, a desert, more crazy, in an
invisible deity, when that was a heretical concept, we who

are needy to reflect, we raggedy people in solitary.

Above everything else, guard your heart;
for it is the source of life's consequences,
the ***** above/beyond mouths, eyes, even lungs,
it’s what purposed we fragile, petal edging humans who
are needy to reflect, we raggedy people in solitary.
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