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Don’t think for a second that it didn’t hurt me to leave you,”
she urges.
“Because it was the most painful thing that I’ve ever had to do. It was so, so difficult. It took every bit of strength that I had not to turn around and apologize.”

She takes a deep breath.

“So don’t tell yourself that I wanted to. I didn’t, not at all. But leaving you was the only way I could save myself.
How many
Does it take till
Your personality
To a sorry
Where you’re not
The protagonist
But the jury
Call you guilty
To your Prerogative
I meant it the other way but no one see it
So what can I sway
One man army
Fight towards believe
Ion Don’t really **** with no body
But they against me
Drunk or high they exclude me
From one of the best ideology
I hate that
Couldn’t even turn back time
It could never  rhyme
This isn’t old English
Not a game
Can’t even explain
Poetry is vague
Or even vain
Mark of Kane
I would not  explain  
File a petition
Fairness is not dismissive
Mention something n
That no one listen
I’d share you what I have for your next visit.
It’s a language deeper than we think.
Madeon 3d
Your heart is your best compass.
john 4d
your worth
cannot be defined
by those who judge you.

only you can define
your self worth.

sometimes people cloud your vision,
but you are worth everything.

You are the narrator of your own life!
I think
that it was
that you had won me
by your first smile.
M-E 7d
Would you like to spend your whole life serving people,
asking for their needs and taking their orders.
What about you
What do you want, waitress.

Don't wait for their approval
Don't wait for their recognition.
Take a tissue for example
No matter if they wiped their hands with it
Or blowed their noses in it
They still just call it a wiping tissue
And toss it after all
No matter how important in their lives.
Follow your passion.
Don't be a tissue.
IncholPoem Jan 15
You  will
go  to  your
   home !

Where  are  you
  staying   in
the  city !

Why  did  not
cut  your  long

People  are
asking  thes­e  
Repeatedly  to
a  particular  man.

Millions  of  In­dian
and  world  people
stay  in  city

Millions  o­f
hungry  people
are  staying
without    their
native    home.

Millions  of  
economically  poor
people  could  not
cut  their ­ 
long  hair.

No  one  ask
  that-  when   will
you   go  to
your   home?

Where  are
you  staying  in
the  city?

Why  did  not
c­ut  your  long
This a song for me.
It's a song for the others, too.

We know who we are.
And if we don't, we will,

It's only timing.
If you look into the eyes

And witness unveiling,
This is a song for you.

Broadcasting Now. . .

Your self is you.
(reject the ones at odds)
Self is your truth.
(the predators you choose)
Truth is self love.
(prey on your sense of self)
Love is within.
(you're not a monster)
(you're not a monster)

See hidden knives,

Broadcasting Now. . .

This is a song for me.
This is a song for you.
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