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What is it that signifies that paradise yonder
In view but always out of reach?

I've grown so spoilt from love, I fall into being a child, I need to change
I've known it for years but never had to
Until I finally saw your face
I love you like you will never know

I was so lost without you, and I can
Strife and struggle for a reason now
Because I can't wait to be your man
Walking down the aisle and waiting
However long it takes for you for I know I'll wait assured,
Knowing if I'm ever gone too long you'll make it your life mission to find me
And when I see you again it doesn't matter who falls into who's arms first
I'm never letting you go
And every day onwards
I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fret

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to cry

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fear

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fight

I'm going to be your man.
And I'll never be weak again

I'm going to stay your man.
1 out of a hundred 2/4
Keara Marie Jan 1
Come unglued
Come undressed
Come undone
Show me
In the dark
What you’ve become
Show me
Who you are
When no one is around
Show me who you are
When you remove your crown
The thought of past lives,
Ever pass through your mind,
Who you may have been, what you did,
Take notice when things come easy,
You must try, watch for special signs.
You are creating, another past life, today,
It will mix with your others,
When your soul journeys, from this life’s, stage.
There are old & new souls around, on planet Earth,
On their journey today, So many just compare,
Material things of others, in different ways,
A true soul mate, a soul yours new in past days,
Someone you instantly connect with, and totally trust,
They feel and act the same, right away,
Sharing stories and by actions, will help,
Both of you, discover your hidden talents,
From your past life’s, of yesterday’s

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/12/2023 AD 2:00 am
soul of the past ours remembers works both ways, ever meet someone right a way a bad feeling, you can not trust them, may be an foe from a past life
The way you think, creates your attitude,
And how you react every day, when ideas,
Or suggestions, come to you in different ways,
Do you say that sounds like fun, or think of,
Something negative, to say.
Are you always looking for new activities, or do you always,
Sit in the same chair, facing the same way.

Never have a fear of failure, if you will not give something,
A fair try, and chance, excuses become a habit, it doesn’t,
Matter if you live in a box, or on a ranch, it’s having confidence,
In yourself, not worrying about what others will think, you never,
Know how long you will live, do not convince yourself, you had your,
Last dance.
If you enjoy watching people work their job, on TV,
You could take acting classes, to see how you would be,
If you enjoy nature and honey, you could start raising bees,
It’s your only chance at this life, you’re here to discover you’re,
Soul, and you never know, when the best day of your life may be.

                                       The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/9/23 AD
                                                              ­                                             6:15 am
Always keep searching
SelinaSharday Oct 2023
Hey.. keep
that shinning personality glowing
You are my Sunlight..
The one who loves.
whos a
different outside of the box
my comedian. Whose
so much fun..
It rips my soul seeing you in Pain when that happens..
These words are sent from Poetic Mother.
Of The Poetry writer, the comedic, art drawing Son..
Your a unique soul..
May the flow of wisdom.. flow within You and bless you with Faith
Adding wisdom and a rich foundation of knowledge..

Hey You..
Hi armor one who hides his pain and covers
his aches with smiles..
I see your heart I see your soul.
I see your a created unique Mold.
Gather gratefulness and wash in it plentifully.
Within every inch of your spirit,
bath in the ingredients of bounce back.
Giving your mind over to Peace.. Order your heart to allow
Mercy to be in full control..
Waves hey son..
Loving you is strings of blessings..
The links and cords of greater blessings.
like sowing good.. In rich soil.
Rest from all turmoil.
Your Heavens Son..
Your works aren't done..
Encouragement, acknowledging, and praying
Mark Wanless Aug 2023
in this brain refrain
of pure gold and diamond
your true love for me
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
To ignite- - like love-fire
Words crossover express
Rollover under the cover
       New- Lover
Eyes- express Lighthouse tower
Caress good news to digest


Express to dress
Don't impress

Lost time to address
Mindful - Express- train  
Open* expression* request*  
 Bucket list Jekyll and Hyde
Secrets dark you decide
  *       *        *       *       *
Yoga stretch two lovers coffee
Picture selfie - express what's mine  
All we need more time
Success *  to express
We don't always need to impress I guess life has its ups and downs do things simple and plain think your thought out before you do them
hazem al jaber Aug 2021
It's your gift ...

would you accept a gift ...
it's a red gift ...
stay between a ribs ..
beats with a nicely music ...
it beats ...
sings as a song ...
with your name ...
it's there ...
inside me ...
would you ...
accept my heart ...

it's the heart ...
heart of me ...
hidden for all ...
no one can see ...
except you ...
and only it ...
belongs for you ...
because it's you ...
and only you  ...
who you deserve ...
this gift ...
which it ...
part of me ...

would you accept my heart ...

hazem al ...
hazem al jaber Aug 2021
Your name ...

is still hanging ...
between my lips ...
since the morning start ...
while i'm sipping ...
the first sip of my coffee ...
to give me it's delicious ...
with every sip ...
because of your name ...
and the beauty of your face ...
which it drawn ...
onto the cup of my coffee ...
to made me take more sips ...
to keep kissing this sweet face ...
until the last sips ...
with my all lust desires ...
to get you so deep inside me ...
while i'm sipping you all ...
to get my revive ...
and to start the morning ...
a fresh morning ...
only with you ...
to let my letters ...
and my all words ...
runs for a new poetry ...
to be created ...
because of your name ...
which it always hanging ...
between my lips ...

good morning ...

hazem al ...
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