Ken 1h

I'm no main character
In this story we all live in
I'm just that person A
So don't mind me Im just hanging

If this was a fairy tale
I'm that baker in a bakeshop you just passed by
Or I'm that young child playing in the streets
I don't mind

I have no gun to take part
I have no information to share
I'm just an ordinary character
Making the story's complexion

I am a mental man,
The feelings are so true,
I am a genuine man,
Sentimental man.

I had cried like children,
In sheer repentance,
Repentance of exposing,
Exposing my love to him.

For he was less of a friend,
More of an obsessive flirt,
He enticed her and I lost,
I lost a lot of my sanity.

I am a motional man,
The gait is a slightly limpy,
I am a touchy man,
Emotional man.

I had pent up my tears,
The evening was blue,
Took a purple shade my ears,
Reasons to live were so few.

I was not possessive,
But just highly insecure,
Because leave me she may,
I don't want her to regret her choice.

For I had loved her,
More as a father,
And less like a lover,
A guilt that will stay forever.

Because it's her name,
Her name is tattooed,
Even in this thought,
And onto my heart.

My HP Poem #1559
©Atul Kaushal
Sarah 2d

Everyone has secrets
Nobody can truly be an open book
But you turned through my pages
And started to read
Then handed me your story
Unfinished like mine
So let’s write them together
I trust you to be there till the ending
Promise we’ll make it there


Art is like a poem without words
It whispers sweet colors into our ears and provides us the meaning of what those colors perform
They serve a purpose to humankind
to show passions and imagination
It's influence on society
whether it's through music or literature  
Art is a reflection of our world through someone's eye and creation of their hands
It shouts out to us with encouragement
and never to abandon a vision

Sun Flower
Dharker 7d

come over me
in your eyes
I see me
Wonder why
I'm there

You kept me there
for a long time
the way I find

I find
that's how you
want it

Your enemies keep you in thoughts
more than your loved ones

Dream Fisher May 16

There is a place where we all go,
Beyond the light and smile shown,
Through the tears of hard nights,
And within the fire burning through determined eyes.
Yes, there is a place where we all go.

My place looks so different than yours,
You wouldn't even recognize it
And I can't grasp yours.
They are all beautiful and real.

We put up so many shields to hide ourselves
Most opinions are not lucid but fabricated
By how we were raised or taught to think.
Go to your place and find you.
If you can't smile looking in the mirror,
Stop smiling to please others.

Sing like no one is watching and dance and love it
If that's the you, that you love
People may laugh, but they will appreciate you
If you open the door,
Who knows who will walk in.

I don't speak from fortune cookie advice,
I speak from  the life I've created.
Ask them about me, please,
I'm crazy, weird, original, innovative
Spending every work day singing and dancing and love it
Because that's the me that I love.

I can't enter your place you go.
Truthfully, I don't want to, it's yours.
Own it and all the rest will follow.

Rachna Beegun May 10

At the end of the day, all we have is who we are and what we have become. So, be your own hero because darling, in this cruel world, nobody can really understand you or stay with you. We only have  ourselves till the end of our existence, others are mere spectators of our life who renders our existence a bit more easy or difficult as the situation requires.

Just something that hits deep within everyone.... we all are the true heroes in our existence, other people just come and go as the situation demands

Martyr of your eyes ...

yes i am ...
and would die ...
only for you ...
and your eyes ...
those charming eyes ...
which stole me from me ...
and amazed me ...
to got me so crazy for you ...
those eyes ...
your eyes sweetheart ...
killed me ...
and got me the martyr  ...
of your eyes ...
and all of you ...

love you my sweet angel ...
whom made me the martyr of her ...
and of her eyes ...
and happy i am to be ...
to die only for you ...
for the most beautiful lady ...
that i ever saw ...
and never to see ...
any one over you ...

martyr of your eyes ...
yes i am my only angel ...

love you ...

hazem al ...

carter Apr 23

a library opened late last night
an abundance of books
yet, all i want to read
is the emotions on your face

- c.j.

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